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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
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Meet the Assassin Agent

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)
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Hidden amongst the dark recesses of any megacity street, you can find them... if you know the right person, where to meet, and what to ask, that is. When you need a target executed quietly, without evidence, witness or remorse, you need... The Assassin Agent.

From within the shadows, the Assassin Agent watches, silently waiting for the moment to strike. Whether quietly taking out a target with a silenced sniper rifle, or making a splash with a portable rail-gun, the Assassin Agent won’t be needing to line-up a second shot. Equally proficient with close range combat, with Katana on hand, they’ll make short work of any Corporate Soldier who strays too far from the nest. With an array of remote detonation charges, tripwires, and even a little bit of hacking prowess, they can wreak havoc behind the walls of any Corporate facility while simultaneously heading off any counter offensive before the enemy even has a chance to react.

The Assassin’s tools of the trade are stealth and speed. Equipped with high-end stealth capabilities, the Assassin can blend seamless into any surrounding. Invisible, they quietly move into position behind enemy lines, ready to pounce. For those who prefer a more visible approach, fully augmented legs allow the Assassin to use the dash ability to close the gap between themselves and their prey in no time.

The Assassin Agent is your go-to mercenary for when you need something done quickly, quietly and without leaving any witnesses. Dead men tell no tales.

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Meet the Hacker Update

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    1. Thrashie on

      @Steve.. both goals are in the bag really... not to mention moving localisation would most likely anger some people that already pledged... not to mention possible bad press for questionable changes ;)

    2. Steve Dozniak on

      Can you quickly switch environmental destruction with localication in the stretch goals? We should certainly make it to £400k!

    3. Andy Gittins on

      The first image should be the design for the "Infiltrator" tier hoodie!! :D

    4. Ryan Whitfield on

      I hope the faceless mechanical head is available from the start. Nothing worse than having your Assassin take out a high priority target then having it Identified on security feed cos she has a pretty face and red hair. (yea, its all fluffy and fun..)

    5. Thrashie on

      Some form of energy sword could work maybe.. with ability to turn off the blade (no not a light saber :P) so you would have a easily concealable handle which also doesn't get in the way of any movement.

    6. willemijn schmitz on

      I'm glad you reached your 350. I'm a Design Teacher at a Game Artist & Game Developer education in the Netherlands and would love to use your Work in Progress as an example for my students. I'm especially interested in Work in Progress and all the comments, to show students that you should do a serious amount of sketching, and that you're not ready and finished after you made one lousy little sketch...

    7. Michael Zautner on

      @synarchy You were thinking more of a 'face' or spy. Someone who seems entirely normal, very charming and apt at social situations, able to talk their way past people and always seem like they belong, but when the chips are down, suddenly s/he has vanished, then reappeared with a blade at your throat and your buddy already sliced in half. This looks more 'assassins creed' to me than spy/face.

    8. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @ Alexei Nenno — ah yes, obviously. I just found the Assassin's hood a bit in-Creed-ible...

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexei Nenno on

      @Jussi Myllyluoma
      >Meet our Assassin -- Mr. Altai... sorry, Ez... sorry, Conn... sorry,
      Geralt the witcher, obviously, two swords on back and third smaller weapon on right hip was his setup in first game. Also leather jacket armor with pouches and spiked wristguards.

    10. Pawel Daruk on

      God, what an absolutely awesome update!! :D You guys are doing such a fantastic work! Keep this up! :D You made me want the hardcover artbook, instead of just the download one! :D

    11. VitruvianGeek on

      @ Synarchy;

      I definitely see the argument to at least have the option to go for highly concealable weaponry, including classes of weapon that are integrated into teh Agent's bodies as augmentations.

      Personal cloaking is great (not to mention looking absolutely fantastic in this type of game - who doesn't love therm-optic camoflage?), and there will be any number of stealth situations where it is the best way to go, but there will be plenty of other instances when the same result could be acheived by simply having the outward appearance of any other civilian until you get close enough to employ your concealed arsenal. More options in a game like this are rarely a bad thing.

      From your descrption of the blade conceraled in the arm, I am imagining something like the weapons integrated into Adam Jensons cyborg arms in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or the sickle shaped blades hidden within modiofied arms used in the recent Cyberpunk 2077 trailer from CD Project Red. While it could be argued that the idea has been done before several times, the same can be said of using katanas in a cyberpunk setting, and in this instance there are practical reasons, linked to the style and purpose of the character class, for giving the gamer the option of going down the route of weapon augmentations if they so choose.

    12. Seth Burnette on

      Looking cool. In the SA thread I dubbed him "parkour Tricky."

    13. Synarchyx on

      I like the whole look for the assassin but I was hoping for more sci-fi'ish tech on the outfit, the sword looks awesome (It has that "Shadowrun" look and feel) but I was imagining the assassin in Satellite Reign to be more shadowy and advance (How can I explain it).

      Lots of hidden compartments, all weapons concealed hard to notice which can allow the assassin to walk right infront of enemies because they believe he is one of the civilians and next thing you know his arm transforms into a massive or a blade that curves around the arm, so that the assassin can do a clean slash to the throat.

      This is just what I was picturing when I look at Satellite Reign.

    14. Missing avatar

      ARustyFirePlace on

      Damn, that art is amazing. Fantastic work.

    15. Gillsing on

      Come on, guys. This is what the meat cleaver is for: "Dean only needs his DNA, a hand will suffice, the security door won't care if its from a living donor." (From the Gameplay Walkthrough update.)

