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Help us reprint the out-of-print The Order of the Stick books to reach new readers (and let existing fans complete their collections).
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!
14,952 backers pledged $1,254,120 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      @Stephen Baines That only actually hit me when I was re-reading Book D and was reminded of the fact that now "Book K" will never happen.

      And that bit about the extra content in Book 1/2 being created before the Kickstarter stories were completed finally crossed my mind.

      I'll be holding off purchasing any new Books for OOTS until after this Kickstarter is actually completed.

    2. Dakaran on

      @Stephen - I understand the frustration, but I suspect it comes out of a necessity to remain in business. If I'm not mistaken, Rich has talked about the fact that the money earned from this Kickstarter has already been completely gone through. While it would be great to get more frequent delivery of the content promised, I'd be willing to bet he has to do releases of content that he can sell, like the newly announced book, to keep OotS alive and well so that he can eventually complete the Kickstarter rewards that won't generate any additional financial support in the interim.

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Baines on

      I am not at all happy about the announcement of the new book. I understand working at a pace you can handle, but this means you are working on new content to sell before honouring this Kickstarter which I don’t feel is right

    4. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      @Michael Stanton I think Rich should have sent you the books at least, even if incurring in extra costs for sending the crayons later. On the other hand, I'm confident you'll get what you paid for.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanton on

      @Thomas Hack I haven’t received the books. I messaged a long time ago specifically requesting they be sent and received no reply. So thanks for lecture but you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I get that people are defensive of the creator of content they care about (which included me), but I don’t accept the delay is acceptable when plenty of other content is being produced and sold. And it’s not a lot to ask for there to be at least some kind of regular update on Kickstarter.

    6. Thomas Hack on

      @Michael Stanton Kickstarter isn't a place where you buy things, it's crowdfunding. t's like an investment. Often it pans out, other times it doesn't. In this case, a freak injury meant that the investment failed, or was at least delayed significantly. It's not his fault. Rich offered the chance to change their crayon pledges a long while back. Your investment also was to cover books, which were shipped ages ago as well. I'm sorry you didn't get everything you hoped for, but to say you received nothing is just wrong. Rich has posted to backers a large amount of digital comics and you got your books.

    7. Martin Kümmerling on

      Dear Rich,
      something like 12 years me - and since we met, married and all that, my wife too - are very much amused by your awesome story and hilarious jokes!
      6 years since we had the opportunity to help you get this thing running. Not entirely selfless, since we wanted these books desperately. Our first Kickstarter, wow.
      And you know what? We still love every bit of it, still hunger for more and still are excited with each new announcement, update, comic and whathaveyou!
      Just go on in your own speed. It will be done when it's done. And it will be great!
      And just like now, we'll be there to say:
      THANK YOU!
      Martin & Lisa

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanton on

      Coming up to 6 years (!). 6 months without an update. Paid $575 and received nothing. Messaged, no reply. It's a shame I really liked the work but it's ruined for me now. If I was going to take that much money from people I'd at least stay in communication and would've offered a refund by now. Otherwise it's just a rort.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Stanton on

      Update would be great, despite the last one I'm still waiting on a crayon (and not a patience one!). I don't know how it can be okay just to take money and not deliver for well over five years, and then treat your supporters like crap by not giving even monthly updates.

    10. Jason on

      still pending:
      monster minis spring/summer pdf in new format FOR FREE FOR BACKERS or autumn/winter in old format FOR FREE FOR BACKERS.
      monster minis winter pdf
      julio scoundrel pdf
      dim sun pdf
      sir francios pdf
      cliffport police backer3 pdf
      mystery goal #9

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Chilton on

      @Cassandra S:
      O-Chul is update #77 from May 16 2017
      Therkla is update #69 from Feb 20 2015
      Haleo & Julelan is update #61 from Aug 15 2013
      Belkar is update #57 from Feb 21 2013

      Monster Minis #1 Spring (colour art) is update #37 from May 15 2012
      Monster Minis #1 Spring (line art) is update #44 from July 22 2012
      Monster Minis #2 Summer is update #65 from Sep 29 2013
      Monster Minis #3 Autumn is update #74 from January 3 2017

    12. Cassandra S on

      Hi folks!

