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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

Three Mini-Prizes for You

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

Well, congratulations: You've now made this drive one of the ten most successful drives in the history of Kickstarter (and even went and edited it into Wikipedia, too). Further, a brief look at that list tells me that unless I'm mistaken, we're the #1 most funded creative work—that is, we're not a technological gizmo or app of some kind. 

 I'm still waiting to hear back from the vendor on the prize that I'm most excited about, which means that I was left trying to figure out what I would put as a midpoint prize between the reprint of Start of Darkness and that of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools. I had three fun ideas, but none of them really were quite strong enough on their own to serve as the reward at that level. So I did what anyone in my situation would do: I decided to give you all three.

  • Mini-Prize #1: Wallpapers for All! ($362,250): I'll create a set of (at least) 10 high-resolution OOTS wallpapers, with sizes for old monitors, current monitors, tablets, and even smartphones. These will be available for download by everyone once they're finished—not even just those who pledge! That's my way of thanking all the fans who may be not be able to help out in monetary ways but are spreading the word and keeping it alive.
  • Mini-Prize #2: The Order of the Stickers! ($375,000): Everyone who is getting a reward of one or more books (or the art print, or any future rewards that might come up that get mailed in a full-size envelope or box) will get a 10" x 3" sheet of 8 OOTS stickers, featuring one each of the main characters plus Xykon and Redcloak (design to be revealed when we reach that line). Because everyone loves stickers. Yes, even you. Come on. You do.
  • Mini-Prize #3 : OOTS Hit Point Pad! ($387,550): If we reach the amount needed to reprint Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, then everyone getting one or more books (or the art print, etc.) will also get a custom-printed 4" x 5" OOTS-themed notepad, perfect for keeping track of your hit points or healing surges or whatever during a tabletop roleplaying game. (If you don't play those, it also works for writing down phone numbers and other boring stuff.) Like the stickers, I'll post the design when we reach that goal.

I know that, taken individually, none of those are as impressive as a new story, but I needed to work within the limits of what is cost-effective for printing 5000+ copies AND what can easily be fit into the envelopes without damaging books or increasing postage. Hopefully, by the time we reach that last goal, I'll have gotten my estimate back from the printer and can put up the next big goal/incentive, which I think you're going to like. And with that, I give you the chart:

Huh. That seems ominous. 

See you all back here tomorrow, probably late in the afternoon. Thanks, as always, for the support, and I hope you all know how much I appreciate it.


P.S. All hope of rising above the tide of email has been lost. My apologies to everyone who is waiting on a response, and I ask that if you have a question about your rewards that is not time sensitive that you give me until Friday before asking it, so that I can try to work through some more of them. Thanks.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Rich has indicated more signed items will appear, if at all, only toward the end of the drive.

    2. Missing avatar

      Trevor Milne on

      It's too bad there aren't more "signed by Rich" pledges available. I'm guessing a lot of people would up their pledge for that. T-shirts as a pledge on their own would be a great new pledge too! I'd get one and even pay extra for the shipping!

    3. Greg Dougherty on

      What "art v. commerce"? Rich is going to have dozens of characters show up in the story over the next six months. They're going to need names. He can make them up, or he can get people to pay him for the privilege of providing him names to use.

      When John Ringo wrote his second "Looking Glass" book, he needed names for a company of Marines he was going to kill off over the course of the book. The way he collected those names helped his book "Ghost" (the "Oh John Ringo, No!" book) win a romance fiction award. :-)

    4. Ahdok on

      A webcomic where all the characters are reader-generated?

      How about a webcomic where all the characters and content is reader-generated?

      Yeah, it doesn't work that well. :)

    5. Dan Nolan

      @Michel I look forward to refreshing that link after every new update

    6. Peter S on

      need a portrait monitor.!!! effort thou, had to zoom out so far could not read easily

    7. Míchel Tanuki on

      For a bit of fun, I animated the graphs so far:

      Gimme a day and a hundred bucks, and I'll do the inbetweening, too! (No, no I won't.)

    8. Caesar Wong on

      I think it'd be dangerous to set a target that's difficult to reach. So far it's been fun, and lots of money has been raised purely because the pledge levels have been very carefully calculated by Rich to be achievable if people would just stretch *that little bit more* and also by socialising it by telling their friends, getting it written up as a news article, trying to get celebrities like Felicia Day to tweet it, etc.

      At this stage I think the main challenges that Rich is facing are: coming up with new ideas and actually finding the time to execute them within a reasonable timeframe, and the plateauing of support as fans get pushed towards their financial limits (plus you really don't want to piss off the fans by putting awesome Kickstarter-exclusive stuff out of their reach).

