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A strategy game you can't stop playing! It's Floppy Cat vs Positive Grilled Cheese.
A strategy game you can't stop playing! It's Floppy Cat vs Positive Grilled Cheese.
A strategy game you can't stop playing! It's Floppy Cat vs Positive Grilled Cheese.
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      Berton on

      @Trent Thanks it's great fun :)

    2. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Wow @Berton. Great understanding of the game and those are two good scenarios to describe how to use those cards!

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      Berton on

      Hello !

      @Creator : Thanks I have finnaly received the game :) Great fun !

      @Winnie : If you attack with this card (it works only if you are the attacker in a bump, not the defender) and win the bump, you apply the total rank damage you obtained (the sum of this card's value 6 + all the rank cards you played as a backup during the bump) to the opponent's cards on the left and on the right if they exist.

      A common and tricky scenario could be :
      Imagine the opponent has a card in the middle of the line in the second spot (we'll name it "CARD") and his champion is on the left in the first spot of the same line (we'll name it "CHAMP"). You have the card n°6 in the middle of a line (second spot) and the line is 2 distance from the opponent's cards. We have on the playfield :

      CHAMP - CARD - nothing
      nothing - nothing - nothing
      nothing - YOUR CARD n°6 - nothing

      It's your turn. The opponent feels pretty safe because you normally can't attack his champion on your single turn (your card is 3 move away from the opponent's champion). But you move your card n°6 2 spaces to start a bump on the opponent's card in the middle.

      CHAMP - BUMP - nothing (The BUMP here is your secret card n°6 and the opponent's card)
      nothing - nothing - nothing
      nothing - nothing - nothing

      You attacked so it's the defender (the opponent) which call for backup first. He can decide to put one or two cards because he want to win the battle and get out your card. He can also decide to put nothing, because you already spent your 2 moves, so even if you win the battle his champion is safe and he's not afraid to lose the game (ohoh !) and moreover your opponent can beleive your card is a bomb (n°2) and so don't want to risk to lose some cards for nothing . In addition, because his champion is safe here, the opponent can prefer to save his cards and, he if he loose the battle, the next turn he'll know your card and his rank and so will attack you by knowing your card (advantage). So opponent take the decision to not calling for backup.

      It's your turn to call for backup, you throw ALL YOUR HAND into backup while laughing in a demonic manner and reveal your card : It's a n°6 !! You have, lets say, 16 for total rank value with backup and the opponent has less : You win the Battle and your were the attacker !!
      => So you apply 16 damages to the all the opponent's cards on the left and on the right of the bump. On the right there is nothing, but on the left you deals 16 damage to the opponent's champion and you win ! What a great move !

      Note : Maybe after laughing and revealing the cards in the bump, you discover that the opponent's card was a...Bomb (N°2) !! Your opponent smile at you, you lose the battle and finish your turn with 0 card in hand meanwhile your opponent has lost only one card...
      What a great move !

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      Hi there - my friend and I tried to play the game today and it was a lot of fun! We did run into a question though... can you tell us how the "#6 - Wide Load" card works, please? We read the description on the card and in the game rule, but still wasn't clear on what it was supposed to do... some kind of scenario on how that card is played/used would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    5. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Gabriel that's great! I'm glad to hear they enjoy it. And Berton, yes I'll follow up with you directly on your shipment.

    6. Missing avatar

      Berton on

      Hello @Creator !

      I haven't received my game yet (from France) :/
      I already commented the last article, but I'm putting the comment also here in case of

    7. Gabriel Paduganan

      My kids love this game! I thought they'd be too young to fully understand all of the mechanics, but they seem to get it. In fact, I've yet to win against either of them. Thanks for creating a fun and accessible game!

    8. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      You're welcome. Let me know what you think of it after you play!

    9. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier

      I did receive it yesterday! Thank you for staying in touch, I really do appreciate it. Game looks great

    10. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Awesome! I'm excited to hear what you think!

    11. Simon R on

      Arrived today in the UK :) Looking forward to finishing work and playing this tonight!

    12. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Chris I'm glad you like it! Please feel free to leave a review on our product page!

    13. Chris Gagnon on

      Got mine today! Played it multiple times already! Showing it off to my buddies too. U guys are awesome! Thanks for a great game! Will obviously be leaving good reviews wherever I can lol

    14. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Devin! I'll message you with your tracking number.

    15. Missing avatar

      Devin Catellier

      Any idea when I might be receiving my copy?

    16. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Thanks Jen! I'm glad it got to you in good condition!

    17. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Levi! Great questions, the bomb ability works on attack and defense. The wide attack works only on attack which is why the word attack is specified on the card. I'm glad you like the game and hope you can continue to enjoy it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jen on

      Just wanted to say that I received my copy of Enfutown Bumpers yesterday! I haven't tried the game out yet , nor freed the cards from the wrap, but everything looks great so far!

