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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christian Steudtner on

      @zester: I don't know if it is the original file, but someone posted this link on the forum:

    2. zester on

      @Nigel Phillips: Absolutely! Some weeks after this Kickstarter drive I started DMing my own Pathfinder adventure. One could even say that they somewhat inspired my to do it. Until today I didn't need to buy any minis: Those little wonders even made my more experienced (and better equipped) players envious! Now I can't wait to see the next batch as there are so many more monsters in the books that need to be represented by a proper paper mini in our fights.

      @Rich: I'm not registered in the forums so I just wanted to say thanks for a universe of fun! Btw, is there any chance that your hand-drawn start page still exists anywhere on your website? A friend of mine did completely miss it and I wasn't smart enough to save it when I had the chance.

    3. Nigel Phillips

      Yay, summer at 10%...hope its more by now. Love those spring minis.

    4. Missing avatar

      M.A.D on

      @Stephen Joseph Smith: I almost read your text as transsexual, which is totally unlike Tarquin.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sarah on

      The site being attacked is terrible, but I dig the hand drawn start page.

    6. Arrowstormen on

      The end of the latest comic really makes me wish the forums weren't down, so much to discuss!

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen Joseph Smith on

      So I dug up an archive of the 21 February 2013 Workometer image, and here are the changes since then. The Giant increased: the green bar for Haleo and Julelan from 10% to 50% (awesome!); the green bar for Digital Portrait Packages bar 0% to 50%; the green bar for Monster Minis: Summer PDF from 0% to 10%; and the green bar for "Patience" Signed Books from 50% to 70%. Also, The Giant added OOTS Every Day, filled in its red dot, filled in its yellow bar, and filled in its green bar.

      Perhaps the DDoS is part of an elaborate transtextual plan from Tarquin to stall Xykon and Redcloak? If so, it seems to be failing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter Byrnes on

      I hear you about the loop. Thank you for the 9-in-a-row, they were wonderful days of webcomics that I'll remember for a long time

    9. Declan Feeney

      Well whoever is responsible for the DDoS attack is persistent.

      You know what's worse than not being able to get to your OOTs fix? Not even being able to find out if there even is an OOTs fix.

      I cant imagine they are specifically targeting the Giant, so its probably some other target who happens to share the same IP address.

    10. Missing avatar

      oppyu on

      First the arboreal/glass alliance came for the Giant's thumb, and then for his website.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Sarah Thanks.

      So there's a race between Haleo and Julelan, the digital portraits and the patience signed books for what gets completed next and Rich may be aiming to get the summer monsters done for the summer. A nice mix of fulfilling things for some of the medium to heavy backers, giving something to all the backers and keeping the general comic subscribers heavy.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jörg Mayer on

      Rich, how I know that loop. I managed to get rid of it mostly some years ago (well, actually my wife deserves the credit for this :-), but with some things....
      What are your plans regarding the Monster Minis? Which season will we get this year?

    13. Christian Steudtner on

      incremental progress = progress; so I'm fine with that (and updates are good, too). And finishing the 9in9 is nothing to sneeze at (which was really great!).
      Got exited that the Wallpaper are half done, but then I realized that's the same as last time *g*. And it is really nice to be remember that there is still so much rewards we will get. (Really, after over one year and >20 other backed Kickstarters, this one is still the one I like best overall!)
      And it is so much fun seeing all those Stick It portraits, reading the comments here makes so much more fun now :D (each one just awesome!).

    14. Raoul Hagenbeek

      WOOPIE, Stick it to me and my army of rabbits :-)

    15. Josh on

      Sweet! Haley and Elan! So glad they released both of them at the same time. Only two more to go. But I will need two of each of those ones. An extra to make Evil V and another extra to make Vampire Durkon. I sure do hope Durkon is not truly gone and comes back :(

    16. Sam Potts on

      As you can see, just got my Stick It To Me portrait. Great job; really pleased that I was lucky enough to secure that reward. Great progress on the Work O Meter. New minatures great, DDoS attacks suck. That is all.

    17. Missing avatar

      Koretsu on

      Considering today was supposed to be Anonymous' Black-Out-The-Internet-In-Protest-Of-CISPA day, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the DDoS is the result of an over-zealous fan who decided to force Rich in joining the protest. Not cool, and rather counter-intuitive to the whole point, frankly. I'd expect it back up tomorrow, in any case.

