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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

Snail Mail

I have emerged from the hazy land of cardboard mountains and permanent markers. And lo, I bring an update, tho it be delayed greatly from the last of its kind. For ease of reading, I'm going to divide this up into the Signed and Unsigned packages, since they're being handled by two totally different groups of people (myself and Ookoodook, respectively).

Signed: I started sending out autographed books last Saturday. Of the 397 orders that included signed books (and were not crayon drawing, digital illustration, or "patience" packages), I signed and mailed 242 of them, for a total of around 800 books. Which is good, because there were too many books in my living room for me to move around. I even mailed some of the domestic autographed packages that should have had Sticky Shticks inside with an I.O.U. slip instead, just to clear more boxes out. (Don't worry, I'll mail the cards separately later in the summer when they're done being printed.) Almost all of the packages left to be signed and mailed are international orders at this point; I plan on getting all such orders without Sticky Shticks into the mail in this upcoming week (and a half?), if I can get the customs forms filled out. Oh, and we're way behind on the shipping emails, so you might actually get your package before you get notification that it shipped.

Unsigned: Ookoodook has steadily been shipping more packages every day, and I've gotten lots of feedback from people who have already gotten their orders. But overall, it's been slow going. While the warehouse staff is doing a great job, I don't think any of us are happy with how long the process is taking. It turns out that all the different options (and add-ons, and free stuff at certain dollar thresholds) are bogging down the packing process because they need to be checked and rechecked so that everyone gets the right swag. They're about halfway through the unsigned non-Sticky Shticks packages now, as near as I can tell, and it will probably take at least two more weeks to get to the end. So nobody panic if you haven't gotten your confirmation email yet; my previous estimates were a little optimistic, it turns out, because the packing is getting slower as they get to the more complex boxes. The good news is that I've talked to the folks over there and they have some ideas on how to speed things up that may work out. Hopefully I'll be able to announce that the pace has quickened by the next update.

Also, keep in mind that for both signed and unsigned packages, the fact that one backer gets a given reward package in the mail is not a guarantee that everyone else with the same reward package will get theirs shortly thereafter. There are a lot of stragglers or special exceptions, and a lot of orders got moved to the back of the line because they didn't have their surveys filled out, or didn't add their shipping money, or whatever.

Let's take a look at the Workometer:

Note that the "patience" packages aren't reflected on this graph at all yet, so those six green bars for Signed Books/Prints reflect only the "impatient" orders.

Five Things I Did Since Last Update:
  • Sketched my six main characters in Sharpie at least 100 times each, plus a smattering of Redcloaks, Xykons, Thogs, and O-Chuls.
  • Did a very short phone interview with Wired magazine about Kickstarter.
  • Learned a lot I never knew about international tariff codes and other details of customs declaration forms.
  • Found a mistake on the Sticky Shticks cards that delayed their release to the printer until probably Tuesday or so.
  • Repeatedly regretted using such heavyweight paper for the pages of my books. My arms are killing me.

I'm sure there's more to tell about my exciting adventures in autographing, but I'm suffering from marker-induced memory loss at the moment. Which reminds me, I need to do a Kickstarter update today.

--Rich Burlew

P.S. New OOTS is up.


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    1. John Russell on

      Bah. Just realized I posted that in the wrong update.

    2. John Russell on

      Not to teach Belkar how to make vulture stew, but it seems to me the best option vis-a-vis Sticky Shticks and GenCon is to bring display copies and take pre-orders. Sales achieved without getting ahead of the pledge drive folks. Winning!

      Speaking of Belkar, shouldn't he get a pommel dachshund instead?

    3. Missing avatar

      Beau Lepper on

      So, 18 days ago they were "halfway" done which should have put them about halfway through the $67 level then. Last week we got the confirmation that they had JUST hit the $67 level which would put us around 100 orders per day for the book pledges prior to that. So obviously the 300/day estimate early on was pretty far off base. Unless they're bouncing around all over rather than running straight through as we've been told, it looks like it'll be sometime around 7/19 (3 weeks) before they process up to the $78/79 levels, and then however long to actually GET the books. So I'll try and set that expectation for the end of July and if i get it sooner I'll likely feel much better about it. Would love to have some reply straight from ookoodook but based on how far in the weeds it looks like they were compared to the stated progress previously, not sure I'd be willing to suspend disbelief.

    4. John Thompson on

      I'm in the same boat as Teri. I'm torn on it, though... even though I don't have the *game* I'd kind of like to have the entire package (including StickyShticks) arrive as one shipment. It's not like I *need* any of the other stuff right now. So, since StickyShticks aren't ready yet, it might be a good thing that my package apparently hasn't shipped yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Leclercq Johan on

      My 35$ package arrived today in France ! I was a little worried because I receveid an email to track the shipping 11 days ago and the informations were frozen since last friday. But Everything is fine now ! Thanks Giant !

