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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
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Meet the Soldier Agent

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)
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There comes a time where negotiations fail, when propaganda falls on deaf ears and when covert tactics are ineffective. At that time, when you just need something blown up, shot up or broken up, you need your heavy hitter, your front line, your need the Soldier Agent.

Just point the Soldier at who or what you need annihilated and watch the chaos ensue. Mini-guns, tactical nuke launchers, grenades, armour piercing rifles and plasma shotguns are but a small taste of the banquet of death the Soldier has on offer. Just make sure your Soldier is heavily armoured before sending them into battle, if they’re going to be your front line you'll want them to be able to take a pounding as well as dish one out. The Soldier Agents will play along if you want to sneak quietly in the back door in a covert operation, equipped with a more stealthy assortment of weaponry they'll certainly play the part, but they’re not going to like it and they'll be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to make something big turn into lots of smaller pieces.

Where the Soldier Agent really shines however is in their unique abilities. The Heavy Hitter ability gives them a temporary increase in accuracy and rate of fire but at a reduced movement speed, which massively multiplies the damage they can cause in one area. However, not all of their abilities are used for their own benefit. The Intimidation ability suppresses nearby enemies into cover, allowing your other agents to flank them. This ability also comes in handy when negotiating costs of weaponry on the black market or for bribing people for information or access codes to restricted networks.

Whether you prefer to use them as your bulldog on a leash, intimidating the enemy and citizens into submission, or unleashing the wild animal to do what they love best, making things go boom, the Soldier Agent is one piece of your arsenal you can’t live without.

Meet the Support Update

Meet the Hacker Update

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    1. Joel Finch on

      It would be a terrible missed opportunity if you guys made a game called Satellite Reign, and the cataclysmic weapon in it wasn't actual satellite rain (rods from god / harpoons from orbit / kinetic bombardment)...

    2. Missing avatar

      James Evans on

      Yes to the cataclysm weapon. I so want to see the destructive qualities of this delicacy.

    3. Michael Zautner on

      @Martin - That would actually be very cool and quite believable. Might be funny if it was called a tactical nuke, but with a description/note on it about how it is ACTUALLY an anti-matter grenade, but the first adopters kept calling it a tactical nuke anyway and the name stuck. Also, I don't remember the numbers off hand, but I think you'd be looking at something more like a few molecules as opposed to a droplet.

    4. Martin Debes on

      I think it would be cool if the 'mini-nuke' was actually a magnetically contained droplet of anti-hydrogen. This would let it be really high cost while being quite small, and radiation should be short lived.

    5. Tony Chaffe on

      @Brendan - Cataclysm (Micro-Nuclear Grenade). Please do - The world which we are talking about is pure fiction and cataclysm has a place in it. You don't have to use them, and there could be severe repercussions for those who do, but to take them out completely, no - Give the player choice as to their use >:))

      I like the Portable kinetic Railgun idea, that sounds awesome! hehe

    6. Ber on

      @Brendan: Portable kinetic railgun, yeah now we're talking! A handheld super-weapon that could exist - with the right tech advances - but still provides hilariously over-the-top destructive power.

    7. Michael Zautner on

      @hendawg - You'll be harvesting bodies from the general populace or wherever else you might be able to find bodies you can 'convince' to come down to your cloning lab. So you'll be able to slot whatever agent into whatever body you want. Sex won't matter as far as what agent can use what body, so yeah, you should be able to pick whatever sex you want for your agents, and it'll likely change every so often based on what (who) you have available.

    8. hendawg_ofthemiddle on

      Looks bad ass! Must it be a male , the soldier agent or all agents got set sex? Can we choose gender?

    9. Brendan on

      Mini Nuke. Please don't. I know they're a game staple but they're pure fiction and hopelessly pointless. As mentioned by others, there's a minimum amount required to reliably achieve and self-sustain fission and even the smallest would level several blocks in even a large city, from the shockwave alone. Never mind the heat blast that would vaporise everything including all of your operatives.

      An airburst would send out a giant EMP blast for kilometers, rendering everything electronic effectively inert. Goodnight, Irene.

      Having said that, I love the idea of the big burly bloke negotiating with the minigun. There are so many options there that have huge impact. Give 'em depleted uranium shells, upgrades to some kind of kinetic rail gun (that alone would level buildings and be a potential conflict changer).

