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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

So Close to Stickiness...

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

No time for witty introductions!

Sans Sticky Shticks: Remember all those words I said about how they were going to finish the Whole Story packages and then circle back to pick up the Pick Two, Pick Three, etc. packages? Yeah, well, they didn't end up doing that after all. Turns out they didn't have enough of the boxes needed for the Whole Story, so they just banged out those other packages while they waited for supplies to arrive. Many Whole Stories have gone out now, too, and the rest are being worked on, so they should be done very soon. [EDIT: Per Ook, they were working on the Pick Threes when the Whole Story boxes came in, so that list is only partially done. The rest shipped. My mistake.]

With Sticky Shticks: Our printer for these cards was dragging their feet, and eventually told us that they couldn't manage a 3-4 week turnaround—that it would be 4-6 weeks, starting from last week (rather than, say, from when we delivered the actual artwork at the end of June). We said thanks, but we'll take our business elsewhere. We now have a replacement printer who has been doing very good work and hopes to get us the cards late next week. With luck, packages will start going in the mail before half the Ookoodook team leaves to go to GenCon. Speaking of which...

GenCon: I've gotten a lot of emails about whether any of the OOTS stuff offered during this Kickstarter will be available at GenCon, so here's the breakdown: As long as all the Sans Sticky Shticks Whole Story packages have mailed by then (and we have every reason to think that will be the case), then the reprinted OOTS books will be on sale at the Ookoodook booth. The Deluxe Edition of the board game and The Shortening will be, too, but Sticky Shticks will not—even if it's arrived at the warehouse by then. There's just no way that they'll be able to get all the Sticky Shticks orders in the mail before the convention starts, and it wouldn't be fair to sell them to anyone else first. Likewise, none of the "swag" will be there: magnets, patches, stickers, notepads, art prints, or coloring books. While we fully intend for many of the leftovers to eventually be available for sale, we don't want to offer them until every order has been fulfilled.

Now, let's look at the Workometer:

I've been having trouble juggling the digital work with the regular comic (resulting in neither one getting done), but hopefully I can get one more digital reward out before GenCon. Also, you can see that I've added a bar for the Summer edition of A Monster for Every Season; technically, Summer ends on September 22, but I don't know if I'll hit that deadline. I would really like to get one story reward finished before I give you another set of miniatures.

Five Things I Did Since Last Update:

  • Watched the Olympics while doing a few more crayon drawings. If your drawing ends up featuring Belkar on the pommel horse, now you know why.
  • Had to figure out what size wallpapers you crazy kids use on your i-Whatevers. 
  • Reviewed, corrected, reviewed again, and finally approved the art proofs for Sticky Shticks.
  • Mailed back out a bunch of signed packages that were returned to me for assorted reasons.
  • Really failed to answer my emails, but I'll do it today.

So that's about it for this update. Fingers crossed that when next you hear from me, I'll be announcing the arrival of Sticky Shticks in the warehouse.

--Rich Burlew


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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Michael If you ordered Sticky Shticks, then judging by update 46 you will be part of the batch that are next to be got out of the way. If not then the following paragraph applies:

      "Not to be confused with the non-Sticky Shtick orders, which are done. Well, like 99% done. Done enough that they're not a pressing concern anymore, but not so done that anyone who didn't get their non-Sticky Shtick order should be too worried. (Which is to say, "Please don't email me about it yet.") There are still about a hundred stragglers across all those reward tiers that need to be handled individually, and the warehouse is going to concentrate on getting the bulk of the Sticky Shtick orders out before even addressing them."

      I suggest checking your survey to ensure that any email address you gave was correct and for likely delaying factors such as an incorrect home address, and any error in your pledge amount such as forgetting postage outside the US or the cost of any items or an arithmetical error.

    2. Turkanathas, Sage of Valoria on

      I pledged and should be getting a copy of War and XP's and Snips, Snails, and Dragons Tails, plus a host of the other items. I completed my survey on February 27th but I have yet to see any emails or any communication on these items. I am not worried about waiting longer, I just want to make sure I didn't miss something. Should I still be waiting for these? Also, I am guessing that patches and coloring books and everything will come at the same time.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on

      I got the shipping notice a couple of weeks ago, I got the customs notice a couple of days ago, and I got a rejection for missing paperwork at customs an hour ago. No happy dance here.

    4. John Russell on

      Shipping notice email received! Happy dance!

      And now...we wait...

    5. Missing avatar

      Rizzer on

      My Ookoodook dispatch notice went out on 25 July, but got stuck in my spam filter so I never noticed. I only found out yesterday when the box arrived at the post office (international mail).