    6. Teri Henderson Garety on

      I'm in the states and still haven't received my package! Boo.

    7. Mika Panhelainen on

      My $67 package arrived to Finland today, but it got stuck on the customs :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Luiz Andrade on

      Does anyone from Brazil have received their package yet?

    9. Missing avatar

      Waraila on

      Yep my international package came this morning. All the stuff looks absolutely wonderful. Thankyou rich :)

    10. martin keating on

      I got my package today. I had ordered the Dungeon Crawlin' Fools and had forgotten about all the other goodies I was getting. Very pleased. Some of my housemates are currently starting OotS due to Roy staring at them from the fridge.

    11. Armin C. Vucsina on

      I got my Art Print & Coloring Book package in perfect condition. Thank you very much!

    12. KevinR

      @Joel -- read the first bullet point of #37: there is still a "one-color line art" version of the Spring monsters coming.

    13. JU on

      Check update #37 and you should find it. :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      M Lindner on

      Just curious: How fares the AMFES lineart version? Did I miss anything?
      Also, Winter ...err, Summer is coming ;-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Hirelena on

      Im not sure if you are keeping track of who is getting their rewards but I finally got mine!! ($42 pledge).


      Thanks for all the hard work Rich, you got one super happy reader here! Good luck with the rest of the pledges x3

    16. sighter on

      Just remembered about this whole thing, and how I put a bunch of money or something in on it.
      Yeah. I'm in no hurry.
      I'm a Order of the Stick fan, and I've learned to be patient. I can wait- it'll all be awesome. :D

    17. KevinR

      I'd like to assume that you all saw Rich's post yesterday on the main comment thread, but you're still whining here. So, here's a repost of the salient bit:
      And Ookoodook is not up to the $78 packages yet, as far as I know; the $67 level is a big bump in the road that will need to be cleared first, and they're only just getting to that.
      If you pledged for just books (no game, no sticks sthicks, no autographs) and you are at the $67 level or higher, you should not worry about your package for a few weeks.
      If you pledged for just books and you are below the $67 level, double-check that you promptly submitted your Kickstarter survey (look in the right-hand column under your pledge level), that it was entirely correct, and that you didn't add anything to your pledge or ask for any special treatment. If *all* that is true, and you don't have your stuff and are really worried, you might consider sending a message to Rich through Kickstarter messaging (top of the screen, below the title).
      The signed books are on a different schedule (see this update).

    18. Missing avatar

      David Tyler on

      Nothing yet here either. I sent an email to Ookoodook about my order, but of course I have received no response at all, so I suppose all I can do is wait and hope my order does not poof into the ether.

    19. Charles Boyd on

      I did a pledge at the $67 level and no email yet.I'm willing to be as patient as it takes. After all, if it was about getting the books,I would have ordered then before this drive.

    20. Missing avatar

      Saul Schleimer on

      I pledged at the $67 level, internationally. I'm travelling for an extended period starting next week and haven't yet received anything. So I am starting to sweat a bit... Any advice?

    21. Missing avatar

      jere7my on

      Aaron: Since Rich says in this post from a week and a half ago that it will take at least two more weeks to get all the packages shipped, and that they're not doing them in pledge order, I think you should just sit tight.

    22. Missing avatar

      Aaron Walker on

      43$ pledge and still haven't gotten an email. Should I do something about this?(Sorry I put it on the wrong update)

    23. Missing avatar

      Beau Lepper on

      Yeah, I couldnt recall if it was stated by Rich or came out in the comments thread, didnt think it was important enough to read back over it all again. Boils down to throwing darts at the calendar is every bit as likely to give us a ship date on our books as anything else it seems.

    24. Missing avatar

      jere7my on

      @Beau, that comment is part of this post, just above the Workometer.

    25. Missing avatar

      Beau Lepper on

      @Mars, well assuming that they're going more or less straight through that puts us with at least several hundred people ahead of us I guess (I am at the $78 level as well) possibly more than 1000 depending on how they're doing it. And there was some comment previously that they are not completing each level in turn, depending on the various add-ins that may have been requested, so who really knows where we are in the queue and it's unlikely they could tell us anyway.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mars_Attacker on

      So, 78$ pledges are still in waiting?

    27. Missing avatar

      JVH on

      @Rahul Kukreja: Since I also got the $67 package, I hope you are right ;-). I did not yet receive a message, though.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rahul Kukreja on

      i got my shipping email!!! (67$) although the tracking information is a bit weird (its from 25th march)

      Anyway that should hopefully mean that they started with the 67$ pledges

    29. Brendan Hong on

      @victor.b: your safest bet is to message Rich and he can see how to sort things out by double checking the surveys.

    30. Missing avatar

      victor.b on

      Um, I have a problem - I received my package 2 times. Who should I contact about this, and how?
      Because I am supposed to receive another package (account of a relative), and I fear that the mix-up might affect it somehow.