      So a question just popped in my mind: is there like, any one site where we can find all of the digital resources we've been given? I think I haven't read O'Chul or Thekla's stories yet, and I was wondering if I could get them back right-quick without having to scour my internet too much.

      Hm, now that I'm typing this out, the question is sort of re-forming itself: Would anyone be so kind as to link me to O'Chul's story? The "backers-only" update, I mean.

      Sorry if that didn't make the most sense ^-^; thanks in advance! :D

    13. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on

      looking at the current trend we will have 100% hate comments soon

    14. Jason on

      1. DavidB, it's not free, it's at the cost of a lot of time and patience.
      2. Lain, that's not entirely true. If all the minis were released in the same format, then sure, charge for an 'upgrade'. If you completely change the format halfway through fulfillment, either give the old format as a free option or give the new format as a free option. I am pretty sure the reward wasn't for minis in two different formats spread across 5-6 years. Sure, it's technically a fulfillment. Is it cool? No. It's a pretty dodgy way to get a few more bucks out of people who waited years for them.

    15. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      It's awesome how people here complains over insignificant details like "updates to minis not included" when some of the rewards like the O-Chul story is about 5 times bigger than it should have been, I wonder if they were also so vocal to say "thank you" every time they got way more than they were promised, in exchange of nothing. Yet when Rich decides he wants to charge 3 dollars for some extra content the whinning begins. If Rich had a "business" mentality like most other creators out there, he'd have split the first monster mini pdf in 4 files and considered the goal done. Nobody would have complained.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      "fanboy"? Oh, please. do you really want to turn this conversation to gratuitous insults?
      the original spring minis were already a fulfillment of the obligation. the new ones are something more, and therefore they can be billed. I've never done any other kickstarter, so I have no idea what is "normal", but I don't see anything outrageous.
      it's like claiming that when they released the 3.5 monster manual they should have given it free to those who had the 3.0 because half the monsters were the same. the others weren't, and that justified charging. incidentally, they didn't even give a discount to those who had the 3.0, which would have been perfectly justifiable instead.
      btw, I'm not going to buy the new minis; the previous installment is perfectly fine. it's you who keep saying the new one is a "correction", like if the old one was flawed and unusable and you had to get the new one. no, it's not the case, nobody is forcing you to buy anything, and you already got more than was promised you.

    17. Jason on

      Lain, actually I can. And yes, it is. Maybe if all the rewards were fulfilled and monsters were reskinned, I could justify it. I've been in plenty of KSes where things like this were changed, such as maps. None of them tried to charge backers for the changes, especially 5 years after the end of the KS with tons of unfulfilled pledges and rewards. You don't have to agree with me. It's really irrelevant. Charging for something that was a reward and is not even completed is offensive.

      Enough with the fan boy responses. If you feel like contributing more money than you pledged when half the rewards are unfulfilled, go for it. Don't act like everyone else should be 'thankful' to pay for an 'upgrade' to a reward that is as yet not even completely fulfilled.

    18. Nick C. Piers on

      You didn't answer my question. Have you and your D&D group been enjoying what's been released so far?

    19. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      when we were promised monster minis, they were promised with a certain amount of monsters (don't remember how many, and the new kickstarter site makes it impossible to find a specific update). the spring minis contained a handful more than the promised amount. the summer minis were bigger, and the autumn minis were even bigger. plus, nobody would have imagined there would be a new art style.
      so you can't say it's a correction. saying that implies it was lacking over what was promised. instead with the old spring minis we got everything we were promised. now we can have it in improved art style and with more monsters. we already got more monsters than promised and a better art than promised with the summer and autumn installments, for free. now you are complaining because he doesn't also give for free more stuff beyond what he already promised.
      I also want to point out that we were promised a 30-pages o-chul story, and it was 90 pages instead. again, at no extra cost.
      In the light of this, do three dollars still constitute a good reason to raise a fuss?

