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World record attempt to snowkite mountaineer Mt. Marcus Baker, with 13.176 ft. the highest summit of the Chugach Mountains, Alaska.

What is the Ataraxia Project?

The project is a two- and- a- half month journey and expedition, merging at least seven sports and two cultures with one amazing state, Alaska

Bringing together snow kiting, speed flying, paragliding, ski touring and glacial traversing, the Ataraxia crew will be documenting through film and photography the next generation of outdoor sports - the combination of extremes. 
Our vision of obtaining our goals solely by our own and mother natures power is what Ataraxia is all about!

So, what does this mean exactly?

Our biggest challenges are the completion of the Eklutna Traverse and the ascent of Mt. Marcus Baker. Both are extreme undertakings, with the traverse representing the horizontal realm, and Mt. Marcus Baker the vertical extreme. Historically these expeditions have been undertaken with large carbon footprints or have been accomplished through slow and arduous climbing techniques. With the crew‘s background in snow kiting, we have chosen a revolutionary and different approach to an old idea. 

Our challenge is to be the first people on the planet to ever snow kite mountaineer to the top of a 13.000 ft.+ peak. 

Mount Marcus Baker

Aside from these dimensions the 38-mile completion of the Eklutna Traverse looks like a walk in the park. Nevertheless with the crossing of three major Alaskan glaciers and many hazards such as crevasses and intermittent steep climbs along the way, it will be no simple task in itself. 

Bigger, stronger, faster - it is the extreme sports annual effort to beat all existing records, in the case of the skiing and snowboarding industry it is not an athletic challenge anymore but rather a competition for the biggest helicopters budget. A lack of endurance and environmental pollution - the Ataraxia crew wants to supersede this trend and follow an innovative approach to pushing the limits of big mountain winter sports

By combining the experience and skills of former snow kiting world champions with the expert knowledge of Alaskan mountain guides, we will make the impossible become possible and reach the summit without the unnecessary combustion of more than 200 liters of fuel per hour. 

Eklutna Traverse

What is the outcome?

In order to share this unique experience with the rest of the world, a professional photographer and cinematographer will join us for the entire project, putting all the action, all the drama and the emotions experienced, once we finally succeed on record.

What is the money used for?

As we are already having some sponsors, and the flights are booked, the project is definitely happening! As a matter of fact, all money collected directly contributes to the quality of the movie.

We will try to keep the productions cost as low as possible, we use our private film-equipment and just rent equipment for special shots in special moments, like cineflex shots from the heli, super slowmotion shots with a highspeed camera or flying shots from a steadycam.

The sound is for us as important as the visual impressions, in cooperation with upcoming musicians and sound artists we want to create an outstanding sound design. Be up close with the athlete in every moment. To reach this goal we want to use a wireless microsystems, which deliver the sound from the athlete and around the athlete.

The upcoming climate conditions will penetrate our gear in every minute. Snow, ice, wind, super low temperature and hard vibrations will shorten the lifetime rapidly, we have to cover this by three times more batteries and a backup for each gear.

This is just a small overview what kind of production cost we will encounter.

Please support us to bring this amazing project to your screen in the best possible quality. 

Become a part of it!  

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