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BlindSide is a survival/horror adventure game with no graphics at all. Navigate a 3D world using only your ears and what's between them
BlindSide is a survival/horror adventure game with no graphics at all. Navigate a 3D world using only your ears and what's between them
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob Sinkko on

      Did this game ever come out and I missed it?

    2. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Delerat Yes! The PC release is coming very soon (< a few weeks). We are just tightening up some final details on it.

    3. Delerat on

      It's been a while and I'm curious if the full PC release is coming soon? or has come and I missed it? I also never checked out the beta so I didn't get my name on the backer wall.

    4. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Threemoons, we just replied to you via direct message, download link is attached. I also just added you to the webpage :-) (we get permission from you from the download link)

    5. Threemoons on

      Guys--My handle is not on the page and I never got my download code (PC). Fix please? Thanks.

    6. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Mitchell, We'll be sending out an update soon, and it's going to be very exciting!

    7. Mitchell on

      So what is going on with this project? any word?

    8. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @BenRifkah Thanks for being considerate! Kickstarter messages are the way to go, or you can send it to my (Aaron's) email, which is on the download page. Cheers!

    9. BenRifkah Bergsten-Buret on

      I've just scratched the surface of the beta but its fun so far. Very creepy to play with your eyes closed. Do you have a feedback forum where I provide feedback without having to worry that people might see spoilers? If not I can just send it in Kickstarter messages.

    10. Brandon Carbaugh on

      Alright cool. So somebody just gimme a metric here, on a scale of one to ten, with one being "that was neat" and ten being "holy shit," roughly how awesome was it?

    11. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Brandon Yes, the beta was for donation levels $10 and up.

    12. Brandon Carbaugh on

      Oh wait was the beta just for certain donation amounts?

    13. Brandon Carbaugh on

      Wait, did a beta go out to contributors? I didn't get anything D:

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob Hague on

      The beta is "Looking" good guys - as per an earlier comment, playing and being in control of movement makes the soundscape much more meaningful than the audio demo. Now it all makes sense - well done!

    15. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Bob We are putting the polishing touches on the pre-release version now! Mike and I were quite literally recording new door closing samples in the basement a few minutes ago with our sound engineer. We're still on track for the end of this month!

    16. Bob Cameron on

      What's the latest? We're on the downside of January and sliding toward Feb.

    17. Bob Cameron on

      I'm really excited to see the finished product. Any update on progress?

    18. Baden on

      So glad this project made it (and then some!). Congratulations x 2. Please let me know if/when you want to translate it for other markets (specifically the German market.) Also, I think Dialogue in the Dark ( would be very interested in using this concept in their expositions!

    19. Katryn Geane on

      Hey guys: This gaming experience sounds (ha, bad pun, I know) awesome, so sorry I can't give more! Can't wait to play, though!

    20. Deborah Schumacher

      I sort of expected an update after you hit goal. You're at nearly double your goal. Do you have a stretch goal?

    21. S. Thomson on

      You're project of the day!!! Congrats!

    22. Shawn Michael Recinto on

      This is a very cool idea! Congratz on the funding guys!

    23. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      Thank you all so much for all the backing, spreading the word, and helping us reach our goal! We are excited about all the support we have received, and at present we're busily working away at the game!

      @Sara, no twitter yet, but we have a website in the works.

      @Scape Project *technical stuff follows* We use Unity's built-in pseudo surround for left/right positioning when in stereo mode, and we wrote our own home brew filtering for simulating sounds as in front of or behind you. If you're referring to head-related transfer function (HRTF) type engines that simulate outer and ear canal distortions for vertical and front/back positioning, or dummy-head recording then no. Dummy-headed recording only works for fixed position, and we use dynamic audio, and because your brain adapts to the unique architecture of your own outer ear and ear canal, there is considerable variation from one person to another for HRTF type engines. We are pleased with the results we are getting from our current system and are focusing on gameplay.

    24. Anthony Tarallo Jr. on

      Such a great idea, I look forward to playing this when it releases!

    25. Margy Rydzynski on

      I just send on information about the game to two friends of mine who are blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa. Maybe one or both of them will buy the final version when it comes out! I want to try it to, with vision.

    26. Shuling Yong on

      Amazing! I work with people with disabilities at a non-profit social enterprise Your project has inspired my next post on the JJ's List blog. :) Will be spreading the word!

      p.s. This reminds me of the Dialogue In The Dark exhibition, except the experience of what it's like to walk around with vision loss will be a lot more accessible to people outside of the exhibition cities. Kudos!

    27. Ruth Ellison on

      Congrats on reaching your goal! Love the concept.

    28. Scape Project on

      Good luck with this guys. It seems like you're set on creating a pretty high quality product.

      We are developing an "audio augmented reality" framework for iOS, which could be used to create some similar augmented reality games and experiences. You can follow us at @ScapeARR and

      Also, there's a list of hundreds of audio games here:…. A lot of the links are broken though.

      Does your audio engine use any kind of binaural simulation? How can you tell if a sound source is behind you or in front of you?

    29. Tom Shortridge on

      Congrats on hitting your goal!

    30. amanda mccoy on

      Oh man, I am so excited for this. I have joked around about how there should be some sort of simulation for this type of experience, but have always been terrified of going around someplace blind-folded. A video game? Oh yes, this is much more my style. I will pass this along to my friends and hopefully they'll back this too!

    31. Julian de Villiers on

      Really great idea! Seems like a couple of other games are made already using only sound, but they are not properly developed or marketed. If you do it right, it WILL be very successful.

    32. Reyhan Sadaka on

      This is a really cool concept.

    33. S. Thomson on

      I am SO broke and shouldn't have done it, but I had to, haha. I am so blown away by this, guys, AMAZING idea. Cheers!
      Btw: Do you have a Twitter?

    34. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @Austin, we'll definitely send you an email! I (Aaron) got stuck reading your blog quite a bit, it's very fascinating.

      @Brandon We appreciate the well wishes! Your suggestion on releasing a demo is a good one. We would love to release a demo, but we don't for 2 reasons. The first reason is that a big part of why we need funding is to get the redistribution licenses from Unity 3D which account for more than half our raise. Even if we did only one system, it would be a considerable amount of money. The second reason is that while we are happy with our 10 minute gameplay demo from a technical standpoint, we need to license and record higher quality audio (another reason we are raising funds on Kickstarter), so we don't feel that the demo would be representative of the quality of the final game.

      @Rob, Austin, and Brandon: Thanks for comments and backing us!

    35. Brandon Carbaugh on

      Followed a link from the escapist because the idea sounds intriguing, and donated a dollar so I could leave a comment.

      I don't know how playable your ten minute build is -- and I have absolutely no doubt you'll make your goal of $7,000 anyway -- but you guys should consider releasing it as a demo. It's really difficult to get a sense of the game from that thirty-second clip. Without BEING the one manipulating the game and hearing the cues respond, it....kinda sounds like random noise :X

      Anyway. Best of luck!

    36. Missing avatar

      Austin Seraphin on

      Hi, cool project. I run a blog at where I discuss all kinds of blindness and other issues. I use Mac, Linux, and iOS. Yes people have made some interesting audio games such as but yours sounds unique, no punn intended. Check out my blog and let me know how I can help.

    37. Aaron & Mike Creator on

      @James Girardot Agreed! We just recently learned about them, and we'll want to get in touch. We have pretty different gameplay mechanics, but I'm sure there is much to be learned from their experiences. Also, thanks for backing us!

    38. Missing avatar

      Girardot on

      Maybe there is something to be gained from consulting or working with these folks:

      (via a post in the BoingBoing article about your project comments)