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A crazy, lighthearted battle to the top inspired by 2D arcade platformers! Scale the Cliffs of Frab to claim the Ultimate Treasure!
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JA unboxing, shipping estimate

Posted by Phillip Kilcrease (Creator)

Io adventurers,

First, here's a short unboxing video showin' off the swanky cover art: 

Next, as the video said, we're expecting to be finished with shipping by the end of August *at the latest*. I'm getting to the off-site storage area at every opportunity when I'm not working my day job and packing boxes until either the facility closes or I have to go to my day job.

Also, unlike other 5th Street Kickstarter projects, Jungle Ascent will be shipped as it is packed instead of all at once. This is due to space limitations of the off-site storage facility.

Since we use USPS, there aren't tracking numbers unless the package is international. Even then, the tracking number just allows you to know when it leaves US soil, not where it is precisely like with FedEx or UPS. If yer an international backer and would like us to send you a tracking number anyway, just message me and I'll notate yer account to reflect your request.

Short of something cataclysmic occurring such as my breaking a limb, this will likely be the last update until shipping is complete. I will then post updates making a call for missing packages / shipping errors.

Final stretch, everyone. Thank you all so much for helping this happen. : D



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    1. Skipper Harris on

      Got mine yesterday. Looks really good.

      One Satisfied Backer

    2. Brian Kohrman on

      Thank you! I hope you have fun!

    3. Jim Romer on

      Just got mine -- Fantastic job!

    4. Matthew Dowis on

      I received mine today! excited to play it!

    5. John Ibarzabal on

      It looks very nice, congratulations :)

    6. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Shipping updates abound. Well certainly excited to see this. Artwork video was a good choice. Thanks for updating us and congrats on another successful campaign.

    7. Brian Kohrman on

      Insomnicron, I think you described exactly how I feel about it...

    8. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      Thanks, you two. :' ] I know for a *FACT* Brian friggin' loves how it turned out.

    9. Jeremy Hope on

      Also in NZ and also can't wait!

    10. Insomnicron on

      You are a legend!
      I hope, as the creator, your chest fills with pride holding those lovely, well made, objects in your hands!
      Can't wait to see my very own copy find it's way down here to New Zealand!