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Functional beard face masks with cotton-poly lining & 2 elastic straps for stability. Versatile w /any headgear & efficient in the cold

5 O'clock Shadow's Story and Goal

5 O'clock Shadow beards are made to keep people warm and happy. The shadow started off as a ski accessory but quickly became a winter necessity.  All 5 O'clock Shadow beards are currently hand knitted inside our very own homes. Being produced this way, we have met numerous setbacks. One major downside is keeping up on stock. Every November we sell out very quickly, leaving us scrambling every day for the next three months to keep up with the demands of online customers. We believe everyone should experience the warmth, comfort, and humour of a 5 O'clock Shadow. Having our selection always be out of stock was like telling customers daily to not buy a beard. We knew having the beards mass produced would be our only way of succeeding.  

This next winter we have three main goals: 

1) Produce enough beards to keep a deep stock all winter. 

2) Get into retail stores.  

3) Continue to provide the same uniqueness, functionality, and affordability we have upheld in the past.

All of these goals are already being fulfilled, but we are faced with another big setback...finances. Our hope is that Kickstarter will help fund some of our outsourcing expenses. We know you'll come to love our 5 O'clock Shadows as much as we have. 

Help us get ready for Winter 2012-13!!



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