    31. Missing avatar

      Beau Lepper on

      Yeah, another month would be... not super. I'm already past antsy and moving towards irritated, another month with no clue where I am in the queue would likely be unpleasant. Never thought people overseas would be getting signed copies well before I heard word one on my items.
      If I still havent heard anything by next monday I'm going to be expecting something more concrete.

    32. Missing avatar

      Rahul Kukreja on

      Allison i havent gotten mine yet... i would start worrying by the middle of next month

    33. Allison on

      So when should I become worried that I have not received an email yet and my pledge is at the $67 level with just a patch added on.

    34. Hugo on

      Woohoo! Christmas arrived! I mean: the books arrived! (in Luxembourg, 18th of June)
      First thing: OH MY GOD the coloring book is triple awesome!!!
      I love signatures too :)
      I my, I feel as happy as a toddler in a toy store!!! :) :) :)

    35. James McKendrew on

      I gots all my physicals, but I'm mostly in it for the digitals. Eagerly awaiting Dim Sun!

    36. Missing avatar

      David Tyler on

      "They're about halfway through the unsigned non-Sticky Shticks packages now, as near as I can tell, and it will probably take at least two more weeks to get to the end. So nobody panic if you haven't gotten your confirmation email yet; my previous estimates were a little optimistic, it turns out, because the packing is getting slower as they get to the more complex boxes."

      I have to admit I am getting at least a TINY bit nervous regarding my Swag Pack #1 with added book and art print, but I will try and not assume the worst.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Kymme There will be. Rich hasn't added the next three seasosn to the schedule yet as they are lower priority than the other items and aren't due for a while. SImilarly, he hasn't added the patience packages.

    38. Carla on

      @Kymme: The first one that came out was for Spring...there is supposed to be one for each season so we will be getting one for Summer, Fall and Winter! Personally, I can't wait for the next one to show up!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kymme on

      Just a question. Are there going to be any more "A Monster For Every Season"s coming out. Also, thanks so much for all of this, Rich.

    40. Ryno Myburgh on

      I just want to say that my swag just arrived far away from you at the Southern tip of Africa and it all looks awesome! Can't wait to try it all.

    41. Shari Bromley on

      As I sit here surrounded by my swag, I am ecstatic --> This is better than Christmas! Thank you Rich. Thank you. Thank you. And, thank you. All hail Order of the Stick!

    42. Missing avatar

      Alex Sloat on

      When is the Wired interview going to be visible?

    43. Missing avatar

      Ram on

      Hmm. I wanted to send this over to Rich, but haven't been able to find the contact info. Hope y'all will forgive me for posting something completely irrelevant here, but I think this is a great cause worth supporting:

      For those who don't want to click a strange link - the creator of The Oatmeal is being threatened with legal action for having the nerve to criticize funnyjunk for stealing his material without even bothering to credit him. His response is to raise money for charity. I figure I should spread this anywhere I can.

    44. Jesse Lumsden on

      I still haven't gotten my book order... or any of my swag.

    45. Gregory Pratt on

      My sigend NCFTPB and other goodies came on Friday. Thanks Rich, it really made my family's weekend (especially my daughter, who sprang for a patch for herself). Now the kids are arguing over who gets to color in Banjo :)

    46. Rich Morgan on

      Hey Rich, I am writing to let you know that I received my autographed book in the mail. It is great but, it was damaged. I am not sure if it was damaged in the shipping or what, but the bottom corner of it is bent pretty badly. :(
      I just wanted to let you know that it happened. I hope that everything else is going well and that you are getting the rest of your orders out soon.
      Thanks a bunch for making a great comic for me to read and care about. :)

    47. Missing avatar

      Fidelis on

      greetings from Austria (the one in Europe ^^)
      just got my colouring book, my art print, my magnet, my participation badge, my stickers and my hit point notepad and I have to say, I'm overjoyed.
      I'm a benedictine monk who has begun working in the kitchen lately, Roy Greenhilt is defending the grocery list of our monastery now.

    48. Missing avatar

      laggerific on

      What a treat to come home to a very heavy package on my stairwell today. My first kickstarter to fund and of which to receive the results. How friggin' awesome. Everything looks so good, the autographs, the coloring book (I love the goblin puzzle!!!), the patch, and the magnet, which almost got missed as I was so focused on my pristine complete collection which will be for show, while my original set will be for tell.

      We also used the monster set for our DnD session last week, and it worked perfectly...They are so wonderful, I'm tempted to print the PDF as a book in Burlew quality just so I can flip through the pages to enjoy them. That, and print some up as shrinky dinks to add to my figures on my bookshelf.

      Thank you Rich!!!!

      Now to figure out where to put those stickers, and to grab some crayons.

    49. Shad Stewart on

      Aha! I had forgotten that chart. Thanks people!