The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive

by Rich Burlew

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    1. Jesse Lumsden on

      I got my stuff! I am incredibly satisfied with everything, I just wish that I had gotten more!

    2. Erica Hesselbach on

      My stuff arrived today! Woo! :-D I can't wait to start reading On The Origin Of PCs!

    3. Martin Doyle on

      @Ilias: Rich mentioned he'd be sending domestic packages that had Shticky Sticks in them with I.O.U.'s for Shticky Sticks and just send them in First Class envelopes when they arrived to get stuff to people/clear out his house of the massive pile of books.

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      Jennifer Pinyan on

      I'm very pleased with the package I received, and the coloring books are very popular with my friends and siblings, but I'm wondering about the Monster for All Seasons... wasn't there going to be a line art version? Have a missed its announced readiness? The completion bar for that task is all filled in.

    5. Stephan on

      @Rich: thanks for the notice. Please take your time - again no presure here :-)

    6. James McKendrew

      Jennifer: think that's what Rich was referring to in his message to Stephen (which is, oddly, gone)... That's his #1 digital priority just now.

    7. Martin Doyle on

      @Da Mayor: Comments on updates appear to be capped at 53 (odd number I know...), so new ones bump off the old ones

    8. James McKendrew

      Freakish. Well, nobody comment here anymore. The one at the top is mine now!

    9. KevinR

      To get to the older comments, click on the title of the update to go to it's dedicated page, and then add "?page=1" to the end of the URL. That will let you page through the comments 10 at a time.
      For this update:…

    10. James McKendrew

      Oh, and for those who haven't looked, check Becky's backing history. If she says Rich is Uber Meister of KickStarter, she's got the backer history to give such a proclamation some serious oomph.

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      Xtense on

      Just received an e-mail confirming my 67$ pledge was just sent (overseas) - I'm giddy with excitement! Wonder how long it'll take to reach Poland :) . If there are any other Polish backers, I'll send a comment to this update as soon as I receive my package.

      I'm participating!

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      Alan Schwartz on

      Those of us with digital portraits as part of our packages would probably be very pleased to receive all the physical stuff when it's ready, and the digital stuff thereafter. You know, in case you want to get more boxes out of your house. :)

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      Vovix on

      @Xtennse I have a $67 pledge and I still haven't recieved an email. I'm in the US.

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      Megan Lewis on

      @vovix- They're not doing it by where you are located, only (loosely) by pledge tier. Don't get worried yet, $67 is a HUGE tier, lots of people to get through!

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      Beau Lepper on

      Yet, at the supposed 300-400 packages a day they should be well past that tier by now. Seems fairly obvious that number is not all, or even mostly, related to this kickstarter (or at least not related to the actual books) or they'd be almost done.

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      Max Horn on

      My package ($67 tier) arrived yesterday over here in German. Nice! Unfortunately, I could not yet enjoy it yet, as it got stopped by customs :-(. Apparently they need an invoice on the outside... And what was on the outside (an US customs declaration?) did not satisfy them. When I went there and opened the package, there was no invoice on the inside either, so I had to go back home to print the emails etc. I got to prove the value of the contained good. Have not yet tried if they'll accept it; it might be a bit problematic to convince them what of it is the shipping fee, though... Is there any way to get a proper invoice, separately listing the $67 "value" and the $10 shipping?

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      Lain Luigi on

      i have to say, it's a bit strange they are still stuck at level 67. with 1222 pledges, they should go over than in one working week, but as far as we know they've been stuck with it for 3 weeks now. So I suppose things at ook are moving slower than they should.
      anyway I don't want to cast blame here, it is the result of one-men enterprises getting much more success - and work - than they can handle, so a big delay is understandable. I am satisfied as long as I know they keep working on it.

    18. Tracy Harkins on

      I got the shipping info for my print only special. I'm happy, anyway, because it'll arrive in time for my birthday. :)

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      Bill Bicknell on

      Good news, everyone! I'm at the $68 level and just got my shipping notification. Over the hump!

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      Chris Johnstone on

      Got my Shipping Confirmation Email Also. $68 pledge levels are starting to ship on the 7th.

    21. Missing avatar

      Vovix on

      Now people at the $68 level are getting their emails and Print Only Special people are getting their stuff. I haven't even gotten my email yet for POS. Should I start worrying now?

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      kernowgirl on

      $68 package: I got my shipping email on 4th July, and was told it would ship today. Much respect/sympathy for Ookoodook's shipping manager for working on Independence Day, even if it was only emailing. I assumed she was using the extra time to catch up on her emails, but it's certainly possible that some emails have fallen through the cracks--as has been repeatedly said, this is one insane burst of business for a company which isn't set up for so many sales at once. If you are worried about your package, my only suggestion is to double-check your survey including any extra fees you were supposed to pay for your loot selection.

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      theangelJean on

      Also, don't forget that if you added Sticky Schticks to any package it won't have shipped yet even if they have been working on packages at the same price level or above, as they haven't received the game expansion yet. Personally, I'm not going to start worrying unless Rich posts saying 'ALL the packages have been sent!' and I haven't got an email.

    24. Savil on

      Did anyone notice that the red circle for Sir Francois PDF is now highlighted? :)

    25. James McKendrew

      WAY more excited by the first yellow segment on Dim Sun.

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      Ignatius D'Anna on

      The stuff arrived at my home Tue! All in perfect condition. Already getting a kick out of the coloring book.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eli Black on

      If it help at all... The delay was perfect for me. I got my package on Monday, the day before my birthday! It felt like an extra present :)

    28. Agnes Nutley-Govaerts on

      Got my shipment sent email from oodookoo last friday - just got the notification from UPS that it has gone through the texas sorting centre... now I wonder how long until it gets to Brisbane, Australia :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Just wanted you let you know that I got my stuff last week, with more stuff than I was expecting!
      I guess that I had forgotten that the coloring book, stickers, and point pad were free. :-D

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      Farashin on

      When posting about receiving notifications or packages, please let us know which level package you ordered.

