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A game of politics, finance, and the pursuit of happiness

A game of politics, finance, and the pursuit of happiness Read More
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John Hogan
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John Hogan

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About this project

•What determines success in life- luck, knowledge, shrewd decisions, emotional intelligence, or the political system in which you live?

•In the game The United States of Entitlement you will explore these possibilities on a board game (ipad implemented) of 4 to 8 players with player progress tracked by computer.

•This is a game designed for the post election season in which everyone from average citizens to political junkies will debate the role of government and entitlement systems in our national life.

•After selecting an entitlement system in which to live (hard left to hard right), players make financial and personal decisions in an effort to achieve financial security and contentment as they progress from conception to retirement.

•Each player’s goal is to achieve the highest financial security and the highest contentment score.

•The real objective of the game however is to generate lively discussions about our country’s political future.

•Additional game details can be found at

Risks and challenges

The risk of converting the excel version of the game into a bullet proof ipad version is relatively low. My experiance as an executive in the virtual training environment will further lower this risk. The major risk is "can we make it viral". Your word of mouth once you get the prototype will tell the tale.

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