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Plant and harvest crops for fun and profit! Failing that, steal or blow up your neighbor's crops instead. That'll show 'em!
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Finding a printer and 5th Street's next game!

Howdy backers,

People've been asking how I went about getting Farmageddon printed, so I'd like to share this update of how I ended up with the current printer doing Farmageddon.

The search actually began with our first game, Castle Dash. I initially wanted to do small print runs (50-100 copies) locally in Salt Lake City and assemble them by hand. This took sourcing everything: dice, counters, boxes, and printing. The dice and counters were easy enough; Koplow works with distributors and manufacturers routinely with dice, and I decided to go with glass beads for the soldier counters.

After some searching, I found a printer locally that could do everything except a rigid setup box (that's what a board game box is called in printer's jargon). I found a few places that *could* do them, but every price quoted was more expensive for the box than everything else combined. Hoo. So, I got creative: VHS boxes.

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They're inexpensive, reasonably durable, and the insert could be made to order with the printer I found. I did the first run and was off and running.

...until I started talking to distributors and online retailers. They all said the game itself looked fine, but that they didn't want to sell (or distribute) something that looked amateur. Dang.

I started searching for printers online: Grand Prix (they print Munchkin), Panda (Pandemic), and a few others all had decent prices, but had higher minimums than I felt comfortable with. A friend then recommended Quality Playing Card, a company they had used to his own games in the past. I liked the quality the company demonstrated, asked for a quote, and hit Kickstarter a week or so later.

Quality Playing Card didn't disappoint. Castle Dash came out great, as did Crow and the Pitcher. I don't think Farmageddon is gonna be any different. : ]

Also, while yer here, I'd like to show ya what we're up to next:

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(Translated: My Happy Farm)

Our next game is My Happy Farm. The goal is to have the happiest farm by feeding your animals during the game. Your cow, pig, sheep, and rabbit all start out sad, but when you feed them, they become happy and grow longer. Longer animals are happy animals, after all.

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At the end of the game, whoever has the longest cow, pig, sheep, and rabbit will each get a bonus to their final score; with the owner of the happiest farm winning the game.

My Happy Farm should be going live on Kickstarter this coming Monday; I hope you'll join us in helping add this great game to 5th Street Games' library.