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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

The Game and More

As promised, we're now producing the brand-new mini-expansion for the game:

Sticky Shticks
is a mini-expansion for the Order of the Stick Adventure Game that centers around a single mechanic: Stuff sticking to you. The set features two shticks for each of the six characters that can be "stuck" to another character under the right circumstances, either giving them a penalty of some sort or allowing you to flip it later to just mess with them. It also includes seven new Monster cards that can get stuck to you if they win, forcing you to drag their lazy asses around the dungeon until you (or one of your allies) can defeat it. A Screw This! card that interacts with any sticky card rounds out the 20-card set. (Pictured above, left to right: A Vaarsuvius shtick, a Durkon shtick, a new Monster, and an Elan shtick.)

Here's the important part: You can add the Sticky Shticks mini-expansion onto any reward package for an additional $6. Just increase your pledge like I showed you in the last update. But—and this is important—you'll need to remember that you did so and mark it on the survey we send out asking for your shipping addresses after the drive is over. Also, note that the $6 for Sticky Shticks is separate from the $5 you might have added for an extra coloring book; you'll need to add $11 total if you want both. Finally, producing the Sticky Shticks expansion may take longer than reprinting the books, so if you do add it to your pledge reward, expect the whole order to take a few more weeks before it gets to you.

I've also added new reward packages that include the OOTS Adventure Game Deluxe Edition and the expansion for the original set, The Shortening. If you've never experienced the game, it's a thrilling descent into a card-based dungeon as one of the six main characters of the comic. The original game was pretty long (3+ hours, usually), so we released The Shortening expansion last year to speed things up for people who wanted a quicker game. There are few things you need to know if you're ordering these, however (if you already have the game or have no interest in it, you can skip to the chart):

  • The Deluxe Edition is big. Big enough that it requires being shipped in a big box. As a result, we cannot "add on" the Deluxe Edition to any existing (non-autographed) reward package.
  • I've tried to cover a few different options for shipping books and the Deluxe Edition at the same time, based on what will fit in which size box. However, you may not be able to replicate every combination of books that you could without the game added in. Assume that if you can't make the exact selection of items that you want, then that selection would have required shipping the game in a separate box that would have nullified any savings in postage by ordering it alongside the books.
  • For ease of finding them: The new reward packages are at $16 for just the Sticky Shticks set, $80, $115,  and $295 for the Deluxe Edition, and various combinations of books, and $36 and $114 for just The Shortening.
  • The Shortening expansion is much smaller and can be combined more easily. However, The Shortening is only useful to people who already own the original "green box" set, titled The Dungeon of Dorukan. That box is now intentionally out-of-print, having been superseded by the Deluxe Edition box, which includes all of the original content AND that of The Shortening inside of it. So there's no need to try to get both. If you're new to the game, just get the Deluxe Edition.
  • All of the Adventure Game reward packages are limited so that we can keep an eye on stock of the game; unlike the books, the game is printed by APE Games in China, so reprinting it takes a long time. However, rest assured that the game will be reprinted when it runs out; even if there's an availability gap of a few months, it will be back, just too late to be included in this pledge drive. The number assigned to each package may also change if one package proves more popular than another, though. The Sticky Shticks mini-expansion is unlimited, because we'll just print enough (here in the USA) to begin with.
  • There are no "autographed" copies of the game available because the Deluxe Edition and The Shortening must ship from the Ookoodook warehouse in Houston, TX, which is not where I am. Sticky Shticks can still be added to an autographed package, though.
  • We'll make one exception to the "no adding the Deluxe Edition" rule: If you already have scored an autographed book package, we can work with you to add the game. Just be aware that I'm limiting that offer to the first 75 autographed book backers who contact me, and it will still ship from Houston (meaning that you will be paying to ship two separate packages). If you're OK with that, then go ahead and message me about it.