    6. Fuin on

      Alec: Send a message to Rich by clicking on "Contact me" next to Elan.

    7. Alec on

      I need to change my address for my package. Where should I send that information..?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mev on

      Got my shipping notification from Ookoodook. Does this mean we have achieved stickiness?

    9. Peter McAndrew on

      Got my whole story package from the post office this morning (Australia). Looking forward to opening it up when I get home.

    10. Nick C. Piers on

      Got the Whole Story package today here in New Brunswick (Canada). Thanks, Rich!

      (and I had some fun with the unboxing: )

    11. Missing avatar

      Loten on

      Just received my whole story package in Italy!
      Thank you very much!

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Cantley on

      As much as I'm dying to get my package ( I got the Sticky Shticks), don't stress yourself out Rich!

    13. Missing avatar

      Manuel Gomez on

      Received The Whole Story in Colombia today!! Really, really happy :) :)

    14. Missing avatar

      theangelJean on

      Trevor Hills, if you got the wrong package, message the Giant through Kickstarter by clicking the "Contact me" link, next to Elan in the Creator Bio box at the top right of the page.
      (Re-posted from one of the Giant's comments on the main Comments page.)

    15. Morgan C Reynolds on

      I received my pick 3 w/ extras yesterday--it was worth the wait!

    16. Matthew Jeffers on

      Received my Whole Story in Canada yesterday! Almost through Snips, Snails and Dragon Tales already!

    17. Missing avatar

      Paula on

      Full story received in Canada, loving the colouring book word search, so many sneaky words added. :P So happy!
      *Happy dance*
      Now I have something to distract me from the upcoming Belkars story.

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Knapp on

      Received my whole story today. To the rest of the world - I am not missing, I am just reading OOTS :)

    19. Alec Morrison on

      Whoops, commented on the wrong update. As I can't delete, guess it's a repost.

      Yay, I got my full story set today! Sadly though, I got slapped with a $17 customs fee, and there was no Participation Patch with my parcel :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Jesse Kaehne on

      I also got my Whole Story today down in Australia :) I can't believe the quality of the material, it's just exceptional and I was showing off my wonderful purchase to anyone that would look! Thanks Rich for all your hard work - what you've done in just a touch over 6 months is super-impressive and to be applauded!

    21. Matthew Estelle on

      Just wanted to say a quick thank you! I got my books, The Whole Story, yesterday here in Japan. I am very happy with the results! Now I have a lot of coloring and reading to do. Again, thanks for the books!

    22. Phillip Knight on

      Got my pick three package today! Awesome stuff! Super-satisfied!

    23. James Heath on

      Just a quick note to say I got my stuff! My kid covets the stickers, and we'll have fun working on the coloring book together. Thanks for everything, Rich, and I'm glad the Kickstarter went so well!

    24. Missing avatar

      Trevor Hills on

      Who do I contact if I got sent the wrong package? I selected "pledge $222 - THE WHOLE STORY -One copy each of all seven published OOTS books" and instead I've been sent two copies each of books 1, 2, and 4 and two colouring books and two note pads.

    25. Gally on

      Got my package! (a pick three). You are putting a big dent in the productivity of my work day! :D

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      They're electrum pieces.

    27. Missing avatar

      Sally Burr on

      According to Wikipedia they are "required to be made from at least 92.5% silver, and must contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold". Haley would be a bit miffed.

    28. Donald Edwards on

      Wait, Olympic gold medals aren't made of gold? What the hell???

    29. John Russell on

      Not to teach Belkar how to make vulture stew, but it seems to me the best option vis-a-vis Sticky Shticks and GenCon is to bring display copies and take pre-orders. Sales achieved without getting ahead of the pledge drive folks. Winning!

      Speaking of Belkar, shouldn't he get a pommel dachshund instead?

    30. Kerrie Rayfield on

      I would love to see The Order of the Stick and/or the Linear Guild at the Olympics. I giggled at the thought of Belkar on a pommel horse. I can also see Haley trying to steal the gold medals before realising they're not made of real gold.

    31. Marcos Bomfim on

      Just got my package here in Brazil, took a while to get here, but everything is fine, thanks a lot!

    32. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      As I am waiting on Sticky shticks I know mine won't have shipped yet, but I am curious will the Whole story and a game ship at the same time as the whole story + sticky shticks or after?

