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A crazy, lighthearted battle to the top inspired by 2D arcade platformers! Scale the Cliffs of Frab to claim the Ultimate Treasure!
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Pics of the shipment!

Posted by Phillip Kilcrease (Creator)

Io Adventurers,

Shipments start later this week! Here's a few pics of the MOUNTAIN of boxes (336, to be exact):

(click to enbiggen)

(click to enbiggen)

(click to enbiggen)

Also, there's been a request for the rules in their final format, so here they are: Jungle Ascent Final Rules.

We'll have an unboxing video for ya later this week.



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    1. Brian Kohrman on

      It's shipping as it's packed. Start watching for it!

    2. Jeremy Hope on

      Unboxing vid? Has it shipped?

    3. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      Apologies on the small rules error, everyone. A corrected file has been uploaded.


    4. Brian Kohrman on

      SaphuA- yes, those pages are duplicates. That looks like an error that only exists in this PDF. The printed version has the correct pages (I'm looking at it right now).

      Also, good question about activating Hazards. See page 3 for Turn Structure. If a player owns a hazard, it is always activated at the very beginning of that player's turn.

      Feel free to ask more questions!

    5. SaphuA on

      Also, a question about Hazards.
      You place them using 1 Action, but then when do they move? The Crusher card from the manual reads: When activated move crusher down one square. When does it get activated? Does that cost an action?

    6. SaphuA on

      Is it me or are the 3 bottom pages in the rules, numbered 2, 6 and 4, duplicates?

    7. Jeremy Hope on

      Great stuff, thanks Phil!