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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.


So we've been at this for a week and a day now, folks, and I've been told by reliable sources that we now hold the total fundraising record in the Comics category here at Kickstarter, with over $245,000 raised in eight days, more than four times the initial goal. There's some talk that we may also hold some sort of speed record as well, but I don't know about that. At any rate, we're not even close to done, so it's probably too early to write the record book. Right now, we're just about $10,000 away from me adding Don't Split the Party to the rewards, at which time I think we should expect to see a new burst of pledges. And I'm already forming plans for some new goals (and shiny new rewards) to try to keep this momentum going after DStP is funded, so expect to be tuning in right up until the final days.

I did want to quash one rumor though: There won't be any inclusion of the yet-to-be-even-announced "Book 5" in this Kickstarter (that is, the next color compilation featuring Tarquin, et al.). It's just way too early. I can't justify taking money on a book for which I don't know the exact length, the cover price, the printing cost, the delivery date, what the cover looks like, or even if it will be the next book I publish. So I won't be including it as a funding goal or as a reward. When the time comes to announce it, maybe I'll run another Kickstarter then if I'm out of funds, but lumping it in with this one so far in advance will only end with four thousand angry customers.

And with that, I give you the chart:

Thanks again, and let's try to push this over the top so that I need to update again today with the new reward packages.

--Rich Burlew

P.S. Expect a comic later tonight.
P.P.S. Expect that I won't be answering any email until after that comic is up.


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    1. Rune Ulset Furberg on

      No it doesn't. That explanation certainly holds for NCftPB, but not for WaXP, as you would have seen yourself if you'd actually done the numbers.

      WaXP: $76,450 + $16,000 = $92,450
      DStP: $283,120 - $184,620 = $98,500

    2. Missing avatar

      Viktor on

      I need both "snips and snails" and "don't split the party". There is a combo for War & XP + snips and snails, but one for snips and snails + don't split the party would be nice too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      He answered that in a previous post: "Those of you with a canny eye for charts will notice that it appears like it will cost more to print NCftPB than it did WAXP even though WAXP is a longer book, but it only looks that way because I had already saved up about $16,000 toward the reprinting of WAXP when this drive started." Which explains why it looks like it costs more to print DStP, too.

    4. Rune Ulset Furberg on

      How come Don't Split the Party costs about $6,000 more to reprint than War and XPs when it is a thinner book? Are they printing more copies of that on or is the printer somehow screwing Rich around? :s

    5. Dennis Hughes on

      Rich: I wish I had more money - I'd give it if I could. We all love you. Hoping for massive success for you in all that you do.


    6. Alice Avistew Teague on

      I hope you'll put all the graphs together somewhere at the end of the drive. They're really entertaining.

    7. Karl on

      Sings "I want it all, and I want it now"

    8. David on

      I believe Rich commented in the comments thread that there would be no update until he posts the next comic later tonight.

    9. Joshua Elliott on

      Same here! I hope they come up in the next hour before I have to go get my pizza.

    10. Missing avatar

      Goose289 on

      the suspense of waiting for the rewards is killing me

    11. David on

      Another glorious triumph for OOTS fans the world over! Current total 255,121.

    12. David on

      Looks like you will need to do another update, Rich : )

    13. Missing avatar

      Taz on

      @Kevin, but you can always just change your pledge - click Manage Your Pledge, change the amount, choose a new reward, click submit, voila! New higher-level reward.

    14. JU on

      I've pledged the same project about 4-5 times now, so it is possible. I haven't pledged more than one separate pledge though (just upped the one I got).
      If you want you can pledge higher than the minimum required for an reward, so you could theoretically get the poster free (too all with an above 250$ pledge) by pledging 255$ and chose the 10$ reward level.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe Mucchiello on

      @Samual, @Dave, of course, having a PDF available could save Rich on the costs of people who archive binge his back archives. If the book only strips remained book only I don't think having a PDFs of the online strips would be a bad thing. Just call them something different from the physical books to avoid confusion. But I don't think Rich would want to sell the off-line comics in PDF format. If he did, he would already be on DriveThruRPG and the other online PDF selling websites, right?

    16. Kevin J. Maroney

      Rich, please note that it's not possible for a person to pledge the same project twice, so if you add a reward that isn't available below $X, no one who pledged below that level will be able to receive it.

    17. Samuel on

      @David, I think that's two kind of customers, some like to have the paper, others have now shifted to eBooks. Now it's not entirely clear if Rich expect the extra books printed that will be shipped or stored at Okkoodook to be sold in a short time or if he can afford slower sales due to people choosing the PDF instead of the paper (I'm now among this kind of people).
      My understanding is that with this drive, he's certain not to be out of his pocket due to the printing costs, so I hope he'll be mode considerate for the digital option.

    18. David on

      @Samuel, wouldn't that somewhat undermine the benefits of getting all the books re-printed, and available for sale? No point getting so many lovely copies then letting people get the pdfs, arguably.

    19. Samuel on

      Now that Rich has shifted his business model to the sound and proofed Kickstarter, Would it be possible to have at last some PDF for the whole collection ?
      I'm saying this while I already own the whole lot and thus I only pledged $10, but I'm ready to dish out an additionnal $10 for each album available as a PDF (at least that would prevent me all the effort to scan my collection)..

    20. David on

      Also, graph fans, note the 255 line has been moved to the correct place (spotted some comments on this for the past few days)

    21. Bryan Barnes

      Shouldn't V be covered in ranch dressing?

    22. David on

      Celine's hope is my sorrow that #3 won't be 'Fruit Pie Sorceror: A Life'. (Points if you get where this story has been mentioned)

    23. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      1) V, that's cheating. Yes, I am quite sure that flying is cheating.
      2) The line has obviously heard who had (a limited time) claim to your soul and is scared. Move out of the way so it can start climbing again! :p
      [3) He didn't dismiss Book K. I'm just saying. Hope still lives on.]

    24. Aephix on

      Watch out, V! Its headed straight toward you!

    25. David on

      Rich, you are going to rival XKCD as most popular chart and graph based webcomic :P

      @Esteban, the $94 level will let you pick basically whathever you like and is noted to include the Split; you can basically get all 4 volumes and two prequels that way if you do all the add-ons. But that won't get you Snips, which is limited edition, so maybe there'll be a new reward for that.

      @Advance, the obvious response is, you should donate like 10k :-D. Haley looks upset by it. Don't upset Haley!

    26. Missing avatar

      AdvanceStrat on

      That line... it's like a blotch on a perfectly awesome upward slope. THIS ATROCITY MUST BE FIXED. :P

    27. Esteban Izaguirre on

      Will be there a "choose whatever books you like, add "X" for each if all the books are reprinted?

    28. Missing avatar

      Goose289 on

      You know...its a good thing my work doesn't monitor my internet usage...cause I would be in trouble otherwise...

    29. Joshua Perez on

      V!!! My favorite androgynous elf!

    30. Rich Burlew Creator on

      Make that $7000 away. It always goes up by a lot while I'm making the chart. I just sit and draw charts all day.