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A crazy, lighthearted battle to the top inspired by 2D arcade platformers! Scale the Cliffs of Frab to claim the Ultimate Treasure!
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Word from the printer... JA delay explained

Posted by Phillip Kilcrease (Creator)

Io Adventurers,

I just heard from the printer.

"I thank you for your patience. I finally got a clear time-line on your order from FedEx. Our entire shipment from China had been held up in customs and is expected to be released Friday. Once released, it will be just a couple of days to break down the shipment and for us to receive tracking #'s. I am hoping/expecting to have tracking info by next Friday. I am so sorry for the delay and I thank you, again, greatly for your patience and understanding with everything."

...looks like something else in their shipment is holding everything else up. Either that, or customs is jealous they didn't back JA. :D

(Quick background: companies rent shipping containers to get stuffs overseas. Those things are MASSIVE. JA was nowhere NEAR close to filling one, so QPC filled it with other stuffs, too.)

I'll keep you posted, as always. ...and I'll get some video when it arrives as requested a few updates ago.



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    1. Skipper Harris on

      Maybe if you offer the customs folks a copy of JA as an, um, 'incentive', they'll hustle up. You know, something for them to play in the breakroom. Then they won't have cause to be so jealous. ;)

    2. Missing avatar



      Too bad for the delay, but I still have the PnP version of the game to keep me busy until then. By the way, just like Griffin, I'll be on holiday in August. Is it possible to delay the sending of my package until the end of next month? I don't want the post office to return the parcel because I didn't fetch it on time...

    3. James Mathias on

      Just for clarity. Does this delay apply to the games arriving here in the US, or leaving from China? And secondly, when it says FEDEX order, that is the shipping method from China to the US, and you will be using USPS to ship out to backers? Thanks!

    4. Griffin Patterson on

      Well I actually hope that you guys take your time now :P I'm going on holiday for four weeks starting next week and don't want it left in the shed by the postman for ages...

    5. brenton t vallade on

      Thanks for the update. It takes as long as it takes. If Ive learned anything great games take time. Looking forward to playing this.
      How about an unboxing video when they come in?

    6. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      @Alysson: 5th Street does indeed use USPS. They're inexpensive and reliable.
      @Dustin: I'd say August for domestic backers.

    7. Dustin Crenshaw on

      So we looking at early september to have it in our hands for US backers?

    8. Dustin Crenshaw on

      I'm never gonna get to play my Okama Gamesphere

    9. Aeds on

      Hello, Phil, thank you for the update.
      I have a question: what´s going to be your shipping method for international backers? Please avoid using FedEx or UPS, instead of USPS, in case of Brazilian backers, at least. Or we are going to have kind of the same problems you are facing with customs, plus ridiculous surcharges and import duties. Please consider my suggestion. Thanks!