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AdTrap - The internet is yours again's video poster

Ad free internet for all of your devices. Tired of ads? Read more

Palo Alto, CA Technology
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This project was successfully funded on December 8, 2012.

Ad free internet for all of your devices. Tired of ads?

Palo Alto, CA Technology
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About this project

"Fantastic. I'm in!" - Senior Product Engineer Scanadu NASA Ames Research Park - Dan Sokol

You don’t want to ruin it with ads because ads aren’t cool. It’s like you’re throwing the greatest party on campus and someone saying it’s gotta be over by eleven.” - The Social Network

All over the news!
All over the news!

Cult of Mac - "If you just really loathe advertisements of all shapes and sizes, you can support the AdTrap Kickstarter fundraiser. AdTrap is an open-source device that blocks ads for all of your devices – even your iPad and iPhone. You just plug it into your cable modem and it magically strips your web experience of ads." - Buster Heine

Today's iPhone - "AdTrap is the device that could be the savior of the internet."  - Lambert Varias - "What you as the consumer needs to understand is that this product is a scalpel designed to take out just the ad by a lot of serious geekness that is overly complicated and you really don't want the details to because it will make your brain hurt, but since it's a scalpel, it wont mess up other things." - Walt Langhans

newsodrome - "...the AdTrap is an open-source device that has a wider reach than any ad-blocking program. The AdTrap blocks online ads for all devices from a desktop computer to a smartphone in the same network"

SlashGear - "AdTrap operates using Linux, and is designed to work in conjunction with the owner’s wireless network to pinpoint and block all advertisements"

Shell of Man - "Good or bad, this product has massive implications for the near future of the internet."

UPDATE: Power Adapter Options Included With All Pledge Levels


We will ask at the end of the campaign which adapter you need.  The adapter will work in many other countries, check this list for adapter compatibility:  International Power Adapters

Hardware Update

When we first launched our campaign we were looking at a 400 MHz ARM processor, 128MByte DDR2 SDRAM, 256MByte Flash and dual 100Mbps Ethernet NICS with US only power adapters.

We're really excited to tell you we've worked our tails off to really step up the hardware for our supporters. We really wanted Gigabit NICS, however that was a serious challenge at the price point we're at. After a LOT of work on the engineering side and working with our suppliers and manufacturers here's what we've come up with: 

CPU ARM Cortex-A8 720 MHz


STORAGE At least 1 GB

NICS x2 Gigabit NICs

Micro USB and Host USB (for accessories etc) and externally accessible Micro SD slot (card included)

That's a LOT of hardware for $120 to your door.

Tired of advertisements interrupting your movies, music and browsing experience?  At one time, the internet was free and uncluttered, we remember and we want it back. We're bringing back the only thing that was good about the 90's!

What is AdTrap?

Simply put, AdTrap is a small, zero configuration device that removes ads from your internet connection before they reach any of your home devices.  Video, music streams and mobile apps and websites, all ad free.  

One of the great things about AdTrap is that it's browser independent and works with any of your connected WiFi devices (and directly connected devices). The possibilities are endless here; Android, Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV, tablets and phones.  AdTrap is self configuring and self updating.  You can also hookup AdTrap directly between your computer and the wall/switch (work, hotel, conference room), again zero configuration.  Just plug it in, sit back and enjoy an ad free internet experience!

Benefits of AdTrap

AdTrap...No More Ads.  Ever.

Aside from driving you crazy, internet advertisers are tracking your habits, behaviors and uniquely identifiable information.  AdTrap quickly and easily puts a stop to it.  

  • Open and very hackable (meaning you can modify it, not that it's insecure!)
  • Automatically updates itself as advertisers change schemes
  • Blocks advertisements from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages
  • By default, we make no compromises for 'non intrusive ads'. Blocked
  • Works with all browsers 
  • Awesome hardware
  • Works with any internet enabled device
  • Cleaner and faster loading websites
  • Lower memory usage
  • Prevents tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers
  • AdTrap over cell data, take AdTrap anywhere you go with iOS 6 devices! Zero ads, on the road! (At $250k stretch goal with your support)
  • Zero software to install, zero configuration!

It's really easy

Zero configuration and no software to install.  You plug AdTrap into the wall and it sits between your router and modem acting as a hardware based ad filter.  That's it, it just works!  

  • Connect your modem
  • Connect your router
  • Plug it in

Stretch Goal!

AdTrap Overclocked

Point and click AdTrap CPU overclocking. AdTrap's CPU operates at 720 MHz out of the box, at this goal we'll unlock overclocking! 25% increases in clock speed are easily possible here. We'll add this to the management interface at this goal.

