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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
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Meet The Support Agent

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

In the first of our "Meet the..." features covering the 4 agents of your squad we'd like you to...

The Support is the Agent who’s always got your back, there to cover your arse when you’re backed into a corner and ready to stand up for you when no one else will, the Good Guy Greg of the team, the Support Agent.

Whether decked out for full frontal assault, heavily armoured with a mini-gun and extra ammo for personal use or your team-mates, defensively loaded with extra armour and a backpack than can be deployed and transform into a 4 legged mech (think Boston Dynamics “Big Dog”) that you can move into position as mobile cover from enemy fire or used as the man behind the scenes, deploying surveillance drones to increase the line of sight for team-mates and knocking out turrets from afar with a focused EMP laser, the Support is the glue that holds the team together.

Your Support Agent will have a wide range of weapons, equipment and abilities at your disposal. The Systematic Execution ability lets you target enemies from afar, allowing your other agents to inflict massively multiplied damage. Nanite Regeneration Cloud equipment can be deployed when the chips are down, healing any nearby team-mates above and beyond their regular health levels.

The Support Agent is the Swiss Army Knife of your team, always on hand and by your side, ready to get you out of a tight fix with a variety of tools.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Romanowski on

      >Robert Krondorfer about 10 hours ago
      >Im withdrawing my support.

      Best wishes with finding whatever game design styles you enjoy, but speaking for me, this kind of design style sounds perfect.

      I may have to buy extra copies for friends in order to make up for the people who withdraw, but if the game design lives up to the intention, it will be worth it.

    2. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      Hi Michael, the sex of your agents will be dependant on the body they are created from. If you haven't watched it already, check out the Dev Chat #2 which goes over the death\cloning system in more detail. Your comments on the customisation are pretty spot on (though I've never played Final Fantasy), each of the classes is naturally more proficient in their own field and some of the abilities will be exclusive to each class type, while other abilities will be shared. The abilities, combined with equipment, weapons and augmentations allows for a vast variety of possible customisation options.

    3. Michael Zautner on

      Hmm, this makes me wonder, will the agents be/be able to be female? Presumably since they are switching bodies anyway, there would be no reason they couldn't in theory, though there might be compatibility issues with a male mind in a female body. Then again, you mentioned using a female agent to seduce a male guard (as I recall), so I suppose females will be featured. Would love to hear a bit more about the whole 'rebirth' (cloning? body swapping? whatever) deal.

      Oh, and to follow up my prior comment, I think that the stuff mentioned above isn't so much "This is what a support has to be." as "This is the sort of role a support would naturally flow into."

    4. Michael Zautner on

      From what has been posted so far, it seems like you'll start the game with one of each of the four classes (and thanks to the 'rebirth' system, you'll always have those 4 characters). BUT you'll have full freedom to pick which skills they have, and their skills will be able to overlap. I imagine something like the Final Fantasy X skill grid thing (Or something like this: ), where the different characters start in different spots on it but can basically customize to do whatever they want, with later decisions far outweighing initial starting points.

      So, you're support that you turned into a hacker may only be 95% as effective as the actual hacker, but will have a bit of something else to make up for that missing 5%. This is just my guess based on what I've read about this and seen in game design in general.

    5. Brent Disbrow on

      I'd like to echo some of the questions below too. This nicely-done art looks like a very specific character - can we have multiple Support agents (with different specializations, weapon sets, etc) on a mission? Part of me hopes that this is a deep exploration of a specifically-kitted out character (and NOT representative of how all Support agents look). I don't see possibilities with this costume so it makes me wonder. And I really don't see any sneakiness with it - Good Guy Greg is ready for a firefight and not so much for walking incognito anywhere :)

    6. Maxeren on

      @Robert: do you really want syndicate as it was back then? honestly let the old syndicate have its nostalgic moments and embrace something new and in the spirit of syndicate.. this will never BE syndicate...

