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$23,320 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$23,320 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. EG
      about 3 hours ago

      Hi could you try make shipping to Singapore much cheaper? KS game backers usually include alot of Asia backers

    2. Missing avatar

      Chong Tze Liang about 8 hours ago

      Have to agree on the shipping costs. Even after that first revision, the "rest of the world rate is still too high. I think this and Side Effects are my two projects that have the highest shipping/game ratio

    3. Missing avatar

      Aristyo Rahadiyan
      about 12 hours ago

      Another stretch goal idea: reducing shipping cost worldwide. I backed many card games in Kickstarter, this is the only one with shipping cost that's more expensive than the card game itself!
      Please reconsider.

      Thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      about 19 hours ago

      I dislike your stretch goals very much.

    5. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 1 day ago

      Hey @Eddi! We're in the works of having, at the very least, the instructions translated which would show the translated card text there. We'll make updates on this as the project goes forward!

    6. Eddi
      1 day ago

      @Trent: Do you have any plans on printing the cards in other languages?

    7. Missing avatar

      Yannick Carrier 1 day ago

      Good thing shipping cost got reduced!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Berton 1 day ago

      Thanks a lot for your shipping cost reduced.
      29 down to 12 for France (EU).
      I pledged your game :)

    9. James 2 days ago

      Well done guys. I’m in :)

    10. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 2 days ago

      For many countries I was able to work with fulfillment centers in that country to reduce prices. However not all places have that option so I still need to charge the same for other places.

    11. EG
      2 days ago

      I do not understand whats the difference between the international shipping old and same pricing

    12. Oz Locke 2 days ago

      Great news, and congrats on funding. I'm in :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Samuel Smithers 2 days ago

      Thank you for following the communities advice to discuss your postal options with others. I'm very happy that you did and it shows your desire/commitment to the community and campaign. UK is happy :).

    14. Missing avatar

      Wits End Games
      2 days ago

      Well done congrats for getting funded, and well done listening and get the shipping cheaper. I'm all in now.

    15. Nathan Wyss
      2 days ago

      Really appreciate you bringing the shipping down - pledge definitely locked in now. Excellent work!

    16. EG
      3 days ago

      There is no change in international shipping to Singapore is still at 29usd

    17. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 3 days ago

      Thank you everyone who shared your thoughts on our international shipping. Please see our latest update to get information on our new affordable options!

    18. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 3 days ago

      We'll have an update with new International shipping soon! Get ready!

    19. James Sander-Cederlof
      3 days ago

      I watched the playthrough video and enjoyed the concept of the game; you needn't do anything more to sell me on the concept of the game aside from the cost (mainly shipping).

    20. James Sander-Cederlof
      3 days ago

      While I am in the USA, it pains me to pay the high shipping, so for now I'll support you with $1. If you did a card only version and had the shipping cost cheaper, I'd go for that. I have hundreds of dice that I could use for this game; all I'd require is the cards. Find a way to do that for cheaper, and you'd find me backing at that level.

    21. Oz Locke 3 days ago

      Between the shipping cost being much lower for USA, and the lack of any customs friendly promise (also an issue, as it is we're looking at, what, $65 after customs charges) I'm assuming you're shipping individually from the US?

      The usual approach is to split containers from the factory and send by boat to hubs around the world (US, Europe, etc...), having local distributors like Game Quest and Starlight Citadel package and ship them within their own regions, keeping costs down, and avoiding customs charges.

    22. Guiorgy 3 days ago

      PS. (18$ including the 10$ to USA)

      10.43"L x 10.43"W x 2.17"H
      2lb 8oz

    23. Guiorgy 3 days ago

      Looks like I should be able to ship it to Georgia for ~18$ by using a 3rd party service from USA. There could be similar service in your local area, I'd suggest looking for such and asking them. It might cut the shipping cost!

    24. Oz Locke 3 days ago

      Good luck with it, and I'll definitely be taking a closer look if you can get the price down

    25. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 3 days ago

      James and Oz, that's great feedback. We'll consider those suggestions and see what we'd like to do.

    26. Oz Locke 3 days ago

      In for a buck for now, but I can't justify $50 for a card game, no matter how fun it is.

      I'd recommend you reach out to some other KS creators, as they've all managed to arrange reasonable shipping costs (Pandasaurus managed to charge less than a tenner for the beast that is Dinosaur Island)

    27. James 3 days ago

      Sorry guys. Happy to chuck you a buck, but $29 delivery to UK is crazy high :(
      Have you thought about making a card-only version to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs? Dice rolling can easily be recreated with a small set of cards, and the board is only really there to show die positions; something you could also do with cards. Just food for thought :)

    28. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 4 days ago

      Hey Nathan, it's estimated by our fulfillment center to cost about $36 to ship to Australia. If we get enough backers, we may be able to make a deal with a second fulfillment center that is located outside of the US to bring down costs. For now though, we've already discounted it $7 to help out. And remember that the game will be worth it! If you don't like it for some reason you can return it at full price and we'll pay for the shipping!

    29. Nathan Wyss
      4 days ago

      Shipping price to Australia is massive and not really in line with other kickstarter projects, any chance you'll be able to look into ways you can bring it down?

    30. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 4 days ago

      Hey @yannick The lowest estimated shipping cost for the board game with it's weight and dimensions through USPS is $26. 5 Color Combo is discounting it $6 but you're right. $20 is still high. It is worth it though. This game is really great. If you don't like it, you can return it at full price and we'll even pay the shipping for that too.

    31. Missing avatar

      Yannick Carrier 4 days ago

      20$ to ship to canada.....why is the shipping cost so high?

    32. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 4 days ago

      The high shipping makes me sad too.

    33. Missing avatar

      Wits End Games
      4 days ago

      Would back this, but gosh that shipping internationally is so high.

    34. Trent Ellingsen 5-time creator 4 days ago

      I agree @JuanLB! Shipping actually costs us $36 to go to most of the world. 5 Color Combo is discounting it $7 to try and help though.

    35. Missing avatar

      JuanLB 4 days ago

      Shipping cost is over the price of the game itself... it is not fair :_(

    36. Chris 4 days ago

      Heck yeah!