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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

Twitch is Live!

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

We're now up and running, some come along and join in, ask us questions, watch Mike play Syndicate Wars while Chris annoys him and Brent mans the chat window. Mitch is on his long journey back from PAX and Dean has crashed and burned after a long night working til 4am on a super secret upcoming update.

Here's the link...


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    1. suppafoxe on

      Just watched the whole stream, that really brought back memories!
      And I thought that it was just me that sucked at this game when I played again some time ago ;)
      Thanks guys! And thanks for the t-pose preview at the end ;) I will really appreciate anything WIP you will throw at us in the coming year

    2. Daniel Beswick on

      Woohoo! So glad SR is funded. Grats everyone, can't wait to see the game in action!

    3. Chris Doak on

      Since I've already said this everywhere else:

    4. Missing avatar

      Andrew Duncan on

      Awesome, funded! Really looking forward to the game now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel May on

      Well done everyone! For a moment there I was worried this wasn't going to meets its goal, it now looks like a fairly decent stretch goal is doable in the last four days to go!

    6. Alexander R on

      So close to hitting the goal now !

    7. Thrashie on

      @Gillsing - You are totally right about procedural missions. (in my defence. was just awake when I posted)
      But I totally agree on that the game should have the choice to make it go on "forever" for those who can't get enough :P

    8. Chris Doak on

      @Gilsing I think the first version of Sacred (or was it Sacred Plus) did that. I ran around the first couple of towns doing endless fetch quests and occasionally rescuing little Timmy from a well/wolves/minotaur. Didn't do that in Sacred Gold tho, which meant I could actually progress and finish.

    9. Gillsing on

      Maybe there could be a way to procedurally generate new missions? A "no missions" sandbox sounds like walking around and shoot and hack stuff for no reason. You can do that in the default game if you are so inclined, much like Mike did with 'Pooslice' at the end of the Twitch event.

    10. Thrashie on

      @Gillsing - For the game to never end they could use a "new game+" or sandbox mode without missions maybe. :)

    11. Gillsing on

      Aww... I got tired while waiting for the event to start, so I decided to take a nap. Three hours later it was all over, and now that I've watched the recording it turns out that I could've helped with those missions. Oh well!

      And yeah, having Mission Failed = Game Over was one of the boring parts of Syndicate Wars. You're only allowed to fail with optional missions, and there aren't that many of those. None at all for the Church, actually. All the mandatory missions are 'story missions' I guess, so that's why you're not allowed to fail them.

      A fun 'cheat' is to wilfully fail all the optional (pink) missions for EuroCorp, because you still get to keep everything you pick up, such as weapons, and the special ballistic skin augmentation, or breifcases of money. And then, after finishing the game and researching the graviton gun, you can use it in those optional missions. Not quite as good as using it in missions where it would actually be needed, but still a tiny bit better than getting to use it only in the final mission.

      Oh, how fun it would be with a game like this that never ends. Just let the corporations keep piling more resources into the city so that they'll never be defeated. Just like in real life!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Getting so close to the goal.
      I can't wait.
      All glory to the CEO!

    13. Chris Doak on

      @Seth, those lampposts were the freaking devil on lower levels, especially pre-aug. They'd take out all your shields, at least.

    14. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      We'll post this again in an update but for those that missed out you can watch the recording here

    15. Steve Dozniak on

      Awesome, didn't even lie about playing very badly!

    16. Chris Doak on

      Loved the Twitch. MOAR!

    17. Seth Burnette on

      Yay! A glimpse of the white box level. Finally!

    18. Missing avatar

      Anthony Fawcett on

      The goal is so close now!

    19. Seth Burnette on

      Excellent. Pretty funny watching Mike getting owned by the old exploding lamp posts.

    20. Christoph Wagner on

      But I wanted to go to bed…

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      Too late for me tonight, but the way things are going you should be just about funded by the time I get up! Roll on the stretch goals :)