    7. Aelius on

      They said you will be able to custom equip and develop them. If you want your hacker or support to be an all out minigun killing machine then that's what you can do. Their class with stay the same, but you can build tanks out of all of them if you so choose. That's what I've gathered so far. So no worries.

    8. Robert Krondorfer on

      Skill trees are killing intelligent games. Im withdrawing my support. Good luck with the sales.
      The whole point of syndicate was the anonymity of your agents. You're not creating syndicate, you are creating your own game. A game i do not want.

    9. Missing avatar

      Yut on

      Ya i've asked the same questions in AMA and you guys directed me tot he squad update info. But what I got from that was we'd be able to choose the skills trees in each class. It didn't answer the squad composition is wondering. Will we be able to have 2 assassins down different skills trees and 2 hackers in a group?

      One of the devs said one of the complaints of the syndicate game was ppl just moved 4 agents around as a killing blob. I disagree cause that made them feel more like the borg. I'd send one off on a suicide train explosion. Split them up to cover flanks and move them back together when it was strategically right. Will we be forced to have one of each class in a group?

    10. Robert Krondorfer on

      Allright, answer this and you deside if you keep my money or not.
      Will your squad be equippable as you want yourself. Or do you have to take this class along no matter what? will you be forcing me to choose classes and expand their skills through character trees or not?

      Really, the thing that made the original syndicate games great was the variety of wich you could equip your squad. The possibilities was pretty much endless of whatever you wanted to mount on your squad. from reading this update i take it that this is the only class that is able to do the things listed in the description here wich saddens me.

      Can i rig mini guns on other classes or is this the only one? I expect an answer to this!

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Keeble on

      Its one thing to have the ability to take a support character its wholy another to force that strategy on the players as the only strategy. One of the advantages of the original game is that you could choose whether you wanted to take a sniper along with light weight or heavy weight guns and field whatever combination you chose to. The strategy ended up being too simplistic as the mini gun in many ways was necessary to win but there were tactical circumstances where a mixed team made more sense and the game gave us that option.

      Pushing the player into having to take 1 of each role and those roles being very strongly defined in a particular way will to some extent weaken the choices the player makes about their own strategy. Can you imagine an RTS that required you to take a mix of units? It just doesn't feel right.

    12. Jalister on

      I agree, with artwork like that you could make mini comic of graphic novel. I'm waiting for all four "Meet the X agent" updates. I plan to take all four images and make a wallpaper. Hopefully the images will be consistent in design and proportions.

    13. Aelius on

      I hope the trench coat will cover more in the final version in game when walking around incognito. Other than that I think it's excellent. Epic gun right there. Reminds me of the bolter from a space marine.

    14. Chris Doak on

      Visual customisation was covered a bit in the AMA. It mostly extends to your agents inheriting your corporate colours, as well as your agent taking the features of the person you "recruit".
      As for reactions, someone mentioned an "Incognito mode" which keeps your agents low-key.

    15. Felix on

      This picture makes me wonder. Will the agents looks change based on what gear we have on them? Or can we designate the looks when we first go into the game?

      And will looks have any effect on how the AI reacts to our agents? If an agent is wearing a trenchcoat hiding his gear as opposed to walking around with it on showfor example.

    16. Cooper Lee on

      The suit and gadgets looks cool!

    17. Richard on

      He has an iWatch!

    18. Ber on

      Awesome update! Some sweet art, and plenty of info. This zooms the Support Agent from least defined agent to most defined, and he's sounding like someone I will really like having around :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Marshall on

      Awesome, can't wait to see the other classes!

    20. Stephen Varey on

      Hey, that's great! loving the the Team Fortress: Meet the - vibe!
      with artwork this great, have you considered a mini-comic? good publicity :)
      Keep up the great work guys!!!

    21. Navagon on

      That's one badass design! The only possible downside is that his appearance means he's going to be instantly recognised as a threat - weapon drawn or not. Which could mean a lot of unwanted attention and a reduction in the options you have in terms of playing style. That's one advantage those trench coats had. The ability to get where you need to be before opening up on every threat in sight certainly had its advantages.