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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

PayPal Pledging Live! Russell Shaw! Gameplay Walkthrough #2

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)


After a few hiccups and setbacks, we're happy to announce pledging via PayPal is now Live!

You'll be able to get all the same rewards available here on Kickstarter, minus those limited quantity tiers, and all your pledges go towards reaching stretch goals!

Click here to support Satellite Reign via PayPal

Unfortunately, one of the hardest parts of announcing PayPal is that most of the people reading this will already be backers! So, to help us reach those tasty stretch goals, we'll need your help. Share the link above wherever you can to help us get the word out and reach those people who couldn't back before.

First Stretch Goal Met!

We were very excited to wake up this morning (Australian time) to see we've reached the first stretch goal. This means Russell Shaw, the composer and audio designer of Syndicate, Syndicate Wars, Dungeon Keeper, Black and White and the Fable series will now be on board to work his aural magic on Satellite Reign! We can't tell you how stoked we are at the support we've had from everyone to allow us to reach this goal. At this rate, we'll be hitting localisation in no time!

Speaking of localisation, with the addition of PayPal we hope this will bring in a wider audience of potential backers to support Satellite Reign. This in turn should make all those later stretch goals easier to reach with more people on board!

Gameplay Walkthrough #2

We were hoping to have this up earlier but we got a bit sidetracked with reaching our funding goal! For those that missed it, check out Part #1 here.

Earlier, we saw how Dean broke into the facility that housed the prototype for an antimatter fusion power cell. He managed to get the DNA of a few key people and sneak in through the back door. The mission was mostly successful; the base was infiltrated and the prototype was stolen. The mission started to go south towards the end and Dean lost one of his agents but he managed to escape with the prototype, and the agents are expendable so losing his assassin was not a concern.

Today we are going to see how Mikes full frontal assault tactics work out for him:

Mike is about half way through the game, he doesn’t care how many civilians he kills, doesn’t care for trying to take the subtle approach and he knows he has the firepower to take what he wants. Mike is only interested in success, no matter what the cost. Mike has ransacked every military and technological facility he has come across and has cause as much havoc in the city as humanly possible. While he has almost no money and the majority of the population hate him, his agents are a formidable force of destruction. They are all kitted out with the biggest guns, the most resilient armor, and enough gear and abilities to make even the Heavy corporate soldiers sit up and pay attention.

As with Deans mission, Mike has heard about the prototype for an antimatter fusion power cell hidden within a complex in the industrial district. He knows where the facility is but not exactly where the power cell can be found.

Through his path of death and destruction, Mike has gained the attention of the underground black market dealers and has gained favor with a few of them. His first first stop is to talk to them and see if they have any information he might find useful when attacking the facility. As expected, they have plenty of information they are willing to part with... for a price. The problem is that Mikes insatiable appetite for destruction meant that he has crippled the economy in the lower levels of the city and he doesn’t even have the money to pay for any of the information available on the black market. No matter, charging in guns a blaze has been a pretty good tactic so far. Mike takes his squad of 4 killing machines to the entrance to the facility. No point in waiting for a patrol to come along. Time to attack!

Mike moves the soldier off to one side of the main gate, the assassin cloaks and heads to the other side, the hacker takes cover behind a propaganda tower and the support moves out into the middle of the street. The support orders his mech dog to deploy cover right in front of the entrance. The cover is upgraded with both heavy shields and a minigun emplacement and the support pulls out his own minigun, stabilizing it against the freshly deployed cover. Both the supports miniguns spit death at the entrance to the facility. The 5 guards at the gate take a second to realise what is happening, giving the assassin enough time to decloak and take one of the guards down instantly. The soldier has the “AE: Heavy Shield Arm Augmentation” which allows her to extend a riot shield directly out of her arm. She runs straight for two of the guards, as they open fire on her and blasts them back with her super heated plasma shotgun. Neither are killed but both are knocked to the ground. The hacker takes out 2 security cameras in the area, making sure that no reinforcements are called in. She then deploys 2 drones, one equipped with a minigun, the other with a shield charger, and charges towards the 2 guards that remain standing.

Both guards see how quickly they were overpowered and retreat back into the complex. The soldier makes quick work of the 2 guards she knocked down and the entire team ready themselves to enter the front gate.

