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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
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Rich Burlew

14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

Important Information for Everyone

I told you those two lines were dead to me.

Since I'm pretty sure I have everyone's attention right now, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some important things that need to be addressed before the end of the drive. I know a lot of you might know most of this and it isn't as inspirational as yesterday's update, but some of it is new information, so it would be helpful if everyone could read it:

  • Everyone should take a minute to go over their pledge and write down exactly what they paid for, especially if it includes "add-ons" like the patch, the Sticky Shticks, an extra coloring book, etc., or if you pledged for one of the packages that lets you "pick" any book. Put that list someplace where you won't forget it, because we won't begin asking for that information from you for at least a week after the end of the drive, and I don't want anyone to forget something that they paid for.
  • On a related note, this is a reminder that we do not have access to the addresses stored in your Amazon account. The only way to give us an address to ship to will be for you to fill out the survey we send out after the drive. The survey will be sent to your email on record at Kickstarter (the same one this update was sent to), and you'll be able to see it waiting for you when you return to this site. Also, not all backers will be surveyed at the same time; people who are only getting magnets (the $10 and $14 reward levels) will be first, and anyone who ordered a "Patience" package will be last.
  • If you do not live in the United States, be certain that you have included enough extra to cover your postage. This is not added automatically by Kickstarter or Amazon, you must manually increase your pledge to the higher total. For details on how to do that, check out Update #18. The $10, $14, $15, and $16 pledge levels do not require international shipping charges; all other packages do.
  • If you live in the states of Pennsylvania or Texas, it would be helpful to me if you increased your pledge by 6% (PA) or 8.25% (TX) of your total to cover the state sales tax I will need to pay on your order. I didn't realize this until today, but there it is. I realize not everyone will necessarily notice this before the end of the drive; we'll be able to figure something out even if some of you miss it.
  • Remember that you will not be able to alter your pledge at all once the drive ends; you will be charged almost immediately. If there is an error in your order (such as forgetting to include postage), we will need to contact you afterwards to try to figure something out.
  • If you are one of the few hundred backers who made a special arrangement with me on a package where I had to add a special note to your order, that order will travel with your pledge if you switch your reward package or funding level. This may mean that you have a note on your order saying to include an extra book that you subsequently nabbed with one of the premium rewards I've been adding. If you know that your order has a special note on it that is now obsolete, please message me about it! I'll need to take it off or change it to reflect your new pledge.
  • Speaking of email: If you think you are going to need special changes to your pledge that require you to email me, the deadline for emails will be noon Monday (EST; 17:00 UTC). After that, I can't guarantee that I will get back to you before the end of the drive. Remember that you don't need to email me if you're adding an extra coloring book, a patch, the Sticky Shticks mini-expansion, or anything listed in your reward package as a potential add-on.
  • I still have a lot of emails to get through tonight, so please don't email me to make sure I got your prior email. It will only move you to the bottom of the list.

OK, I think that's everything. I will make another update after we reach the goal line, and the bonus reward packages are going to continue even after we pass it. Also, I'm running one day behind on the "OOTS every day" reward, so it will be extending until Wednesday now. Same number of comics, but I didn't want anyone to think I hadn't noticed. Here's the chart:

I will save my heartfelt thanks and praise for the next update.

--Rich Burlew

EDIT: Added Texas sales tax information, which I just got in my email.


    1. Creator Jose on February 20, 2012

      JUST... 35... MORE... BUCKS... TO 2000%!! >_<

    2. Creator drow on February 20, 2012

      it's commonly called "Use Tax", and yes, you're expected to volunteer to pay the tax on anything you purchase from elsewhere. nobody does, and the states haven't particularly cared until recently. but missing that revenue is behind the push by a lot of states to get Amazon, etc to start collecting and remitting sales tax, because its starting to become real money.

    3. Creator Peter Standley on February 20, 2012

      Correct. Pretty much any state with a state sales tax has a line on their forms where you are supposed to indicate the value of goods purchased from out of state that you did not pay a local sales tax on. For example NH has no sales tax, while Massachusetts does. Mass expects all its residents to pony up Sales Taxes for all the goods they purchased in NH and brought back to MA. Compliance rate is way under 1% on that last I heard. Not even close to cost effective to pursue, other than voluntarily. Also I beleive you can file for sales tax relief from those other states, and then pay your local tax. In that case those states send a form to your state Revenue service with the info. Its not worth the hassle in 99.999% of the time for just a few % difference, and you really do not want to give them any reason to sniff closer at any return.

    4. Creator David Ortery on February 20, 2012

      @ Dr_Demento : Just be careful with that; some states expect you to pay the sales tax on something you did not pay sales tax on during tax time. ie, in Illinois, if you buy something in another state, or order something online, and paid no sales tax, you have to pay it on your taxes.

    5. Creator Dr_Demento on February 20, 2012

      Hehe, going to college in a separate State gives me a convenient bypass to the Texas Sales Tax. Then again, if it comes during the summer...

    6. Creator Debbie on February 19, 2012

      @Jörg Mayer: Thank you SO much for searching re. whether tax counts toward $250 limit. That was basically what I remembered but it's nice to have it confirmed. Since Rich has posted since then without answering, I'll assume it does... and if not, it's still OK (I can't justify adding a question like that to his huge in-box).

