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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

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The I-Don't-Have-My-Books-Yet Update

Hey guys. I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update on my thumb, which I've posted over on the main Giant in the Playground website (short version: cast off, splint on, starting physical therapy but can't draw yet). This update won't really be as much about that, but about a piece of business that I actually can do now that I can type normally for short bursts: making sure that everyone has their books. I once said that there would be a time to contact me if you didn't have your books, and that time is now.

If you got your books already, and there were no problems with what you received, then that's great news and you can skip down to the last paragraph (after the dashed line). Otherwise, read on. Below are five categories of people who don't have the right books yet, along with (in some cases) new special email addresses to use in letting us know. Please read each category fully and ONLY email the single category that best matches your situation. In most cases, I would like you to contact us at this time even if you previously have sent me an email or message on the subject. Because I was out-of-commission for a while, it's hard to know whether someone who emailed me in September is still waiting for their package or if they got it since then.

Misplaced Orders

These are the orders where something happened that prevented your reward from leaving the warehouse. It may be that the order fell through the cracks, or it may be that the email did and it's already on its way. Either way, this is you if all of the following are true: 

  • You did NOT get a package at all. 
  • You did NOT get a shipping email from Ookoodook. 
  • You DID fill out a survey with your address. 
  • Your reward level does not include autographed products or original art.

If all those facts are true, email my assistant at, even if you had previously contacted me about your package. Please include your Kickstarter account name and your backer reward level (i.e. "$25 art print package"); if you had previously contacted me about your package, mention that as well.

Lost Packages

These are orders where the package was mailed, but it hasn't gotten to you yet. It is far more common for international orders, and resolving it may require action on your part (such as contacting your nation's customs office, where your box may be sitting). Still, we want provide whatever assistance we can (and be sure that it hasn't been returned to us). This is you if all of the following are true: 

  • You did NOT get a package at all. 
  • You DID get a shipping email from Ookoodook. 
  • You DID fill out a survey with your address. 
  • Your reward level does not include autographed products or original art. 

If all those facts are true, email my assistant at even if you had previously contacted me about it. Please include your Kickstarter account name, your backer reward level (i.e. "$25 art print package"), and the tracking number provided in Ookoodook's email to you. As above, if you had previously contacted me about your package, say so and mention any previous attempts to resolve the issue. Note that in the case of packages that were mailed but then returned to Ookoodook due to an incorrect address or similar not-their-fault problem, they may have to charge an additional shipping fee to resend.

No Survey

Believe it or not, there are still almost a hundred people who have not filled out a survey with their shipping information. This is you if all of the following are true: 

  • You did NOT fill out a survey with your mailing address. 
  • Your reward level does not include autographed products or original art. 

All of these customers have been contacted via email at least once, but many have yet to respond. You can either log in and fill out the survey on this site or email with your Kickstarter account name, backer reward level, and any extras you might have added to your order above and beyond the base price. Our next step will be to publish an alphabetical list of all the account names that haven't responded, because we need all outstanding surveys before the end of the year.

Wrong Stuff

You opened the box, and it had the wrong stuff in it. This is you if all of the following are true: 

  • You DID get a package from Ookoodook. 
  • The contents of that package were either incorrect or incomplete. 
  • Your reward level does not include autographed products or original art. 

If all those facts are true, contact me through the Kickstarter "contact me" link located to the right of the Kickstarter page, next to Elan's picture. If you've already done so and haven't yet gotten your corrected items, feel free to do so again (though I haven't gotten through all the corrections from the last month, and some that I have are still in the mail). You won't need to include your account name or backer reward level; that info is provided automatically when you use the Kickstarter messaging system.

Autographed Books or Art

Your ordered something that requires two working thumbs. This is you if all of the following are true: 

  • Your reward level includes an autographed product or original art. 

Unfortunately, these orders are just stuck. I can't hold a marker right now, much less sign my name or draw a picture. Even if you got an incorrect package or your package got lost in the mail, I can't make a replacement for it until my thumb heals up in a few weeks. So to keep things streamlined, I ask that anyone whose package includes autographs to please hold off on contacting me about fixing any problems until such time as I ask for that information. Thanks. (Oh, and to those of you who got the rest of their stuff but got I.O.U.'s for Sticky Shticks: Those should get out before the end of the year even if I can't sign my name.)

That should be every possible category of "straggler" left. If you somehow fall into a different situation, continue to use the Kickstarter messaging system to contact me directly.


Finally, here's that last paragraph for everyone who has their books: I'm back to work on what I can do to get some more of the digital rewards out. It's mostly just writing at this stage; I have no idea if I'll even be drawing by the end of the year. And if I am, I have to bring back the regular updated comic before I finish any new rewards. But the digital content WILL get out, even if I have to retrain the way I draw to do it. All I ask is that you have patience with me and my thumb until then. Thanks for all that you've shown so far.


P.S. I mentioned this in the News update I linked at the top of the page, but: I grew up in NJ and lived most of my adult life in NY, so I would be remiss not to point you to the American Red Cross and ask you to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, if you haven't already done so through other means (or even if you have). Or consider a donation to the efforts of the Humane Society to help care for the stranded pets of evacuated residents and reunite them with their owners. Or give to the Community Food Bank of NJ, if you want. Whatever makes you most comfortable. But they're getting hit by a winter storm again tonight, so there's going to be more need before this is over.

