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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals!, New Digital Tier!, PAX! and More!

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

Stretch Goals!

We were hesitant to reveal our stretch goals until we met our funding target, but due to a lot of requests, we’ve let the cat out of the bag.

There’s been a lot of reports lately from developers against even having stretch goals. We have no issue with them ourselves, the scope of our game is truly scalable. The nature of an emergent, simulated system is that new components of gameplay can be slotted into, or taken out of, the structure without compromising the core game systems. This allows us to adjust the game according to any budget, whether it’s our initial target or above.

Another thing we are very careful to do is make sure that any stretch goals have an easily apparent and transparent cost to backers. You won’t see any “added depth!, more polish!” goals on our list. While those statements aren't necessarily false, more money does allow for more polish and depth to the game, it’s a loose definition that has no weight when you, as our backers, have no real baseline standard to compare "more" to.

So with that in mind we reveal our stretch goals. Like the first one, where we bring on Russell Shaw as our sound designer and composer, each goal is budgeted for the actual costs it involves with a small percentage of contingency to cover unforeseen circumstances.


We're finally able to announce which languages we are able to translate the game into. This level of funding will allow us to contract an external company that specialises in translation services for games. This would bring Satellite Reign, translated to French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech, to gamers around the world.


We know a lot of people want total destruction of the whole city in the base game but we need to be realistic about our budget and not over promise anything we don’t think we can deliver. Solid gameplay is first and foremost so included in the base goal we have destructible objects that are needed for gameplay; vehicles, mechs, small barriers used as cover, that kind of thing. 

With this stretch goal we intend to let you wreak havoc on the city. If you can shoot it you can smash it. With the funds from this stretch goal we will be able to hire an additional artist to concentrate solely on effects and destruction of the city. While the bigger buildings won’t be able to be completely levelled you can still blow the hell out of them, setting them on fire and causing ultimate panic. But be aware destruction on that scale is going to bring the hammer of the corporations down on you in a flash.

Russell Zimmerman - Game Writer

Along with the other items in this tier, this funding level will allow us to bring onto the team, Russell Zimmerman; the author of numerous Shadowrun books as well as the writer of our own Satellite Reign Novella. Russell will be able to write the story via in-game dialog, emails, memos and other communication you'll uncover as you delve into the depths of the corporate networks.

Enemy Factions

More enemy factions will be able to deliver more enemy variety, each faction will have their own aesthetic, personalities, behaviours, weapons, equipment and augmentation preferences to deliver a more varied gameplay experience. On top of that the factions will add a whole new set of missions and story lines associated with them. Stay tuned over the remainder of the Kickstarter where we'll be introducing each of these factions and how they differ from one another.

City Districts

The new districts of the city will offer completely new and unique architecture from that in the rest of the city. These new art tile-sets increase the depth of the world by giving areas of the city their own distinct flavour. Not only are they visually new districts, but each of the districts in the stretch goals is the territory of the new factions in their respective stretch goal tiers. From the Industrial Docks of the Red Star faction to the Slums, the home of "The Disconnected".

Multiplayer Cooperative Play

This is the stretch goal that excites everyone on the team the most. Play through the entire single player campaign with up to 3 friends, each player controlling one of the agents for an unparalleled experience. You can almost hear the yelling and hollering over headsets across the world already as the city burns around them.

New Digital Only Tier!

Due to popular demand we've introduce a brand new, Digital-Only tier!. At a reduced cost you'll be able to snag everything in the Resistor tier, minus the T-Shirt for those backers who like to exist only in the digital realms.

PAX Australia (Penny Arcade Expo)

For anyone lucky enough to be going to PAX Australia this weekend down in Melbourne, feel free to say hello to Mitch. He'll be there as an attendee, sporting a Satellite Reign T-shirt. This will be a PAX exclusive t-shirt and you can pick one up for yourself if you're quick from Lance and Co at the Black Annex booth, a game any Syndicate fans should be aware of. Be sure to go vote for it on Steam Greenlight, while you're at it don't forget to vote for Satellite Reign.

Also on Steam Greenlight, as well as playable at PAX, is a game from our mates Tim and Nart, Assault Android Cactus. Be sure to check it out and have a good bash at it, it looks like a ton of fun.

More Press!

