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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

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Free Wallpaper (1 of 10)

So I've made a decision regarding updates for the near future. In order to avoid that feeling I talked about where I don't update if I don't have something concrete to show you guys, I'm going to start releasing the wallpapers that I've already completed—one new wallpaper every time I don't have anything else to deliver. I have five of them already (mostly) done from before I got hurt, and I had been waiting until they were all finished before releasing them. But I recently realized I don't need to wait, right? So here's the first wallpaper:

It's called, "No Encounters Today," and you can download it in a variety of sizes at this page on the GiantITP website. If you have any suggestions for other sizes and/or croppings you'd like to see, just leave a Comment on this update and I'll see what I can do.

As far as other work, this past week was a week of packing and shipping, mostly. I packed up about 200 autographed packages, mostly in the Stick It to You, Patience for an Art Print, and Patience for a Book reward levels. The majority of the autographed (non-crayon) packages left are the Patience for the Whole Story boxes, which are slow to get out because not only do they require me to sign seven books per customer, but they're big and bulky and don't fit too many in my car per trip. I also finished some more digital portraits and plugged away at Haleo and Julelan—which is ending up much longer than planned, surprising exactly no one. Here's the Workometer:

As you can see, it doesn't look like much even though it took a lot of time; hence the wallpaper release. But hey, now you have something to look forward to next time—either a PDF or another wallpaper! Until then, thanks for your continued support and patience.


Kept in the Loop

Sometimes, I get into this...loop. I think to myself, "I'm going to get Task X done, and then I'm going to do an update." And then I get about half of Task X, and I have to stop to take care of Non-Work-Related-Task Y. And then Non-Work-Related-Task Y gets mostly sorted, but now it's been five days since I posted a regular OOTS comic, so I have to get started on that. And then that takes like a whole day just to write, and I need to break the art up into two days because I can't draw for that long at once anymore, and then I finally can get back to Task X. Except, now it's been too long since I did an update to have gotten nothing but Task X done, so I decide that I need to also try to do Task Z before the update. So I start working on Task Z...and Non-Work-Related-Task Q comes along.

All of that is a really long way of saying, "Sorry I haven't had an update in a while."

Since the last update, I finished the promised nine strips in a row for the main OOTS comic, but that's ancient history by now, so who cares? I did add it to the Workometer after the fact, though. Some more Patience packages shipped, but I'm mostly only packing those when there's nothing else that I could be doing, since I was upfront about no one expecting those until everything else was finished. Here's where things stand:

I guess the big news then, other than incremental progress for which I have nothing yet to show, is that digital portraits have started going out. Right now, I've finished half of them—35 "Stick It to Me" and 5 "Stick It to My Family" portraits. Most of those have already been emailed out, but there are still a few I need to format and send. There are also 17 packages where it turns out I do not have the necessary reference photos from the backer (either because it was never sent or because my email devoured it), so if you pledged for one of these, check your email to see if there's a message from us. Likewise, if you know for a fact that you never sent in your photos, send them now to (SEE P.S. BELOW)

In unrelated news, I can now shill the latest two OOTS miniatures, Haley and Elan. Haley comes with two bow options (firing and not-firing), while Elan comes with both his lute and his rapier. The previously provided $7-off-shipping coupon code is still good on these, too. Before anyone gets mad that I only seem to do an update when someone puts something on sale, you should know that this is usually the best way to break me out of that loop I mentioned up top. When Morland or Ookoodook tells me that I need to announce a product, I know I need to update whether I'm ready or not. 

That's it for now. With luck, I won't get too stuck in my cycle to do another one of these sooner rather than later. Thanks, as always, for your nigh-superhuman patience.


P.S. Apparently, someone has launched a DDoS attack against for who-knows-what reason. I had to put these images on another server just to send this. I have no idea when it will be back, but I'll try to update via my Twitter when I can. But it does mean that the email address listed above may be offline for a while.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Belkar Bitterleaf in "Uncivil Servant"


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I Stopped By the Deli and Got You Flowers on the Way Home

Today is the one-year anniversary of the end of this pledge drive and our long fulfillment together. I bet you thought I forgot.

In celebration, I am releasing the first of the digital stories that I should have had for you a few months ago. It's the Belkar Bitterleaf prequel story that was bought and paid for by one generous backer. I ended up making a bunch of last-minute revisions this week that pushed the completion back a little—I think I went back two boxes on the Workometer before going forward. This "8-10 page story" is coming in at 12 pages, too, so, you know, business as usual for me. The story will be available through a second backer-only update that I'll send in a few minutes, so check your email inbox for that.

I'm also happy to announce that I'm going to start working on the digital portraits (the "Stick It to You" and "Stick It to Your Family" packages). They don't take much more thumb effort than the regular comic, so I'm going to tackle them this upcoming week. No idea yet how quickly they'll go, though, so it may take a few weeks to get them all done. If you have one of those packages and haven't sent in your reference photos, do so now to (with the subject line "DIGITAL PORTRAIT REFERENCE.") I've also been sending more of the signed Patience packages; I have a huge stack of international envelopes for which I just have to fill out customs forms and they're ready to go.

Here's where the Workometer stands now:

I wish I had something special and inspirational to say on the occasion of the anniversary. All I can think of is how many unlit boxes are left on that Workometer a year later. My hand has been getting stronger, though, which has helped me with the amount I can draw before having to rest. I guess my new goal is to make sure it's all done so far in advance of the second anniversary that we don't even bother talking about it in those terms.

Thanks again for all the support and well-wishes, and keep an eye out for Belkar in your inbox. He'll probably start stabbing your important emails if you leave him unread for too long.


P.S. In case you haven't been keeping up with the regular comic updates, here are the latest pages: 

Return to Form

OK, first thing's first: If you haven't been checking the regular website, The Order of the Stick is back to updating (albeit slowly). I've posted three new comics since the last day of last year, so go read them if you haven't already. This update will still be here when you get back.

But wait, that's not the only old friend that's making a return. Drumroll, please:

Yes, the Workometer is back for this post, largely due to the fact that I have done work. Not as much as I would have liked, but there you have it. The main thing to announce is that I've finished all the no-Patience no-original-art autographed packages. If your ordered one of these, it's in the mail. I've even made some headway into the yes-Patience no-original-art packages, as I said I would last time—bars for them and the Patience art pieces have been added to the bottom of the chart. Most of the rest of the work I've done has been on the conceptual end of things, since I've been devoting what drawing time I can handle to updating the regular comic.

In other news, Morland Miniatures released the second OOTS mini this past week: Belkar Bitterleaf and Mr. Scruffy. (The big single base shown is a custom assembly they did for me; they ship with two individual bases normally for maximum cat exploration potential.)

Oh, and remember that exclusive free shipping code I gave all you wonderful Kickstarter backers last time? Morland Miniatures has generously extended its duration for the entire remainder of my Kickstarter fulfillment. Basically, with that code, you'll get free shipping on any order including an OOTS mini from now until every single segment is lit up on the Workometer. I can only assume that the fine folks at Morland are not truly aware of how abysmally tardy I am with some of this stuff, but their tragic miscalculation is your gain.

I think that's it. We're approaching the one-year anniversary of the start of this Kickstarter drive, and obviously I'm not going to get all the digital bonus material done in time. But everyone should have their physical rewards by now—or know the reason why they don't (their order requires artwork or is a Patience package that I haven't gotten to yet). If you don't have your package and you don't fall into one of those two categories, be sure to check the instructions in Update #50 for what to do. The number of backers contacting us through those channels has slowed to barely a trickle, by the way, giving me hope that we've finally conquered the last few shipping demons that were plaguing us.

Thanks, as always.