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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

And Here Come the Aforementioned Patches.

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

As predicted, here we are again to talk about embroidered patches. First, let's remind everyone what it looks like:

Then, let's point out that you can now add it to any book, game, or art print package for just $4. And because I know a lot of you are chipping in on packages together (especially among my overseas fans, for whom the shipping charges are the chief concern), each account can order up to nine (9) patches. But it's very important that you write down how many patches you are paying for now, because you'll have to tell us later, when we survey you for shipping addresses after the pledge drive is over. 

There's also a new pledge reward package for just a magnet, the patch, and the PDFs at $15; if you're one of the $10 magnet customers and you want to add just the patch, we ask that you switch to this new pledge reward. We want to keep all the $10 orders free of special handling needs to cut down on the time it will take to ship them. As promised, here's the MITD with the chart for what bonuses are available (or available to be purchased) for most reward levels.

No goal chart for this update since I just did one a few hours ago; I wanted to get the patch information out to you guys ASAP. It'll be back tomorrow, along with some big news about what's still in store for everyone willing to check the site through the weekend. Thanks!

--Rich Burlew


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    1. Kevin Bruckert

      I upgraded. I'm sad that I couldn't get stick it to the family. I've been trying for days on that one. :'( They need an auction system so we can bid for limited rewards...

    2. TT on

      ??? Up to the Split (Signed) has one option remaining ? Someone upgraded !!

    3. Ooknabah on

      Holy crap! We're going to do it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Matías Zanella on

      OOOOhhhh yessss!!!! I got my signed art print!! Had to talk with the IFCC (not the healthy one) to get it, though.

    5. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Monette on

      Yeah! I just got the second Patience pledge I was hoping would come up - patience for a signed print! woohoo! It looks like it's going fast so if it just went up then man did I wake up from my cold induced passed out slumber just in time! Thanks for putting this patience pledge up Rich!

    6. grapeson on

      Is it a sailboat?

    7. Jeff Whaley on

      you know, if you unfocus your eyes just right, the chart goes 3D, just like those 3D posters of dolphins or T Rexs (rexii?); sadly it does not look like Haley's perky, um, eyes, but it is still kinda cool nevertheless.

    8. Ryno Myburgh on

      I started out pledging $10 to support Rich and OOtS, but in the pure awesomeness of the pledge drive I appear to have promised 450% of that amount since.

      Still worth it.

      Rich, you are awesome

    9. Meeple Madness on

      Wolf, I agree; the art print is where it's at. :) I just moved from $25 to the $295 mark to get the game and the art print together. Maybe Rich will create a Patience options where we can add on a larger print to any existing pledge.

    10. starfyre76 on

      well....that first patience package has gone out quick.

    11. Brian Swank on

      I'm absolutely amazed that we're so close to $1mill for a fundraising drive whose original goal was to make ~$58k. I figured the effort was going to plateau about 10 days ago, but I guess this just goes to show I don't know every dang thing. Outstanding show of support, everybody.

    12. Peter S on

      @ Wolf, Sorry Rich has already ruled out putting the Art PRint in with the 5X swag pack shortly after it came out. They determined it would damage the print almost certainly and he did not want that. (That is a reason I have two accounts personally).

    13. Wolf on

      I've been trying to find it anywhere for sure... but is it possible to add the art print to the five-pack Swag Pack #2? Pack #1 lists that as an option, but pack #2 only lists adding a book, not the 8x10 art print? *REALLY* want the 5-pack of HPPads, but wanting the art print more so right now I'm only at the $25+4 level when I would instantly jump to the $55+15+4 level if I could still get the art print. :/

    14. Ryno Myburgh on

      Come on people! only 70 hours to go and only $100 726 away from the illusive seven digit number.

    15. Justin Larsen on

      @Peter: See the post I was commenting on. I will now return to my butt-kicking for goodness.

    16. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      Suggestion To everyone else (especially youse guys with blank boxes for avatars), I heartily reccommend y'all copy the picture of the Patch from the Update page, and swap that out for your avatar on every forum, blog, site, google+ or facebook profile and/or what-have-you that has custom avatars to get the word out even further (and without effort, and retroactively to everywhere you've ever posted with an avatar).
      We must w00t the OOTS!
      (and ya can always change it back after the last day)
      (and in case you were worried abour Rich)
      Rich Burlew about 13 hours ago
      "I'm fine with anyone using the patch image that way. (Not that Joel isn't normally correct, but I'm happy to make an exception.)"
      Rock out with your Geek out and let's throw a Haste spell on things!

    17. Jeremy on

      @Greg; 3rd. Double Fine and the Elevation Dock are both there already. (Though we will be finished before Double Fine is).

    18. Greg Dougherty on

      How to get things, or "What happens when the Drive is Done?"

      After the Drive is done, you will get a "survey" in the email. In that survey you will say things like "$X of the 'excess' (amount over the pledge level) is for International shipping, here's my address. $4 is because I wanted a patch, and $6 was because I wanted the StickyStix."

      IOW: Add up all the extra money you need, over and above the base Pledge amount, got to "Manage My Pledge", and make sure your pledge is that much (or more) over the base level of the pledge. YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE THE DRIVE ENDS. Then sit back and enjoy the fireworks as we become the 2nd Drive to make it to $1,000,000.

    19. David LaRoss on

      You will be sent a survey when the fundraiser ends where you can tell Rich exactly what extra goodies you paid for and where to send them.

