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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Countdown, duh der der duh...

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)
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Environmental Destruction Stretch Goal Reached!

With PayPal bringing in pledges in the background, we've managed to bring our combined total up to £440,000! Thanks to everyone's support, you'll now be able to wreak havoc on your surroundings!

That leaves us with 3 remaining stretch goals. Help us flesh out the world and story by bringing on Russell Zimmerman to write for Satellite Reign, and add two new factions with their associated districts!

New Add-Ons!

With a few mere hours remaining, we've added some last minute add-ons to help push us closer to the remaining stretch goals. These two new add-ons are for Kickstarter backers only and for those backers already pledging on the TRANSISTOR (£58/USD$90) tier or above.

To add one of these items to your pledge tier, simply add the correct amount of funds to your pledge. And at the end of the Kickstarter you will receive a survey where you can specify which add-ons you require (remember to add £3 for Delivery outside the UK).

So if you have family or friends' names you'd like to see in the game, now you can! (Thanks to Kahuna Kevin for the suggestion). But even better than that, you can name a landmark in the game! For example, it could be a street, a statue, a building or a bridge.

Feel free to add on multiple NPC names if you wish, add £10 (~$15) per name.

*All names of NPCs and Landmarks are pending the approval of 5 Lives Studios. 5 Lives Studios will be responsible for assigning names to landmarks.

Also don't forget our other Add-ons available for Backers already pledging on the LOYAL CITIZEN (£13/USD$20) tier or above

Propaganda Blitzkrieg

With the clock ticking down and 3 stretch goals remaining, it's time to send out one last round of propaganda. We need new recruits and fresh bodies! To save you some time, we've knocked up a couple of examples that you can use.

Facebook: “Hello everyone, I have recently supported this awesome game called Satellite Reign on Kickstarter. It is a spiritual successor to Syndicate Wars which is now in its final hours of funding. Help us reach the next stretch goal. Have a look at the link below, and if you like what you see, please consider pledging. Thanks!” 

 Twitter: “I supported Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to Syndicate. Support their Kickstarter in its last hours!

Countdown Twitch Reminder

Don't forget, during the final 2 Hours of the Kickstarter, we'll be Live Twitch Streaming from sunny Brisbane, Australia. So come along, ask us questions, point and laugh at our weird faces, and maybe we'll show you some of the very early work in progress versions of the Kickstarter videos, and rejected content from the early beginnings of the Satellite Reign project!

You'll find us on the 5 Lives Twitch Channel and check out this handy link for your local time zones. We'll post a direct URL link to the stream in an update here as it goes live, so stay tuned.

Augmentation Visualisation

As we build different systems in the game, we will often create a mock-up visualisation of the system before we start programming and creating final art to see if the idea will work, and what things we may have overlooked. Those of you who have backed the project now have access to the backer only forums and will get to see lots more of these videos as we go through production. Today, we are showing off our first UI mock-up video to the public so everyone can get a taste of what the backers will be seeing over the next year.

It's all coming to a close so soon! Let's all do what we can to make sure this campaign goes out with a bang! Thanks again for helping us get this far.

-5 Lives Team.

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    1. Maz on

      Looks great. I can't wait to play the game.
      I think I work down the street from you guys.

    2. Synarchyx on

      Its sad to see the game didn't get all of the stretch goal, would of loved to have a multilayer for coop with a friend or more (Not that it really needs it, just content means more things to do) and those extra faction and areas would of been interesting.
      Maybe they can get the get the cash from somewhere I just hope the game gets everything.

    3. John Medany

      And there goes my Infiltrator payment lol ..

      OK - Found the web site - Should i have a user ID on there or is there a way to tie a username to Kick starter pledge ?

      Glad we made.


    4. Chris Doak on

      Just watched the end of the countdown at dark o'clock in a public toilet that got wifi from the office next door. I couldn't chat but I was with you all in spirit.

      I am so damned excited right now.

      Bring on the tank game!

      Congratulations once again to everyone for making this possible (and awesome).

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      @bdo7 ☆ Petty Pizza Officer of SoSR 3.93
      True, but I'm not sure if they'll get the remaining £35,000 odd to get Zimmerman in an appropriate timeframe. But fingers crossed that they will get another £100,000 at the very least in fairly short order. Those extra factions and districts could really help make the game come alive

    6. Nick

      Tsk tsk. And here I was thinking/fretting the game might not meet its funding goal. :)

    7. Pete J Jennison on

      Let's make this the greatest game of the century! :)

    8. Aaron VIII on

      Sweet, I was already an NPC and now I'll name a landmark too — THEN BLOW IT UP!

