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Join in the creation of a multicultural composition for sax duet & electronics AND help us help kids to explore and create new music.

Hi! We are Sara Kind and Jesse Dochnahl, a saxophone duo looking for your help to support the creation and enjoyment of beautiful, new music.

Please join us in commissioning a unique composition for two saxophones and electronics by Asha Srinivasan. We believe you'll find Asha's musical approach--one that integrates Western and Indian musical processes--intensely relevant to performers, composers, teachers, and general audiences alike. For more info about Asha Srinivasan and her music, keep reading, and visit:

Your pledge will also fund opportunities for youth in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley to experience and create music. The duo and composer will use the new piece as a platform for composition workshops at several schools this spring. Over the course of two sessions, students will discuss and explore the definition of music, seek out appealing sounds, and produce their own electronic music using "found" instruments and audio software. Our goal is to inspire students--and audiences--to experience in the creation of nontraditional music, encourage creative thinking about music, and facilitate the composition of electronic music.

Other project plans include performances of the new piece at two national music conferences, in local concerts, and in schools. We also plan to make a professional recording in the spring. Check out the calendar below.

We hope the use of Kick Starter will excite your involvement in community-based arts, whether it be a local, professional, social, or online community! But we have to reach our goal of $1250. If we fall short, we receive nothing!


Asha's composition is for soprano sax, alto sax, and electronics. It uses the distinct South Indian Carnatic form called a Kriti as its basis for the saxophone duet (soprano-alto). She explains, “A Kriti’s main structure is similar to the Western theme and variations form, with a refrain that repeats with continuous variations that increase in complexity and embellishment. In a traditional context, while the refrain is composed out, the variations are usually improvised. In addition, in a Carnatic concert, a soloist might add a completely improvised section at the end called svara kalpana. This latter section is rhythmically and melodically intricate and usually leads to an exciting climax before returning once again to the refrain for the conclusion. In my composition, I loosely mimicked the same structure but composed out all of the sections that would traditionally be improvised. Within the seemingly restrictive constraints of the Kriti structure, I have been able to explore Carnatic melodic and rhythmic concepts while molding them into a contemporary Western context that focuses on rich timbral and sonic interactions."

“The electronic accompaniment is also a fusion of Western and Eastern processes. Active distorted and manipulated textures are layered with electronic percussive sounds that mimic the mrdangam and tabla (Indian hand drums). The electronic background provides the saxophones with a rich spectral field made up of many varied layers that are constantly shifting and transforming. Towards the latter part of the piece, rhythmic pulse and fast subdivisions become a driving force that is symbolic of the fast rhythms played on the high part of the mrdangam. Simultaneously, ambient drones and noisy textures provide a solid underpinning that support and gradually push forward the dramatic narrative of the saxophone parts. Combined with the energetic heterophonic interaction of the amplified saxophones, the result is a colorful, intricate, and immersive sonic environment.”

Thank you for your consideration!

CALENDAR of performances and workshops

  • Feb 9, 4pm:  SEAMUS National Conference; Appleton (WI) World Premiere!
  • Mar 16, 1pm:  NASA Biennial Conference; Tempe (AZ)
  • Spring (tba):  New Music Recitals; Appleton, Oshkosh (WI), & Urbana (IL)
  • May 17, 24:  Renaissance School of Arts, Composition Workshops, Appleton
  • May (tba):  Jefferson Elementary, Composition Workshops, Appleton


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