    20. Missing avatar

      Øystein Storli Jensen on

      Dear beloved, could someone with some time on their hands make a short post on the topic: "I pledged enough to get stuff in international mail, how on earth will they know my adress?" or perhaps "What will we do when it's time for stuff redemption?" on the giantitp-forums? I'm sure the information is out here.... Somewhere, it's just pretty hard to find right now.

    21. Peter S on

      @Justin, not so strange to me. That image I would guess would be familar to a good portion of the OOTS fanbase (not all by any means, but many). Too bad there was never a good image of Boo!!! going for the eyes....

    22. Missing avatar

      Edoardo on

      Does anyone know what Belkar is saying in the 2004 ornment? Is the only one I missed in this years and the curiosity kills me!

    23. Justin Larsen on

      @ShadowDragoonFTW: This is going to sound strange, but I know where your avatar picture is from. If you'll excuse me, I have some software I need to go reinstall.

    24. Peter S on

      It has been said by Rich that the Text trumps the Chart. That the chart has not enough room for all exceptions, details, etc. The chart is only reflecting those bid levels where the Print is either the main item in the bid level or the bid is high enough that the print is free. For most bid levels you can add the print for some $$ (15 is the common number), but a few of the lowest bid levels you cannot, and you cannot add it to the 5X swag bundle since they concluded that much swag in a box would crumple up the print and cause damage to it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alon Biran on

      @Chris, the chart is wrong

    26. TT on

      Odd.... 11k supporters. If each go for one patch that should be 44k....

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Brown on

      Just curious if this has been answered already, but Swag Pack 1 shows that you can get the art print for $15 extra, but the chart doesn't show that. Wondering which is correct (I'm assuming that the text is correct and the "add me for more money" smiley just didn't get propagated up)

    28. Missing avatar

      Taz on

      @PseudoFenton, just make another account and use that, you need another email address but then you're all set. :D

    29. Missing avatar

      PseudoFenton on

      Does anyone know if you can add multiple copies of the addons other than the patches?
      I want to get an extra pack of the Sticky Shtick Cards for my brother who already has the game - but I'm getting myself one ontop of a book order and havn't seen anything saying you can add more than one of those...

    30. daft_inquisitor on

      @Ahdok, this is going to sound strange, but what/where is your avatar picture from?

    31. Ahdok on

      It's looking like there's a slim chance we can hit 2000% funded.

    32. Missing avatar

      Janusz on

      I would be happy to get another sheet of stickers. I think it will fit any envelope with books. Also - how much shoudl I add to my pledge?

    33. Rich Burlew Creator on

      @RLGrey: Yeah, art print is fine, as would be an extra coloring book or other swag. It's only the regular OOTS books that won't fit more than four.

    34. Missing avatar

      RLGrey on

      Ok, perhaps this question has been answered, but there's like 7k comments going on (haha). For the $115 reward it says max 4 books (which I'm getting b/c I need all the books that are being reprinted to complete me collection). If you get 4 books it's still okay to add an art print too right? Since it takes up very little space it seems to have been implied that this is okay.

    35. natasqi on

      Haha awesome. I guess I have to F5 more often :P

    36. Ed Stevens on

      @natasqi Rich just posted in the main comments page saying that he was OK with us using the patch as an avatar. He said he was happy to make an exception.

    37. natasqi on

      @Johannes, Rich doesn't like people using his art without permission.

    38. Geoff Skinner on

      Alright, crap... I add ANOTHER $4 for a patch, sheesh. As of now, I can barely remember what my order entails... other than lots of cool stuff.

    39. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      To everyone else (especially youse guys with blank boxes for avatars), I heartily reccommend y'all copy the picture of the Patch from the Update page, and swap that out for your avatar on every forum, blog, site, google+ or facebook profile and/or what-have-you that has custom avatars to get the word out even further (and without effort, and retroactively to everywhere you've ever posted with an avatar).
      We must w00t the OOTS.
      (And the webernetz never sleeps, someone WILL make their SPOT check!)

    40. Jeremy on

      @Delaney; I think that is Rich taunting everyone who keeps asking about it! (sorry Shane).
      @Applehat, a patch is a small, thick piece of fabric that can be sown onto something to show off. So it will be close to a 3" square decoration on whatever you can sow it to (or tape, or glue, or whatever).

    41. Spencer Rutherford on

      A patch in this instance would be a piece of a fabric with the OoTS Kickstarter emblem stitched on it. You could then have the patch stitched on to an article of clothing, a hat, your shoes, etc.

    42. Applehat on

      Help me out here, guys. What is a patch? What is it used for?

    43. drow on

      this is the worst shopping cart ever. oh, WAITAMINIT.

    44. Missing avatar

      Delaney on

      I'm pretty sure that won't happen. I love seeing the demon cockroach taunting the MITD about it in the bonus chart, though. :D

    45. Shane Tilton on

      If we hit $1M, MITD needs to be revealed!

    46. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      (Plus Book or Art Print choices for fee)

    47. FULONGAMER aka Johannes Bowers on

      @Alan and @Peter, and the $80 version gets you the whole game. You get the Deluxe (Original + Shortening) and the Stickies at no add-on fee like most of the rest of us.

    48. tdelap on

      It's a good thing this thing is ending soon. Rich is running out of numbers to use as pledge amounts.... 14,15,16,24,25,26,29,32...

    49. Peter S on

      @Alan, if you own the old version of the game, you could pledge the 36 level and get both expansions and assorted swag as you desire. If you do not already own the game, the new versions of the game include the base version WITH the Shortening expansion already in it, so all you need to add is the Stickies.

    50. Karl on

      $70K More in 2 1/2 days. Come on guys top 3 lets make it happen.