    20. Jason on

      It's an addition to make it match the later monster minis, so yes that qualifies as a correction as far as I'm concerned. You don't see a reason because you don't use them and won't be paying extra for a reward that we haven't even received all of yet. Not surprised.

    21. Nick C. Piers on

      Well no, it's still an addition to what wasn't there before. Anyway, it's no skin off my back either way, since I don't use them. But I don't see the point in raising a big stink about it.

      Have you and your D&D group been enjoying them, at least?

    22. Jason on

      Which make it similar in size/scope to the Summer/Autumn monsters due to the new layout/graphics.

      A correction, yes.

    23. Nick C. Piers on

      It's not just a correction, though. He also added another 84 miniatures.

    24. Jason on

      If you need money, whether it's a dollar or twenty, don't fleece the people who already loaned you money. Bad idea. You might be fine with it Lain and good for you. I'm not. I've been patient for 5 years. Haven't complained once. Until I find out that the art work was changed, and you have to pay to get the corrections? This isn't two years after a delivered KS. This is 5 years during a KS that is still being delivered. We don't even have monster minis winter, and have to pay for corrected spring monsters. Makes 0 sense. Sell it. Don't sell it to backers, who should already be receiving it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      nick piers has a point. rich is horribly behind with the delivery of stuff he was paid for in advance. still, what should he do? he can't stop the main comic, as it would betray most of his audience, and unless he consistently lied to us about his financial situation, he does need money. so he is trying to sell his work. yeah, he could give the art upgrade for free to backers, but really, complaining for 3 dollars? I say, with all the free stuff promised in the kickstarter, I already got more than my money's worth.

    26. Jason on

      Good for you.

    27. Nick C. Piers on

      If you got your books, then you got the main reward promised to you. So why should anything else matter to you? I got my main reward that I pledged specifically for (all the books). I view anything else as icing on the cake.

    28. Jason on

      If you need justification for giving the minis update out free, consider it interest on the rewards not yet delivered, including main pledge levels, that were paid for in advance.

    29. Jason on

      Regarding all the Dale rage... he has a point. It's not so cool to have this many unfulfilled main pledges (patience ones) this late. 5 years for a patience pledge is stretching the definition of 'patience' a bit thin.

      Do I have a patience pledge? No, I got my books. Luckily I did not pay for crayon drawings or patience stuff or signed copies. If I had, I would have been pissed watching all the non-KS content trickling out and never receiving what I paid for, too.

      And seriously, bravo for selling the monster minis that were a backer reward. However, updating it and charging for the update, when you haven't even delivered the final set of monster minis, is ridiculous. It should be offered free to all backers. Find your 3+ dollars elsewhere than from people who have been waiting over 5 years for all of the content promised... patiently.

    30. Jason on

      We have to pay for the corrections to spring monsters? How does that make sense, especially when we are still waiting for other rewards....

    31. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      Peter Cohen, agreed, definitely if there was internet back then that's how it would look like. It's unfortunate the pressure creators are subject to by their own audiences, and that's why we have this throw-away cheapo entertainment culture and we rarely see decades-long efforts anymore. The few things like OoTS we have, need to be valued and respected, and people like Dale are the ones that end up causing burnout on the creators. I am very glad to see most of the readers stay cool and patient!

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Cohen on

      I can imagine the discussions that went on around 150 years ago:

      "Wagner says he stopped working on his Ring Cycle for now. I knew he could not manage it."

      "What's he gone and written Tristan and Isolde for? He should be concentrating on the Ring."