    9. Pete J Jennison on

      Ok backed. Hope we get a load more backers in the next hour. Are the other stretch goals out of the question if they are not met?
      Looks like the best thing to happen to the cyberpunk genre in about 10 years. Really looking forward to seeing this develop. I want this to be the best product it can be, so long since I've played anything close to what we're trying the achieve here.

    10. Tyrant_0 on

      @Yaron Davidson: Thank you for putting into long form what I could not in the 15 minutes before work. I appreciate your thoughts, discourse and extrapolation.

      @Ken N.: The base point in which I'm trying to argue here is that Kickstarter exists as a program for potentially good ideas to find venture capital. Like any venture capitalist, a pragmatic kickstarter understands that backing an idea with currency is a gamble. Anyone interested in making money and holding on to it also understands the value of mitigating risk - that is reducing the gamble for the same pay-off.

      If you can reduce the gamble and get the same payoff... why shouldn't you? And it is fully possible to do so, as I pointed out. The comparison is fully legitimate.

      Obviously I backed the game though... humans are funny creatures.

    11. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      @Ken N. - A lot of the points you make are true, but overall you're wrong, or at least missing the point of the high price claim.

      1. One of the main reasons it's "too much" doesn't actually relate to how much is the game actually worth and how much it will be sold for. It relates to the fact that the very large majority of game projects on Kickstarter, including very ambitious ones, ask for a lower cost for the first tier containing the basic game. 25$ for most games would be the tier that includes the game, the digital soundark, and often some extra things like digital art book. From what I see you backed a fair number of games yourself, so I'm sure you can verify this very easily.

      Maybe the game is totally worth it and it's a good deal by itself. Maybe it's just that the other large ambitious games gave a great deal instead of a good one. But then when almost everyone gives a great deal then being offered a good deal would naturally feel like a relatively bad deal and not fair to most people.

      2. Related, the games that did ask for higher cost often did have many backers complaining about it, which is a very strong indicator that there were other people who gave up on backing the game just for that.

      3. I did see the figure of 25$ float a lot as average backing for videogame related projects, which did cause some games to go for 25$ for the game tier (and then have a lot of complaints). This ignores the fact that many of those average 25$ rewards were not for just the game but for a game with the main/common extras.

      4. Lowering the basic tiers doesn't necessarily requires lowering the higher ones. At some point you go from those who mainly "want the game" to those who mainly "want to support the game". There isn't a standard price for access to developers and the backup forums, t-shirts don't really cost nearly as much as most game projects take for them, even AAA game boxes on release days often don't cost as much as the first tier with a boxed game, and so on.

      So someone who is really excited about the game, is willing to get invested, and mostly want to support it (rather than just thinking it would be really nice to be able to play it), would go to the higher tiers anyway. You don't see a lot of complaints about those, even when there are a lot of backers at these levels.

      But people who think the game could be nice to play, and these are a significant part of game backers overall, want the game. The willingness to support it is shown by putting the money as a bet when the game isn't there, instead of waiting until it's out in retail and maybe on sale. They're willing to support the developers, they want to see the game made, but they don't want to put in more than they feel they're receiving for money. They help the developers and do them a favor by supporting them in advance, the least the developers can do is give them back something fair for their investment. And as I mentioned at this point for investing in a game developer in Kickstarter 25$ for getting back just the bare game is high.

      5. The Steam comaprison does make sense, exactly for the people backing at the lower levels, who are the subject of this price issue. You back at the basic levels because you want the game to happen *because you want to play it*, not because you think this will be the greatest thing for mankind since the invention of the wheel and you think your life mission should be supporting this game.

      So for the basic level you get a *chance* that a game you *think* and *hope* will be great (for you) to play will actually exist and you will get to play it. Compared to buying an existing game where you *know* how great it is for you (or not) and *know* you can play it for that cost. Heck, plenty of those are also made by indie studios, who may still be working on improving that game, so it's just as much of a support for someone.