Mike cloaks the assassin again and sends him in to scout the area before rushing in. One of the guards that retreated in is calling for reinforcements, Mike has no choice but to use the assassins “Instant Takedown” ability on the guard, causing him to disable his cloak. The assassin jumps on the guard, sinking his blade into the targets neck. As the body falls to the ground 2 automated sentry guns spring into action. The assassin is caught right in the middle, he managed to stop the call for reinforcements but paid the price as both sentry guns rip into him. Mike has a short window to help up his downed teammate before he needs a fresh body to implant the assassins consciousness into. Mike orders the rest of the team in. The soldier switches to her rocket launcher and takes out one of the sentry guns with a single shot. The hacker throws an EMP grenade at the other, temporarily disabling it and turns her attention to the other retreating guard while the support agent runs in and redeploys his cover in front of the downed assassin and starts the reviving process.

Mikes sends both the soldier and the hacker deeper into the facility to chase after the last guard who has run off again. Cowards! The support and assassin will just have to catch up.

The soldier and hacker sprint around the corner the guard just ducked behind only to be faced with 3 more soldiers, and 2 heavy soldiers. They all open fire on the 2 agents but the hackers shield drone manages to soak up enough of the damage and allow them both to dive for cover. Mikes soldier throws a frag grenade, taking out 1 of the soldiers straight away. Still... 5 vs 2, this isn’t looking good. Mike decides on taking the “All or nothing” approach and uses the soldiers rocket launcher again to try and cause as much damage to the enemy as possible. The first shot hits one of the heavy soldiers in the face, turning him into a bloody mist. The blast knocks down 2 of the other corps and the hacker takes the opportunity to use her “overdrive” ability and the minigun drone starts pelting out bullets at twice the speed ripping both of the downed soldiers to shreds. Mikes soldier fires another round from the rocket launcher. The other heavy soldier is burned to a crisp but now the rocket launcher is out of ammo. At that moment the assassin arrives and uses his railgun to pop the head of the last remaining enemy.

Mike knows there must be more reinforcements coming now. You can’t make that big of a commotion and not expect to alert anyone. He splits his team up and gets them to all quickly search the facility trying to find the prototype. It’s a risky move, but it will take too long searching everywhere as a team. The team cover a lot of ground and manage to take out a few more guards on the way. All of Mikes agents have taken a beating but the support finally finds what they were looking for, and as a bonus the assassin has found some high grade eye augmentations and decides to take a few for later upgrades. The team all regroup and head for the front gate.

As Mike leads his team out of the facility he finds out his early cautions of reinforcements on route were indeed correct. 3 soldiers, 2 heavy soldiers rush into the compound and take cover positions, but they are not alone; a spider mech slowly marches in after them. This looks bad... very bad.

Mike fans all of his agents out and gets behind cover as the bullets start flying. Soldier to the left, assassin and hacker to the right, and the support deploys his cover in the middle. Mike is scared... and he should be. The corporate forces are wielding all sorts of powerful weapons, plasma cannons, high powered laser repeater rifles, and a pair of miniguns. Mike goes to use his soldiers rocket launcher and realises that he ran out of ammo earlier. He also notices that he forgot to destroy the sentry gun he disabled earlier, as it springs back to life. Mikes has almost no options at this point, so he tries something drastic.

The hacker throws his last EMP grenade at the sentry gun again, disabling it for the second time. The support uses her “Cover fire” ability and sprays the corporate soldiers that have moved to the left. They take cover and allow Mikes soldier to deploy her riot shield again and sprint straight for the mech. As the soldier runs at the mech it charges up its plasma cannon and fires at the hacker and the assassin. Mike doesn’t move them out of the way quick enough, the assassin is badly injured and the hacker is killed. Revival is not an option at this point. Mikes soldier has gained the attention of all of the corporate soldiers at this point and they pummel her with everything they have. She falls lifeless at the foot of the spider mech but Mike grins an evil grin. He knows his soldier has an augmented torso that houses a highly illegal, highly unstable mini antimatter reactor that will cause a catastrophic chain reaction seconds after his agents death. Mike makes sure his remaining forces are behind cover and squints as the blinding white light fills his screen. Ash and rubble remain of the corporate forces. Mike knows the assassin and the support won’t survive any more reinforcements attacking so he heads for the safe, dark embrace of the alleyways of the city.

Probably one of the the messiest situation Mike has ended up in, but in the end Mike got what he wanted too. New prototype weapon and some eye augmentations as a nice little bonus. Two agents down, but sometimes that’s the price you pay for power.