      "And now he's doing The Mastersingers of Nuremberg. He really has let us down. I was at one of those readings of the RIng poems he gave back in Dresden. He's got nothing but contempt for his most loyal followers."

      "Have you noticed how the musical style of the Ring changes in the middle of Siegfried? This really lets down people with autism."

      "He should have kept to that grand opera style of Rienzi. What does he think he is doing getting more complex."

      "In that essay he wrote back in the 1840s he said that the opera house where the Ring was performed should be burnt down at the end. He's completely let us down keeping the Bayreuth Festspielhaus up. I demand my money back."

      "He's allowed Buddhist and Schopenhauerian influences to replace the original Feuerbachian concept. He's destroyed it completely."

      "What's he doing taking twenty-five years to complete the Ring?"

    33. Missing avatar

      Tiago Uliana on

      Dale: Did you ever played RPG? Because the way you talk I believe that you sued your Dungeon Master for not completing the quests as it supposed to complete. I never completed any of my long quests because someone had to travel to another city, get married or whatelse that have break the group apart. I played a lot of incomplete stories. And I loved everyone of them. I would never said that they wasn`t good because they didn`t have an end. Of course that I would have liked the ending part too. But playing them for the time that I played was good in its own terms.

      I don`t know if its a thing only in my country or you can find the same experience everywhere. But if you could relate to the same thing, you should apreciate the irony that a comic strip abou RPG is developing the same way of a RPG group.

    34. Nick C. Piers on

      Dale: I'm interpreting the "business" statement differently from you. The Order of the Stick is self-published. As far as I know, Rich does most of the work himself, in creating new products and promoting it. He doesn't have a publisher or a business partner to rely on in order to handle the business side of things while he can focus on the creative.

      He wasn't claiming to ONLY be a businessman. He's saying that his work is a business as well. He can be creative AND still want the product to be financially successful. Which it is. He's not a failed businessman. From what I understand, The Order of the Stick is his main - possibly only - major source of income. He makes a living doing this. As a nobody writer myself with two books published no one's heard of, I would kill for that.

      But running the business yourself and being self-published means you can't just look at something as a creative endevour. You have to be able to sell your product. Rich himself even said that. He finds it difficult to balance between creating content for comic itself, fulfilling Kickstarter promises, and ensuring he still HAS an income in order to do the first two things uninterrupted.

    35. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lee


      This update completely blew me away in terms of content. Almost a hundred pages exploring one of my absolute favorite characters. I'm amazed time and time again by your ability to craft a world that is so fantastic and real at the same time. Cheers!

    36. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chrysikopoulos on

      (sorry, last post from me, found an even better way to summarize my points for everyone reading this)
      In My Opinion:
      - If you care about the future of OotS and/or the wellbeing of its creator: best to provide honest support (maybe politely ask "how can we help?"), don't try to make decisions for him, we don't know (nor are entitled to know) the full picture behind the scenes.
      - If you care for the morality of a fulfilled financial transaction between a client and a content producer ("what's promised must be delivered"), you haven't received your rewards, and you (understandably) consider it's not worth being patient anymore, then *respectfully* ask to be refunded and put this behind you.
      I personally think any other option would be inconsiderate and unproductive as well. I could be wrong of course.

    37. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chrysikopoulos on

      edit: I mean to say "But if you happen to be one of them (a fan) ..." instead of " be one of the latter..."

    38. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chrysikopoulos on

      Dale, thank you very much for understanding how your comments are received by a lot of us. As I said, I truly believe that they were made with the best intentions. I would also like to apologize for any language in my post that was harsher than it should. As for the link you posted and your worries, I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I've been somewhat worried myself. However, I completely believe that the best thing a "fan"* can do when the situation becomes "worrisome" is give their unwavering support to Rich to keep going and NOT try to "hold his feet to the fire", "police" his actions or encourage him to quit/admit defeat.

