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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

And the second Mystery Prize is...

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)
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Sorry for the late update, but there were no words that could adequately describe the Mystery Prize as well as this image can:

You see, when I was first plotting the details of the current storyline in The Order of the Stick, one idea I briefly considered was making the entire Western Continent into pastiche of an existing desert-war-gladiators-psionic setting. I tossed the idea almost immediately, but it stuck in my mind that there were a lot of good jokes in that idea, even if it conflicted pretty directly with some key facts about the OOTS world (for example, it was already established that there were Western Gods loosely based on the Babylonian deities). So now, I'll get a chance to shake some of those jokes out in a short story showing how OOTS would be different if it was set in the world of DIM SUN. When it's done, I'll tack it onto the end of the Julio Scoundrél story that I revealed earlier and email the PDF to all backers at the $10 or higher level. (Note: Character designs are subject to change, if I come up with a better idea.)

Not much else to update today, so here's the chart:

There definitely won't be an update on Sunday, even if we cross the dashed line. So the next update will be Monday sometime, probably around noon here (5:00 pm UTC). Thanks not only for the support, but for the continued interest in the pledge drive itself. 

--Rich Burlew

EDIT AFTER THE EMAIL WENT OUT: I had mentioned in the last update that only book orders would get the next Mystery Prize, but that's not going to be the case. This will be going to everyone. I had previously had a different idea that ended up not being economically feasible, so I swapped it out for a concept I had this morning for Mystery Prize #3 instead. So prize #3 remains a mystery, even to me.

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    1. David on

      I set up a picture too. :-D

    2. Ahdok on


      I've changed to my online handle, and changed my picture.

    3. Dave Freireich on

      Must... get... to... mystery... prize 3. Everybody invite a friend!

    4. H. Jameel al Khafiz on

      Haley's weapon is a bow. If you look closely, you can see the string.

    5. David on

      2 David's posting :P One of us should really change our picture.

    6. Ahdok on

      so, I ordered DcF and SSaDT from Ookodook the day before this kickstarter was announced (yeah, how's that for timing?) - and they've just arrived. Now I get to read the green book :)

    7. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Half-Giant Roy? Ooh, I know very little about the setting and didn't know that was an option. If so, I take back my earlier comment about not changing the group as presented there ;)

    8. Pawel on

      Awww, no half-giant Roy? He played the role of giant so well in SSaDT... :) No matter, this is going to be great, I love Dark Sun!

    9. Tsvika S on

      I hope that the mystery prize #3 will be the PDFs of the already printed regular OOTS books. I know it's not that probable, but I've been dying to read the added content (and I don't have the 300$ to buy all of them...). But of course, anything will make me happy :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      All I can think about is how differnt the graphs would be if Haley had grabed the bar and rode it up from the start

    11. Missing avatar

      Goose289 on

      As it is right now...we have 22 days to finish this up...(21 days in two hours mind you). This translates to $111 an hour, every hour for the next 21 days to get our total needed to hit the 300k goal (we're 55,945 away at the moment I typed this).

      I think we'll hit it.

    12. Greg Dougherty on

      @R K

      The Kickstarters I've looked at, the last day or two see a significant increase in pledges, as all the people who've been "thinking about it" relive it's time to stop thinking, and start buying.

      And, of course, every time we get a new group of rewards offered, we see a spike.

      So my guess is 255 sometime Monday, then a quick spike to 300k once the DStP rewards are available. :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      R K on

      "Haley said we had a product the market demanded"


      That's awesome. You know, let me try doing some ridiculously pointless math under some very questionable assumptions, assuming exponential decay in the rate of funding going from here...

      Hm...I'd estimate we'll end this drive at around 500k. Of course, my math is *highly* questionable, so we'll see how wrong I am.

    14. Missing avatar

      Facundo on

      @David if you look carefully you will notice it's her weapon, which I cannot identify. My GF will love the DimSun parody, now we just need a DragonLance parody, and we would be all set.

    15. Spencer Nelson on

      it's just her left leg

    16. Ahdok on

      Why does Haley have a tail?

    17. Missing avatar

      Gaerzi on

      On the other hand, I myself am a fan of reading stuff on my computer, less a fan of burdening my overflowing shelves and paying extra for shipping.

      If there were PDF versions of the printed albums, I'd buy them. :)

    18. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Not according to what most people expect in the Comments section, but I certainly hope so, James.
      i shall keep hope alive until the Giant himself slays it.

    19. Missing avatar

      James Johnson on

      Mystery Prize #3 should be the announcement of the run in print of Dim Sun, O-Chul, and Julio.

    20. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      The places around here would likely have issues with copyright if I tried that and, more importantly for my OCD-like nature, it wouldn't match the rest of the books.

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      There are book stores (for example, Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, VT) that will print and bind .pdfs for you. If you really want it done.

    22. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      @Trevor Florence Why would the book be B&W? Snip, Snails and Dragon Tails was colour.