    19. Levi

      Just played it today. Was a pretty cool game but it's unclear if the bomb or the wide attack works on both attacking and defending or just one. We found a way to force somebody into a corner and have them be surrounded by bombs or winning off using a wide attack next to a champion.

    20. Missing avatar

      Armanestra on

      Just got mine in the mail today!

    21. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      If you continue to have the problem Nora, please just send the info to our email.

    22. Nora Hays

      My link to add my address is just taking me to the front page of Kick Starter? Anyone else?

    23. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Vanessa. Good question. We're expecting that after the first backers get their products, they're going to leave great reviews and we'll see more adoption of the game at that point. When that happens, we're going to look to make expansions and other products.

    24. Vanessa Simek

      I would love to see expansions, like the unlockables that we didn't reach. Do you have plans to launch another Kickstarter for them? Will there be more cool clans?

    25. Simon R on

      Congratulations on funding :D I'll admit that I really wanted the playmat and I'm a little upset that we didn't manage to push your KS enough to reach that goal. But I'm still super excited to play Floppy Cat vs Positive Grilled Cheese, so thank you for running this campaign :)

    26. Wendi Chen on

      Congratulations on such a successful Kickstarter! :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Mackenzie on

      Grilled Cheese and Cats are two of my favourite things, so I'm so glad I saw this right before the campaign ended.

    28. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      The $5 shipping is a cost for additional copies of the game for the increased weight. The shipping for a single game is what is listed for each backer level. $13 for you in this case.

    29. 聖歌 ドミニック on

      I don't get it. The campaign site says the shipping cost is 5$, but when I pledged it asked for 13$. Could someone explain that issue?

    30. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      The card stock will be either 280gsm or 300gsm. Card size is US Game Size which is 55.9mm x 87.1mm or 2.2" x 3.43" (Not standard poker size). This is the same size used for the Uno cards. I'm not aware of sleeves for non standard card sizes but that could be a cool thing that we'd consider making in the future too.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dingo Tangerine on

      what card stock is being used? do you have recommended sleeves or at least a final card size?

    32. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Ashley! Great question. We're expecting that once people get their hands on this game that they're going to love it and share it with their friends and give good reviews. We're expecting that this will naturally grow a bigger audience for the game and then we're going to look at the best ways to expand and add in new products like the playmats, extra decks, and expansions! So keep an eye out!

    33. Ashley AshKat Salazar on

      @trentellingson I know this is only a few days away from being funded but do you think you guys would do another kickstarter in the future so that those extra decks in the stretch goals could potentially happen?

    34. Demandred

      WOOT grats on funding

    35. Demandred

      1$ away lol we got this

    36. Missing avatar

      Savanna Cooper on

      I've shared this with my friends and family. �

    37. Matt Buttacavoli on

      Shared with my friends and family, this would make a great lunch game!

    38. Kollim on

      Maybe this game could use some online advertising. The game looks interesting enough!! :) I would love to see the other player cards added. :)

    39. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Thanks savanna! Make sure to share the game with your friends too! We'd really appreciate it!

    40. Missing avatar

      Savanna Cooper on

      I am pumped about backing this game! If I can pledge more than I definitely will :D

    41. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Wow Christopher. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    42. Christopher

      @everyone - here are some QUICK and EASY things YOU can do to support this campaign!

      1) send a short email or add a comment to a video of your favourite youtube boardgamer (Dice Tower, Bearded Meeple, etc.) asking them to cover the Kickstarter before it ends.

      2) go to the Kicktraq page for the campaign and click on the "visit project" button. Feels redundant, I know but it'll bump up higher in the ranking on Kickstarter. You can do this up to 3 times a day. Here's the link:

      3) Post a comment here! It will also bump this campaign on Kickstarter!

      4) Ask your friends to back by $1, it will bump us up on Kickstarter by adding backers.

      5) Increase your pledge by $1 (or more if you want) to help reach the stretch goals.

      6) Share the campaign on social media to get more backers AND help hit those social media stretch goals!

      Also, here are two things people can do to help give the game for more visibility (and therefore more backers) at

      1) go to the main page for the game and become a fan by a clicking on the heart. Here's the link:

      2) go to the images of the game and click on the little green thumbs-up button. Here's the link:

    43. Trent Ellingsen 8-time creator on

      Hey Stien and E.G. we'll look over our shipping prices again and see if we have room to adjust it more favorably!

    44. Stein Surland

      @ EG Yes, expensive shipping world wide, especially compared to the price of the game. No first day update, and no answer to my questions in my email :-(

    45. EG

      whoa expensive shipping to singapore