I expect a lot of people will be trying to email me regarding this, but I ask that you please not message me to try to create a custom non-autographed reward package including the Deluxe Edition that isn't already there. I'll just have to tell you that it can't be done during this pledge drive, there would be no savings in shipping anyway, and that my best recommendation is that you order the game from Ookoodook at some later point. And I don't want to have to disappoint anyone, so it's better for  both of us if you don't ask. So with all that said, here's the chart:

There's just one more piece of business: Mystery Prize #6. I said it would be digital and it would be free to everyone, right? So how about a new regular Order of the Stick comic posted every day until the end of the pledge drive? The first one went up this morning, and there are seven more days to go, so that means eight new OOTS comics in a row. I haven't tried to do this in a long time (and you shouldn't expect this to happen again), but I figured, if I'm already burning the candle at both ends, why not just make a big messy pile of fiery wax? It's just my way of saying thank you to all of you for this experience as we head into the final lap.

--Rich Burlew


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    1. Jeremy on

      I don't know; if you can figure out if that level is shipped in the big box? If so, it is doable for sure. If you can't figure that out, best to message Rich while you can still get in before he gets swamped.

    2. Missing avatar

      trimeta on

      Same question as spgoh1: Can I add extra books onto the Pick Three + Shortening package ($114) in the same was as the Pick Three package ($94)? My ideal package right now is DCF, NCftPB, WaXP, DStP, SoD, The Shortening, and Sticky Schticks, which I think comes out to $180. I really hope this package is a possibility...

    3. Missing avatar

      Taz on

      @ Joe Nelson - What nine thousand? There's no way that can be right!

    4. Ahdok on

      I do get the feeling that both this pledge drive and the doublefine pledge drive send a big message about the purchasing power of geek culture. Maybe new artists can point to these successes as evidence of the potential in these industries?

    5. Andrew Petherbridge on

      I still think is totally possible for this to crack $1m. Given pledges have increased by about $100k in the past day, we still have 6 days left, and there's usually a massive rush in the last 48/24 hours of a project, I can still see this breaking into the top three (although I don't see it beating Elevation Dock or Double Fine) and nudging over $1m. Which would be a fantastic achievement for both Rich and us all as a community

    6. Joe Nelson on

      What does the kickstarter say about its backer level?

    7. Ahdok on

      Kickstarter drives often have a big push in the last few days as people make up their minds which pledges to go for... I think 900k is a distinct possibility!

    8. John Russell on

      Only ("only", he says) another 70K to get back into the Kickstarter Top 5, which is looking very doable indeed. I doubt we'll make it into the mid-900s to challenge the next ones but still a remarkable achievement, even if Rich is going to need a very long liedown after everything gets shipped in April (or May or whenever).

      I've decided to grab the Sticky Shticks pack now even though I don't have the game, and order the game from the shop a few paychecks down the road (the shop will do international shipping, yes?). It looks like fun.

    9. Morgan Wick on

      "It is not strictly exclusive to the drive in the sense that we will probably print few hundred extra and throw them up on Ookoodook when they come in for people who can't pledge due to not having a [...] credit card. But it is a limited edition, in the sense that we won't reprint it once those run out." -Rich Burlew, earlier in THIS VERY THREAD.

    10. Andrew Wurm on

      I might not have the extra money to add the expansion to my donation; coupled with that, I'd ideally want to purchase the game at some future time, since I don't own it, and I'd like to pick up both the game (and this expansion) at a later date. Is this expansion something I'll be able to purchase at a later date, or is this a Kickstarter-only item? I can't seem to find any information either way.

    11. LazerWulf on

      Or, if you also want the art print (I assume that's what you wanted with the $25 pledge), create an alternate account and make a separate pledge.

    12. Maggie Hall on

      Bump your pledge up to at least $36, and choose the "I already have the original game" option.

    13. Brian Symington on

      Howdy. I pledged $25. Now I would like to get the Sticky Schticks mini Expansion. I'd also like to get The Shortening expansion (I have the base game) if possible. It's not clear to me what I need to do. Can someone let me know? Thanks!