      There are options there to really make it a more tactical call. Nukes are far from such and are push-button easy mode.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Am I the only one that wants the characters in this game to be more sexualized?
      The soldier should totally be naked except for a couple of ammo belts, or possibly a cyber-thong.
      The only thing more intimidating than an angry man with a machine gun is a naked angry man with a machine gun.
      On a more serious note, great update.
      I'm really looking forward to this game.

    11. Ber on

      @Thorsten Engler: Hmm ok seems you know more than me about this stuff! I guess I stand corrected, that W54 sure does look like a 'tactical nuke'. But still, my general point is I find big bomb=nuke to be a really silly cliche. At the very least, I hope any 'nukes' in the game still cause permanent irradiation of the area.
      @Chris Doak: I am no way suggesting the removal of any big-ass bomb weapons. I'm just arguing for a more realistic name and in-game fiction! Also, it's just a bit of backer feedback, if 5 Lives don't agree, I will be certain to get over it and have fun :)

    12. Christian on

      In a Shadowrun campaign years ago we had this archetype but as a troll. I mean, naturally. I don't think I ever heard a street name that was more descriptive and hilarious at the same time than his: "Plan B".

    13. Chris Doak on

      I forgot to mention the soldier. He's so freaking huge even the minigun looks kinda small in his hands. Then again the minigun always did remind me more of Reason than the monster Arnie lugged around...

    14. Jon Knight on

      Just echoing the calls for a bit more variety in the heroes and toning down the sexualisation of the female characters.

      Male white gamers without a social conscience are only a part of the market!

    15. Tony Chaffe on

      Sorry, little off topic, the soldier concept art looks amazing, I am really impressed with it and the other agents. Looking forward to the Assasin!

    16. Tony Chaffe on

      Yes please - Cataclysm - This thing was truely, devastating...A throwable mini nuke to end most, if not all 'Aggressive Negtiations'...…

      It has to make an appearance - As overpowered as it was, make it uber expensive, make it hard to obtain through research, a high resource cost, even make it super dangerous to use, whatever, it just has to be there :D

    17. Chris Doak on

      Seems there's a few people here who never even heard of the Cataclysm. That was The Bomb (literally and figuratively) and it was AWESOME.

      Sure, the niggling unrealism of an atomic hand grenade never entirely left my mind, but then I remembered I was playing a game with mind control, cyborgs, satellite rain, giant robot spiders, plasma lances and evil loony cultists trying to take over the world, and I GOT OVER IT and had FUN.

      Mike et al, please, keep that shit IN.

    18. Missing avatar

      Snut on

      Loving the character art thus far. My only concern is that they have been very uniformly caucasian, some variety would be lovely - ideally via customisation, but budget constraints and all that...

    19. Missing avatar

      Thorsten Engler on

      @Ber: actually, the smallest possible tactical nuke isn't really that destructive. The lightest nuclear warhead produced by the US was the with a variable yield starting at 10 tons of TNT. That's two to four times as powerful as the ammonium nitrate bomb which destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City (in 1995), so not really something that will "vaporise several square km, and flatten the rest of the city".

      The W54 was a plutonium-239 device. p239 has a half-life of 24,110 years and a critical mass (sphere) of about 10kg.

      While more difficult to produce and isolate than p239, other possibilities would be neptunium-236 (154,000 years, 6.79kg) or curium-247 (15,600,000 years, 6.94kg). Both of which should allow the production of even smaller nuclear devices (less fissile material required for supercriticality, and less radioactive shielding required). Careful choice of neutron reflectors, mix of fissile material, geometry of the different components, and timing of the conventional explosives that cause the implosion resulting in supercriticality should allow to further reduce the yield while still producing a much bigger bang in a much smaller package than would be possible with any chemical explosives.

    20. suppafoxe on

      The minigun deserves an update on its own :p
      Awesome art, as always!
      Almost 300k guys!

    21. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      " gun, able to be upgraded to high end ammunition such as plasma slugs etc."


    22. Sir Jordi

      still amazing artwork in every character..I'm not getting bored of them!

    23. Ber on

      @Thrashie: Yeah something like that. I mean obviously it's supposed to be absurdly destructive, so maybe it fires great chunks of plastic-explosive or c4 in massive grenade-bombs or rockets. That ought to be enough to half-way flatten a building. Which does sound awesome :D

    24. Thrashie on

      @Ber - Something like a overpowered grenade launcher sounds like a more realistic replacement then?

    25. Jan Ingolf Nielsen on

      Man, i am sure am getting tired of these fit, well trained and bad-ass looking male characters! Please don't over-sexualise your male characters!

