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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

Race to the Finish

So here's the thing: There's about 70 hours left on this pledge drive, and I'm out of new goals. You've paid to reprint every book, paid for the coloring book project I've wanted to do for years, paid for a new expansion for the board game, covered the fees for my gross miscalculations, and paid for all of the cool stuff I'm making for you. Throughout this drive, I've tried hard to keep on target with tangible goals that I could realistically meet within the time frame, and you've blown them all away. With three days left, all I can say is: You win. You have defeated me. I surrender. So many of you have asked me to put up what I'm about to say that it would actually be more disrespectful to my fans to continue to refuse at this point. Here goes:

From now until the end of the pledge drive, all money raised (minus the cost of the shipping rewards pledged during that period and the related Kickstarter fees) will go into a new general operating fund for Giant in the Playground. What will I do with it? I don't know yet. I think I'll need to recover from the drive for a few days before I even consider it. Here are some possibilities, though:

  • Paying for warehouse space for the increased stock levels.
  • Paying for any surprise expenses associated with fulfilling these orders because I am bad at math.
  • Funding the next new OOTS book, whenever that is (it is not now).
  • Funding a new selection of screen-printed t-shirts for Ookoodook.
  • Prototyping fees for potential OOTS products that couldn't be developed quickly enough for this pledge drive.
  • Paying for secret projects that may or may not pan out but would be totally awesome if they did.
  • Paying for the IT time needed to make long-overdue improvements to the Giant in the Playground website.
  • Buying the most recent version of Adobe Illustrator.
  • Buying a computer capable of running the most recent version of Adobe Illustrator (mine topped out two versions ago).
  • Buying a Cintaq to speed up drawing time.
  • Buying new crayons and Sharpie markers.

In short, it will fund whatever stuff I think up next to bring you more OOTS, better OOTS, and with any luck, faster OOTS in the coming years, and maybe even some non-OOTS stuff, too, if you'll indulge me. If any of those are things that interest you, then now is the time to pledge (or increase your pledge). Which is good timing, because I am about to blow this thing wide open. 

See, this whole time, one of the major limiting factors on some of the "special" rewards is my time. How many things can I sign? How many drawings can I do? How many packages can I pack up in my living room rather than having the fine folks in Houston handle them? And so I've sharply limited those rewards, because to do otherwise would be to risk upsetting backers by taking too long to deliver. But then I had an idea. And then like 50 people emailed me the same idea, so I knew it was a good one. What if I included packages where the fact they weren't going to get them right away was spelled out upfront? If you remove the possibility of the backer being upset by late delivery, then time ceases to be a limiting factor. 

With that in mind, I'm going to add a new type of package: the "Patience is a Virtue" package. When you see a new reward pop up with the word "Patience" in the title, it will mean that I will not be sending that package out until every other piece of work I have to do for this drive is done. All the other signed books are out the door, all the crayon drawings are finished, all the PDF stories written and distributed. When all that's done, I'll start working on the Patience packages. It might be May, it might be August, it might be October. It will be before December 31, 2012; beyond that, there are no promises. If you can't wait, then these packages are not for you. But it does mean that I'm free to add a lot more signed books and a lot more drawings.

Over the next three days, I am going to increase the number of special rewards available. For some, I'm just going to up the total of existing packages; for others, there will be new packages (like the Patience packages, and even some totally new ideas I've been saving).  Every hour or two, from now until we finish, I am going to add more special rewards. In order to keep it as fair as possible, it will be around the clock with no warning. At any time that you refresh the screen, there could be cool new stuff added. Sleeping is for fans of OTHER comics.

On the chart, you will see that I added the lines for the #4 and #3 all-time Kickstarter (or #3 and #2 for the days before Double Fine funds). Those lines are dead to me. At the top is the Million Dollar Line. The line that makes us the third project ever to reach a million dollars in funds. The line that tells the world that OOTS fans are the more dedicated, more generous, and more prone to refresh a page over and over than any other fans in the world. And, by some weird coincidence, the line for Mystery Prize #8. Weird how that worked out.

This isn't the end of the updates, either, so keep an eye here. I may yet squeeze out another intermediary Mystery Prize (#7.5?) at $960k, if I can think of something. And I'll want to go over what everyone should do to make sure their pledge is in order before the final deadline. 

70 hours. $100,000 more. We can do this.

--Rich Burlew


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan Schwartz on February 20, 2012

      Drat, missed Stick it to you.

    2. Il Im on February 19, 2012

      Did Rich's tax bracket just get bumped into tha stratosphere? >.>

    3. Zorgophlats on February 19, 2012

      Less than 13,000 left if everybody donates just ONE extra dollar, then we've done it!

    4. Melodia-j on February 19, 2012

      Also, I feel the need to say it again...
      If you're contributing megabucks to this already successful drive, please consider at least giving 5$ to another that may fail without support. I personally chose Wardencylffe gallery, but there are lots out there to choose from.

      Of course, no obligation or anything. Just an idea.