    9. Peter S on

      The fairly rapid climb in backers the past day also reflects the word spreading, so while those earlier dollar volume jumps were driven by 2000 or 3000 backers, we are at 5800 and climbing now, so it takes less of a jump for each to result in a larger overall jump in backing. Would not be too shocked to see the backer number climb another 50% before this is over.

    10. David on

      @Amy; indeed.

      @Greg; so far people are pleding for existing books etc that they want to get; those are all in print now. I'll be thrilled if this makes 600k, but let's not get ahead of orselves.

      @Di; We haven't had 100k on any day yet regardless of the reward, so I'm not sure what data you are speculating based on. Particularly as we have no idea what said reward is....

      @Jay; yep, having a strip where every character is from a user would get...a bit odd.

      Before I get more comments :P I want this drive to do the best it can; but hitting 400k and claiming 1 million as feasible based on that, could do with setting more realistic interims? I hope this rate of up-take continues, but I don't think you can just extrapolate from the data so far in the way that xkcd on weddings does....

    11. Missing avatar

      Amy Fiori on

      DiMono: Nobody ever said 600 was double 400. David said we would need another 50% to get there. If you'll do the math, you'll find out that we need about another $200,000 to reach $600,000, and $200,000 is indeed 50% of the amount we've already raised.

    12. DiMono on

      David: 600 is not double 400. Regardless, Rich said he's really excited about an upcoming reward, so I have no doubt at all that we'll see at LEAST another $100K in the day after he announces it. Hell, the last 24 hours have seen over $35K, and that's more than on pace for a million dollars by the end. I'm telling you, we're nowhere CLOSE to the end of that near-vertical line yet.

    13. Jay Elmore on

      It's one of the age-old questions of art vs. commerce. I would think that Rich would want to retain control over the integrity and direction of his work, and not have to struggle with creating Stick-verse versions of dozens of characters and figuring out how to shoehorn them into his story.
      Heck, I just hope that the character that the $5,000 pledger gets to submit actually gets some lines and maybe some minor relevance to the story, and isn't just a nameless walk-on or gets killed randomly by Xykon. Unless that's what the submitter wants, of course...

    14. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Oh no, what if the scale is changed to graph that is simply verticle. like what you see in an old time thermometer. she does not even need to move, she could just stand.....

    15. Greg Dougherty on

      1: We're less than 1/2 way through the Kickstart.
      2: The Kickstarts I've looked at have all had big surges in the last couple of days. I think $600,000 is a conservative guess, and if Rich WANTS to make it to $1,000,000, and is willing to put together the goals and pledges to do it, he can make it.

      How many hours did it take for that $5,000 pledge to go?. How much do you think Rich could make selling "redshirts"? How many different levels? (Name. Name and a line of dialog. Name, dialog, and actually do some damage before you die. Surviving. Hell, how much would someone pay to get to provide a new member for team Evil? )

    16. Missing avatar

      Abra Brisbin on

      Rich, you rock! I've added $10 to my pledge in honor of all the bonus PDFs.

    17. Missing avatar

      Adam I. on

      I don't know if Rich has this data, but the nerd in me would like to see the plot of number of backers over time. Could go with a secondary axis, or better yet a separate graph populated with some slightly more evil characters.

    18. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on

      Perhaps the graph makes a sudden 180 degree turn and starts going downwards .With that pace Haley wont be needing to catch up with it ,it will go straight to her !

    19. Missing avatar

      mathias on

      Or you know, rescale to logarithmic and then theyd be very close to the bottom

    20. Missing avatar

      Cody Auter on

      Still think most people are thinking linearly...
      V is helping Haley catch the line, so far going vertically. Why not rescale horizontally? Then she doesn't have to climb, just run.
      Of course, a horizontal graph wouldn't fit on the page quite right, and at the rate we're going, she'd still have issues...

    21. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      We may make it, were not halfway through you know, it would be hilarious near the end that the oots gragraph collapses from the stress.

    22. Marc D. Long on

      Did V prepare 'Resize Graph' instead of Explosive Runes'? Also, at the rate we're going, he may want to cast an empowered version...

    23. David on

      A whole nother 50% is quite a big ask, Di :P

    24. Missing avatar

      Mathias DeRider on

      Rich is about to have a 401k.

    25. Eugene Mah on

      @manuel I'd say that "Add any one book for $30" would mean any of the books, including Snips

    26. DiMono on

      Would you look at that, $400K. That's pretty awesome. How's my "surprised if we don't reach $600K" looking now? ; -)

    27. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      its gettin near the time a update could possibly be made i wonder if there are new miniprizes to look forward to....... ...and of course, what is belkar going to do now. *grabs popcorn*

    28. Greg Dougherty on

      $400,018 and 18 days to go! How amusing. :-)

    29. Manuel on

      Btw, we reached 400k! Yeah!