AdTrap Anywhere

We've got AdTrap working on any iOS 6 device (unrooted!) over cellular data. Your iOS device integrated with your own AdTrap. Zero ads, anywhere you go. At this goal, everyone will receive this feature. We're working on other devices.

So far we've

  • Formed an awesome, experienced team in Palo Alto, California
  • Secured office space for designing and shipping your AdTrap device
  • Built and tested several generations of prototypes
  • Worked a lot of nights and weekends to get the project done
  • Tested a production run of units

We are ready to manufacture!  

AdTrap has been designed and prototyped in Palo Alto, California and we plan to manufacture via a trusted partner, with operations based in Redwood City, California. We are using as many standard components as possible. These components have undergone testing for about 7 months. We are also very excited about the development of the software "the heart" of this project and a custom ABS case for our PCB. We are finalizing designs for the best price. AdTrap will also have a customizable LED light emitting a soft glow.

The software, hardware and industrial designs are done and we are already setting up for manufacturing. We've made it pretty far on our own. But we need you! You have to have AdTrap to truly appreciate how much better, faster and smoother the internet is without ads.


We have parts on hand to build 25 AdTrap's right now, backers pledging to the first early bird tier will be the very first to receive an AdTrap. The others will follow over the next 1-2 months, everything should be shipped by February 2013.  

We are ready for full production with your support

We’re ready to set up full-scale manufacturing to get your AdTrap delivered as soon as possible.  We'll need your help to get it done right. That’s why we’ve turned to Kickstarter to get the production lines up and running!

If you decide to pitch in, you’ll get a discount and be one of the first to have an ad free internet experience.  Let's get the revolution started!

After the campaign, the AdTrap box will likely retail for $150, Kickstarter is a great chance to get in early.

We would love to talk to you. Feel free to email us!

AdTrap Technical Details

· CPU:  Arm Cortex-A8 720Mhz
· RAM: 256MB DDR3
· Storage: At least 1GB + usb flash/HDD
· Open-Source Linux Firmware
· 2x 1000Mbps Ethernet
· Serial Port
· USB Host/Device, SD

$25 Pledge

You'll get a T-Shirt, 100% cotton, designed exclusively for Kickstarter supporters! 

It will look something like this:

Who We Are

AdTrap was founded by three serial entrepreneurs in 2012 in Palo Alto, California. Chad Russell, founder and CTO of BluePoint Security conceptualized the idea during a casual conversation with friends about how the internet is now nearly completely monetized by advertising. Chad was invited to speak at the Global Security Challenge Summit in 2010 as well as security summits at the British Embassy in Washington DC. He regularly sponsors RSA and BlackHat security conferences and has been heavily involved in the infosec space for over 10 years. He has significant experience leading technical teams and completing large complex projects. Chad has been programming since the age of 16 and leads the team and assists with programming and development.  

Charles Butkus is our Linux/Unix hero. Charles has worked for several financial institutions such as Equifax, TSYS and Synovus securing and administering large payment processing systems. He specializes in system automation and network security. Charles has significant experience with Arduino and 3D Printing and embedded computing.  Also, an epic beard.

Arlene is an artist, maker and designer who uses design at the core of her practice. She has been making spaces, art and interactive designs for more than 10 years. With an innate desire for technology, Arlene has been participating in creative technology projects since 2002. She participated in the Solar Decathlon Competition 2002 in Washington DC representing Puerto Rico achieving second place in design and livability. She has extensive experience in graphic design and computer programming. In 2009 she joined BluePoint Security as lead UI engineer.

Together our team has what it takes to create, manufacture and finish AdTrap.  We're confident we will complete this journey with success, now we just need your support!

Why Hardware?

Hardware affords us the ability to block ads on any device, rather than a software solution which would only block ads on one computer and worse yet only the browser it was installed on. There are very few (any?) solutions for quickly and easily blocking ads on mobile devices, any mobile device. That's where AdTrap comes in. Hardware is hackable and fun, you can also turn AdTrap into anything you like!

Risks and challenges


As with any project there are risks and challenges. We've already overcome many of the challenges with delivering AdTrap. We've worked through various iterations of case designs. AdTrap is working today (we are all using it!). We have suppliers lined up for our PCB ready to go for mass production. One of the challenges we faced was building out a PCB with dual nics and keeping unit costs down for you. It's important that we're able to order in volume as the PCB and other parts would be prohibitively expensive to produce otherwise. If we meet our goals as outlined here, our unit prices will be kept in check allowing us to deliver AdTrap to you at the best possible price.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter



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    Meet the AdTrap team in Palo Alto at our launch party Jan 11th. You'll need to arrange your own travel, we'll do the rest! It'll be a lot of fun, we promise ;)

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