    26. Thrashie on

      Who needs anger management when you can solve the issue with a minigun

    27. Ubersnug on

      So mask and goggles can be obtained during the game? Suggesting we will have a certain level of visual customisation available? Will they be purely cosmetic or will they have affects in the game too?

    28. Missing avatar

      Gianfranco Alongi on

      Will there be a risk that agents are exposed - found and killed (lost from the team) between missions if they are not masked? : D

    29. Ber on

      @5 Lives: First, love the update, Soldier looks awesome. Buuuuut ... 'tactical nuke' is a pet peeve of mine - if you set of the smallest possible nuke, several square km would be vaporised, the rest of the city would be flattened, and the resulting fallout would kill all life in an area surely bigger than the entire city map. This is because nukes work from a critical mass of reactants so they can't be smaller than a certain size. If you're planning to make it that strong, bravo :) - but also not very useful! Otherwise, I'd love it if the name was changed to something in the vague realm of realistic. I'm probably alone here, but hey you know, my 2c :)

    30. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      The weapon is a ballistic based mini gun, able to be upgraded to high end ammunition such as plasma slugs etc. for a real kick.

      Masks, goggles etc will all be items you can obtain in the game.

      Team buffs are intended. Such as the Hacker being able to rig the weapons systems for increased accuracy etc....They might be prone to overloading though ;)

      - Dean

    31. Ber on

      @Old Chestnut: lol. Talk about 'augmented' huh.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ruben on

      Agent looks nice.
      JA-style comments during missions would be awesome.
      But PUH-LEASE... no tactical nukes. We seen it in Fallout 3 and MW2 (at least there they were delivered from somewhere else). They are out of place. They unrealistic as hell (1st - radiation, 2nd - EMP blast from nuke) and using one will mean that all circuits in radius will be fried, including those INSIDE our agents. They are like Panzers in Silents Storm - uber and stupid.

    33. Ubersnug on

      @ 5 Lives - Excellent \o/

      Will your agents abilities have team buffs as well? This Heavy hitter ability has alot of potential I think as a team buff. Assuming your squad is within a certain sphere of influence, activation of this ability could increase the squads rate of fire and area of effect of your squads weapons. Kind of like this:…

      (and don't FORGET the Soldiers scream. It's his call to arms. His battle cry)

    34. Rasmus Frost on

      Cool design guys... just a few things..

      I would like to have a mask over his face or mouth, just like the real agents from syndicate! Remember they are unknown, anonymous agents just doing the work. Showing to much face reveals to much identity.. (don't know if that's intentional or not) :)

      Also, is that a laser-minigun or what kind of a weapon is he holding ? :)

    35. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      "Does anyone else want to negotiate."


    36. Missing avatar

      Old Chestnut on

      You should change the position of the gun 'to remove any over sensualisation'.

    37. Christian Breitenstein on

      What was the term...
      Ah, yes:
      Aggressive negotiations! :)

    38. Lord_Grax on

      The Soldier looks badass!!!!
      "Banquet of death" I love it!!!!!!

      Once again, Really nice work guys :D

    39. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @ubersnug, we :)

      @Luukdeman111, Currently the design is to have the abilities unique to each agent class.

    40. Thrashie on

      Looks like the hacker and assassin (the duo that meets my gameplay needs) can breath easy knowing that if they fudge things up.. they have this gorilla to fix any possible planning failures. ;)

    41. Ubersnug on

      The 'Heavy Hitter' ability. Tell me you guys plan to have him screaming loud defiance at the enemy while he unloads a mini-gun into their ranks?

    42. Luuk Schagen on

      Also (sorry for spamming the comment section) in a dev chat you said the classes would only be starting points and that you would be able to level up you soldier to pretty much have the same stats as a hacker. Will that work for the abilities as well? Or will the abilities be a thing that will truly stay unique for every class throughout the game

    43. Martin Sugianto


    44. Ubersnug on

      that should be 'mask' over the mouth look

    45. Ubersnug on

      The solider is awesome looking.

      Looking very reminiscent of the 'classic' look agent while looking modern too. Part me still misses the 'mas' over the mouth and nose look though.

    46. Luuk Schagen on

      That reminds me actually.

      Where will we see the results of these concept arts in the game? Because you have the conscious transfer thingie after death surely every agent can look like pretty much anyone right?

    47. Luuk Schagen on

      He looks pretty freakin bad ass!