    30. Manuel on

      :( let"s hope!

    31. Ahdok on

      Well, I refreshed the page and it said $400,000 exactly.

    32. Missing avatar

      Porthos on

      @ Manuel From APE Gamer "The Linear Guild expansion is not being actively worked at this time."

      So that's a nogo for the moment, I'm afraid.

      Maybe some future drive. ;)

    33. Manuel on

      I was thinking about the unreleased Expansion for the game (the linear guild)! Why don't you add it to the pledge?

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lehmann on

      And, sure, some completists might not be satisfied even if all the SSaDT's content is available in different forms; but that's what EBay is for...

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas Lehmann on

      I agree that Rich shouldn't and won't simply reprint SSaDT *as is*. If you make a promise, don't break it. But that doesn't mean that future fans won't have access to that content. Rich could, for instance, experiment with offering it as a digital offering. A more likely scenario is to split up that content and reprint it in themed compilations. For example, SSaDT's Julio tale, this drive's Julio tale, the original Julio OOTS strips, a Julio tale from a future pledge drive, and a brand new Julio tale could be combined into The Julio Files. The Dragon strips, 4thE strip, this Drive's DimSum, a future 5E story, and a brand new OOTS planar adventure could becomes OOTS: Alternate Realities. And so on. Rich is a smart guy; he'll figure something out that doesn't involve breaking his word...

    36. Manuel on

      I didn"t understand one thing (yes, sorry, again on SSaDT), if I choose the 25$ pledge (the art print) and I add 30$ (Is what I did), will I be able to choose SSaDT or I will have to choose one of the other books? Thanks a lot! Manuel.

    37. Manuel on

      He could add the oots game to the rewards! (or maybe shipping it worldwide would cost too much?)

    38. Noël Chrisman on

      The suspense is KILLING my productivity at work!

    39. Missing avatar

      Thagorn on

      clearly he is waiting for us to hit 400k before updating, quick donate more!

    40. Missing avatar

      Shane Mecklenburger on

      Rescale Graph is my new favorite 0-Level spell

    41. drow on

      there's no update XD

    42. David on

      For those who haven't read the comments threads; :P Rich has said he won't do it, so can we stop discussing it now, please? :P This time of day is usually reserved for complaining that there is no update instead. XD

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      As someone who did preorder Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales (can dig out the order number if it matters), I really don't see the problem with reprinting it if people want to buy it. I did pre-order it because I bought into Rich's reasoning that not that many people would want it, and everyone who did would preorder it, but I would not feel cheated if demand let to it being reprinted. Heck I would be annoyed if a (misguided IMHO) pointed of principle meant that in a few years someone who wants one could not get one.
      The slightly evil part of me makes me wonder if I should get another one to stick on ebay in a few years.

    44. Peter S on

      Well the top end rewards are straightforward as will be the 2000+ pledges for the bottom three tiers, which does simply the massive mess a little bit. Hopefully the KS software will be sending him a useful data base of pledges and chosen levels and email addys to cross check with. Yah it is a "good" problem to have.

    45. DiMono on

      I just realized Rich is going to have to spend WEEKS sorting out who gets what and sending it to them. Not a bad problem to have, but still... holy crap.

    46. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      @Graham here is what Rich said

      "Rich Burlew about 19 hours ago

      @Tev: I'd love to give everyone that option, but doing so would trigger (literally) a thousand people to email me and ask me to adjust their pledge. I have yet to figure out a way to automatically adjust reward packages on Kickstarter or offer items "a la carte" without falling back on me managing everyone's pledge manually. And with 5328 backers right now, that's not a realistic option. Sorry about that. Best case right now is that we'll throw any extras we have up on Ookoodook after everyone has their rewards."

    47. David on

      @Graham, I'd message that to Rich separately. :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Graham Wood on

      Given that the HP pads would be useful for my D&D group, I wonder if we can request additional?

      E.g. For every extra $5, I can have an additional one? :) I'm already pretty high, and am just glad that my wife doesn't know the NZD-USD exchange rate :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Erik Ottosen

      Observation: Given the duration of discussion by the characters on the graph panels, Varsuuvius has been on panel only three or so rounds.

      Did he prepare Scale Graph off screen the day before the fundraiser started? The alternatives are either that he's a Rope Trick Batman Wizard, or that he's taken levels in the Mage of the Arcane Order prestige class to be able to spontaneously cast a couple of spells per day... Which could be very handy.

    50. John Thompson on

      Cover the graph with dragon scales!!!!
      I had figured a simple re-scaling (e.g. $20K per), but the previous comments by V about Haley thinking in "so linear" a fashion makes me wonder... but a log graph doesn't really do this justice.

      Oh well, wait and see!