      6. Related, an illustrative question (which I think is rhetorical so no need to answer): Suppose this project had the same backing levels, but without any reward including the actual game. If you backed for anything extra you'd get that, but for the game itself if there was enough backing to get it made then you'll get to know you help it exist and you can go buy it on GOG/Steam/whatever. Would you back this project? Would you back it for the same level you did? Do you honestly think the majority of the backers would? If you think most of them would't have, do you think they'd have just backed at a lower level/amount or do you think they wouldn't have backed it at all? Do you expect some variation on that between people backing the basic (just the game) levels and those backing the higher levels?

      Assuming you agree most people, or especially/at-least those at the lower levels, wouldn't have backed it, this should help illustrate that for a lot of the people it is about getting the game first, supporting it exist second.

      7. And this is also why project developers don't want people to wait until it's out, because then the game may not get made. They ask people to invest in the developement, and offer them an incentive. This incentive is not just having the game made, it's getting a "good deal" on the game. Ideally one better than a pre-order, since the investment is a lot earlier than when most pre-orders exist.

      Saying that if people want a good worth for the game they shouldn't invest in it is wrong. The idea is to make it worth to the people who just want to play it, so they will still invest in it. And you do that by, among other things, making it worth their while to do so. A 25$ game in a 15$ for probably-just-as-good environment doesn't do that.

      8. About your last paragraph, responding to the "shades of Syndicate" issue, in general what you wrote would be correct, but due to the above I think Tyrant_0 was. Since the entry-level cost for supporting and getting this game is higher than for other games, it's very reasonable to assume a lot of the people who were willing to put in the investments are not ones looking at this projects as a clean slate among all other clean slates on Kickstarter, but people who think it will be worth the extra money due to the proven track record of something they liked and would want to see again.

      It's not absolute, mind you. This project is very obvious about how it's not the same game, and they're not making a Syndicate HD. But there are a lot of similarities in the game, not just in the personal. It's a selling point. And given the "too high" price, it's very reasonable that it's a hugh and major selling point.

    12. Michael Zautner on

      I am repeatedly impressed by how far along the graphics are at this stage in the game. Would be nice to hit the next stretch goal, and while I doubt we'll manage it by the end of the KS campaign, I think the paypal might trickle in just enough to manage it.
      @Anthony I think the NPC option will basically just put the name in the pool that the game will randomly generate NPC (citizens, security, etc. Basically anyone that isn't pre-named I think). As for visibility, no idea, but I don't think their names will just be floating above them during regular play. No clue on the landmarks though.

    13. Hideo Kuze on

      The images are not showing :(

    14. Anthony on

      @5 Lives Team

      How visible will the NPC and Landmark names be?

      For NPCs, will it be something you can toggle, or will the normal NPC names only be visible when you click on the NPC?

      Also, where will the landmark names appear?

      Just trying to gauge the benefit of being able to name NPCs and landmarks

    15. Anthony on

      @ Richard, if those addons were made available to the lower-tier contributors, it would eliminate the benefit for which the higher tier contributors paid extra. Plus, there are probably a limited number of NPCs

      @5 Lives Studios: Another addon should have been the Limited-Edition boxed set for the 55 pound tier and above. This, considering that the limited edition tier hasn't filled up yet.

    16. Richard McCormack on

      I do not really understand the logic of making 'Land Mark - NPC' naming add-ons only available to such a highe tier, surely every extra $30 is a good $30 regardless of the tier you bought. I would have been tempted by this but you priced me out ... i dont get it.

    17. Ken N.

      Tyrant_0 thinks that $25 is too much for the game? I don't see any mention of what they think the game should be priced at. $5? $10? Remember, at $10, there'd have to be at least 2.5 TIMES more backers at that level to bring in the same amount of revenue - almost 18000 instead of 7000. Possible? Sure, but maybe not as easy as you'd think.

      Also, if you dropped the price of the base game, you'd also have to drop the price of the higher tiers as well, bringing in even less revenue unless you can attract a corresponding amount of new backers.

      And the Steam sale vs. Kickstarter comparison doesn't make any sense. The Steam sale games mentioned are all completed and released - many of them for years now. Kickstarter games by definition aren't finished yet - that's why they're being Kickstarted. So if you want to buy a finished, well-reviewed, polished game, what are you doing on Kickstarter?

