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Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

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Last of the Wallpapers

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

Hey gang, here's a quick update to basically just let you know I'm still here. First up, let's take a look at your new wallpaper:

As you can see, it's O-Chul and his team from How the Paladin Got His Scar, which you all got last year. I've sort of had that on the brain due to all the stuff I had to do for Good Deeds Gone Unpunished * and I thought it would be nice to see a (non-spoiler) scene in full color. You can go download the wallpaper from this link whenever you want (it's at the bottom).

While there, you may also notice that it's the tenth wallpaper I've released, so that means the wallpaper reward is officially finished. One thing I saw when posting this last one, though, is that it's been so long since the first one that the screen resolutions I've been putting these out at are a little dated in some cases—especially with regard to phones. Is Windows Phone even a thing anymore? And I know the iPhone has completely different screen sizes now, right? So if you have a device that isn't represented with any of those resolutions, go ahead and comment on this post with what screen sizes you'd like to see, and I'll try to go back and add like 5 or 6 of the most popular for all ten wallpapers by the next time I send out an update. 

Let's check out the Workometer:

The main thing after finishing the wallpapers is that I've started work on the CPPD story, with an eye toward getting it in your hands near the end of the year, give or take a couple of weeks. Since that's the last story that was directly purchased by a backer, I'd like to get that done before the ones that were added as stretch rewards.

OK, that's it. Thanks for your support, and I hope you've been enjoying the regular comic recently.


* In the event that you've missed all the banners and tweets and other marketing stuff I've done, Good Deeds Gone Unpunished is the new OOTS book and collects the O-Chul and Therkla stories and three new Azure City tales in a print book. It's available here in print and here in PDF. It should also be on your local gaming store's shelves.

DOWNLOAD NOW: A Monster for Every Season Vol. 4 (Winter)

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

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There's Still Snow on the Ground, It Counts

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

Hey all. This is the first of two updates you'll get from me today, the second of which will contain the download link for your next reward, the Winter set of A Monster for Every Season.

This is the last of the four volumes promised, bringing to a close what started as a spur-of-the-moment stretch goal but soon became one of my favorite parts of this whole thing. Originally, this was only supposed to have "over 400" miniatures in the entire set, but you now have 1544 instead. I mean, 1500 definitely qualifies as over 400, but that's not what marketing people usually mean when they say that. They mean less than 450, or else they'd just say "over 450!" instead. This likely makes me the world's worst marketer; I don't think "Four times the content at one-sixth the speed!" is how it's supposed to work.

I really hope you enjoyed getting and using these little critters as much as I enjoyed drawing them. If you liked them so much you'd want more, there's good news: due to their reasonable success as a digital product, I will eventually be doing a second cycle of four seasons for sale on Gumroad to try to cover the gaps in the monster catalog still remaining. But not any time soon. I need to dive into another one of the outstanding PDF stories next.


 You'll notice there are still a few drawings that I didn't manage to get mailed yet since last time. Those are mostly international packages that, as a result of their weight and some drastic postage increases since this project funded, now cost over $100 in postage each if sent with tracking (and I refuse to send original art through the mail without proper tracking). As I've mentioned before, the postage on everything has been coming out of my regular book sale income for a while, so I can only mail one or two of those per month. They'll continue to drip out as circumstances allow.

Until next time, thanks as always for whatever patience and support you can still manage to muster for me, wholly undeserving of it as I am.


Crayons for Everyone (Sort Of)

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

Hey everyone, update time. Let's start with your new wallpaper:

 I had the crayons out, so I decided to do something with them that also tied into the current story in the main comic. You can get it at the Wallpaper page on the website, same as always.

And that should give you a fair idea of what I accomplished since the last update, too. I finished all of the crayon drawings from the original (non-Patience) pledge levels and started in on the D&D party drawings, along with the first few Patience crayon pieces. I have not mailed any of this art yet, however, so don't go checking your inbox for shipping notifications. They will likely trickle out over the next few weeks, a few at a time, while I keep working on the rest of them.

A reminder that if you ordered a D&D drawing but you want to change the characters that I depict (because your old character probably had a full adventuring life and retired to be queen by now) or swap it for a regular OOTS drawing, you can do so by sending me an email at (The D&D parties I've already finished were for customers who previously updated their information with me.) Also, I will be going through my Kickstarter message inbox before I mail anything, so if you have an address change for your package, you can send it to me there and I'll make sure to update my list.

As far as what else I did, let's look at the Workometer. The half-shaded boxes represent the pieces I finished but didn't mail yet.


So the only other thing I did was start on the Winter miniatures set. I am aiming to release that during this upcoming winter, which means I needed to get started on it now. Beyond that, I've done some writing on one of the stories remaining, but not so much that I'd feel OK lighting up a box. I also realized that I'd never added a line for the D&D drawings that were Patience packages on the Workometer, so that's fixed now.

My goal for the next update is early November, by which time I hope to have all of these boxes mailed and another stack of art completed while being well on my way with the Winter miniatures. And you'll also get the last wallpaper, too. Thanks, as always, for your patience and support.


P.S. I will be releasing the Summer miniatures that you got back in 2013 to the general public sometime in the next week or two. Like the Spring ones, there will be a small selection of additional monsters plus the updated art style, and the same discount will apply. Rather than clog your inbox with another email when that happens, you can just use the same coupon code I gave you in the previous update to get the discount, if that's a thing you want. And if it's not, feel free to never think about it again.

A Note and a Discount

Posted by Rich Burlew (Creator)

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