  • Mike, Dean and Mitch talk to Fund This Game about the beginnings of all things Satellite Reign
  • Mike gets down and dirty with I Game Responsibly
  • Our Russian friends over at Game Star interrogate Mike on Satellite Reign. Available in both English and Russian
  • Finally we got a nice boost in pledges from a segment TotalBiscuit did on us on his Content Patch Show (starts at 12:17)


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    1. Missing avatar

      mina86 on

      Pity “Environmental Destruction” is the third stretch goal. I find the first two stretch goals to be rather useless. Anyway, hope you guys manage to reach at least the third one.

    2. Missing avatar

      vierlex sssss on

      As many have already said it, I too want to stress this again: multiplayer coop should be your first stretch goal. I would pledge more money if multiplayer were realistically possible in some way, but it looks like it is never going to happen.

      Though I'll be happy if it gets added as DLC too!!

    3. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Please let us hit all of the stretch goals!! ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Vadim on

      Could you maybe have these as updates (like the coop campaign and destruction) if your game sells well??

    5. Missing avatar

      Dominicus Tornqvist on

      Personally, I'm more excited about the multiplayer co-op more than anything else. I wish it was lower down on the stretch goal list for that reason.
      By the way, a thought occurred to me about the camera. I believe Dawn of War had a default camera position/orientation, but allowed you to freely position and rotate it if you wanted to take a moment to soak in the awesomeness of what was going on, and then you hit a button and it reset the camera back to the default position/orientation.
      I was just thinking, with such a cool cyberpunk world with mechs and gunfights and riots, I would love to be able to do that on occasion - just freely position and rotate the camera to get a really awesome view for a moment of respite.

    6. Ash Richards on

      I agree with a few people who've made comments.

      I backed this from pretty early on as I loved the game it's based off. BUT I think a major factor in this not getting backed as fast as it could have is that it's in British Pounds rather than AUD. Considering you're an Aussie based dev company, wouldn't it have made sense to use the local currency?

      I am pretty sure that has turned a few people off that I have shown this kickstarter too that I thought would love this game.

      I still hope it gets the funding as it would be awesome to play.

    7. Ber on

      However, for this game and these stretch goals, I do agree that 5 Lives have made a smart move announcing the stretch goals now.

    8. Ber on

      @Chris Doak
      Re Shaker & Stretch goals: Yeah I backed that too, but .. uhh ... not a good example to support releasing stretch goals at launch? Shaker crashed and burned for a reason - it was so terribly organised and run, it could be used for a case study on how not to run a kickstarter. By comparison, have a look at Planetary Annihilation - they carefully managed their stretch goals as update material, and always kept roughly two stretch goals in sight - the backing levels during their campaigns were impressively high.

    9. Missing avatar

      Travis Chalkley on

      Co-op would be fantastic!! Ill be upping my pledge to help crack that.

    10. The Nacho

      @Creator: Awesome. Thanks, chummer.

    11. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @The Nacho - both copies of the game will get access to the support team
      @Cryn - yes, we do intend to have a slacker backer campaign.. and every cent we get from that will count towards the stretch goals as well!

    12. saiqlo on

      @Michael Zautner: I have similar feelings!

    13. Michael Zautner on

      Personally I feel that limited rewards tend to have more of an influence on people pledging than stretch goals. When people see limited rewards, they'll want them. Either because they offer things that are truly limited, or because they want that $5 discount on a cool game. Either way their more likely to put down the money. Big companies (and small ones for that matter) use this as a marketing/advertising/sales device all the time. I think given the amount of funding they need, they likely could have easily done double the amount of limited rewards. Sure, they'd get less money per pledge, but it likely would have resulted in enough extra pledges to make up for the difference.

      I also think some of their higher end rewards could use some serious retweeking. It's $100 extra for a hoodie, an extra $50 on top of that for a lego figure, $50 for some weapon skins, $200+ for a hardcover art book, etc. Now, that's not to say those aren't cool rewards and everything, but their price point seems ridiculous. Most campaigns I've seen offer a hoodie for $20-30, a hardcover art book over a regular one for about the same, bonus skins and such for $5-$10, etc. Now, I know not every game is the same, and a SR hoodie might be cooler than one for some other KS project (You know, depending on who you talk to), but it still seems a bit crazy.

      I mean, after my first $100 gets me alpha access, two copies of the game, a t-shirt, name an NPC, soundtrack, and digitial art book, it seems like I've maxed out my value when my next $100 gets me... weapon skins, and the next $100 after that gets me a hoodie and a lego figure. Not trying to bash the rewards themselves or anything, and I think everything is really well priced in the first $100 worth of rewards all the way through, just after that it seems like you guys more or less ran out of ideas. Maybe you need to do an update about the skins? Explain why they're worth $50 for some weapon/agent skins in a (possibly/mostly) single player game?

