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Plant and harvest crops for fun and profit! Failing that, steal or blow up your neighbor's crops instead. That'll show 'em!
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    1. David Autzen on

      FYI, I just got a letter full of legalese regarding your bankruptcy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jessica Cole on

      I assume still no word on this?

    3. J. Brandon Massengill

      Nothing yet for me.

      Information please.

    4. Tyler Martin

      Did anyone get a note on how to contact QPC

    5. Missing avatar

      Joost on

      I agree with Damien. When or how to contact QPC? It has been 2 weeks since your original post and I'm pretty sure QPC wants to get rid of the stock as well.

    6. Damien Morand

      Can we have some sort of contact info for QPC so that we can take them up on the offer?

    7. Missing avatar

      A on

      Sorry to hear stuff didn't work out. We're big fans of Farmageddon at my house and I hope you're able to continue making games in the future, even if it takes some time to lick your wounds from this go-around. Best of luck, stay in touch.

    8. Ken "Toren" Leyhe - IcePack Games

      What about the expansion and kickerpacks for Baldrick's Tomb that you said were shipping out to us two months ago? When will get those?

    9. Missing avatar

      Danielle Oudenhoven on

      Pretty much echoing what others have said. I am sorry to here you are having to go through this, but I am more disappointed in your ethical use of the funds you raised from us on this project. If an expansion was not something you could afford with the money raise, it should not have been promised. The fact that we keep getting updates quoting delays and at the same time, emails for new projects, upsets me. You clearly had the time to fulfill the promises made on this project *before* starting a new one. In the time I have waited for this expansion (quite eagerly, I might add) I have backed and received many projects much more complicated. You are clearly a talented game designer, but not in business. I wish you the best in the future and pray you learn from this mistake.

    10. Shervyn von Hoerl

      I am really sorry. Good luck with everything.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian May on

      I have received this response as well from Game Salute (Since Phil apparently didn't lay the ground work early enough for fulfillment)

      "Hello Brian - at this time we are unable to provide any detailed information regarding this situation. Through our sister company Ship Naked, we will look to work alongside 5th Street Games to ensure people get their games, but how this will happen is yet to be announced. Please keep an eye on the Kickstarter pages and all the details will be disseminated there.

      Kind regards,


      Game Salute Support"

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian May on

      Phil, since you have known about this for quite some time (no one suddenly decides to go bankrupt overnight unless its planned) have you worked out how we are supposed to contact (now the actual printer) concerning this KS as well as the final Farmageddon expansion pack?

      Is this QPC out of Houston or is this a different printing company going by QPC?

    13. David McNichols on

      Thank you for pursuing every possible avenue in a challenging endeavor. I regret we won't be seeing more of the creative 5th Street projects here but you fulfilled the basic game expectations and the expansion was just gravy to me. Best wishes as you move beyond this and thank you. Don't let this experience keep you down but rather harness it. Dave

    14. Phillip Kilcrease 11-time creator on

      One quick correction to this - our printer has the inventory that was not yet paid for and they are willing to give up those copies for free with backers simply covering the shipping cost. Backers who would like to take them up on that generous offer will be sending the funds for shipping directly to QPC to cover the shipping.

      Ship Naked will be handling the fulfillment on behalf of QPC. They have fulfilled over 175 successful Kickstarter campaigns including the Tiny Epic series from Gamelyn Games, Yomi by Sirlin Games, and many many more.

      Game Salute is a publisher and they do not have any involvement with helping to wind-up 5th Street Games. I apologize for the confusion. More details to come in the next update with where backers can send the funds to cover the shipping on their rewards and the timeline for that generous offer from QPC.

    15. Missing avatar

      Brian May on

      Why don't you go ahead and post up the information about shipping, contact info with Game Salute, etc etc etc.
      Also a clear statement about what we will actually be getting in terms of what you actually had printed and shipped.

      I can appreciate we take our chances with funding KS programs due to its nature. But we are a year out from funding and gave latitude due to issues at the docks. Plus, this wasn't your first dance (had it been I could be more forgiving but you got greedy).

      Even if the best you can do is have a rep from Game Salute stop by and post, I am sure everyone would appreciate at least that.

