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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

Signed Limited-Edition Tier Upgrade, and 5 Lives do an AMA on Reddit

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

Greetings Agents,

Things have inevitably started slowing down, but we're not letting that slow us down. First of all, all backers in the Elite Agent tier and above will now receive their Limited-Edition boxes signed by the 5 Lives team!

As requested by some backers, we've put together a reward chart, detailing exactly which tiers get which rewards. It's on the Rewards section of the main page, and also attached to this update for your convenience.

Next up, we're going to be taking to Reddit to do an AMA. For those who aren't familiar, AMA stands for "ask me anything," or in this case, "ask us anything." There, you'll be able to post questions to the team in real-time, not just about Satellite Reign, but any other questions you might have. Frustrated by an old bug in Syndicate Wars? Blame Mike! Wondering what it's like to live life with a black, fluffy cloud attached to your face? Chris will get you up to speed.

It will be taking place on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 at 21:00 UTC/GMT. To see when that is in your local timezone, check out this handy link.

We've got some awesome new content coming soon, but we still need your help in continuing to get the word out. This game won't happen without support, so keep up the chatter, and keep "persuading" the masses to our cause!

- 5 Lives Team

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    1. Michael Zautner on

      Just now saw that change, thanks very much for that improvement!

    2. Sjoerd Dorpmans on

      Backed! Simply because I loved Syndicate / Syndicate Wars. Hoping that it will make me feel the same way as it did back then. Good luck to you!

    3. 5 Lives Studios Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      Sorry about that, I've redone the reward chart on the main page of the kickstarter project, unfortunately Kickstarter doesn't allow the ability to alter the update images or text after it's been posted so I an unable to update the image here.

    4. Ohmwrecker on

      Two bits of feedback -

      1. Your columns in the chart should include the dollar amount for reference.

      2. I really feel like you guys have overpriced the signed swag, and that your $250 tier offers way too little. Believe it or not there are a lot of consumers out there willing to jump to those tiers, but a $150 premium for a hoodie at the $250 is a bit much. In my opinion you guys should have put the signed game at $250, and had the signed art book at $350.

    5. Michael Zautner on

      Could I convince you to redo the reward chart with different colored check marks, because I can't tell the difference between the green and yellow ones (I'm guessing those are the colors). Not that it makes a ton of difference. Though it does bring up that I hope you'll keep colorblindness in mind when designing the UI. Games can be very frustrating when the UI is built to make something easy to tell two things apart (high health/low health for example) and then the colors are made very similar, which to colorblind people generally means identical.

    6. Chris Brind on

      Might be slowing down, but you're still trending to 168% of goal. ;-)

    7. Ken Varley on

      So on Resistor pledge, I still get 2 copies of the game, with the exception that I can choose to have the 2nd as a boxed copy?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christoph on

      Ja hey guys!
      Just a little wish: I am on the maximum level of digital-only-tiers (Capacitor) - and i would like to pledge more, but i want digital-only-content... any chance to introduce a higher digital-only tier?
      Or digital add-ons?
      However, the game looks fantastic, hope it works out!!
      Last question: Any chance for some specific details on planned weapons, skills and tools as well as a detailled description of a typical "mission"?
      All the best!!

    9. Richard McCormack on

      Move the beta access to the $25 Soldier tier ... and the pledges will flood in. Wallpaper's,e-manual's - soundtracks are all meh to anyone but the most dedicated cyber nerd.

    10. TheChosenOne on

      Love to see a artbook add-on and/or lower tier reward. Only at 500 is just downright silly. ;o
      Throw in hardcover/softcover/signed/unsigned at severl levels.

    11. Timothy Lose on

      Have you guys considered adding a tier that includes two digital copies for something like £25? This kind of bundle has done well on other kickstarters.

    12. Chris Doak on

      Keep at it lads! You owe it to yourselves and your humble fans to blow this thing out of the water. Here's hoping the AMA pulls a tonne of attention (and funding for the cause).

    13. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      Would love to see an interview with day9 has the potential to bring a ton n backers. I
      other then that we need update news that the press will cover. either lots of exclusive interviews or better some sort of teaser anything with more substance to get press coverage

    14. moz SoSR-393 on

      ponders about a beard cam, this is my first KS and loving it so far, thanks 5lives!