    14. Adrian on

      @Ooknabah I was thinking about this earlier today as well. It would be awesome to hit $1mil, but I have a feeling we'll max out in the mid to high $900k range, just shy of it. The last 36 hours have been really good again, but I don't think this drive can sustain the $50,000/day necessary to break $1mil. But then again, all it would take would be for everyone to increase their pledge by about $26...

    15. Ooknabah on

      Holy crap. I doubted it was possible for this to hit one million, but we just might do it. This is just fantastic!

    16. grapeson on

      I was thinking about a Tarot deck earlier, and trying to think of which characters would be on which cards... it really was amazing how the OOTS (plus Celia) matched up with the first few Major Arcana: Fool, Magician, High Priestess (this is the card dealing with secrets and secret-keeping), Empress, Emperor, Heirophant (that is, cleric), okay I'm skipping the Lovers for now, and the Chariot (conquest and war). No points for guessing how I think they line up. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Cole Holtgard on

      Dang, sorry to comment so many times, but holy cow, Rich is going to have to ultra-mega-super-size it soon! (easy to do, we raised $75,000 today!

    18. Missing avatar

      David T on

      I also vote for OoTS Dice! I don't know if they'd be hard to make - but I would think they'd certainly be easy to ship.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cole Holtgard on

      And yes, I know Rich has said "No Shirts" in the contest, but I'd buy that shirt from the store. A commemerative shirt for this drive would be sweet!

    20. Missing avatar

      Cole Holtgard on

      Lol, I like the idea of an "I'm Paticipating!" Shirt, with Elan holding Haley on his shoulders, as she reaches for text saying "OotS Reprint Drive 2012"

    21. Phillip Knight on

      OOTS dice would be freakin' amazing. Not sure if that's realistically something he'd be able to do, but I would DEFINITELY upgrade my pledge to get a set.

    22. Sam Wright

      And Belkar has already done a gig as The Hanged Man

    23. Sam Wright

      Oh, I like the OoTS tarot deck idea! Elan could be The Fool!

    24. Missing avatar

      Facundo on

      " I'm participating" shirts, some other cheap branded swag, mugs, magnet, other stickers, pins. Icon sets. Come on Rich, we have to reach 1 million!

    25. Missing avatar

      Evan Sageser on

      Putting in my support for an Oots Tarrot deck. Absolutely love Tarot cards

    26. Missing avatar

      Spruce Bondera on

      I would prefere oots dice, myself. Rich seems to have run out of ideas though. Maybe the next reward will be "Vacation for Rich" or something. I'm sure he would raise enough money to finance it within a day.

    27. Morgan Wick on

      Three quarters of a million dollars. And we haven't had a new goal for the last $100k!

    28. Eadee on

      @Thomas Lehmann
      great idea :) you could draw some oots-tarot at the beginning of every game-session and you won't need any knowledge about usual Tarot to find an interpretation for the cards, knowing the characters of the comic would be enough.

      I can already imagine which character is shown on the Fool. And I really hope Rich likes that idea as much as I do.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lehmann on

      Something that might be fun for Rich to eventually produce is a OOTS themed playing/Tarot card deck (80 cards, including a 52 card deck, 2 Jokers, 4 more face cards for tarot decks, 21 Major arcana, Fool). It can't be done in time for this pledge drive, but the funding for it could be a target which, if achieved, would result in a pdf of the all cards added to all $10+ pledges as a bonus prize (delivered next fall).

    30. Eadee on

      Hey, if we beat $830,827 Richs reprint-drive will be place #5 of all kickstarter-projects again!
      Don't you all think we can make it?

      I raised my pledge to the whole story and a game :)
      C'mon guys only 100 left of those. Get them as long as you can!

    31. Jeremy on

      @MoonCat I think that they cost a bit less, because the printer has already done the proofs and edits, and just has to print instead of all the prep work.

