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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

Important Announcement; Please Read (Sorry this isn't the Belkar PDF yet)

Hi Everyone,

This is Mrs. Giant writing (AKA Rich's WIfe). He wanted me to let you guys know some stuff that's been going on. Rich had an accident earlier this week; he injured his right hand pretty badly on broken glass and was rushed in to have emergency surgery. They repaired some severed tendons in his thumb and he's home now and recovering. But he won't be able to draw for at least six weeks (maybe longer, depending on how quickly the nerves in his thumb heal). And he didn't want to keep you guys in the dark for all that time.

He is planning on writing a more detailed post himself once he's able to sit at the computer and type with his left hand, but right now he's on some pretty strong painkillers. When he feels up to it, he'll be able to let you know when to expect the comic strip to return, as well as the timeframes for getting out the remaining autographed packages and crayon drawings from the Kickstarter Drive. I'll be helping him answer the backlog of emails from that next week sometime, but I don't really know his address-change system yet so it might take a little longer than normal while I learn it. The last few remaining packages that are set to ship from Ookoodook won't be affected by this, so they'll keep going out at the same rate.

Don't worry, OOTS will definitely return; the doctor is really confident that this is going to heal well, we just don't know yet how long it will take. 

You guys have been so supportive and patient all year and Rich is really frustrated that he's letting you down by making you wait even longer for the stories he's been trying to bring to you. Just know that he is as eager to get back to creating the strip as you are to reading it. Thanks in advance for understanding, and hopefully you'll be hearing directly from Rich really soon.

Until then, think healing thoughts :)

~Mrs. Giant


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    1. David Rawlins on

      Just wanted to wish you well and a full recovery! Love your work, but take time and get better!

    2. Missing avatar

      t209 on

      How did you cut your hand? Just asking.

    3. Matthias Holzinger on

      Get Well! Don't hurry and let it heal out! We can reread the old strips while waiting ;)

    4. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      Get well soon Rich. Hey, looks like a good time to poke your peers for a few "guest artist" strips or something. W00tz the OOTS!

    5. Missing avatar

      Graham Wood on

      Tell Rich to forget about OOTS - yes we all miss it, yes we all want updates, but that's completely irrelevant compared to "real life issues".

      Good luck to both of you, hope it fixes soon, and we'll get stuff when we get it :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Petkus on

      Mrs. Giant thank you for the message.
      Giant, you mean a lot to all of us! Get well soon!
      We'll hold down the fort while you're out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sally Burr on

      Yes. Make sure you've recovered before you restart the strip and the kickstarter drawings. It will be worth it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Valerio Biagini on

      Get well soon!
      Best wishes from Italy :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Get well soon!

    10. Eric Franklin on

      Despite the accident and injury, we still received our shipment of stuff today! Thank you very much!

      Please rest up. Take it easy. And don't start drawing again until you're fully healed.

    11. MartectX on

      Have some Keoghtum's Ointment, Giant! Get well soon! :-)

    12. Missing avatar

      Leopold Hutchinson on

      Get well soon Rich!!!! Please don't worry about us the story you created have enriched the lives of everyone here and i am pretty sure we would rather you rest and recuperate back to full strength.

    13. JU on

      Sorry to hear about your accident, sounds really nasty (one of those things I tend to think of as the result if I'd be a movie-hero and throw myself through a window). I hope everything heals up well and that you don't feel too much pressure from the Kickstarter crowd during the healing.

    14. itamar on

      Get well, Rich. We can wait. :)

    15. Mc Baran on

      Rich, just take your time and dont worry. Everyone in OOTS fanclub understands your condition. So take a one huge rest. My mum always says that, this kind of injuries are coming when so one needs a rest. SO rest. You have been working for so long on this and i think that this was the only way to take some rest.
      Ive been reading oots for 6 years and a few weeks/ months are meaning less.
      And now your wife have to crossclass to cleric to help you with healing.
      Have a nice recovery holidays. :-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Graeme Sharpe on

      Dude, let this be a lesson...Exploding Runes cast on an ipad can only end badly
      Best wishes and heal fast.

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Rich, I think you'll have to look into insuring your hands =P
      Get well soon, but take all the time you need to recover fully!

    18. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      Listen to your doctor, take care of yourself, be well, sir. We can wait.

      Well wishes indeed!

    19. Monica Caples on

      Interwebs well wishes headed your way. I hope you get better soon!

    20. NorthernDruid on

      Ouch! That must utterly suck.

      Glad to hear it'll heal well.

      Speedy recovery!

    21. Missing avatar

      AndyB on

      Well, damn - that's awful. Please heal properly Giant - no shortcuts or impatience now! That thumb is important to us all you know... :)

      Thanks for letting us know Mrs Giant, and you have our full support in your supporting of your very talented husband while he recuperates.

      I hope one or both of you read this because I've been reading the books with my 8 year old daughter (skipping a few of the more colourful words of course) and she made a bookmark at the start of the school term. She decided to draw the order of the stick on hers! Hope that makes you smile, just as it did me.

    22. Childodoom on

      Get well soon Richard! I'm sorry to hear you're hurt, but I'm very glad that the doctors think you're gonna heal back up to 100%! :D

    23. Sarah on

      I'm so sorry! How stressful and painful!
      Take whatever time you need to heal properly and take care!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hesse on

      Thinking healing thoughts (I'm participating!)

