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Join in the creation of a multicultural composition for sax duet & electronics AND help us help kids to explore and create new music.
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What is a Keerthanata? Asha describes the duet's title.

Posted by Jesse, Sara, and Asha (deleted) (Creator)

Asha, the composer of this new commission, describes her title as such:

"Keerthanata is a play on words combining the names for a standard form in South Indian classical music, keerthanam, with the Western musical term sonata. The melodic structure of Indian music known as raga often has a different ascending and descending form, often with zig-zags in the scalar pattern.The mode I invented for this piece models these aspects using all twelve pitches and employing complementary sets that lead to a wide array of characteristic chromatic gestures... Much of Indian classical music is highly emotional and serious, and this is also true of most of my music, but here I wanted to share the light, energetic aspect of Indian music and thereby infuse my own music with some frivolity!"


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    1. Aakash Mittal on

      What a great conception! I can't wait to hear the piece! Is your classical background in Karnatic music? Thanks for sharing!