      People back games on Kickstarter because they believe in the creator's vision and stated goals for the game. They back games because they want the game to exist in the first place. If you're that doubtful about this Kickstarter, wait until the game is released, see what kind of reviews it gets, and then, if it's good, buy it when it inevitably gets discounted. Of course, if enough people feel this way, the game might not be made at all.

      Oh, and as for "People did not spend $25 dollars for a game called Satellite Reign. They spent $25 in the hope that shades of Syndicate can be revived in the modern world"? I'm glad you claim to know what everybody thinks - did you run a poll or can you just read people's minds?

    18. Missing avatar

      Red Menace, SoSR 3.93 Sir Beeralot on

      that had to be ease, of course :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Red Menace, SoSR 3.93 Sir Beeralot on

      Guys, you impress me. The each at which you seem to put together prototypes, it makes me smile. And it's a good way to show your ideas. Love the vids, love the fact we made it this far with the stretch goals. :)

    20. bdo7 ☆ SoSR 3.93 ☆ Mighty 1100 on

      Matt - don't be so sure we won't hit more stretch goals. Funding will continue on the Web site long after the Kickstarter campaign has ended, and it will count toward those goals!

      I believe in the months to come we will hit more goals.

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Pity that we won't get the £500,000 stretch goal. The extra districts and factions can (presumably) be added as DLC, but I don't think writers normally can be :P

      Kind of torn about whether or not I agree with Tyrant_0. $25 is probably the higher end of what I'd put to a Kickstarter, but for a game like this, it's about what I'd expect. It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than what I'd pay for nearly any major release. But the timing definitely didn't help with the sales scratching people's itches for various games and genres. There isn't much other reason I can think of why this didn't bring in more cash, especially with several high profile shout-outs. Even the funding graph for SR is a bit unusual.

    22. Jebber Bear Pearson on

      Seriously guys! Even though augmentations are internal make then change the characters a little bit! That would be freaking sick! And btw best idea for a game I've seen in years, you rock!

    23. Brett Koochin on

      So glad environmental destruction is in! I hope people react in appropriate awe when I minigun their places of work down around their ears! Mwaahahahah!

      So excited. Upped my pledge.

    24. Missing avatar

      Amir Samimi on

      I just woke up and when I saw that preview it made my day!
      But I hope the augmentation doesn't end with a simple purchase button...:(
      Would be great to see the character change a bit?bigger arms or something, or different look...
      Idk just saying something more than a simple purchase....

    25. VitruvianGeek on

      Great news that environmental destruction is in. The tactical options it provides are huge. And then there is the whole blowing-things-up-just-for-the-sake-of-it thing, who doesn't love to be able to do that in a game?

      The augmentation visualisation just oozes potential even at this early stage - I look forward to seeing how it will be implemented and expanded over the course of game development. I love the beard gag too.

      Alright then; time to start thinking up possible names for a landmark and a couple of NPCs...

    26. Missing avatar

      perfstz on

      This is fantastic, congratulations to everyone, fans, backers, devs and all!
      I am so glad environmental destruction made it in, absolutely one of my favorite things in SWars was robbing banks with high explosives. Talk about repeat playability...
      Ok I'm too excited, the rest can wait for backer forums.

    27. Tyrant_0 on

      As a few others have stated, and I just want to put this out there, $25 dollars for a kickstarter tier with the game is a little steep. This kickstarter took place durring GoGs, GMGs, Amazon's and Steam's annual summer sale. For $25, you could get Dishonored, Deus Ex HR, Sang-Froid, FTL and the first 2 Syndicate games. That means you could have gotten 6 games that you know are quality, supported 2 indie devs, supported DRM free gaming, scratched your cyber-punk itch, gotten your strategy-gamer fix, and entertained your nostalgia. Looking at it from that perspective, where we're being asked to give the same amount for what is (now) essentially a pre-order of a game that we HOPE will do all of the above a couple of years from now... $25 IS steep.

      Make no mistake here. People did not spend $25 dollars for a game called Satellite Reign. They spent $25 in the hope that shades of Syndicate can be revived in the modern world -- which needs it now more than ever.

      I'll buy a ticket. I'll take the ride. Here's my $25. I worked hard for it, and with the job market the way it is, $25 doesn't seem to go as far as it used to. I hope you use it well.

