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A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
A real-time, class-based strategy game, set in an open world cyberpunk city, from the creator of Syndicate Wars.
15,029 backers pledged £461,333 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Later...

Posted by 5 Lives Studios (Creator)

We're officially past the 24-hour mark, and thanks to your support, we're already more than 20% of the way to our goal! We can't stress enough how thrilled we are by the reaction we've seen. Help us keep this awesome momentum going, and Satellite Reign is going to keep getting better and better!

Just a quick update, lots of people have been requesting an option for a physical boxed-copy of Satellite Reign. Just so everyone knows, we're hearing you loud and clear, and are looking into how we can make this happen.

We'll being having some exciting video updates soon with more in-depth discussions between Mike Diskett and Chris Conte, outlining the plans we've got in place for Satellite Reign.

Thanks again, and keep spreading the word!


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    1. Richard on

      I don't think anyone is denying the coolness of a boxed copy really, but it's a lot of work for 5 guys to organise when the time is better spent on the game. If the game does well I'm sure a boxed copy would come later anyway, like angry birds is now available on boxed form

    2. Dablue

      the 24 hours laters reminds me of "meanwhile.. in the batcave.. (insert 60s tune here).
      But what i came here to say was.. yeah boxed copies are cool. Not for all games mind you. But i agree with mr Botha. If you can afford them.. they look nicely in your closet.

    3. Jacob Shaw on

      Xavis might be onto something guys. If you do a physical boxed copy perhaps do one on USB memory (that don't require an install maybe?) instead of on disks, it might work out cheaper for you guys.

      Still, that said, I'm happy with a digital release so long as it's GOG/Steam, I just wish I could have pledged more to make this happen.

    4. Xaviz on

      steelbook collector's edition with a badass usb with the game on pretty please!

    5. Mordac on

      I for one collect boxes of the games I buy. However with shipping it becomes too costly a hobby. But if you can afford it easily then why not?

    6. Seth Burnette on

      I'm with Matthew. I'm not at all sure why we need a boxed copy. I could see it being a super limited edition or something, but if aiming for a boxed copy diverts too much attention or resources from getting the actual game done then I think it needs to be dropped as a potential option.

    7. Matthew Popke on

      Not criticizing or trying to convince anyone otherwise. I'm just genuinely curious.

      Why does anybody want a boxed copy? Words really can't express how eagerly I look forward to never buying a boxed game again (actually, I haven't bought a boxed game since I stopped playing my PS3 over a year ago so, hooray!). I have multiple backup copies of everything so I'm not worried about losing any games. I just don't get it. Why is a boxed copy such a big deal for some people?

      Again, I'm not trying to criticize. Just sincerely curious.


      yes BOXED copy and plz dont put it on a ridiculous tier

    9. Missing avatar

      Pontus Broden Svensson on

      Looks like all my favourite old developers with games i love are comming back to kickstarter :) I would probably put more money in but I just had to get the Assassin option :D I cant wait to hear more what you have in mind for Satellite Reign! Great start and good luck with your kickstarter campaign!

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      forgot say, Congrats on a great start to the project :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      I agree with Felix - please make the T-Shirt and addon extra. It looks great but I just can't pledge that amount :(

    12. Suiciderunner on

      Thanks for bringing such an amazing project to the table guys! Keep up the great work!

    13. Ville Vuorela on

      The bad thing about epic kickstarter projects like this that I will be pissed off for *months* if this fails.

    14. Vortex - Syndicate?Satellite Reign 3.93 on

      Was actually happy to not see a lot of physical rewards simply because in that case more money will go towards the game and not pledge fulfillment. Just dont do crazy on physical rewards and keep shipping costs in mind when you price them.

    15. Dieithrio on

      Best thing would be an old-school boxed copy, but I know it would be way too awesome to be real :D

    16. Anders Öster

      Yes, a tier with boxed copy + t-shirt (with retro Syndicate design) please.

    17. Felix on

      If you are going to add physical things..

      ..PLEASE add a T shirt option! I would love to buy a t shirt from you guys, but I cant afford the upgrade to that level ~.~

    18. suppafoxe on

      Thanks to you guys for bringing back a beloved game !