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Ad free internet for all of your devices.  

Tired of ads?
Ad free internet for all of your devices.  

Tired of ads?
Ad free internet for all of your devices. Tired of ads?
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    1. BryanS on March 19

      @Rui Sacadura Botte, the OS is stored on a uSD card inside the device. However, at this point, the only thing the device offers is dual gigabit NICs - every other function has been outstripped by things like Raspberry Pi SBCs.

      I believe the Linux distro on it is semi-custom, so it's probably not worth your time at this point.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rui Sacadura Botte on February 23

      Is there anyway to clean the Arch Linux distro of the device, like a reset to make it vanilla and so that we can use like a normal distro and install packages?

    3. BryanS on July 19, 2017

      I've had some requests for the firmware, so I've uploaded it to a google drive account. It should be able to sit there pretty much forever if you need it.…

    4. BryanS on May 10, 2017

      Hello everyone - this project is pretty much dead, so I'm going to remove the firmware package from my dropbox account at the end of May. If you want it, grab it before then.…

    5. Adam McGready on April 29, 2017

      I'll chime in and say pihole is amazing. It still has issues with YouTube ads (due to YouTube using literally hundreds of passengers), but for web ads it's good. I wish I could block ads on apps like ABC, NBC, MTV, and other TV channel apps though.

    6. BryanS on April 22, 2017

      Hello everyone - I'm still maintaining the adtrap software image at… - however, as this thing is getting pretty old (and I need the space back,) I will be removing it at the end of 2017. If you need it after that, leave a message here - I check every so often.

    7. Missing avatar

      David on April 17, 2017

      Dumped this, bought a Raspberry Pi, and installed Pihole.

      Couldn't be happier.

    8. BryanS on January 22, 2017

      @Bob S. Awesome, hope the pi-hole works well for you.

      @Rui Sacadura Botte, the AdTrap already runs a customized version of Arch Linux, but if I remember right it only has 256MB of memory. The time and effort you'd spend compiling packages for their CPU probably wouldn't be worth it (in my opinion...)

    9. Missing avatar

      Rui Sacadura Botte on December 31, 2016

      How about running an arm based linux on the adtrap harware and maybe put pi-hole in it ? Anyone wants to try it out?
      Like someone said on the comments bellow it's sad to have hardware like this and can't do anything with it...

    10. Bob S. on December 28, 2016

      Hey, BS, I can't help you with Wedg (though good luck with it!), but I appreciate your updates here and your pointer to pi-hole. Might be my project for the long weekend. Cheers!

    11. BryanS on December 23, 2016

      If any of you backed "WEDG: the personal cloud you've been waiting for" on Indiegogo:
      Please log into your Indiegogo account and select contact us. I don't care what you pick, but please:

      Let Indiegogo know about the crap Wedg pulled with the campaign.
      Let Indiegogo know how much money you lost on this campaign.
      Let Indiegogo know if you've tried to contact Wedg or any associated party (and the result.)
      Let Indiegogo know that Wedg isn't talking.
      Let Indiegogo know that Wedg has pretty much vanished from the internet.

      Apparently, the campaign is under review. The more people scream about this, the quicker we get it resolved.

      I'm posting here because I know how people who back tech projects tend to back others, and if there's a chance you've backed Wedg, now is the time to yell.

    12. BryanS on October 11, 2016

      Looks like even the parent entity, Blue Point Security, is gone. No data from the website and the last social media updates were 2015.

    13. BryanS on September 23, 2016

      As a reminder, what's left of AdTrap's support is located here:

      No idea if they still reply.

    14. BryanS on September 19, 2016

      @Jamie, they never released source code as far as I know. They were actually kind of cagey about releasing a restore image, which is why I put one up earlier in the comments.

      @Cam, I never really saw any marketing efforts from AdTrap, so it just kind of faded from memory once the kickstarter ran it's course. The PiHole does what this product should have done. (And it doesn't double-NAT your network)

    15. Jamie on August 28, 2016

      Duh. you can ssh in as your user account and elevate from there.

    16. Jamie on August 21, 2016

      I keep looking at this hardware and thinking it should still be useful (duel gig Nics) .. wasn't this meant to be an Open Source project? Any one ever see a source link at all? or get root access to the device?