    25. natasqi on

      Hi Rich,
      As a doctoR who has done rotations in Plastic and Hand Surgery... DONT USE YOUR TENDONS TOO EARLY! They need time to heal.

    26. Missing avatar

      K. Mayer on

      Ouch. I had an employer do something similar to her hand once. Deep sympathy to both the Giant and to Mrs. Giant. Also healing thoughts towards the former, and supportive thoughts to the latter.

      To re-iterate the hundreds of people who posted above me - Rich, you aren't letting us down. We'll probably all have a bit of a letdown when the drive is actually over, but that's different. We aren't here just for the swag. There're loads of intangibles - community, camaraderie, gleeful anticipation - that you managed to tap into with this drive. The longer it runs, the more of those we get! It's not a setback, it's a lovely bonus package of Anticipation! For backers only!

      Also we're here for the swag. Which we know we will get as fast as you can give it.

      Most of all, we're here to support you and your art. So right now, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND THAT HAND. That is your first responsibility towards us. (I'm sure your family will also appreciate it).

    27. Missing avatar

      justin bordes on

      Cure serious wounds, CURE SERIOUS WOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

    28. David on

      Likewise, much as I really love Rich's work this kind of injury is not something to take lightly and I trust he will complete all necessary physiotherapy and similar before even thinking about trying to get back to drawing...

    29. Missing avatar

      Sam Atkins on

      It must be so frustrating to lose the use of a hand. I hope you have a smooth recovery, and you don't try to push yourself too much!

    30. David Snell on

      Your health comes first so please take care and get better. We can all wait as long as needed for you to be comfortable not just "I can do it (gritting teeth)" better.

    31. Missing avatar

      Caitlin Conaghan on

      Wow, you poor guy. Get well soon Rich!

    32. Missing avatar

      Andre DeJesus on

      Its more important that you recover. We can wait and meanwhile this gives you more time to fine tune ideas and work on scripts and such. With the amount of dedication you've shown to the comic and fans it seems likely that you'll still work on the comics in some way despite the injury. Just take it easy, have fun with whatever free time you allow yourself, and know that your fans care more about your well being than arbitrary deadlines and gifts with no expiration dates.

    33. Anders Håkon Gaut

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Just let it heal properly so you avoid long lasting problems. We fans can wait :-)

    34. Uli Troyo

      Wowza, please get better soon, Rich! I'm glad you're otherwise ok.

    35. sduppleganger on

      Best of luck with the healing. I'll send good thoughts in his direction. Just got the books I ordered, and they're a real masterpiece, espeically with his thoughts and explanations of the rationale behind each section. It's basically a guide to aspiring writers.
      Thank you, Rich, for all the amazing work you've done and gave to us, and I'm sure more will come out!

    36. Mark van Esch on

      Clearly the only solution is to create a kickstarted to build and install a robo-hand for Rich.

    37. James Vacca on

      Tons of good thoughts to Rich! We need those hands back in action!

    38. Euodiachloris on

      Yeah, Corey... we're so going to mark you down for spelling, mate. ;P Nah - I do the same silly self-correcting when there's really no need, so I'm one to talk... :D

    39. Corey Cole on

      Oh, that's very sad to here - I hope Rich recovers completely... in however much time it takes. I think I'm typical of many of the OotS Kickstarter supporters - I pledged more because I wanted to thank Rich for the pleasure his work has given me for many years than because I cared about the premiums. Of course I want to see more new OotS comics, but that can wait until Rich is 100% healthy again.

    40. Ross Thompson

      I hope I don't need to say that your recovery is far more important than any silly comics.

      Get well soon!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Saldivar on

      That's awful to hear! Severed tendons and nerves - that's definitely serious. But your health and well-being must come first! We're just lots of strangers on the internet. ^_^ Please take care of yourself first, and we don't mind waiting at all for updates on the Kickstarter or the comic. (Well...maybe we mind a little! But you have a very good reason!)

      Thinking of you while you recover - take all the time you need!


    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Taylor on

      So sorry to hear it. I had a similar accident myself earlier back in March; it was painful and frustrating (and the rehab is a pain, literally), but it did recover, and I picked my paintbrush up again a couple of months ago. I hope Rich recovers as well, and my best wishes to you both.

      (And don't start feeling guilty! Rich is *not* 'letting me down' by waiting to recover properly, he's helping me by making sure his work is as awesome in the future as it has been in the past. Take as long as it takes to be properly healed. Impatience isn't fatal, despite what teenagers will tell us.)

    43. Paul Wayper on

      Get well soon, Rich! Take all the time you want to recover - we're patient :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      JustinH on

      Best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    45. Chooi

      Get well soon Rich. That is a nasty injury, never mind even worse for a great artist like Rich but I am sure he will recover & can take all the time he needs. Best wishes. Thanks for update Mrs. G.

    46. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      So sorry to hear about the accident Rich. No worries on the rewards for me. I am in no rush to get them. I have been enjoying the updates and community comments so much, I already almost feel like I got my money's worth! Take the time you need to heal up. Healing thoughts and warmest wishes to you and Mrs. Giant. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      INCyr on

      Yes, by all means, take care of yourself and get the rest and recovery you need! The comic and our purchases definitely take second place to your well being! We've stuck around for years, we'll be happy to stick around for a few more until you're better!

    48. Missing avatar

      branden on

      Very sorry to hear about Rich's injury. Rest and heal bud! We'll all be here when you feel better.