    16. Missing avatar

      JoeyC on

      You guys should really take the time to have someone proofread your posts, if it is indicative of how things will be written in game it reflects poorly on you.

    17. VitruvianGeek on

      I was also wondering how the stealth tech in the game is goingto function from a background perspective; if it is some refined form of the meta-material technology currently being worked on by scientists that they hope will one day render personal near invisibility possible by bending light around the wearer (at the moment they can get it to work at microwave wavelengths, but not that of visible light), then it might be an idea either to style the outfit such that it could cover every inch of the character's person - gloves and a face mask paired with the hood - in order to function, or to design the character to suggest that their actual dermis has been augmented to include metamaterials as part of their skin that then works in tandem with their other gear, though I don't know how that would be done from an artistic perspective.

      On the subject of character design, I really like the split-toed boots on the Assassin Agent. That would be very useful when it comes to climbing or feats of fine balance, both things that an acrobatic assassin would often have to do. I imagine some neural link augmentation that allows the Agent to 'feel' the surface their are traversing through a web of pressure, texture and other sensors built into the structure of their boots.

    18. VitruvianGeek on

      That is some very nice artwork, though I do find the meat cleaver an odd choice. When you are carrying what I assume is some really high tech, mono-filament edged katana, a glorified meat cleaver seems a bit unneccessary; just extra weight that a character who relies on stealth, speed and agility, or both has to lug around.

      As mentioned in an earlier comment, if a second smaller blade is required then a dagger or stilletto seems like a better choice, perhaps a weapon that includes a toxin or nanite resovoir that can be injected into the target's body for a guaranteed kill or incapacitation. Another option would be to use a shorter type of sword or large dagger as a secondary weapon in a two blade sword fighting style, something like a wakizashi or a tantō.

      All such suggestions aside, I really like the whole idea of this Assassin Agent character. As noted by other commenters, it is great that 5 Live are keeping the Japanese influence on cyberpunk as part of the game (I really enjoyed both Ghost in the Shell movies and both Gigs of GOTS:SAC).

      I know that some people may have concerns about the believeability of the use of swords in such a high tech setting by any character, but I think we shouldn't worry about it too much in the case of the Assassin Agent. It is afterall one of the immutable rules of style that swords are pretty much always cooler than guns, especially as an assassin's weapon, no matter how ridiculously impractical they would actually be in an age of high tech weapons and cybernetic augmentations. That said, our new friend here does make concessions to tactical necessity as well - that is a rather funky looking sniper rifle I see peeking out from its position slung over his shoulder.

    19. Garrett Lybbert on

      Wow! The assassin looks freaking badass! I'm so excited to see these classes in action!

    20. Jalister on

      @Tobi - You may be right.

    21. Robert on

      I love these artworks. Hopefully we can get some high-res versions of it in the future

    22. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Jal - dude I think Old Chestnut was being sarcastic ;)

    23. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      AFAIK you can persuade civilians (male/femal) to become your agents so you have male/female versions of the agent-classes...

    24. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      @Lupercio Thanks :) Thought it probably would have been asked before, but there is so much to read I couldn't find it!

    25. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Meet our Assassin -- Mr. Altai... sorry, Ez... sorry, Conn... sorry,
      Something based on sketch #3 would have been much more to my taste; partly for the gender balance, partly for cleaner/neater design and more natural pose, partly for the obvious katana -- the ubiquitous Japanese component in cyberpunk can not and must not be overlooked.

    26. Jalister on

      I don't see the female drawings as looking to sexualized at all. The proportions are good, the armor is not revealing at all. I picture an assassin as being slim and fit. Quick and agile. Both the male and female drawings work well.

    27. Jalister on

      Drawing 4 with the sword from 3. I do like the final art a lot, except for the butcher knife. If there is a need for a small blade also, I would have thought a sharp dagger would be a better choice.

    28. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on

      Nah can't have a female assassin, it would be too sexualised.

      On another note, agreed with @Richard would the final art being somewhat overdone. The 'machete', apart from swinging too freely, is also either (1) facing the wrong way and too high, or (2) on the wrong leg.

    29. Crosmando on

      Was expecting a Samurai sword, though probably would of been better with a female. It's almost impossible to do Cyberpunk without using some of the Japanese influences that have been in the genre since Gibson

    30. Richard on

      I think drawing 4 is much better, the final art look like 'too much' to me, what with the whole hood and butchers set and all.

    31. Ubersnug on

      I still think 5LS should make prints of all 4 agents available as add-ons or as an addition to some Stretch Goals.

    32. Sebastian B on

      is there a male and a female character for every type of agent?

    33. Patrick on

      @steven i think it was asked before, it depends on what body type you are cloning the agents from, basically genetically imprinting onto blank slates... so either sex

    34. Jalister on

      Somehow this update did not show up for me, I'm glad I found it now. Looks great. I was hoping to see the fully developed female assassin though. I like drawings 3 and 4. I don't really care for mohawks on women.

    35. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      Are the agents each of a fixed gender? Or will each agent type be available in either gender (or possibly dependant on which spare bodies you have available when they die?)

    36. Thrashie on

      Swords & Sniper.. saved best for last huh :D

    37. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on


    38. Lord_Grax on

      Oh yeah!!
      The assassin looks awesome!!
      Once again a great update..........
      Keep up the great work 5LS :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Jacob Trewe on

      you've got a bunch of broken image links or something at the bottom of the update