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      Vovix on

      Got all of my Print Only Special($67) stuff today. Never got an email though.

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Got my stuff today, huzzah!

      But....I think I got an error printing of the coloring book. It's got pages 1-8, then 1-8 again, before skipping to pages 25-32 twice. Anyone else have that?

    33. Missing avatar

      PakoPako on

      Woo-woo! Got my Print Only ($67) special today, albeit a little crushed. I'll email Kevin to notify that I've received it. I am a little sad I did not see an "I PARTICIPATED!" patch -- did supplies run out?

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      Nerts, got my shipping Email last week, hoped to receive the package today, and USPS shows they still don't have the package itself. Ah well, it will still beat Sedition Wars by 6 Monthes..

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      kernowgirl on

      PakoPako, did you specify that you wanted the patch? It's an add-on, not a bonus, so you'd have to make a note in your survey that you wanted it and add $4 to your pledge. (Update #22 on page 5 of updates as they currently stand.)

      If you forgot to do that, there are extra patches that will be available to backers only on request after the shipping madness has calmed down.

    36. Tracy Harkins on

      @Matt: I got that too with my $67 pledge: 1-8 twice and 25-32 twice. I messaged Rich about it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Heisjustauser on

      @Max Horn From who did you receive the customs notice? Deutsche Post/DHL oder some other shipping company?

      Reason is I am getting seriously worried that I will be on vacation when the ship my pledge level (5 books) and I will be away for about three weeks. DHL however return shipment after 14 days without clearing customs.

    38. Missing avatar

      goljerp on

      I, too, got my Print Only Special($67) stuff yesterday (in NY). I got two coloring books; I know one is fine, but I didn't check the second one for duplicate pages.

    39. Jay Crockett on

      Got my stuff! Coloring book is a hit with the kids!

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean Hannon on

      My $67 pledge arrived yesterday with everything well enough in order, save for that, yes, the coloring book seemed to have been misprinted. A few pages repeat, others are left out, etc etc. I'm not upset over it or anything, of course, I'll just think of it as a rare collectible! ;) But might wanna get that fixed for any future runs.

    41. David Ortery on

      Oh. My. God. And anybody else's who will be offended by exclusion. I just got my package. USPS roughed it up a bit, but they contents are mostly okay! The corner of the coloring book got a bit dented, but that's it!

      ANd spoiler warning? The dent doesn't make it any less the most awesome and hilarious coloring book ever.

    42. Talden on

      I finally got my stuff, too!
      I had some problems with the Belgian customs, which asked for papers I didn't have. But it all sorted out, and after paying import taxes (I wasn't even aware those still existed! I live in Europe, for Pete's sake!), I finally got my books. And oooh boy, does this looks like hours upon hours of reading to come!
      My coloring book isn't misprinted in the slightest, and was frankly hilarious. And the magnet was much bigger than I expected!

      Thank you so much for this, and keep strength for the rest of the orders, you're going to need it! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I got my shipping confirmation on my $79 pledge last week. It said it would ship on the 6th, but the tracking number has it going out on the 10th. Either way, it's time to camp out by the front door.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      @Michael, I am in the exact same boat. Mine is only traveling 3 states so maybe the 11th, definitly by Monday.

    45. Missing avatar

      Marc A. Pelletier on

      Yeays! I have gotten my bundle of love in the post!

      The production values are... well, I wish everything I bought was of this high quality! The magnet feels massive and study, the colouring book is immensely amusing (and on ridiculously high grade paper), and the Origin of PCs is as wonderful as I expected.

      I felt like a little kid on Christmas morn. I had barely opened the package that I sat down to read it through. No hot cocoa, though. Way too hot. :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      I got my $68-level package today. I've already read "Snips, Snails and Dragon Tales", I stuck the magnet on the fridge, and I'll give the colouring book to my niece. Thank you!

      When will the other reprinted books be available from Ookoodook? I went there this afternoon, but most of them are still marked as "out of print".

    47. Missing avatar

      kernowgirl on

      Michael, my confirmation also promised the sixth, while the tracking number has told a different story. Most frustratingly, it appears to have just sat for a day in Houston being processed, but finally 'departed' today. I'm hoping it'll arrive tomorrow, or at least by the end of the week! ($68 package)

    48. Missing avatar

      Xtense on

      Just received my $67 package. Well, "received" may be an overstatement - the package waits for me at my post office because the mailman was too lazy to bring it to my apartment and just decided to leave a note in my mail slot, so I'll physically get it into my hands tomorrow, but at least I have confirmation that the package was received on my end. Hooray!

    49. Missing avatar

      Xtense on

      Aaand I got the package from my post office - everything is fine, no dents or scratches, everything was packaged safely and securely. For some reason I didn't have to pay any taxes or duty, which I'm pretty sure I was supposed to do since books incoming from the USA are supposed to be dutiable where I live, but hey, I won't complain (though if I knew that while the kickstarter campaign was still going, i'd probably shell out for the whole story. Ah well.). Had a quick look through the coloring book and it's amazing and incredibly sweet - a shame I have no one to give it to to color it in. You outdid yourself many times over Rich - thank you for your hard work!

    50. Missing avatar

      PakoPako on

      Thanks kernowgirl. I thought I did. I guess I didn't? I'll have to hunt through my credit card history to figure out how much I actually put forth. (The drive ended in Feb... which meant payment might have been processed in April... gaaah.) I'll be asking for a patch at the end of this madness regardless.