    23. Echon on

      Fantastic! I love the "Dim" Sun setting. :)

    24. Trevor Florence on

      Really itching for a book of all the PDFs from this drive... the only downside is that the PDF will probably be color (or blue tones...) while Book K would be B&W.

    25. David on

      As I have the full set (or will by the end of this drive), I do like print comics; but as an incentive to pledge, I don't see them as effective as more new content would be, or working on cost.

    26. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      I don't think so. Especially if we get a reduced rate to purchase it. You'd also get the PDF for free, but you don't have to buy the print version.
      I'm not a huge fan of electronic-only comics. That's why the three Web Comics I read are sitting on my shelf in their officially printed forms.

    27. David on

      With respect, I really think having all the bonuses printed is the total waste of a secret prize; I'd much rather get new content, as someone else has suggested.

    28. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Oops. Not pack, back.
      *Not sure you wanted to back

    29. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Hmm... In case anyone else uses G+ but doesn't want to type their own "infomercial for this", I have done so (shared with my Friends, Extended Circles and the Public):

      Not sure you wanted to pack an OOTS Kickstarter? Maybe because you already have all the books (you rabid fan you), how about the fact that for only $10 you get a Roy magnet and a PDF of not only Ochul's story, of not only a new Julio Scoundrél story, of not only 3 (count them one-two-_three_) original 8-12 page stories about three OOTS characters chosen by those people who snagged a certain high-level reward.
      Oh no, folks. On top of all that, this was posted today:…
      That's right. OOTS' PDF {Which we're trying to get the Giant to actually print the thing as a new book [Book K], but that's unlikely at the moment.} will also include a parody of what OOTS would be like if it were set in a certain low-metal-high-psionics D&D setting!
      So, come on folks, not matter how you cut it, that's a deal for just $10!

    30. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Not my favourite setting (actually, my least favourite) but I look forward to the one-shot parody, certainly. [And I, for one, hope there's no change to those characters. I find them rather perfect as they are.]
      Now to inform folks of this change of event in an attempt to get more _new_ backers, by posting yet again to my Google+

    31. Missing avatar

      Dein on

      Took me a while to realize that it was Durkon. This should be awesome, Dark Sun is fun!

    32. Missing avatar

      Douglas Wagner on

      War and XPs guy needs to see a dentist.

    33. Missing avatar

      SpecLad on

      Why tack it onto the end of that PDF, why not a separate PDF?

    34. Applehat on

      I keep reading it as dim sum campaign.

    35. Anders H. Pedersen

      I hope the next mystery prize will be a printed version of the PDF files.
      Even if we have to pay extra. I am just not keen on reading books and comics on the pc...
      Also - how about making the older fridge magnets available to purchase here?

    36. Eugene Mah on

      @Anna, "I'll tack it onto the end of the Julio Scoundrél story that I revealed earlier and email the PDF to all backers at the $10 or higher level"

    37. Anna Rohwedder on

      The new PDFs will be avaliable only for those who donate now or the people who pledged before will also get it?

    38. Alberto Oliveira on

      Rich did help design Eberron, if memory serves correctly. Also, there have been Eberron jokes in the past, such as the third panel of this strip:

    39. Gerald Ward

      Well since Eberron was the D&D setting that beat Rich in the contest WoTC had for a new campaign world, having OotS set there would either be ironic or a stab in Rich's back. I don't see it happening.

    40. Phil Creswell on

      Ooo.. Dark Sun™ is my favorite! Looking forward to that one.

    41. daft_inquisitor on

      Well, that sounds par for Belkar.
      Though, what about Eberron would make it so interesting? About the only thing I know is different about the setting is that there are Warforged. Kinda big-whoop, yeah?
      You know what I would like to see? A Steampunk/Cyberpunk version of OotS! The insanity!!

    42. Marcus Stewart on

      If I remember right halfings did wear shoes in that D&D setting that is going to be parodied, and they were also nasty cannibalistic barbarians.

    43. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      an eberon parody, that would be awesome, but u cant have an eberron thing going with a warforge atleast. think what would be like if roy was a warforged in that case he could be taking every night watch without needing rest at all, the perfect counter for a lazy party.

    44. Kai Sheppard on

      This'll be interesting. Thri-kreen V, psionics… I wonder if Psteve the Psion will make an appearance.

    45. Missing avatar

      GoblinOfMeows on

      ...It took me a really long time to realize the bug thing was V. (I have no knowledge of any DnD thing aside from what OotS has taught me.) Also, Belkar appears to be wearing SHOES of some sort. What in the world? :P

    46. Joe Thater on

      .... I feel so sorry for those poor poor psionic characters when the Giant gets his hands on them but I cannot wait.

    47. Robert Price on

      Mystery Prize 3 should be OOTS set in parody-Eberron.

    48. Rachael Shapiro on

      First word is the opposite of 'bright...'