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Millennial Lov3 is our baby, and we've invested so much! Help us with our expenses, so we can keep creating dope content for YOU!
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Millennial Lov3 is a self-funded endeavor, and we have invested personal funds to record, produce, engineer, and market this podcast so far.  Our goal for this Kickstarter is to raise money to assist in our business goals and operations, including but not limited to:

(1) filing for an LLC to legitimize Millennial Lov3, as we are very serious about the growth of this brand; 

(2) filing fees to trademark Millennial Lov3's name and logo;

(3) production and sound engineering expenses to make sure each episode is up to par and is of studio quality; 

(4) promotion and marketing to continue to expose more listeners to our show as well increase our marketability to potential advertisers and sponsors; and

(5) website maintenance so that we can continue to build an enticing website for our listeners and followers.

Our future is bright!  And we know that Millennial Lov3 will continue to grow and be a successful outlet for all listeners - from babies to 80!  And in order to grow, we need your help.  Yes. You. Our listeners.

We ask that you contribute whatever you can because every little itty bit counts toward our goals. 

We appreciate you.  We love you.  And we lov3 Millennial Lov3!  Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

Risks and challenges

We realize that a podcast is a huge venture and takes a whole lot of work! But we are all completely dedicated to doing everything within our power--lose sleep, work extremely hard, brainstorm meaningful topics--to make sure Millennial Lov3 is EPIC! The only risk is for us to lose listeners and support, but guess what?! That won't happen! Because have the BEST supporters EVA EVA!

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