    32. Missing avatar

      Edoardo on

      @Peter Cohen Here we would say "Mi hai fatto i conti in tasca" like to say that you hit the right answer. Ok thank you and now I won't bother furhter. Bye and shall we enjoy our rewards!

    33. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Edoardo. I pledged $222 to get those two books plus DStP. You're getting the poster print instead of DStP and are in the same postage category as me, so I hope you are pledging $207. Otherwise someone's arithmetic is wrong.

    34. Missing avatar

      MoonCat on

      Sooo... No new goals? Hmm. If the fact that Mr Burlew has run out of things to fund is true, that's good. May the line continues ascending, untethered by lines! At least one new goal can be getting into the top 5 again though. I wonder what'll happen if Mr Burlew can't think of any more to stuff to fund.

      Also, are reprints the same cost as an original printing? Just wondering.

    35. Missing avatar

      Edoardo on

      @Peter Cohen I've alreay done it but thanks for the reply and for the advice! P.S. So in this way I can have both "No Cure for the Paladine Blues" and "War and XPs" for only 30$ more.

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @spgoh1 As it's a box there should be plenty of room for one more book. If you were pushing the limit of the box, there might be an issue, but the basic box option allows 6 books on top of the original 3.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      @Edoardo Yes that's right. (Provided the "And obviously" applies to your pledge amount and not the email afterwards.)

    38. Missing avatar

      David Rodgers on

      Is there a way to add a second Roy Greenhilt magnet?

      Essentially, what I'd like to get is 2x Roy Greenhilt, art print, The Shortening, which is the $36 reward + $15. Could I just add $4 (for $55) and get that combination?

      It would be really nice if Kickstarter would allow a la carte rewards, especially for something like that.

    39. Missing avatar

      Edoardo on

      Sorry just a little help to see if I well understood despite my long time unused English. I selected the 115 $ reward and I added 30$ + 15$ for one colored book and the print. So when the project end I will receive an email where I have to reply to communicate the 2 books I choosed... right? Thanks very much. And obviously the 47$ for international shipping.

    40. spgoh1 on

      Hey Rich, will the $114 pledge (Pick 3 + Shortening) package allow me to add extra books @ $30 per book too? Cos if so I'm thinking of upping the ante from $94 to $114.

    41. Jeremy on

      Also, I just reread Nicholas's comment and while I am not sure, I believe that he has interpreted it correctly and you get the third coloring book for $255.

    42. Jeremy on

      @Sarda I believe you get it all. Your pledge=$222 + $5 (coloring) + $6 (Sticky Shticks) and then you are over pledging. You get the art print just for being at the $250 level, and you get the bonus items because you have added onto your pledge for them.

    43. Missing avatar

      Conway S. Smith on

      @Kenny Laughton: the email address you provided to KickStarter.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kenny Laughton on

      Question: When the email survey is sent around at the end of the drive, will it be sent to the email address that I provided to KickStarter, or to the address tied to my Amazon account?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Sarda, you get a second coloring book and the print just for being at $250, so you will get all three. I think you'd need to increase to $255 if you want a third coloring book.

    46. Sarda on

      Wanted some clarification on something but haven't been able to find it in the updates or comments. I am sitting at the fictional $250 pledge level as an increase from the whole story to get the poster. Would the increase of $28 over the actual pledge count for the extra coloring book and the Sticky Shticks expansion, or does that not go along with the poster for anything over $250?

    47. Ahdok on

      I wasn't claiming it was much of an achievement.

    48. Missing avatar

      Illicent on

      @Ahdok- Very true, extremely overfunded; however, his initial goal was $0 and his total raised was $100..... I'd say we still beat him =p

    49. Ahdok on

      I believe if you search the name in kickstarter, this project is overfunded 10,000,000%…

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris Johnstone on

      That is indeed some serious overfunding, and your right, we are not gonna get close to that amount. We should easily hit the 1300% funded, and 14x funded is not out of the realm of possibility.