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    1. Michael Zautner on

      Wow, two posts about base building and the discussion got side tracked? And there is base building, as you'll be needing to improve yours with additional doctors/scientists, etc. It isn't the traditional RTS style base building, and it doesn't sound like it'll even be as involved as XCOM's base building, but there is a base to be built up, however basically. And you'll be farming.... people :P

      That aside, I feel the pause feature is quite important. If there is doubt, go try playing a game like Dragon Age, and see how difficult it is if you try playing it without being able to pause to use your abilities and everything. I think it is a fairly good parallel, as the squad size is the same, and your characters have a fairly comprehensive but not overwhelming number of abilities. Likely a bit more than I'm expecting from SR, but I still think it makes a wonderful example case. And if it is a single player only thing, it isn't like you have to use it and doesn't really effect anyone else if they really don't want it. I mean, I guess it might mess with like... badges on Steam or something like that. Maybe make it more than a choose to use it or not thing, but an option you can turn on/off (so you don't accidentally use it and ruin the experience).

    2. Huinehtar, Tmted Reign for Eternity on

      To Russell Shaw: it feels good to hear and good to listen ;-)

    3. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @Crosmando, I think you nailed it!

      Don't know how this thread got side tracked into base building, we don't have any.
      No chopping wood, no mining minerals, no farming.. ;)


    4. Crosmando on

      Why are people talking about base-building/resource gathering now? It's been known about having a base and collecting bodies for agents for ages now.

      I actually think it's good they aren't trying to make Syndicate Wars with HD graphics but are actually trying to improve the game. I mean in SW the whole cyberpunk thing was really just flavor, there wasn't a whole lot in the game that actually integrated cyberpunk into the gameplay mechanics. Which is why I think the whole body-snatching thing is a great idea, especially finding civilians with higher stats.

    5. Missing avatar

      Teppo Hytönen on

      Base-building, resource gathering... yuck. Always hated it in other games. Just when you got your base setup nicely, it's mission over and you have to start all over again! Bah. One of the reasons I liked DOW2 was the lack of all that.

    6. Nick Hanson

      @Stephen Unless their autonomy is the best AI I've ever seen in a game I suspect I'll be disappointed in it. That claim has been made by others before and I've never been satisfied by how any game plays the other units while I was micromanaging one. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised here but I wouldn't bet on it.

      @Thrashie I really don't think it should be tied to difficulty. I'd like to play the game on harder difficulty modes (lower accuracy, less damage, less health, better enemy AI, more baddies, etc.) I just want to be able to issue entirely different orders to my 4 agents without fear of the other 3 getting killed because some stupid thing the AI did while I was managing the fourth.

      In all honestly though I HATE the RTS base building, resource gathering Command and Conquer/StarCraft/Warcraft type of games so maybe I'm just not the target for this. I actually love turn based strategy but I want to make clear I do NOT want this game to become one. I don't think an OPTIONAL pause moves it significantly toward TBS, you don't have to use it and the game will play exactly like the original. In every other respect the game is still realtime.

    7. Thrashie - Degenerate of SoSR on

      Might be more logical to move the pause movement to easy mode.. that way it they could possibly add it to the game without the need for re-balancing the entire game.
      I'm a bit on the fence myself about the pause movement.. but it would kinda shift the game towards TBS gameplay (there are quite a few projects on KS alone already in that genre already) instead of the unit based RTS of the original.
      Controlling 4 agents shouldn't really be too hard compared to your average RTS game that allows you to build complete armies.
      And I'm sure your agents won't be sitting ducks when you are busy hacking some ATM or whatever with the hacker... (not to mention doing tactical stuff outside of combat whenever possible)

    8. Missing avatar

      Stephen Teng on

      @Nick/Lars - Unless I misunderstood the agents will have a level of autonomy when you aren't directly controlling them which will make the game more than manageable without a pause to order feature but will also allow a wider range of tactics/strategies than in the original Syndicates. A lot can be achieved with decent AI systems beyond something going from point A to B and that really seems to be Mike's bag.

      @5LivesStudios - Apologies if this has been asked but are you thinking of making use of any procedural based systems for the game. In particular I'm thinking in terms of the layout of the city. It would be nice to have to rediscover the city on each new campaign.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      I agree that having a pause feature would be very handy. Maybe disabling it at the highest difficulty ("Classic Mode") for the purists who won't be happy unless everything is exactly like in the original XD

    10. Nick Hanson

      Also again I realize that no pause to issue orders was how the original was but the original didn't have classes and the devs themselves have mentioned how people used to just clump the agents together and run them as a single "tank" unit instead of having them do different things. If they add classes and want to discourage giving everyone the same orders then they should make it easier to give 4 different at the same time, pause would do that.

