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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

Meet The Hacker Agent

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)
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Behind the scenes is where these fringe dwellers lurk; inside networks and minds is their battlefield. They are the one who'll get you the information you need, for the right price. You'll need...The Hacker Agent.

Call on them to bolster your army by filling your ranks with warm bodies to fuel your campaign against the corporate powers. Their skills in “persuading” citizens or even enemy agents to join your side are unparalleled. With fully upgraded “Hijacker” abilities the Hacker becomes a true techno-puppet-master, hacking into their neural augmentations and controlling hoards of citizens or focusing power on a single higher tiered enemy to bring them under your control.

The extent of their talents does not end there. With the ability to hack any system which operates in 1s and 0s or even heartbeats, security systems, alarms, CCTV cameras, power grids, traffic systems, maintenance systems, propaganda platforms, locked doors and more bend at the mercy of their will.

Another favourite tool of the trade is the deployable drone. An upgradeable sidekick whose functions can range from surveillance and routing drones; extending the range of hacking abilities, all the way up to offensive drones; with mini-guns or EMP blasts used to knock out defences and mechs from afar allowing the rest of the squad unfettered access to any corporate facility.

He/she may not be the most visible of your team, but with their aid, any technological or wetwired barrier is but a mere speed bump on the road to taking out the controlling corporate powers.

Early Hacker concepts:

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    1. Miles Matton

      I think it's a holographic projector in standby mode. Perfect for info dissemination to the shock troops, or tricking those pesky biologicals' eyes if you need to hide for a minute.

    2. Michael Zautner on

      I agree, but there is something to be said for a computer that is worn at the hip like a gun.... so maybe it is a gun? A.... mind-changing-to-make-them-fight-for-us type gun?

    3. Thrashie on

      Guess you are right.. but that touchpad looking device just feels out of place for a hacker :P
      A combination between fallout pipboy and the predator arm computer would fit so much better imho :)

    4. Michael Zautner on

      @Thrashie - she has about 20 cables connecting from her head to her suit/body, and several running through her suit and at least 2 to her hip computer. I'm fairly sure she's got input covered. ;) I'd guess the screen is mostly for show :P

    5. Thrashie on

      Would a arm tool not be better for hacking maybe?
      Possibly with some retracting cables to connect to possible devices.

    6. Pierre Nilsson on

      Super cool arm and clothes design. She looks like a total badass. Wouldn't have minded if she had held the "harddrive"-thingine in the final pic as she did in the concept but love the final version non the less. :) If this project doesn't get funded I will get sad.

    7. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Stavros, yeah didn't mean that to be condescending, sorry for that :) anyway, +1 for more concept Art!

    8. StarryKnight on

      @ Alexander, I totally agree. Compared to other popular media, such as films or even other games, these renderings are quite decent, just enough to state a gender difference.

    9. Alexander R on

      Looks great. As for the commentators going on about "over sexualized" give me a break, what should she have a hejab or something ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam P on

      @Michael Zautner Check the original syndicate games. I don't think syndicate wars was like the original so much (from what I heard).

    11. Michael Zautner on

      Yeah, they weren't very common on most games of the era, but most games of the era were more straitforward. They were significantly more common on RPGs and Strategy games though. I'm guessing a glance through the manual will sort me out for giving it a go again, but I've been busy grinding money to give to these people to make an awesome game for me, so no time to do that.

      Also, as for the art itself, I'm glad they went with the pose they did. They could have done a sitting/kneeling type pose and it would have been quite fitting for a hacker, but I think this shows that the hacker can be more action oriented, and doesn't -just- have to be about pure hacking. I do think showing the drone behind her would have been a great touch though, since it sounds like a fairly core concept.

    12. Thrashie on

      If I'm not mistaken too badly.. most games back then didn't really come with tutorials.
      From memory Syndicate Wars wasn't too complicated to get started with.. will have to dust off my copy to verify that. :)
      Don't think it would be too hard to build in a basic tutorial area in this game tho.. but I'm not a game maker so what would I know :D

    13. Michael Zautner on

      @Thrashie - Well, I for one backed this having never played Syndicate Wars before. In fact, after backing it, I went out to find it on GoG, buy it, and install it. I played for... about 1 minute before closing the game and haven't opened it again since :P But I'm still backing this game and even upped my pledge from the basic 'get a game' level to the 'become a potential meat pupp... I mean civilian' level, because I think the game looks awesome and it is the style I like.

      I'll likely try doing Syndicate Wars again at some point, but the complete lack of a tutorial or anything kinda threw me. Speaking of which, since this game is supposed to be set up 100% sandbox with no missions or quests or anything to point you in various directions, what are the thoughts towards a tutorial? Will it be a seperate thing that you do as a little mini-city? Because I think (hope) you won't be railed in the actual game to do that sort of stuff, but this doesn't seem like the sort of game where you can just pick up everything you need by being dropped right into the middle of the world (and who has time to read a manual?)