      *to clarify, I don't mean that it is "unethical" for any Kickstarter backer to ask for what they paid for or a refund. No one should be obliged to be a selfless "fan" of any creator/businessman/company. But if you happen to be one of the latter, in my opinion there are good ways to go about it and very unproductive ones that don't help at all. I have come to care very much for the world and the story of oots and I've come to care even more for the man behind it all, so the least I can do is support his decisions (and support him financially, as long as I can afford it).

    39. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      I would also like to bring to attention the fact that the O'chul story could perfectly have been 15-20 pages long, and no one would have feel cheated nor raised an eyebrow. The Giant decided he had this story in him which required 97 pages and decided to go for it, simply because it felt like the best thing for OoTS, when instead he could have finished *all* the other promised stories making them 20 pages long. This shows Mr.Burlew, regardless of what he says, is not a businessman first and artist later. His main concern is the comic being the way he likes it, and I respect him deeply because of that. Much like Lain Luigi commented below I am also not especially fond of certain recent aspects of the comic, but hey, it is still great, and it is his genuine creation, not meant to please. If he feels like being preachy, then let him be. This is not a democracy, but creation. So while I'd prefer certain things being out, and I've even said so in the forums, well, that doesn't diminish the worth of OoTS at all.

    40. Missing avatar

      P.L Dale on

      Although I do wish to show Georgios this post…

      Note: "And again, I say: the fact that I'm sitting at my desk means I'm working. Be more worried when I disappear entirely, because that means I'm not at my desk at all." I am more worried.

    41. Missing avatar

      P.L Dale on

      It is clear I am fighting a brick wall here and that my comments are only upsetting both the fellow backers and myself. This has gone on far bigger than intended and whilst I am deeply angered and upset by Burlew's conduct, I will cease performing such actions on this particular avenue at this time.

      Sorry to any backers who took offence.

    42. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      well, regarding the businessman, as long as he keeps drawing a comic, he is a creative person. the fact that he's also doing the business doesn't make him any less of a creative person, a person who sells a work of creativity.
      regarding the content, I do notice myself that he's getting more preachy in later years, and I do not like that turn of event. especially because a good work of art should pose questions, while if it gives too many answers it starts to lean on political. still, it's not that bad. oots is still great. and the slowing down that you notice happened more at the time that he changed art style than anything else. as for the slowing in pace, i actually like the comic more verbose. I dislike the current favored style of doing comics with as much action as possible and not enough context to give it meaning.
      anyway, there are a lot of perfectly reasonable explanations that do not involve your catastrophic hypothesis or your scenarios 1) and 2). maybe rich really has a lot on his plate, and between increased hassle of managing his activity, new art syle and thumb injury, he slowed down (3). maybe he earned enough with the comic that he decided he can take it easier, that would be perfectly within his rights (4). maybe he had children and his wife has a fulll-time job and he unfocused from the comic to spend more time with family (5). maybe his parents became ill with age and he spend more time to care for them (6). maybe his healt conditions, which he referred back in 2007, deteriorated (7). maybe he really has a lower creative drive, but he'll still finish the comic eventually if given time (8). your estimates on his writing speed, I assume based on comics-per-year and mathematical extrapolation, are definitely not an accurate or reliable prediction. So instead of your scenario 1 and 2, I give you 6 more scenarios where nothing is wrong on a large scale.
      So let's recount your evidence:
      1) rich is slowing down his writing
      2) rich is slightly shifting his writing style
      this means he's losing his drive and will abandon the comic eventually.
      no, sorry, I do not think there's nowhere near enough evidence to come to such a dramatic conclusion. Unless I missed some more evidence in your argumentation, then I believe you are seeing the problem as much bigger than it really is, and your attempts at fixing it are much more likely to do harm rather than good. the "kick him to get him up" strategy works often in movies; in real life, it generally precipitates the crysis.

