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BlindSide is a survival/horror adventure game with no graphics at all. Navigate a 3D world using only your ears and what's between them
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    1. Fien on

      Looking forward to the finished game!

    2. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Lynnea, Thank you very much! And secondly, yes, you're absolutely right. The reason we're proving out on iPhone first is because there aren't a bazillion models, and BlindSide requires a ton of processing power to run so many audio sources. Some of the Kickstarter money went to buying an Android development license for Unity though, so we hope to release on it down the road.

    3. H Lynnea

      First off, awesome news! Can't wait for the PC version!
      Second - any plans to develop a version for Android? I know there can be a lot of difficulties with that (thanks to the fact that there are about a bazillion Android platforms out there), but I hope that it will be possible in the (maybe even near?) future.

    4. Margy Rydzynski on

      Good job! I'll share this with a few friends of mine who are visually impaired. I'll also try it. We all use a PC, so we'll wait until that version is ready. But, congrats!

    5. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      Also, a number of people mentioned that they didn't catch the first email back in January about the beta being available for mac/pc. Here is the download link again:

      Also, don't be shy about messaging us to add you to the credits if you're seeing that link for the first time.

    6. Gordon Miller on

      Cool, Thanks :)
      Awesome icon graphic btw.

    7. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      Hi Gordon, I moved up the iPhone4s/iPad2 requirement warning on our iTunes page to the top. The requirements on the app store are not correct. Fortunately, our first update should add iTouch 4th gen to the supported devices as well as attempt to restrict the game from being run on some incompatible devices.

    8. Gordon Miller on

      Cool, But I'm afraid there are some compatability issues with the iPod Touch (4th Gen) every time I confirm a new game it crashes. I tried going through different menu options and restarting my iPod, but nothing worked. I know you say in this post iPhone4s and iPad 2, but the itunes page says it's compatible with the ipod (3rd and 4th gen).

    9. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      Thanks Thorne & Erin!

      @Sergey Now you are! I'll add you to the in-game credits in the next update as well.

    10. Sergey Chernyshev

      Got it - not sure why I'm not on the backers list ;(

    11. Missing avatar

      Thorne & Erin

      Dammit! Now I have yet another iPhone game!

      Great work, guys :-)

    12. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      Also, please like us on facebook! We will be updating more frequently through there.