    14. Thrashie on

      @Chris - Thanks for clearing that up, can't wait to play this game.. gonna be so awesome :D

      Still amazed how this projects funding hasn't gone into overdrive yet.
      It's like people somehow don't realise what great potential it has.. not to mention being based on a great classic.
      Maybe we are just getting old and this generation actually does prefer the FPS remakes. :P

    15. Andrew Tuckett on

      Watch out enemy agents! Hackers are out in force :-)

    16. Nol van Meegeren

      Love the artwork and am a sucker for atmosphere...

      Gameplay will be just fine :)

    17. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      @Tobi: Thanks, I don't really need people to tell me to "think" ;) But my remark was less about your comment and more about Koshi who was flirting with hyperbole when he talked about 50 page discussions on sexism. Complaining about length but doubling the length of the discussionw ith the complaint is a bit ironic.

      That said, I don't see how the kneeling sketch could be seen as sexist. I find the pose unnatural and not fitting the character, but the sketch is fine with me as far my moral, ethical, social or other sensibilities go *shrug*
      Looking forward to more concept art. Loads more concept art.

    18. Chris Doak on

      @Thrashie: I'm pretty sure they devoted a dev vid to explaining that. They even illustrated it with help from Lego Bob. Civ bodies will indeed have their own innate stats, allowing you to choose someone better suited to your needs.

      @Jay: Speaking of large-scale conflicts, I'm kinda hoping there won't be a level cap - just abilities that you can scale with the game. One annoyance for me with a lot of endgame scenarios is that there's a hard limit imposed on abilities that should be miles more powerful once you've managed to far exceed the requirements.
      Imagine for example that the hacker could max out at controlling 5 civilians. That makes sense if you have to build your way up to it over the course of the game, boosting your power every time you took over a transmission tower, for instance. But that only works if there are only just enough towers to max out the skill (let's again say 5). What if you've taken over 20? 30? Still stuck at 5 civs? Kinda lame. Hence my hopes for scaling.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jay Fordham on

      It would be cool if you could reach a point where you can engage in relatively large scale conflicts. With various agent skills adding to the number of guns shooting for your side.
      I envisage...
      The Hacker with a trio of drones and half a dozen hacked enemy agents/civilians.
      The Support calling in a heavy spider-tank turret.
      The Soldier insighting rebellion pulling civilians into the fight.
      The Assassin using neurotoxins to cause enemies to go beserk.

      Of course it's just as fun to go the other way, trying to sneak in a lone agent, I really hope this becomes an awesome game with some wonderful sandboxy gameplay.

    20. Thrashie on

      @Reven.. Was under the impression that each new agent body would come with their own traits and stats.. that way you could hunt for the perfect agent for your team.
      And if that's not in the planning.. then I would like to use a persuadatron on the dev team to make it happen anyway. :D

    21. Aymeric on

      Really nice concept arts, both hacker and support are my new wallpaper ;)

    22. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Stavros - the lenghts of the comment doesn't matter. One can pack veeeery nasty statements in very few words - debunking them most of the time takes longer than the original Statement. Think about it and if you reeeaaallly need examples to prove it, Mail me.

    23. Reven on

      Great image, and one that makes me wish that each agent wasn't just an expendable body, but had there own characterization.

      Guess I am doing to have to play a no agent deaths play through !

    24. Missing avatar

      Craig Black on

      I like the art although I do wonder if it will look odd trying to go around incognito when you have massive face modification. If the general populous have similar things going on then fair enough, it won't stand out as much. Obviously running around with a minigun out on display will have a similar effect.

    25. David C. Simon on

      Glad the pose was changed for the final concepts.

    26. Jalister on

      I like the concept art a lot. I think the support and hacker both fit into the world as we have seen it quite well.

    27. TheChosenOne on

      She looks great. She is a woman and it shows. Which it should. Even if the boobs were bigger it wouldn't be to much yet. It just needs to fit which this so far does well.

    28. Felix on

      I am REALLY looking forward to that upgradable drone!

    29. Thrashie on

      Let's hope the city is filled with many different types of people to pick from.. that way everyone can just pick the visual aspects they want to play with ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Are L. on

      Body-gloves are good, if they are of the kind that is very hard to get at for normal uses. Ie, the undercoat of certain space-suits come to mind, certain low-weight/high performance weather-gear.
      As for the art. It looks nice, even if I suspect having that kind of flash on display is a good way for even automated systems to start suspecting that something might be, amiss. In all, :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Richard Berglind on

      Bodygloves are quite silly, really. Restricts movement for one, and serves no other purpose than to show off the physical "qualities" of the one who wears it. While the chosen design itself is pretty cool with all the cybernetics and augmentations, it retains some of the pretty blatant sexualization that the Early Hacker Concept art does (The pose on the right is just plain fucking stupid tbh. Tee-hee! Sexy Schoolgirl, or what? Who the hell sits like the one on the left anyway? I for one would be cross-legged if I'd be doing hacky stuff). I was expecting a bit more billowy trenchcoats, and a little less anime.

