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A crazy, lighthearted battle to the top inspired by 2D arcade platformers! Scale the Cliffs of Frab to claim the Ultimate Treasure!
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Jungle Ascent: Magnet Edition & Hidden Dangers preview

Posted by Phillip Kilcrease (Creator)

Hello fellow adventurers,

We're halfway to reaching the Hidden Dangers overfund! To celebrate, we're gonna share some of the cards we're testin' for ya...

But first, we're excited to announce a couple things with the magnet sets you'll all be receiving. First, here's closer look at what you'll be getting:

(Click to enbiggen)

That's a LOT of magnets! Also, you see the extra Golem, Crusher, and such under the Adventurers? Those are just placeholders for the Hidden Dangers pathways and hazards you folks'll be unlocking.

Which brings up the second magnet-y thing: MAGNETIC JUNGLE ASCENT, a new backer level of a playable magnetic set of the game with a static cling board! You'll be able to play Jungle Ascent on any 10" x 10" magnetic surface.

If you'd like to add the static cling board and extra set of magnets to another reward level, just add $10 to your backing amount per set you'd like and message us to properly notate your account.

Now then, the Hidden Dangers mini-expansion preview! Bear in mind these are subject to change with playtesting:

  • Smasher (Horizontal Moving Hazard): "The Smasher moves one space to the [right or left] at the beginning of your turn." [Ed. note: There would be a Smasher for each direction.]
  • Crumbling Ledge (Horizontal Pathway): "The Crumbling Ledge is destroyed if any player ends their turn with a pawn on it."
  • Force Field (Horizontal Pathway): "No Hazard may be placed overlapping Force Field. If a Hazard moves onto it, the Hazard is discarded immediately, before pushing any pawns or destroying Force Field."
  • Control Panel (Horizontal Pathway): "If any player moves her pawn onto the Control Panel, that player removes any Hazards she own from the board."
  • Sabotage (Interrupt): "Play at the beginning of any player's turn. Choose one of the following: Ladders, Bridges, or Conveyor Belts. That player may not play that card type this turn."
  • Reverse Polarity (Interrupt): "Play at the beginning of any player's turn. Until the end of that turn, all conveyor belts push pawns in the opposite direction."
  • Sudden Animation (Effect, 1 Act): "Choose a Moving Hazard already in play. Move it immediately 1 square in any direction."
  • Jungle Vine (Interrupt): "Play at any time. Move up to 3 squares left or right. Ignore any conveyor belts or gaps. You must end the movement on a pathway square."
  • Mad Dash (Effect, 1 Act): "No Effects or Interrupts may be played until the beginning of your next turn."

Thanks again for joinin' us on this adventure! We're still testin' a few other overfund bonuses to share with ya, and we'll share them as soon as they're ready.



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    1. bug on

      Woah hey. Now that I actually bothered to read this, it seems as though there is some crunk twisted number that represents the possibility that Hidden Dangers mags will be included.

    2. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      @Clayton: The magnets should be compatible with the co-op mode based on current plans. And correct; you only need to order one magnet playset for $10 to play the game with the magnets. You will still need the draw deck from the game in order to keep track of what has been drawn and to have Effects and Interrupts to play.

    3. Crimson Phoenix

      will the magnet edition be compatible with the co-op version that will (hopefully) be released? And just because I'm posting already - I only need to order one magnet edition ($10) to properly play the game with just the magnets? Thanks Phil!

    4. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      @Clayton: Good question. I don't send out surveys until just before the game is mailed out, and the info for how many extras to order is needed before then. I could send the surveys sooner, but people moving causes shipments to end up misdirected and lost more frequently.

    5. Crimson Phoenix

      Wouldn't it be easier to just ask on the survey how many copies of the magnet sets we want, instead of a PM?

    6. Brian Kohrman on

      @Derek- Yeah, those are very important considerations. Rest assured that we're taking them into account! I've been working on this project so long, that I cannot stand the idea of letting it be released sub-par. Thanks for noticing this.

      @Gemi- Thanks! And, don't worry, these will be nicely edited before shipping.

    7. Gemi on

      Cool stuff with the new magnetic edition! Immediately upped my pledge to the new game + magnetic version pledge level.

      What comes to these new expansion cards, you should run them through spell checking. ;) For example "that player removes any Hazards she own from the board" should read "she owns" and some instances of Conveyor Belt are capitalized and some are not. I know, they are a work in progress, but I thought to bring this up just in case.

    8. Derek Tucker on

      Another thought--I am not sure if you considered this, but the balance of number of ladders/bridges should remain the same ratio or close to it, so when you add the new action cards, a proportionate number of basic pieces like ladder and bridge should be added to keep the balance or there will be too many actions. I am excited about the game and look forward to the updates. Thanks for the hard work you are putting in on this great game.

    9. Derek Tucker on

      I am looking at the new card ideas. There will have to be rules in place for order of interrupt cards. For example, there are some offensive interrupts and there is the interrupt Mad Dash that prevents them from being played. Would it matter who played first? For example, the person before player A finishes turn, Player A is about to go, but before saying anything or doing anything, Player C plays Reverse Polarity. Like immediately after Player A is told it is his turn. Player A was going to play Mad Dash. Does his Mad Dash now counter the effect of Reverse Polarity? I don't think chaos of anyone can announce an interrupt at any moment works, unless there is a fair rule in place to deal with it. For example, if Player A plays Mad Dash, Player C gets to put Reverse Polarity back in her hand. I'm not fond of moments in game rules where someone has to say something first for it to count (like saying Uno, or "you didn't say Uno" first). Chaos without clear rules can create arguments.