    5. Ryan6723 on February 19, 2012

      How about a goal for a print run of the pdf stories? :)

    6. Melodia-j on February 19, 2012

      And a new comic :)

    7. David on February 19, 2012

      New rewards up at $70. :-)

    8. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on February 19, 2012

      Two reminders to all out there...
      1. If you haven't yet, swap your Avatar out for the OOTS Patch everywhere you post, blog, tweet, f-book, etc.
      2. Eveyone who has a spare moment between F5 camping, or hey, novel idea, open a new window, go over to and spread the word on BOTH the X-Play and Attack of the Show (AOTS) sites. We are geeks making geek news, and they may rightfully inclide us in Monday's news segments (the Loop, the Feed), comic segments (Fresh Ink), or Game segments.

      I Participated FTW!!!!

    9. duefiori on February 19, 2012

      i honestly don't think we'll make it to 2000%. Since the last update the pledge went at a steady 3200+ per hour and that was beyond expectations. But to get to 2000% we would need, if my counting fingers didn't fail me, a 3800-3900 $/h EVERY HOUR till the end. Quite unlikely. On the other hand, I think the 1Mln line at this point is [CENSORED FOR JINXING REASONS]

    10. Greg Dougherty on February 19, 2012

      @Donald, don't worry, there will be more chances for you to purchase Patience. :-)

    11. parmeisan on February 19, 2012

      I think it's time to add the 2000% funded line. :)

      And that's where mystery prize #9 goes...

    12. Missing avatar

      Donald Tsang on February 19, 2012

      How ironic is it that all of the "patience" rewards have sold out? Time to create some "Super Patience 2013" rewards? :)

    13. duefiori on February 19, 2012

      I predict that when this pledge is over it will achieve its original goal of $57,750. Albeit barely, probably. Am i late?

    14. Missing avatar

      Spruce Bondera on February 19, 2012

      Ok, my very (very) rough calculations say that if we can keep up at least $3,500 an hour for the rest of the drive, we'll hit 2000%. And we've been going at around $4500/hr for a while now, so it looks possible.

    15. Greg Dougherty on February 19, 2012

      Ok, I'm going out on a limb here:

      I predict that we will hit $1,000,000 some time between 6 PM and 7 PM, EST. Get your predictions in now, before it's too late! :-)

    16. Jack Zigler on February 19, 2012

      We are going up about 500 dollars every five minutes. Friggin' mad.
      Incidentally, I just noticed that Double Fine has six times our backers, but only double our funds. That means, on average, we spent three times as much money, even though our reward minimum was lower.

    17. Ahdok on February 19, 2012

      Okay, right this minute, we're going faster than doublefine - although that's not surprising.

      $1m is trivial for us, my question is, can we make 2000%?

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Roberts on February 19, 2012

      Rich, talk to your accountant. I'd hate to see you be a victim of your own success due to the vagaries of the tax code.

      JR, CPA

    19. ahdok-2 on February 19, 2012

      Rich, this is mental.

    20. Patrick on February 19, 2012

      Just upped my pledge for the 5th time since this started. $25,078 away from a!

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on February 19, 2012

      @Irving. yes but it's not Rich's style. All money raised is going to go on something company-related. What it has done is give his company enough working capital that he should be able to spend the company income on himself. Also, he might be abl e to repay himself some of themoney he had collected to go towards printing WaXPs

    22. TT on February 19, 2012

      @ Irving : yeah we suggested it but he didn't seem to want to commit to it. A lot of people also suggested he get "something nice for himself" but as the update shows, it's all for OOTS.

    23. IJ Gilbert on February 19, 2012

      Does anyone else think that one thing Rich should do with the new cash is give himself a nice bonus check?

    24. TT on February 19, 2012

      New pledge rewards... Happening too... Fast... 47 hours ... 25k to go.

    25. Brian Swank on February 19, 2012

      Oh, man. Just when I think I've gotten everything I could want out of this, I find that I wished that I too tuned in to see the "Stick it to your family" thing. Grrrrr. Looks like I better create a 2nd acct so I can jump on one of these things if the "need" arises. I curse thee, Rich Burlew, for having the creativity to produce so many things that strike my whimsy. (mock fist-shaking in the general direction of Philadelphia)

    26. Matthew Cook on February 19, 2012

      Quite honestly Rich, I think doing some overhauling not only to the website (and maybe the forum :-) ) and updating your CPU and software would go a long way for not only your own production times, but also help us fans as well. I mean, if you update your CPU and all your software, it may seem (to an outsider) that those are things for you, when in fact those are things for us fans as well. Yes, we won't own them, but we will be benefiting from them just as much as yourself. All I can say to you, and to all us fans, is congratulations. This is been an amazing success, and I know that we can do nothing but be proud of you and ourselves with is drive. You have entertained us for nigh on 10 years with OOTS, lets make it another 50 :-)

    27. Missing avatar

      on February 19, 2012

      I just did the math- New PC (with monitor), the nicest Cintiq Newegg has to offer, and full Adobe Illustrator (instead of upgrade version) still comes in well under $5,000. For day-to-day life that's a giant, impossible gouge out of the wallet. For this, it's a teeny-tiny percentage, plus gets to be written off as a business expense. Do it! :D

    28. Mike on February 19, 2012

      UGH!!! Been online with an opportunity for three or four of the new packages, but apparently just missed the only one so far I would've gotten ("Stick It To Your Family"). Chance is a fickle mistress...