    33. Missing avatar

      Todd Gretencord on

      Just got my Print only special today! Took a month for shipping to Australia! Just in time for a trans-pacific flight back to America! Now I have something to read on the plane. Love it! Thanks a lot Rich. The coloring book is amazing. Love the Durkon and Thor secret code.

    34. Grant on

      Just got my full set this past week and I have been very excited. Thanks for such great work Rich!

    35. Neal Oliver on

      Shoud I be concerned that I haven't recieved a shipping email yet? I pledged the 67$ print only special with no bells and whistles.

    36. Vitor César Tresoldi Machado on

      So, that means Full Color is moved to the end of the line? Well, I suppose I'd have my order moved back anyway, because I asked for a SSaDT to be included as well... (no stickies, though)

    37. Tim Holroyd on

      Wonderful timing! My package arrived in South Africa around the same time as my assignments for the semester.

      Good thing my asisgnment stuff came early ... :P

    38. Red XIV on

      Belkar on the pommel horse? But wouldn't he find a horse that he can't stab to death pretty boring?

    39. Missing avatar

      John F. MacMichael on

      Thanks for the update, Mr. Burlew. You are definitely working hard for the money.

    40. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      Now, now... Summer only starts December, 21st, at least around my southern hemisphere parts! :P
      You may have an extended deadline for that monster pack, as you didn't specify which summer was it. :D

    41. Missing avatar

      theangelJean on

      I'm guessing that the Whole Story and a Game people will have their Whole Story box and their Game box shipped at the same time, which is after Sticky Shticks gets in? (Not that I'm one of them, but someone asked.) I guess that would make sense, in terms of making sure everyone gets the right things and printing out shipping labels etc.

    42. Rich Burlew Creator on

      I edited that info into the update.

    43. Rich Burlew Creator on

      OK, here's the story on the Pick Threes: It looks like that's what they were working on when the bigger boxes showed up, so they stopped that list and started on the Whole Story. I didn't know that, so that was just a miscommunication. However, they're saying that they will be finishing the rest of the Pick Threes tomorrow. There are also about 250 Whole Stories left, and that's it for unsigned non-Sticky Shticks (other than stragglers).

    44. daft_inquisitor on

      Man, I can't wait for the Sticky Sticks to get in. I have one of the board game packages, and I'm so excited to get everything you have no idea!! :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Scott Harrell on

      I also have not received a notice for the $94 "Pick 3" reward. *BUT* I ended up paying for an additional 3 books to be sent (total of 6 books) so that may be the cause of the delay in my package.

    46. David on

      As I didn't clarify - I'm a pick 3er who is notificationless.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Rutkowski on

      If you've still got time before GenCon, maybe you could print out a poster-sized Workometer to display at the booth. You could then take it home and use it as a motivational tool.

    48. Scott Simmons on

      I could add my voice to the other Sticky Shticks pledgers that I don't have any problem with Rich selling these at the Con. But it probably isn't a good business move, as Rich has stated about a similar question early in this drive. Whatever we may be thinking now, as we're waiting with bated breath for our Shticks to come in the mail, Rich has to think about *future* sales drives. And if he hypes some options as 'exclusive to pledgers', he's risking losing potential pledge $$ from people who look at that and think, "Yeah, but he said that about the Sticky Shticks, and then Joe was able to buy his at Gen Con before Mary got hers in the mail." Keeping your commitments is more important to a businessperson than just not ticking off the customers you made the commitments to. There's all of the potential future customers who are wondering if you're the type of person who keeps his commitments when they're thinking of sending you money for promised future goods.

      It doesn't shock me that reality is causing some of the estimated shipping dates to slip a bit. But it doesn't surprise me either that Rich is doing everything possible to keep things moving forward, and is keeping us all well-informed of the status of all the pieces (right down to publishing cool charts). It's because I know he's that sort of person that I was comfortable plunking down a hundred and some odd perfectly good U.S. dollars for stuff that was only promised months down the road, some of which didn't exist yet.

    49. GAZZA on

      Just adding my voice to the chorus - go ahead and sell left over Sticky Schticks at Gen Con. I'm certainly not going to be upset that someone who didn't support the Kickstarter got theirs before me - I'm just not that petty, and it's not as if I'm not going to get my stuff as well.

      I'm in Australia as well, but I doubt that many of your Sticky Schtick fans are going to complain about you making a little extra cash at Gen Con.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jay Quirk on

      Sort of relieved to hear that I'm not the only pick 3'er waiting. I'm just hoping that the notice is taking its time in the ether and my books magically show up on my doorstep. I'm going to check .... now. Nope. And .... now. Nope. And ....