    17. Colin Pelletier on July 28, 2016

      Dear Kickstarter and their projects,

      Well, I must start off by saying that the idea of Kickstarter intrigued me a, and the idea seemed to be a good one, I have become disillusioned with the whole idea after my experiences with it.
      I have backed three products in my time here, and must say that as of right now, none of the three are in my hands in working order.

      My first product was the AdTrap product that promised us an ad free internet. The product was shipped (although a little late) and I did receive it. It did work when I first installed it, but the company seems to have disappeared 6 - 9 months ago. This product, as it is no longer being produced or supported, has found it’s way to the re-cyclers. So in effect, a non-product.
      I have backed the ZNAPS project as well. This product received more than 3 million dollars from backers, but after a year we are still waiting for a product to be developed, never mind working and shipped.
      I have also backed the Kepler wallet. It has also been a year for this product with nothing being shipped and received.

      For me, a success rate of .5 out of 3 is not good enough of a completion percentage. (In effect it is 0 out of three, but I will give AdTrap 1/2 a point for at least getting a product out, but they loose 1/2 for disappearing after a few months).

      I can tell all these projects that they have done such a job that I can no longer be a “venture capitalist” for any more of these speculative, hypothetical, ideas. I will now be a regular customer for any future product that I am interested in. If it is not on the store shelf, I will no longer be spending my money. It was earned too hard, and can no long be in someone else’s bank account for years.


    18. Cam MacDuff on June 24, 2016

      Anyone know why they folded?

    19. BryanS on June 17, 2016


      You're welcome. If you have suggestions for the instruction set, please let me know. I believe they are comprehensive, but I know I can overlook stuff.

    20. terry on June 15, 2016

      Thanks for all the info Brian S

    21. BryanS on June 14, 2016

      New link:…

      This corrects a few minor spelling errors in the instruction set. If you've downloaded the older version, there is no need to download this one.

    22. BryanS on June 11, 2016

      I've uploaded a copy of the (original) factory card image, the product brochure and the installation EXE with a few extra items to help with reinstalling your AdTrap's software. Note: This is an OLD image (I believe it's the original from release) and I have no idea if it is still being updated. It's at your own risk.…

      I will leave this file up until at least the end of 2016. Again, messing with your device is at your own risk.

    23. BryanS on June 8, 2016

      It seems that while the forums are dead, AdTrap still has a support system located here:


    24. BryanS on June 8, 2016

      * possibly. I am currently pre-coffee...

    25. BryanS on June 8, 2016

      BTW, I'd be interested in possobly buying a few more devices. I'd only need a case in good condition, so non-working units would be great. I'm not willing to pay a whole bunch for one, since I'm simply going to throw the internal board away.

      Leave a message here, I check every few weeks.

    26. BryanS on June 8, 2016

      I haven't had my AdTrap up for a long time, but I did roam the forums and provided a factory restore image to a few people who requested one. (I still have this somewhere, I will make an attempt to get it someplace public in the next few weeks.)

      This project had such great potential, but it just seemed very fragile to me, especially in the sense it wanted to be a router and broke a lot of things on my network. I still love the case, and may see about chucking the innards and replacing them with a Raspberry Pi instead.

      In the meantime, if any AdTrap users out there want to continue using an adblocking device, I suggest you check out the Pi-Hole at - this is a device that provides an adblocked DNS server to your local network. No proxies, no double-NAT, no port forwards required. I've had one up and running for a year on an older version, and it's been great.

    27. Robertus on June 5, 2016

      @Jamie - power supply
      input ac100-240v-50/60Hz-0.5A
      output DC 5V 3 A

      But it seems Adtrap is dead - Adtrap forum gone ... no software updates

    28. BryanS on June 3, 2016


      I believe I still have mine. I'll try and dig it out this weekend and get something for you by Monday (June 6 2016) if you still need it.

    29. Jamie on March 19, 2016

      Lost my power supply in a house move. Can anyone pass on the details ie amp volts connector size.. Pic?

    30. Robert Hagedorn on March 16, 2016

      Appears Adtrap is dead. their site returns mostly 404 error and support numbers have been disconnected. updates do not exist as my adtrap says my latest update is from Dec 1969. RIP Adtrap

    31. Jared Neaves on November 30, 2015

      I've still never been able to get it to work. Just saying. I'm no fool when it comes to these things either just fyi.