    29. Missing avatar

      Jeff Thomson on February 19, 2012

      @Mirtexxan- yes, I think that counts (or at least that's the answer I got from a near identical question)

    30. Missing avatar

      mirtexxan on February 19, 2012

      Quick question: I pledged 222$ for the complete story, +37$ for international shipping and +$4 for a single patch. Will I get a 8x10 print (my pledge is over 250$ -- but that's counting shipping) ??

    31. Brian Swank on February 19, 2012

      No worries. I just stumbled across the $115 pledge which had completely escaped my notice until now. Added 2 more books, the print, and the patch. BAM! I'm above average again. Biggest perk is that I get exactly the 3 books I wanted plus some other goodies including a new submission for family-n-friends game night. Woo-hoo!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on February 19, 2012

      Another patch! You know, for all those things that need patching. Coat sleeves? Instead of leather!

    33. Missing avatar

      Taz on February 19, 2012

      You could just up your pledge by $0.05 (or $0.06, whatever) without changing your reward.

    34. Brian Swank on February 19, 2012

      GAAAHHH!!! Peer pressure. I prided myself on having a pledge higher than the average of (total/backers) for the entire duration of this fundraiser. So I go to bed for a few hours, and what do I find when I wake up?!? Your fanatical support for this totally deserving cause has pushed the average up to $0.05 over my bid. Now I gotta go find something else to buy. sassin frassin :-)

    35. Missing avatar

      Taz on February 19, 2012

      @Adam, the swag table is in the update just below this one!

    36. duefiori on February 19, 2012

      @Shane my best bet is Rich is sleeping like a stone and just wont believe his eyes when the 960k line just swooshed by him. Funny.

    37. gusdergott on February 19, 2012

      @paradox-fi thanks I'll consider this option. A few bucks more now, won't compare to all those I added since I first pledged here.

    38. Shane Tilton on February 19, 2012

      @Rich, "intermediary Mystery Prize (#7.5?) at $960k." Check.

    39. paradox-fi on February 19, 2012

      @gusdergott: the description is a bit ambiguous, but if you want to make sure you get the art print too, set your pledge amount to $250. As seen on the chart at update #22, all book pledges (even if it has a game) at that level come with the art print. That's a couple of bucks more than the default price for it, but consider the extra as a gesture of support for Oots. Or if you don't want to do that, get two additional patches (or something else), so that the total sum exceeds $250.

    40. Xykon on February 19, 2012

      I really hope I got everything right... I took the $32 package, added $10 for int. shipping, $15 for the art print, $6 for the game cards and $4 for the patch = $67.
      I have the two b&w books, the original game + expansion and the ssdt book. I'm not interested in the printed version of the online comic. Anything I'm missing?

    41. David on February 19, 2012

      New rewards are up, people who only read this comments thread :P

    42. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Monette on February 19, 2012

      Yeah! I just got the second Patience pledge I was hoping would come up - patience for a signed print! woohoo! It looks like it's going fast so if it just went up then man did I wake up from my cold induced passed out slumber just in time! Thanks for putting this patience pledge up Rich!

    43. Missing avatar

      Adam on February 19, 2012

      I got into this pledge drive kind of late and I've pledged at the $67 level. Can you re-post what all the add-on options are? I'm sure it's in an update or three somewhere but it would be helpful to have a composite list. It would be really helpful to have a list with drop downs on the pledging page, but that would require upgrading the website...

    44. gusdergott on February 19, 2012

      Hi, I held off from asking but with the kickstarter ending soon I don't want to wait anymore. So I'm getting the 115$ pledge adding 60$ for 2 color compilation, 15$ for a B/W one, 5$ fr an extra coloring book, 8$ for 2 patches and 26$ for shipping ( I'm in Canada) coming to a grand total (for now) of 229$ (almost twice the size of the pledge...). Can I add 15$ for the art print? I'd like to have it but don't want to trade it for one of the books...

    45. TT on February 19, 2012

      @duefiori : It goes up rapidly whenever there are new pledge options. The burst we saw was most likely from the Patience options. But fingers crossed 45k to go 52 hours to go.

    46. duefiori on February 19, 2012

      *the second 0 was supposed to be a comma. don't you just HATE when you make a stupid joke and you spell it wrong?

    47. Snow Rivver on February 19, 2012

      Hmm... I wonder if there is any way to get multiple hit point pads without getting a swagpack... I'd pay more for that...

    48. duefiori on February 19, 2012

      Or we can go for 1,0470197 and 55 cents (that would be π/3 times one million)

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on February 19, 2012

      He can set it instead at e.g. 1800% (1039500).