    43. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      Dale, you can "move on" whenever you feel like, can't you? All it takes is never coming back here, and voila! you are free. Nobody is a prisoner of OoTS, right? Regarding the list you present... come on.You can't be serious. There's a reason you're here angrily stomping the ground over your update not being out, instead of reading all those other wonderful free webcomics. The normal reaction to slow updates is... losing interest, moving on, like you said. But no, in the end, you're still here, reporting to the press over a web cartoonist having slowed down his updates; championing for justice, I guess? could be. Or maybe you're absolutely hooked by one of the best fantasy stories ever published, most of it given to you for free, yet you feel entitled to demand, even aggressively, more free stuff. You say the Giant once calling himself a "businessman" justifies any vitriol you may launch at him. I find that lack of logic appalling; the webcomic is a free product, if you are displeased by a businessman's actions, either sue him or move to the competition, you don't beg and nag and harass.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tyrus on

      Guys, there's no point in engaging Dale. Let him stew in his own misery. Being inside his head must be punishment enough.

    45. Missing avatar

      Georgios Chrysikopoulos on

      @Dale Lythgoe: So, apparently you cannot "move on with your life" because a single webcomic/kickstarter project isn't getting finished in a timely manner? Have you considered how unreasonable that sounds? If you are still owed some material, just ask for a refund and never look back, problem solved.

      Now, I know it's so incredibly unlikely that anyone can ever reason with you, but, similar to other "lurkers" here, I can no longer remain silent on the face of such inconsiderate posts as yours.

      To give some perspective, I pledged almost 1000 dollars (through 4 different accounts) to this Kickstarter and I haven't yet received most of my "Patience" rewards (partially my fault, as personal problems made me reply to the surveys with a half-year delay that coincided with the "thumb incident"). However, even if I never get these particular rewards (signed copies of books I already have and a family stick portrait) this has been already the best-value Kickstarter I've been a part of (40+ kickstarted projects among all my accounts) and I do not regret a single penny of it. In fact, I've made sure to buy the backer pdfs at "full price" -and the pdfs of books I already have in print- simply because I feel I still "owe" Rich so much for this amazing story he allowed me to be a reader of. (the above paragraph is not for "bragging" rights, but to show I still have serious stakes in this)

      So, finally getting to the "meat" of the issue: of course it is a bit upsetting when an ongoing story of such incredible quality seems to stall or be delayed (ask GRR Martin fans -I'm not- for example). It is also MORE upsetting when such a story stops or gets cancelled (see many beloved TV series). So, guess which of the two I prefer (and to which of the two your suggestion that Rich should quit leads). You are NOT HELPING ANYONE (except you, maybe?) by suggesting this and I personally am 100% opposed to this idea. I definitely DO NOT want Rich to quit (unless HE decides to do so of his own volition and not because of disrespectful posters like yourself).

      Now, you'll probably say that you gave an alternative option, for Rich to "step up his game". Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? The only problem is that ... the person who MOST wants Rich to step up his game is ... Rich himself! Do you think he "enjoys" owing people Kickstarter content for years? Or publish less money-making books? There's NO kind of forum post that can "encourage" him to improve his pace if (for any reason that is NOT our business) he is incapable to do so, and definitely NOT THIS kind of rude posts that you are making.

      In conclusion, I've loved EVERYTHING that Rich has produced, through this Kickstarter or not (it gets better and better every year), I eagerly LOOK FORWARD to any remaining material and I'm willing to wait PATIENTLY for as long as it takes, I do NOT want him to QUIT and I find Dale's posts to be the WORSE kind of posts possible, only adding to any existing problems. I sincerely hope that the DAMAGE you are trying to inflict here Dale (hopefully without realizing it, I want to believe your intentions are not malicious) will be mitigated by our support to Rich and his amazing endeavor! For me, he truly is the O-Chul of webcomic artists! ;-)

    46. Missing avatar

      P.L Dale on

      Also, the two of you are both under the misunderstanding Rich is a creative person. He's not. He's a Businessman…. And from this standpoint he's a FAILED Businessman.

