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We, revolutionary urban vegetable growers in the Twin Cities, need to convert 10 new vacant lots into vibrant, productive micro-farms.
We, revolutionary urban vegetable growers in the Twin Cities, need to convert 10 new vacant lots into vibrant, productive micro-farms.
347 backers pledged $15,908 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Thanks for making an amazing 2012 possible!

Over 8 months ago, you showed you support and faith in Stone's Throw Urban Farm by backing our project.  We are pleased to report that our 2012 growing season was a huge success, thanks in LARGE part to you!  

We grew over 30,000 lbs of food on 16 different Minneapolis & St. Paul sites!  This food was enjoyed by our 70 CSA members, our faithful customers at the Mill City and Linden Hills Farmers Markets, by our loyal restaurant partners at France 44/St. Paul Cheese Shop, Crema Cafe, Tilia, Ngon Vietnamese Bistro, Foxy Falafel, and The Grey House!  We also donated over 2,000 lbs of produce to the Keystone and Waite House Food Shelves.  

Our quest to be an innovative urban farm resulted in some cool projects.  We built a portable cold storage trailer that runs off an air conditioner and uses minimal energy, and constructed a bike-powered salad spinner to dry our harvested greens!

We also developed formal and informal partnerships with community organizations and educations institutions, leading a number of volunteer groups and tours on our farm.

This upcoming year we're looking ahead to more exciting projects!  We're working on the design of a bike-powered cultivator that will help us keep the weeds out of the fields!  Also in the works is a line of value-added products such as sauces and pickles that we hope to offer at farmers markets and other local retailers.  And we'll be expanding our CSA to 80 members, and we'd love to have you along for the ride.

Check out our new website to register for a CSA share or just stay posted with farm happenings.  Thanks and happy 2013!

The Stone's Throw Crew

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Gentle Reminder


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WOW we made $15000, we are so amazed at your support! THANKS TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SO MUCH. We believe in what we are doing with are whole hearts and our sore backs. Having a community like you believing in us and supporting us, propels us through the hard work, the inevitable challenges, and tasty rewards that all combine to make the farmer's life.

Since we met our goal early, we have a few more days to try and raise enough money for our cold storage and veggie transport needs. Right now we are calling it Operation Chill Wagon. One possible solution presented itself this week in a surprise box truck for sale. Another solution is a DIY cold storage trailer, possibly solar powered. We are grateful for any support, financial or practical advice. Thanks again, you are all fantastic!

Help us reach $20K for our CoolBot Box Truck

Hello friends!

We are sooo close to reaching our goal of $15K, and with 4 days left it seems well within reach.  Soon, we will be out tilling, spreading compost, and planting in St. Paul!

However, a new project funding opportunity has come up over the last few days that we would like to share with you, our supporters.  If we can raise another $5,000 before Friday afternoon, this potential project could become a reality!  An old farm is looking to sell a box truck (kind of like a moving truck for vegetables) along with a CoolBot system (a refrigeration system for veggies that runs off a portable AC unit).  We, the intuitive farmers of Stone's Throw, would like to put the two together to create a mobile cold storage unit, perfect for the versatile nature of urban farming.  Our farm would also love to use renewable energy, such as solar, to power the system.  

The more we can raise over the next few days, the closer we will be to turning this new project into another urban farming innovation.  Even if everyone of our backers just pledged to contribute another $5, we'd be more than 1/3 of a way to our new goal!  Then recruit a friend to pledge $10, and we'd be there!  Thank you for the outpouring of support and excitement so far, we are humbled by your belief in a more sustainable food system.

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Stone's Throw Urban Farm receives 2 SARE grants

Friends, Supporters-

During the past week, our farm has received notification that we received two grants funded by North Central SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education), a USDA program committed to sustainable agriculture.  One grant will fund research that studies how cover-cropping can improve soil quality and decrease erosion.  The other grant will help us to develop an on-farm youth education program.  We are very grateful to SARE for providing us funding to conduct experiments and educational programs that will expand our operations beyond solely growing food.

However, we still need your support during these final days.  Contributing to the Kickstarter campaign will help us to fund the initial capital costs so vital in developing the base of a more equitable, less fossil-fuel reliant, and community-oriented food system in the Twin Cities.  Infrastructure, vacant lot conversion, and tool purchases will all be supported by your donations to the Kickstarter campaign.  Our initial success in these areas will help us to better utilize the education and research aims that our farm is eagerly seeking to embark upon.

Thank you so much for your support so far.  Please spread information about our Kickstarter to the far depths of the world wide web or consider upping your pledge.

Have a great weekend,