    32. A. Joseph
      on December 16, 2014

      I meant modem to adtrap....

    33. A. Joseph
      on December 16, 2014

      I've been using my Adtrap now about a month or more. My setup is: router to adtrap to Apple Router then that router breaks off into a Time Machine and another Apple router via ethernet. From the various routers I have 4 different wireless networks and using any of them ads are pretty much 95% gone. Devices connected, Samsung Edge, Note 2, 3, iPhone 4s, 5, iPad 3, surface Pro, Dell Venue 11, Instacube, MacBook Pro, ipod touch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, 4 and a few other connected devices.
      Needless to say I'm extremely happy as are my guests when I ask then to pay attention and let me know if they get ads on their phone or tablets when they connect to one of the networks. The main culprit is YouTube which is a hit it miss for anyone mobile or desktop. Mobile Games and Aps Ads are gone period.
      Keep up the great work Team!

    34. Kahuna Kevin on October 2, 2014

      Anyone having problems with their AdTrap, try the secret Factory Reset:

      1. Unplug your AdTrap from the power supply and all other cables.
      2. Plug AdTrap into the power supply. Wait for the first light to stay on.
      3. Unplug from the power supply and plug in again. Wait for light #2 to appear.
      4. Repeat unplugging and plugging in until all 4 lights appear lit and rapidly cycle.
      5. Your AdTrap has been factory reset.
      6. Crack a beer and celebrate.
      7. Remember to change the generic Admin/Pass so you don't get haxored.

    35. Missing avatar

      William Little on August 25, 2014

      I can't get my adtrap to work and trap anything! Looking for help.....

    36. Tad Helke on May 21, 2014

      I am trying to connect to my adtrap for the first time and it is not responding on the default IP of I have tried factory resetting, and no go...

      Please advise.

    37. terry on April 28, 2014

      this thing works great
      thanks AdTrap

    38. Missing avatar

      BCotten on April 17, 2014

      I have an adtrap that I will be listing on ebay this weekend with a starting bid of $65 - if interested messafe me - have original box, cords and paperwork - used for 1 month

    39. Missing avatar

      David on March 2, 2014

      I see that on Dec. 5 Chad told someone to use support @ That forum is locked. How do we request support?

    40. Lou Caputo on February 9, 2014

      I have an Ad trap I've never used, LNIB. Does anyone want to make a deal? I paid $120 for it, but would let it go for $99 plus shipping. CONUS only please. Message me if interested.

    41. Missing avatar

      Albie Raj on February 9, 2014

      Hi guys,

      Been using my adtrap for a while now, it rocks!!!

      Just beware that it does not stop ads from huluplus or spotify, other than that, it it as promised!



    42. codefire on February 1, 2014

      I have yet to get my ad trap!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva
      on January 30, 2014

      Chad Russell
      Palo Alto, CA · Last login Jan 27, 2014 · Full profile

    44. Ricardo Furtado on January 21, 2014

      I've purchased my AdTrap and I never received it. I left several messages on the board and sent other few private messages which all were completely ignored.
      Could anyone from AdTrap find out what happened to my product or at least issue me a refund?

    45. Sam Beckett on January 20, 2014

      I am selling my ad trap, auction starting at 74.95 @…

      includes everything & box...

    46. Frederic Vanoosthuyze on January 12, 2014

      Looks like Chad has disappeared from this site. If you are like me and waiting for your AdTrap, just say good bye to your money. This is a shame that delivery of such a nice tool has been so badly performed.

    47. Ricardo Furtado on December 15, 2013

      Hi AdTrap team,
      This is the third time I ask about my AdTrap and I hope it won't be ignored like my other two messages. Could you please let me know the status of my AdTrap order? In case it's has been shipped could send me the tracking number?


    48. Ronald Luhmann on December 13, 2013

      My AdTrap worked GREAT as advertised initially .... but later was causing several modem/router resets each day to regain internet connection ... have disconnected it ;-( and not dropped connection since ... anyone else having the same issue ?

    49. Chad Russell Creator on December 5, 2013

      @Mary contact us via support

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