    16. The_Healer on

      I am very sorry to hear the bad news Castle Dash was the forth game I ever backed and both it and Farmageddon are staples of my game nights. I can only hope that this dose not cause you to much pain. I offer you my complete satisfaction with all the games I backed from 5th Street games and my best wishes for the future.

    17. Missing avatar

      C. Rexford on

      I am very sorry to hear your sad news of 5th Street games. I am quite content with my 'Farmageddon' purchase, and I can only hope that you will not be discouraged to persue any future efforts of creative gaming. Walk with knowledge and let lessons learned be your catalyst for a brighter future.

    18. John Gordon on

      Sorry to hear that.

      Having said that I cannot understand why this backers of a project funded in March 2012 are hearing this in March 2015. You chose to promote several subsequent Kickstarter projects directly to the backers of this project over the years while we were still waiting for the project to be completed as promised. I understand the difficulty in managing cash flow but it from where I sit it looks as though you prioritized the growth of 5th Street games over the completion of existing projects. Perhaps this is because the costs of production and fulfilment exceeded your estimates and the project was loss-making, or maybe some of the projects were loss making and others were economical - I'm not sure. But either way it appears you chose to launch more Kickstarters whose success and funding was in one way or another required to complete existing projects. This should be something discouraged by Kickstarter and in my view.

      You have clearly been through a difficult time and explored all and every option to keep things going. I appreciate that you've made arrangements for backers to receive the remaining expansions with a limited additional cost - thank you.

      Good luck in the future and I hope you find a way to bounce back and publish more games.

    19. Missing avatar


      I appreciate the update. I can't say I appreciate the honesty, since it contradicts your comment of 10th February
      "@Evil Bob: Waiting for Farma to clear customs."

      I also don't appreciate having to deal with Game Salute, their international shipping charges are notoriously unreasonable.

      In any case, I wish you all the best going forward.

    20. Michael Eskue on

      So sorry to hear that, Phillip. Like others have mentioned, Farmageddon was one of my first Kickstarters and I think you have made a huge impact on the industry. Even without the expansion, I've gotten well more than my money's worth am sad to hear that 5th street is shutting down. I wish you the best and thank you for making some cool games for us to enjoy.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bryer on

      I'm sorry to hear that. Farmaggedon was the second project I backed on Kickstarter. Part of the reason I did was to support both a new designer and new publisher. I wish you well for the future, and hope you soon land back on your feet.

    22. Pele Kophoros on


      3 years after I backed a lovely little game on Kickstarter, which I've received and played repeatedly since, you've posted this sad update.

      First of all, thank you for the game. I'm genuinely sad to hear that the business has run aground and that you're experiencing personal difficulties as a result. However, for me, you've met my expectations and the promises you made.

      Well done on doing so well for so long, and I look forward to hopefully being a part of whatever you do next.


    23. Andrew Rowse on

      How incredibly sad. Yours was one of the first Kickstarters I backed. Fingers crossed that the Game Salute international shipping doesn't work out too exorbitant.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jon Bradford on

      I was always amazed at this project, 3 years after initial funding you were still planning to deliver a promised expansion. I'll keep an eye out for messages about paying shipping for the expansion, however I suspect it could end up being as much as my initial pledge to the UK.

    25. Batei on

      I appreciate the open and honest update. But using Game Salute is a like a slap in the face to me. LOL! They have been horrible and just a little shady in my experience. They've got some agendas that do not line up with the interests of making the gaming world a better place. Do I pay them shipping and hope they follow through? Seems like a possible waste of more money. I'd rather pick things up at GenCon or something like that than have to take a chance on an outfit like Game Salute. But, that is my gripe. I hope things work out for you and you get your situation figured out. Things have a way of working out and I'm sure you will bounce back. :)

    26. Missing avatar


      Well the good news is you worked harder to deliver product than a few other Kickstarter projects I've been with before (Kittens in a Blender comes to mind). Unfortunate that we'll have to pay shipping to GameSalute (I've had very few positive experiences with them before as well) but it sounds like you've gone out of your way to try and make sure the backers can get what they backed which is more than many have done.

      Sorry for the unfortunate run of events, hopefully you can get back up on your feet fully soon.