    7. Creator Petar on February 19, 2012

      By this point, I'm pretty sure the Income graph line has achived sentience and it continues to grow on its own, no longer bound by the monetary contributions of mere mortals. My God, what have we done - we have created a Graph Snarl!!

    8. Creator DebbieB on February 19, 2012

      @John Thompson: Yes, I have more than one pledge, but none individually broke $250 until the tax thing came along.

    9. Creator Waraila on February 19, 2012

      Well looks like haley's wish from wayyyyy back in #65 has pretty much come true.

    10. Creator Jose on February 19, 2012

      Oficially a backer!! Amazing, ONE FRICKIN' MILLION!! Glad I participated and happy to finally be able to read SSaDT!

      Congrats, Rich. Being a fan since 2003 I gotta say you deserve it.

      From Peru, best wishes!

    11. Creator David Michael Newman on February 19, 2012

      ! One million dollars! :D

    12. Creator Marek Kaszycki on February 19, 2012

      Just refreshed, nice-looking $1,001,000. I figure by the time the pledge is finished, 2000% doesn't look outside the realm of possibility.

      Congratulations, Rich, you really deserve it!

    13. Creator Charles Geckle on February 19, 2012

      Ladies, Gentlemen, and Quarter-Male Pixies: We have thusly achieved awesome.

    14. Creator FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on February 19, 2012

      Banjo be with us!

      Ahoy! Thar be 2000% ahead, make Full Sail! All ahead and man the lines! Take No Prisoners! No Parley!

    15. Creator Melodia-j on February 19, 2012

      Flumping amazing!
      If I were Rich I'd be weeping tears of joy.
      Actually, tears of stress at the piles of work to come for the next year, but hey, same difference.

    16. Creator Ben Edwards on February 19, 2012

      Beautiful. Seriously, amazing. Magnificent. We may be the best fans in the world, but to be the best fans, you have to have the best product to be a fan of. WIN.

    17. Creator R. Greg Szrama on February 19, 2012

      One million dollars with 42 hours left to go. Coincidence? I think not. Yet more proof of the answer...

    18. Creator Dr_Demento on February 19, 2012


    19. Creator Brian Radichel on February 19, 2012

      Congratulations, Rich! Very well done - be proud, man!

    20. Creator Adam M on February 19, 2012

      [Doctor Evil voice] $1 million dollars!!! [/Doctor Evil voice]

    21. Creator Joseph Osborne on February 19, 2012

      Million Dollar Webcomic!

    22. Creator Jeremy Sager on February 19, 2012

      Hey Rich - You should really use some amount of this money to hire temporary help to get all of this handled - it's a massive undertaking and I know I speak for myself when I say that I'd rather see you writing comics (or at least signing art prints) than sticking shipping labels on things.

    23. Creator Steven Merrick on February 19, 2012

      $1M. Congratulations, Rich. :)

    24. Creator Tom Bradshaw on February 19, 2012

      Why yes. Yes it did.

    25. Creator Pablo Airo on February 19, 2012

      Blew past a million and still going!

    26. Creator Patso on February 19, 2012


    27. Creator Agnes Nutley-Govaerts on February 19, 2012

      I am amazed: 1 million!

    28. Creator karl wirth on February 19, 2012

      woo 1000253

    29. Creator Brian Radichel on February 19, 2012

      And there it is!

      Congratulations, Rich - really, be proud of this! Your ideas and your little stick figures have made history!

    30. Creator karl wirth on February 19, 2012

      woo, 100253

    31. Creator Patrick on February 19, 2012

      Alright!! 1,000,000!!!

    32. Creator Cody Christopher on February 19, 2012

      WOOT! We did it :D

    33. Creator Sanne Berg on February 19, 2012

      we have done it!

    34. Creator Matthew Thrift on February 19, 2012

      Yes, it did

    35. Creator Xentropy on February 19, 2012

      WOO! A million!

    36. Creator William A on February 19, 2012

      Woo 1,000,000!!!

    37. Creator Dr_Demento on February 19, 2012

      (beat, as it got in before the Mark)

    38. Creator Marek Kaszycki on February 19, 2012

      $145 to go -- next refresh will bring in a cool million, won't it?

    39. Creator Alexander Jabert on February 19, 2012

      Almost there.

    40. Creator Eemeli Tomberg on February 19, 2012

      Uuuu so close XD

    41. Creator Marek Kaszycki on February 19, 2012

      No, you didn't! :)

    42. Creator Dr_Demento on February 19, 2012

      Boom, I beat the million dollar mark and covered over 25% of the gap to boot.

    43. Creator Marek Kaszycki on February 19, 2012

      $607 to go -- getting close fast!

    44. Creator Adrian on February 19, 2012

      Getting close - $1,252 to go!

    45. Creator Shannon Davis-Richardson on February 19, 2012

      Someone please screen shot it when we hit the million. I have to go and it's sooo close I don't want to miss it!

    46. Creator Sara Alvord on February 19, 2012

      @MartectX, Ivo van der Hoeven: Thanks! That's what I thought, but I sent a message yesterday and didn't want to "send another e-mail asking if he got the first" through the comic site.