    18. Rick on

      Considering how much work is on that chart, it's still impressive progress given the time Giant lost to the disabled list. Happy camper now with the Stick It portrait and the anticipation of the signed books arriving. *fingers crossed* that customs doesn't stick it to me with huge duties!

      GJ Rich, always fun geting surprised by backer stuff when it's least expected! :D

    19. Euodiachloris on

      *hands Sarah some linctus for that horribly "convincing" cough* ;)

    20. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Grrr. What sort of demented mind would wage a DDoS attack on our beloved OOTS comic website? It's baffling. I can't imagine what they would have to gain. A pox on whoever did it.

      No apologies Rich. You are doing amazingly well. Even with the trials and tribulations of Sir Thumb, this is STILL the best informed and best run project I have ever pledged to.

      Getting my Stick it to me Portrait was so exciting. It was even better than I had dreamed. Thank you. If our patience is superhuman, it is dwarfed by your efforts.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hauke Wedekind on

      Rich we love you :) . You work really hard and I am always happy to see another comic BUT don't work yourself to death. You are doing a great job. It is not possible to to everything at once. Take a step back and enjoy something, a book, possibly Wise mans Fear. Then continue your work. It's funny one tends to get more work done when not running on fumes :)

    22. Sarah Vee on

      @Peter Cohen: Haleo/Julelan has four more blocks; digital portraits got five blocks; summer monster minis got one; patience books got two; and 9-in-a-row was added and finished.

      ...not that I've been saving copies of all the charts like some kind of obsessive nerd. Cough.

    23. Euodiachloris on

      Rich... it's great that you care. But, seriously: you don't have to drag yourself down! *hugs* A lot of us grok that you can't just fling yourself back in the saddle at 100% capacity for every task that needs doing for quite some time. :)

      I haz CFS, for one: ready compassion when it comes to distraction/ frustration-inducing blocks during prolonged rehabilitation and recovery periods is easily come by here. lol

      And, may I pass on the LEGO curse to whomever is behind the DDODS attack? :P May they step on a missed LEGO brick they didn't know they had, barefoot, in the dark depths of the night/ early morning while gasping for a glass of water. May they hop for five minutes, cursing... and land on it again with the other foot. May they forget the glass of water in the depths of their LEGO-induced misery. ;)

    24. Anna Rohwedder on

      DDOS? Guess someone was unhappy about Durkon :P

      Jokes aside, good to hear from you again. I see that the Summer monster minis are already on drawing phase. That makes me so happy ^_^ I can't begin to describe how much I loved those minis.

    25. Caroline Kramer on

      Hey, I completely understand; take as much time as you need to get everything taken care of. As for the DDOS attack, I have three questions:
      1. Why would anyone DDOS the website? We haven't done anything to anyone.
      2. Any idea on when it'll be back up? I'm going through withdrawal already?
      3. Is anyone able to find the guy who's doing this and definitely not kill him?

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      A lot of those lines look further on than I remember but the DDoS attack means I can't be sure.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ossmann on

      OMG, Haley and Elan Miniatures? I may have to shell out for those, even though I usually use coins or bottlecaps.

    28. Missing avatar

      Marc-Antoine Parent on

      Mr Burlew, speaking for myself but probably many others:
      I am grateful for your work, and I know quality work takes time. From my perspective you are accomplishing a lot. Don't feel bad on our behalf over what you thought you may have done, given ideal circumstances, perfect health and no interruptions: I appreciate what you have given us through the difficulties I know of, those few I can guess, and those many I cannot.
      Take a deep breath and smile, because you make us smile more than regularly enough.

    29. Mike Petrillo on

      Can't wait for your next kick starter(assuming)! I'm going to shell out some big bucks.

      Very proud to be a backer.

    30. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Whoot! Haleo & Julelan are about half done! :D

      And I am still hoping that $7 shipping thing is in effect when the last OOTS critter is out. And that they still have the full set at that point. *crosses fingers and double-knocks wood*

    31. Sarah Vee on

      I am one of the lucky folks who got a "Stick It" portrait in the mail. It's the best thing ever. Thanks, Rich!

      I have to say, I feel a little bad for you every time I see a new Workometer posted and the Julian Scoundrel red circle is still dark. That is going to be quite a story to wrestle your way through!

    32. Eric on

      Yay, news! I was wondering when we'd next hear from you, Rich. Glad things are well (DDoS aside, I can't imagine why that would happen.) and hope to continue seeing awesome things.