      Support agent looks the part, albeit with... too little trenchcoat. There can never be too much trenchcoat >:C How will I walk around incognito with my agents if they have all their shiz on display? Is transparency the new secrecy?

      All in all, I am sort of imagining the scenario where the first sketch is the one on the left; with the artist quickly being told to tone it down, where upon he presented the one on the right out of spite - only to get told to " get his shit together". Third and final version up top is the result of this painful process, looking mighty cool (despite the lack of trenchcoat), but still not quite there.

      Bodygloves people.

    32. Chris Doak on

      That arm aug reminds me of Adam Jensen. Very nice.
      Definitely prefer the final image, but also love the fact you gave her red hair - not only as a nod to Syndicate, but I just have a soft spot for red hair...

      And those boots remind me a little of... Speedball?

    33. Rituro on

      Mass "persuasion" of civilians as portable meat-shield/militia confirmed. Excellent.

    34. Missing avatar

      mark venn on

      I have put a new entry on my blog about the game with the image of the hacker. Hope this is OK?

    35. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      I find it funny that after a few short comments about keeping females non-sexualized (after all agents are cloned to perform a purpose, not to be a wet dream), the discussion was then filled with rather long posts complaining about those comments, where each of them is longer than the "feminist discussion" they are decrying :P

    36. Casus Belli

      @Jennifer Bailey.


    37. Missing avatar

      mark venn on

      A real, (if extremely fit), looking person? Where are the exaggerated thigh lengths? where is the artificially enhanced chest area? (trying to be respectful here). Just how does the artist expect adolescent boys to want to buy the game? ;-)
      Only joking. I wish I could draw like this. A real work of art. Give her green eyes and send her round to my place and I will up treble pledge :-)

      on a serious note, loving all the concept art, I used to play Syndicate wars and I love the gritty feel of the characters. Bodes well for the game.

    38. Deth Nightslayer on

      I like her just the way it is. The only thing I would want to see bigger is her gun. /9-> Or maybe a Drone in the background.

    39. Maxeren on

      "I love u just the way u are!" :)

    40. Crosmando on

      Needs purple hair for GitS reference

    41. Jennifer Bailey on

      Hey thanks for having a female with normal body proportions who isn't contorted into a ridiculous pose for fan service. Appreciate it -- and please, please, keep that up and thank the artist who was considering the female fan base and respecting it. :)

    42. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Turk [insert follow up rambling that cubes are geometrically discriminating and we should have spheres etc. as well]

    43. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Turk [insert mad rambling about "beige cubes" being racist and that i want the cubes to reflect all skin types of the human race]

    44. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      wow I see the feminist are already out in full force.
      I hope you people never go to a beach etc considering people there wear nothing but bikinis.

      I'm gonna go and suck on some titties

    45. Perrin on

      I agree that the comments below about the female sexualization are you can see, and as the devs said below, they chose to go with a final version that didn't look sexualized. In fact, I think it looks bad-ass! Besides, we're going to be able to turn any female (or male) citizen into a hacker, so they will have all kinds of different looks anyway...

      But this leads me to humorously wonder: Will there be overweight citizens that we can turn into agents? LOL! (Actually, if you think about it, with augmentations it wouldn't really matter that the person is overweight.)

    46. Turk

      agreed with the ridiculous over sensitivity of some of the posters here. " Do not over-sexualize the female characters ? " . Why stop there, lets not be guilty here, lets not make the males buffed and strong either. Hell lets all just make them beige cubes because we the human race should not be attracted to any physical traits at all. No no. You liars and hypocrites.

    47. Koshinator on

      I truly cannot stand how ANY depiction of any female in a game at the moment brings about a 50 page discussion on whether or not the character fits their ideal vision of how females MUST be portrayed (for better or worse). As long as it doesn't mechanically affect the game, then it's all just window dressing. By pigeon-holing every female character into a certain archetype (strong, capable, independant but in no way expressing overtly sexualized characteristics), you are simply creating another stereotype, like the big, buff and handsome male leads in nearly every game ever. It diminishes the ability to create a diverse and eclectic range of characters in games - male and female. I'm not saying the games industry is perfect in any way, it's just we stand the risk of going too far in the other direction by limiting the character traits that are 'acceptable' to the 'community'
      Anyway - enough of this and get back to building hype for this game... please?

    48. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      btw, i love the concept art and the style, thx for this great update!

    49. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      wow, two posts in and already the sexism debate... and ermagerd, the danger really is there with this concept art!!! look at those enormous boobs and OMG tight leather outfit!!! jeeesus christ get a grip folks. she's not wearing a bikini and doesn't have DD-sized boobs.

      and the slightly open mouth and the leg? seriously?? in an early concept sketch? are you kidding me??? pls stop making up issues out of thin air.

    50. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      the concept art looked a bit silly (though fantastic skill-wise. Wish I could draw peopel that well) the final image is great though.