The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive

by Rich Burlew

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      Baris on

      Hey Rich... Were you able to take care of that diacritic mark problem? If not, if you could somehow find a way to send a sample that does not violate the privacy of those backers with the diacritical names, I could try to help. I'm also sure there are any number of people here who are a whole lot better qualified at it than I am, and some of those folks could help too... (I was thinking of changing the ascii codes of the characters to match whatever encoding your program uses.)

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      Archwizard on

      Woo highlighted in purple!

    3. Link3711 on

      Seriously? Does every manufacturing company use that cart?

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      Nine on

      And I hoped so much, that those amazing magnets would stick to wood.
      Poor me, poor fridge the table has been saved from your stickiness.

      PS: I like the photos, even those without wooden surfaces

    5. Eric Z on

      "Spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to stop the backer information I downloaded from Kickstarter from dropping all vowels with diacritic marks."

      You often hear people complain that they were born in the wrong time, but I wonder if Rich REALLY wasn't...

    6. Missing avatar

      jodwin on

      Yeah, those diacritics can be a pain. :-/ I'm one of those diacritically (:-P) named people, and I often have to put a wrong credit card holder name, for example, when shopping in foreign online shops because the shops' programmers were too lazy. Funnily enough, *that's* never caused problems for me...

    7. Sarah Vee on

      Correction. Magnet does not stick to wood without the help of Sticky Shticks Brand Glue™!

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      MoonCat on

      Woo! Magnet completion! It's quite clear you're doing a lot of work, Giant.

    9. Peter McAndrew on

      Question: why does Sticky Shticks have some green highlighted without the yellow being finished?

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      Dim Sun has a yellow light. We can start looking forward to an e-story soon.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Peter M Presumably the playtesting could force a major change to one of the cards.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shmoodles on

      @Peter McAndrew; Rich said (can't remember where) that each little box is something he needs to do - all the yellows don't necessarily have to be coloured in for the greens to be.

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      Kenneth Sawyer on

      I am really looking forward to those extra comics :)

    14. Red Hot Swing (Kevin Savage) on

      I'm still hoping the final Mystery Prize will be explosive runes window clings. *fingers crossed*

    15. Missing avatar

      MoonCat on

      So, I counted up the remaining bars that have not been done yet, just for the heck of it. 213 left, 33 done already.

    16. Eric Shields on

      This whole thing kindof left my mind for a while (though I still refresh the OOTS page every day!) and my mind is re-blown looking at how it all turned out! Congrats again Rich on finally getting rewarded for being so awesome :)

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      jere7my on

      Hey, Rich, how did you get the USPS to send you so many flat-rate envelopes (if that's what those are)? I work for a publisher who ships a couple of big orders every year, and we have to order a box every couple of days for months before the shipping date because they won't send us as many as we need in a single shipment.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lanka on

      You forgot "Bought Cintiq" from the work-o-meter, good sir. :p
      (Have the 12", wish I could afford the new 24" ips.)

    19. Mike Petrillo on

      Rich you should have the red circle turn green when it is done! It would look cooler when it is completed.

    20. Peter S on

      @ link3711 My wife says, Yup the warehouse in her place has two of them.....its the universal cart it appears....

    21. Edgar Mauricio Lemos on

      Question: I pledged 10 without choosing a reward (I live in Australia, so it's likely that just sending the magnet will be more expensive than that. And I'm not thaat interested in it anyway.) But I still get the PDFs, right? :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Brailey Stetson on

      I'm with Mike Petrillo. Change the dot colour as well as the text.

    23. Link3711 on

      @Edgar I would e-mail Rich, just in case. It shouldn't be hard for him to add you to the email list for the PDF's if you aren't on it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Edgar Rich only gets sent the email details of people who selected rewards, so you definitely will not send you the PDFs unless you take steps for him to be informed. You might be better asking Kickstarter to confirm to Rich how much you paid because he won't know how much you donated.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kdkatz on

      hmm so that's what approximately 15,000 magnets looks like. Good to know. Sorry for all of the trouble of packing and shipping :(

    26. Cassandra S on

      I'm curious - does a box of several hundred magnets get irresistibly drawn to the nearest refrigerator, with the force of a small elephant?

    27. Missing avatar

      turkish "nickname" delight on

      ...Darned you peter, now I'm picturing that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Eric Voorhies on

      That would be awesome. Sadly, refrigerator magnets are deliberately designed to be very short-ranged; the effects don't accumulate well. The real problem would be keeping them from sticking to *each other.*

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnston on

      Hooray! I learned what diacritic marks are!

    30. Tom Clarke on

      Ctrl+A - Del
      Mailbox is now empty

    31. Carla on

      For those who are color-challenged: the red dots that have been filled in are: magnets, HP pads, stickers, patches, art print, sticky shticks, color book, o'chul pdf, dim sun pdf, haleo pdf, monster mini pds and wallpaper :)

    32. Thomas Magle Brodersen on

      It's probably just my World of Warcraft instincts kicking in, but when I see items in purple text, I immediately think: "YES! Epic quality item!!" :-D

    33. Ahdok on

      I was wondering if you had an example monster-mini from when you made them originally? I'm trying to work out exactly how they're constructed from your description.

    34. Missing avatar

      NSP on

      Anyone else notice that Rich's hair, much like Haley's refuses to stay in a neat ponytail?

    35. Mictlan

      I would suggest that the Backer Choice PDFs be renamed as per Rich last update:
      Thelka PDF
      The Cliffport Police Department PDF
      Pre-OotS Belkar Bitterleaf

    36. Jack Zigler on

      All right, coloring book's half done and Dim Sun is on the way! This makes me particularly happy; I'm a fan of alternate universes.

    37. JacoB on

      Formal Playtesting? In the OOTS game? Wow! Rich just surpassed Wotc! ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnston on

      I'm enjoying the last 17 hours of OotS being #2 Kickstarter drive of all time.

    39. Missing avatar

      Ilia Viktorov on

      Please tell me what is Dim Sun? I don't get the reference.

    40. Eric on

      Dark Sun was an older D&D campaign setting. A high psionic, low metal desert world originally printed in 1991. Change Dark to Dim and you have a parody name Dim Sun which is also a play on Dim sum, a kind of appetizer or tea accompaniment in Chinese cooking. For a glance at what it's going to look like go aaaaaall the way back to update #7.

    41. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Whoot! DimSun story is apparently either in drafting or actually starting to be drawn. Exciting :)

      Thanks once again, Mr. Giant Sir, for keeping your fans so well in the loop!

    42. Missing avatar

      ManuelSRT on


      Dim Sun is a parody of Dark Sun.

      Dark Sun is one of Dungeons & Dragons' most famous settings (like Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, Eberron, etc...).

    43. Missing avatar

      Sharon Gorbacz on

      Aww, my fridge has a wooden front panel and I won't be able to stick Roy to it!!

    44. starfyre76 on

      It seems a trend has been started. Now the author of the webcomic Weregeek is working on funding her latest book over on Indiegogo, a site that looks to be like Kickstarter, but allows non US projects.

    45. Ahdok on

      Given that kickstarter has a specific category for comics... I don't think this so much started a trend as it did make it popular :)

    46. starfyre76 on

      yep. All the cool kids are doing it.

    47. Missing avatar

      Zack Greenstein on

      It's funny how this kickstarter was supposed to be for reprinting the books, but the "book reprint" section of the workometer is blank. Just saying.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ian H on

      AS Rich said in update #30
      "We won't be able to order any of the books or most of the swag until the money hits my actual bank account around the middle of this month, but there are a few items that I was able to pay for out of money I had saved. "