Update on Rich's Injury

Hey gang, this is Rich again. Thanks to everyone for the hundreds of supportive messages and kind thoughts that you've all expressed through various channels. They've really helped me keep my spirits up during what has been a decidedly crappy time in my life. The vast majority of you have told me to take as much time as I need to heal up—which I will. But I still thought it would be good to update everyone on my status when I can, and when my wonderfully caring wife can type for me, as she's doing right now. (I'm down to one-finger hunt-and-peck typing otherwise, which is not good for much more than a tweet.)

I had a doctor's appointment Friday, and I'm happy to report that he was pleased with the way everything is healing. I'll have a cast on my hand until the beginning of November or so, after which I'll start physical therapy and we'll see how much control I have over my thumb. I don't know whether I will be able to draw on the computer right away or not—and even if I can, it may proceed a lot more slowly than normal until I get accustomed to it. Output will therefore definitely be low from me for the rest of this year, unfortunately. The regular strip is a high priority, but I'll also need to balance it with the digital stories that the Kickstarter backers paid me for back in March. Crayon drawings will probably need to wait until I'm done with therapy, however long that takes.

For Kickstarter backers, I talked to the folks at Ookoodook recently and they reported that they were expecting to be done with all shipping by today or tomorrow, not counting orders with some sort of problem with the address or whatever. And of course, not counting my autographed packages, which will have to wait until I can sign my name again. I still have to sit down with my wife and go through all the emails about orders that have piled up, so please be patient with us. If you wrote me with a last-minute address change, your package may have mailed without it being processed; we'll figure out a way to make sure your box gets to you anyway, even if it means shipping out a replacement.

Thanks again for all of your patience, and I'll be sure to pop up to let you know what's happening from time to least when anything is happening, which isn't most days. I'm pretty much just laying in bed and reading, watching TV, and sleeping now. And thinking of ideas for future strips, when they come to me. Hopefully I'll get enough good ideas so that when I'm able to draw again, the comics will flow right out of me.

--Rich Burlew

P.S. from Mrs. Giant: I just want to take a moment to personally thank everyone who has sent well-wishes not only to Rich but to me as well. Your kind and caring nature never fails to amaze me. And don't worry, I'm not letting him do anything the doctor tells him to avoid. :)

My thumb, circa early last week.

Important Announcement; Please Read (Sorry this isn't the Belkar PDF yet)

Hi Everyone,

This is Mrs. Giant writing (AKA Rich's WIfe). He wanted me to let you guys know some stuff that's been going on. Rich had an accident earlier this week; he injured his right hand pretty badly on broken glass and was rushed in to have emergency surgery. They repaired some severed tendons in his thumb and he's home now and recovering. But he won't be able to draw for at least six weeks (maybe longer, depending on how quickly the nerves in his thumb heal). And he didn't want to keep you guys in the dark for all that time.

He is planning on writing a more detailed post himself once he's able to sit at the computer and type with his left hand, but right now he's on some pretty strong painkillers. When he feels up to it, he'll be able to let you know when to expect the comic strip to return, as well as the timeframes for getting out the remaining autographed packages and crayon drawings from the Kickstarter Drive. I'll be helping him answer the backlog of emails from that next week sometime, but I don't really know his address-change system yet so it might take a little longer than normal while I learn it. The last few remaining packages that are set to ship from Ookoodook won't be affected by this, so they'll keep going out at the same rate.

Don't worry, OOTS will definitely return; the doctor is really confident that this is going to heal well, we just don't know yet how long it will take. 

You guys have been so supportive and patient all year and Rich is really frustrated that he's letting you down by making you wait even longer for the stories he's been trying to bring to you. Just know that he is as eager to get back to creating the strip as you are to reading it. Thanks in advance for understanding, and hopefully you'll be hearing directly from Rich really soon.

Until then, think healing thoughts :)

~Mrs. Giant

The Steady March of Progress

Sometimes, I don't have much to report except more of the same. Today's one of those days. It's been long enough since the last update that people are getting antsy, but nothing new is really finished. I do have a new shipping chart from Ookoodook, though. Let's take a look:

As you can see, two-thirds of the Sticky Shticks packages have been mailed out already (as well as all of the non-Sticky Shticks that don't require special handling). You may notice that many reward levels have partial fulfillment, in contrast to the previous chart. That's because the warehouse staff had a scare where they though they had run out of patches, and started mailing only those packages that didn't add one. A few days later, they found two big boxes of patches in the back of the warehouse after all. So now everything is back in the queue to ship, but it does make the chart seem pretty random.

Also, we've started trying to contact everyone in the Straggler category, especially those who haven't yet given us their shipping address. If you haven't filled out any surveys for this Kickstarter drive ever (not even back when it ended in February), then you should check the junk mail folder of the email address you provided for us—there's probably a message from us there. Furthermore, if you pledged at the $10, $14, or $15 levels and have not given us your address yet, please email us at kickstarter(at)giantitp(dot)com, except replacing the (at) with @ and the (dot) with a dot. Give us your account name, the level that you backed at, and your shipping address. There are still a lot of these pledges that haven't shipped yet and we'd like to clear them out as soon as possible. EDIT: Please do not use this email address for general inquiries about your order!! Continue to contact me directly through the "Contact Me" link next to Elan on the side.

With that, let's look at the Workometer:

Next time I update, I expect to be giving you the download link to the Belkar story—I still have a couple of pages left to draw, then I need to lay it out for the PDF. Then I need to get my copies of Sticky Shticks shipped to me from the Ookoodook warehouse so I can start mailing out the last of the non-Patience non-artwork signed packages.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. And congratulations to Reaper Miniatures on displacing me as the most funded D&D-related project. Fun fact: plastic minis like the Bones line are light enough to ride on the back of a paper horse from the Monster for Every Season collection. Just saying.