    14. suppafoxe on

      Environment-666$-destruction would be a neat addition...
      the upper stretch goals would make the game bigger, but I'd still be happy if the game reaches just the 666-level :)

    15. Thrashie on

      @ Gilles - got this quote from the main comments section

      " Creator 5 Lives Studios about 7 hours ago
      @Maxeren, That is correct, the Digital Only tier means no physical items, the extra copy of the game on this tier is Digital ONLY"

    16. Missing avatar

      Cryn on

      @ 5 Lives Studios
      Will you do a slacker-backer campaign after the KS is over and if yes, will it count towards the stretch goals?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gilles Vanwalleghem on

      @Trashie I understand, but since they also said that all pledges above "two discs" can get the boxed copy. I just want a clarification ^^

    18. Missing avatar

      DeargDoom on

      Would love to be able to get a couple of names in the game. Would be cool to have this as an add on.

    19. John Vikør Green on

      I remember that Syndicate Wars having a swedish localization translation. Would there be any possibilities of a norwegian, swedish, or danish translations of Satellite Reign?

    20. Peter Fern on

      The multiplayer stretch goal makes me sad for two reasons:

      1) It's the last stretch goal, and at this stage looks unlikely to be reached :-(
      2) Competitive play would be so much more rewarding - competing with friends to take over the city would be big fun. As detailed here - co-op controlling a single agent - it kind of just feels like an instanced MMO, which is not so interesting.

    21. AlejØ Ruiz on

      "Enviromental destruction" stretch goal must be reached no matter what!!!

    22. The Nacho

      @Creator: In the new Digital Tier for $90... regarding the extra game... does it also come with the Support Team? ...or would it only be "my" copy that has that - and my friend I give it to would not have that boost?

    23. Chris Doak on

      That depends how much pours into paypal vs the kickstarter. Money donated by paypal can at least be used to top up the kickstarter, but if they don't reach the Kickstarter goal in time (and let's be honest, they already penalised themselves by using pounds) then they lose ALL the KS money. Personally I think they should have opened a Paypal account as soon as they launched.

      While I agree with Gary to a point, and I immediately pledged regardless, I also find that stretch goals can make a huge difference in terms of the amount of information available about the game and in terms of getting me excited about a project (in case I'm on the fence).
      My personal example: Shaker, with Tom Hall and Brenda Braithwaite. Two huge 'golden age' names, an interesting concept, and room to build on the world. But what really got me excited wasn't the core game - it was the final stretch goal, a whole second game with a more sci-fi bent. It reminded me of Hired Guns, which kicked the nostalgia machine into overdrive and opened up my mind (and my wallet). Shaker ultimately crashed and burned, but it got my pledge.
      It can also answer a lot of questions about planned features - lots of people asked about destructible buildings, for instance. Put that stretch goal in early on and people know right off the bat "This can/will happen, but only if I throw my money at it". Or in my case, "I WANT this to happen, so I'll throw my money at it".

      Just my 2c (or tuppence?).

    24. Thrashie on

      @Gilles - adding boxed copy or t-shirt to digital only tier kinda defeats the purpose of it being a digital tier. ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      I think it is interesting that we've gone backwards on the environmental destruction part, since in the nineties several games had fully destructible environments. It's like in product design, when a customer is used to one thing, and for the next iteration you remove that, it's very difficult for a customer to accept even though the new product might be superior.

    26. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      Well Jagged Alliance had paypal open after only a week and they struggled to get funded.

      Best case scenario: If you open paypal when funding pretty much guaranteed its okay. In our case id say if we are at 300k and reminders haven't gone out yet you could open paypal without any worries that you wont fund.

      But yeah id say it should be of highest priority to have paypal open prior to the last 48 hours. I assume more people then usual hit the remind me button in the hopes that paypal open at end of campaign.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gilles Vanwalleghem on

      So is it possible to get the digital only tier with boxed copies while still forgoing the T-shirt ?

    28. Ber on

      Oh man, those are some seriously awesome (and well defined) stretch goals. I know I've said several times that stretch goals should wait, but I totally understand sharing them at this point. I REALLY wish we could hit $1mil now!

