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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
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Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

Adventures at PAX - Day 01:
After a marathon drive from Brisbane to Melbourne, and a whole lot of recovery sleep, my other half and I found ourselves standing out in the cold, waiting to get into the big, warm hall of gaming goodness that is PAX. 

Whoever thought it was a good idea to get me, who grew up in the heat and humidity of Cairns, Queensland, to wear a short-sleeved "Satellite Reign" shirt to Melbourne needs a good slap (i.e. Chris). Maybe I'd have been better off if I had a beard. 

With a hefty supply of 'Satellite Reign' shirts, we went inside to Lance McDonald's booth for his game "Black Annex," which any fan of Syndicate needs to check out. 

Black Annex - Greenlight

Black Annex – Homepage

In less than 30 minutes after the doors had opened, he already had fans eager to get their hands on his game. We had a bit of a chat, and he took the Satellite Reign shirts to hand out.

After a quick lap of the main expo hall, we thought we'd better line up for the Penny Arcade Q&A session, which meant another 40 minutes or so standing out in the cold. Tomorrow, I'm bringing a coat. 

I ducked out of the Q&A session before the end to meet up with Jason Imms from for an interview. We talked about 5 Lives, Kickstarter and our plans for Satellite Reign. I've never actually been interviewed before (other than when applying for a job), so it was a pretty cool experience for me. 

After getting a feed, I checked back in with Lance to find that almost all of the Satellite Reign shirts had been claimed! Wasn't expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. 

I took some time to indulge on the new Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario 3D World, Rayman Legends, watched some uncoordinated people play Dance Central (not that I'd be any better), and soaked up all of the wonderful StreetPass puzzle pieces. 

Also, a shout-out to Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games, (developers of Path of Exile) for being the first person to stop me and give some very flattering words about Satellite Reign. It's pretty cool to hear successful studios being excited about our project! 

Anyway, that's about it for day one. If anyone spots me on the floor on the next two days, feel free to say hello! 

 - Mitch

Press Update:
Also we have another interview with our very own man of the sea, Chris.
Tacticular Cancer read that name right. :P


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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter The Wondergoth on

      You had T-shirts >_< damn :(
      Haven't seen you around yet but given the enormous amount of people that's hardly surprising, hope your having a great time

      And hey this is classic melbourne weather! (Little tip if you want to wear a short sleeved t-shirt in winter, wear a long sleeved shirt underneath it :))

    2. Thrashie - Degenerate of SoSR on

      Guess you'll need to add a Satellite Reign trench coat to the merchandise line up for those colder days.

      ps. I LOL'ed at that photo :P

    3. Ber on

      I already regretted not buying PAX tickets and flying from Adelaide. Now I REALLY regret it!

    4. Quinton Evans on

      LOL, no way. I grew up in Earlville and Bayview Hts!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ayuen on

      There is not likely to be a heatwave in winter. :)

    6. Pawel Daruk on

      Wow, so there are places on this planet not affected by the heatwave, yet? Go on and enjoy that cold!
      Hope you guys muster a whole lot of supporters at the Pax as we really need that remaining £90K fast!