    28. Archaengel on

      Hello Chris :) It´s amazing, outstanding, the augmentation preview.
      Please consider the following, during game development for next 2 years:
      1. How about showing some kind of movement of the " leonardo device" when applying the upgrades?
      2.It does not seem quite the same, just clicking the " purchase" button and there you go.
      3.I remember that the Leonardo Devide machine in the original Syndicate made some kind of medical procedure during the upgrades.
      Now go on and go get that champaigne bottle.
      Tonight is for all of you celebrate!You shure deserve it!
      Goodbye :)

    29. Andrew Croftcheck on

      The augmentation visualization looks awesome. However, I noticed that the aug only applied to one arm... Does that mean that we could potentially have two different arm (and, presumably, leg) augs, or is that just because it's only a mock up?

      Also, as a general question, will there be subtitles for anything actually spoken in the game?

    30. Missing avatar

      jharris on

      Question: why are 3 pounds extra needed for digital add ons? I would have thought the "outside the UK" only meant because the physical rewards needed to be shipped?

      Also, in any event...would the 3 pounds extra be for each add on or just for total? for example if I wanted a landmark and an npc name would that be 6 pounds added on to the 30 pounds or just would it be 33 pounds

    31. Missing avatar

      Nick Malecky on

      lol gogo 500k stretch goal in 10 hours :D

    32. calmasacow on

      so let me get this straight there are going to be over 1400 named NPCs in the game?

    33. Missing avatar

      Pierre Raveneau on

      Congratz guys i was really hoping you would make it through :) can't wait for the release . Just be carefull with the rewards it's all good but seems that some other kickstater project have had a hard time shipping and making all those rewards and have run late/short of money because of it , not saying you don't know what you do but please be cautious i would rather have less rewards but see you guys not running in any trouble and deliver the game without problems :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Johannes Genberg on

      Never mind my last comment; found it.

      This game looks like it's gonna kick ass! ;)

    35. Quinton Evans on

      Awesome! Excited about the name in the game additions, consider me signed up for another 30p.

    36. Nathan Sanchez on

      You guys constantly impress me with your updates. I don't expect to see this much work done until months after the Kickstarter has ended.

    37. Missing avatar

      DeargDoom on

      When you get a name in the game as an NPC do you also get to choose gender and race or is that completely random?

    38. Missing avatar

      Johannes Genberg on

      How do you buy the extras? I can't find any buttons for it.

    39. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on

      And agreed, no straight upgrades please. That was one of the huge disappointments of Deus Ex Human Revolution for many folks ;_;

    40. Missing avatar

      ninjaman999 on


    41. Edward Kok on

      I remember begging you to insert some acerbic wit in the game. By Darwin's Beard and Chris', you have surpassed my expectations. Well done. I love the menus! At first, i was a lil disappointed but when you zoomed in and showed the skeletal systems, I fell off my chair and I will need a butt augmentation now. :)

      I am very happy. Don't overcomplicate things. Be ambitious in depth not scope.

      And congrats to all of us for BIG BADA BOOM.

    42. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      Apologies Agents, the text in the update should read "WILL have access to the backer-only forums," rather than "NOW have access to the backer-only forums."

      We would edit it, but Kickstarter only gives a limited window for editing updates. Again, our apologies.


    43. Missing avatar

      Erlend Statle on

      Nice, environmental destruction. This is going to be great.

      I hope there are different types of augmentations for each slot, and not just straight upgrades.

      Like a set of legs that increased you movement speed, but left carrying capacity unchanged.
      Or a set of legs that made you able to carry heavier stuff, but left you movement speed the same.

      That way you could really customize the agent for you particular play style.

    44. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Great update guys and a cool video. I think I can manage to throw in for a NPC or two. :D

    45. chris moir

      Well this is just making me more impatient for the game. thanks a bunch...
      Can't wait!

    46. White Hat on

      Since we now have environmental destruction will there be specific equipment for breaching buildings, like the explosive wire that creates a door sized entry?

    47. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @Lyndon, thats not live yet.

    48. Lyndon Leverington on

      Hi 5 Lives! Well done!
      Stupid question: How can I get on the backer's only forum? I've registered on your forum (LyndonL) but that's just the generic game forums afaik.

    49. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @ Raveem
      Those Zs must have slipped through via auto-correct. Thanks, fixed now. We got it right on the YouTube title, at least. :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Gianfranco Alongi on

      I liked the mockup of the augmentation. But I also hope there will be more than just 2 upgrades for every part of the body.