      @Gary Moore: Dude, nobody in their right mind would (or does) open up alternate funding until they are certain the KS goal is going to be reached. It's pretty simple: if they don't reach their KS target, that Paypal money just needs to be refunded, at a loss. I'm sure 5 Lives can keep Paypal backing option open for a while after the KS succeeds though, which should give everyone a chance to back :)

    29. Marco on

      @ 5 Lives Studios

      Are you guys planning on release the game regardless of if this is succcessfull or not?

      Same with stretch goals, I can see how some of them can turn into DLCs / Patch

      This questions are becouse I'm really exited about this game and I really want it to succed!

      Hope you guys make it!

      With love, g33kz0rd.

    30. Vesper on

      I'm up for running a community powered translation of Satellite Reign into Polish.

    31. Ubersnug on

      Let me clarify one wee point, the stretchgoals (or lack of at when this kickstarter starter) had no impact on my decision either and I would be happy enough if the project just reaches it's £350,000 initial goal. Seriously, you guys had me at 'spiritual successor to syndicate...' and my wallet fell open and money poured over the monitor....

    32. Missing avatar

      David on

      Stretch goals rarely play a part in my decision whether or not to back a project, but it seems they are very important for others. This game, in particular, I'd be thrilled with just the base level. I wish there were more backers, and perhaps stretch goals might entice others.

    33. Ubersnug on

      @ 5 Lives Studios

      I think some of the wonder and excitement that comes from Kickstarter projects is seeing what stretch goals are available and seeing them get unlocked as the project runs towards its conclusion. I think it can incentivise existing and potential backers knowing that the project they are backing could potentially get much larger than the original vision and they get more perceived value from their original or upgraded pledge.

      But yeah, the Streatch Goal's you guys have announced today tells us that the game could be bigger, better and have a much larger impact with the Streatch Goal's than without them - destructible environments opens up the sandbox experience even wider and more factions provides the promise of more variety in the enemies and their behaviours that we will experience.

      What worries me is potential backers who saw this project in the beginning saw no real Stretch Goal 'road map' and potentially ignored it because of that. In a way, I think we have all been spoiled by alot of the kickstarters that has been and gone, where they outlined a huge road map of Stretch Goals that added so much to the basic pledge that people would throw money at it because of the perceived value. You only have to see the kickstarter page for the boardgame 'Fallen' to see what I mean.

      As for alternative pledge routes, I know you guys don't really want to redirect funds from the kickstarter route to the paypal route (ultimately undermining your whole project here), but I really think providing an alternative payment method for those who couldn't use amazon payments should have been a priority. Those additional funds could be added to the final kickstarter fund and, hopefully, bring everyone closer to those juicy Stretch Goals.

    34. ghosttie on

      Can we rearrange them to get destruction first, then multiplayer, then enemy faction?

    35. Jalister on

      I almost feel like suggesting to cancel this campaign and relaunch in dollars. I want to see those stretch goals happen.

    36. Sensuki on

      I have watched A LOT of PC game Kickstarters and I have to agree with Gary, you would have got more money putting them up a bit earlier.

      There are also several other things that could have been done a bit better early on, but anyway, good luck for the rest of the campaign.

    37. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      @Gary, That's something only you can tell us? does the stretch goals impact your perception of the game?

      We will be using an alternative method of pledging that will allow for multiple ways of payment, including PayPal!

    38. Ubersnug on

      I understand why you guys didn't want to unveil the stretch goals until you had reached your initial funding goal. But I do wonder, if you guys had only revealed all this from the beginning, would it have had an impact on the number and value of pledges you got?

      I really, REALLY hope you guys can reach the £440,000 goal.

      Have you guys considered using Paypal as an alternative method to pledge for those who couldn't use Amazon Payments?

    39. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      right now it looks to me like we will finish at about 450k....considering PayPal stays open after campaign finishes destructible buildings guaranteed as long as people spend more time advertising than bitching

    40. Jai Nelson on

      hoping I win the lottery this weekend as I can't afford to pledge anymore but would love to see total destruction!
      These sound awesome stretch goals!

    41. Gillsing on

      Well, we can always hope. But right now it looks as if just reaching the initial goal will be a challenge.

      And there's one thing I don't understand about the first stretch goal. How can an increase of £30k translate to an increase of $25k when GBP is supposed to be valued higher than USD? Must be a typo somewhere, right?

    42. Peter Wiegersma on

      Total Destruction, i say YES!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Wyzak on

      OMW, multi-player co-op campaign! YES please!

    44. Sérgio Schüler on

      Multiplayer is hard to achieve, but what about local co-op splitscreen?

    45. Sebastian B on

      oh we need those 440 000 <3 total destruction!