    11. Nick Hanson

      Tying difficulty to game speed/enemy reaction time sounds like a horrible idea to me. That is TOTAL twitch gaming. Accuracy, Health, Damage, etc. seems more reasonable (not to mention improved AI.) I'm not even fond of time limit for pause. If the pause to issue orders is ONLY available in single player and is OPTIONAL then it doesn't effect anyone else and you don't have to use it if you want to play the game exactly like the original. If you were only controller one person it wouldn't be a big deal but controlling 4 people doing different things at one time just seems pointlessly complex. I'm kind of hoping at some point they give the option to increase squad size as well (maybe in DLC?) which will make it even worse.

    12. Kristofer on

      Awesome! However, personally I don't care for different languages other than eglish, instead I'm hoping for destructible environments! Holding my thumbs for 440k funding :)

    13. Michael Zautner on

      I asked a question about that on the live stream actually, and their response was that they had no intention of putting in a 'pause' where you can still give orders, but instead indicated that the difficulty would be tied to game speed/enemy reaction time. So lower difficulties should give you more time to react to situations. It still doesn't sound ideal to me, and I'd prefer the ability to pause and have difficulty be the more traditional additional hp/damage for enemies to make it more challenging. I really enjoy a nice challenging game, but in a tactics sense, I prefer it to be a challenge because I have to think hard, possibly be creative, use foresight, etc. I don't really like my skill being measured by how quickly I can move my mouse, click the mouse/keys, and jump around the screen. That's why I fire up FPS games sometimes, not strategy games.

      I understand the decision somewhat, as being able to think quickly is as much a skill that would make sense here as just being able to think. My personal solution to this? Make it real time, but allow pause to give order, BUT put a limit on how long you can pause, which refreshes over time as you don't pause the game. Basically it lets you pause for a few seconds to make sure you set your orders up properly, then run the game for a bit, then pause to make adjustments or make sure you've aimed your specials right, then run again.

      As to the actual update: After watching the livestream, sounds very much like Mike's style... except I expect him to forget about the soldier's aug and let him die in the middle of his squad :P

      And we got localization as well, so almost to the big one most people seem to want with the destructible environments... and if we get that sometime today, then the co-op just might be tantalizingly close.

      I think 4 person co-op would be so awesome with each person controlling one agent.

    14. Nick Hanson

      Not a twitch gamer either and I'm concerned that I won't be able to effectively manage all the agents if they are doing different things in real time. I didn't play the original but watching videos on youtube they almost always keep the agents together and have them do the exact same thing so it wasn't a big deal then. But now with different classes a pause to issue orders option would be MUCH appreciated. I don't want it turn based or anything crazy like that, just an OPTION to pause to issue orders in single player.

    15. Richard on

      I agree it sounds a bit busy, maybe time dilation?

    16. Perrin on

      OK, this gameplay scenario sounds great, but after reading the two gameplay walkthroughs, there seems to be A LOT GOING ON. So much so that I don't know if I would be able to pull any of that off (the player seems to have a pretty cool head during all that). I am certainly not even close to a twitch gamer, so having some kind of option to pause the game via spacebar would make the game playable for me (at least MORE FUN - so that I could pull off some of those cool moves).

      Or if you don't want us to be able to pause like Mass Effect or something, at least give us some kind of power we could achieve where we could slow down time like the Matrix or something, and put a time limit on it so we couldn't abuse it...

    17. DavidT on

      You know, these would be pretty cool as videos. Not that the narrative version is bad, but i personally would get more pumped if I could see the game in action.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      @Jalister Agreed, would make a great wallpaper! (hint hint 5Lives ;) )

    19. Raakochet on

      I'm thoroughly happy with Russell Shaw coming on. Dungeon Keeper was, and is still, one of the best sounding games I've ever played. Even now I gauge similar games by the sound in that one, and frankly, they usually come up short.
      Don't get a big head. ;)
      Looking forward to what's in store.

    20. Missing avatar

      schaep on

      we'd also need a counter for the paypal donations so we can keep track of whether the next stretchgoals are within reach....

    21. TouchGameplay

      THought for a second that we haven`t reached yet the Goal and had to check it again to be sure that we are already there.

      Looking forward to see how the Game will turn out next Year.

    22. Luuk Schagen on

      @ deepkind, yes it will stay open, and that will also count towards the stretch goals..

    23. Missing avatar

      deepkinder on

      Sorry if thats been already asked before, but will the paypal donation option be still open even after the kickstarter ends?

      My friend would like to back this, but he receives his paycheck at the end of this month

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Ellner on

      last goal is not the last, they would probably make more if they got more money. No point now when they will never get any where close. Sadly ;(

    25. CiderPunk on

      can I just say screw localisation! lets have destructible environments!

    26. Thrashie - Degenerate of SoSR on

      Why is that last stretch goal still --CENSORED-- ? ;)