      Everything I stand for in these comments is based on that assertion.

    47. Missing avatar

      P.L Dale on

      David DB: I can name several comics. Freakangels, Homestuck, 8-Bit Theatre, Girl Genius, Axis Powers Hetalia (although Hima-Papa went big later). I can name more, if I knew more. But off this alone it's possible to balance quantity with quality. Maybe none of these people did it as long but note that they FINISHED IT in time. If Rich did 11 a month every month like he used to, this whole thing would be wrapped up by 2014. I realise he couldn't do that if he tried now but even a weekly update schedule starting now he could wrap it up by 2026, ahead of my estimates. You ask me to do a project of this magnitude. I know I can not do this. If Rich cannot finish, he must know his limitations and quit.

      To both David and Lain: My beef with this matter is not primarily how long it takes him to finish. It is that I do not believe he is capable of finishing it and I believe he is lying to himself and us that he can. Even the O-Chul story evidences this both in quantity and content.

      95 pages (or as Rich crowed to one on his forum, 96) sounds and is a lot especially over two years. But recall Rich produced Snips, Snails and Dragon Tails (97 pages) whilst STILL being able to maintain a five or six a month production rate. Even Haleo and Juelan and the Belkar story (39 pages) were made parallel to a six a month schedule. That the 95 pages would slow production so vastly (especially as he was three weeks late) is a worrying sign. Especially as we KNOW the first nine pages were fully drawn (and I assume the story largely plotted) by February 2016.

      The second is the content. Rich Burlew once said "Fantasy literature is ONLY worthwhile for what it can tell us about the real world; everything else is petty escapism". Whilst it permeates all his writing and is a large part of why I like the comic I have noticed it has become more "heavy handed" since Book Six began, especially starting from the 2016 line up. And the heavy handedness is linked to the slow in quantity. I believe that it is a sign that Mr Burlew (subtly or actually) considers his work "not worthwhile" and "escapism" and is overcompensating. I predict that the signs are pointing too Burlew ultimately quitting and NEVER getting it finished.

      Thus my comments are designed to trigger one of two reactions. 1. Rich steps up his game and both accelerates production and behaves with transparency. Or 2. Rich realises he can't manage and quits. Scenario 2 will happen without my intervention. But if it's done earlier we won't have to wait over a fortnight for every update for years and be able to move on with our lives quicker.

      I hope you see where I am coming from.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      oh, one more thing; I used this kickstarter to buy the board game, and most of what I paid was it, plus shipping expenses. I'm getting all those extra goodies practically for free. the only thing preventing me from going to throw more money at rich burlew right now is that I already bought all the books and a significant amount of merchandise, and that amounts to a small fortune when transoceanic shipping is taken into account.

    49. Missing avatar

      Lain Luigi on

      JRR Martin is also writing a saga that will take over 20 years in the making; brandon sanderson has his whole "cosmere" project which won't end until 2050, in the most optimistic estimation. Robert Jordan's wheel of time was completed 20 years after it began, by a different author after the original one died.
      when you sign up for an epic fantasy project, it is absolutely normal that it will take decades, and there there will be hiccups along the way.
      If nothing else, this new o-chul story shows that rich is still capable of delivering 100 pages of comic per year.
      I certainly fail to see your point. Yes, rich burlew has the common problems of many indie artists. so he should quit? what would be gained by that? even if you are correct and rich is indeed incapable of finishing his project, everything he's going to do before he inevitably retires is going to be more oots for all of us. and it's likely you are not corrrect; rich has manifested times and again a determination to finish his masterpiece no matter what it takes.
      As for the "silent majority", it appears that the silent majority has more emphaty than the cynists give it credit for, and that it would rather have slowly updating oots than no oots at all.

    50. Missing avatar

      DavidB on

      Dale, I can't understand what's your problem with OoTS being finished in 2030, 2040, or even 2050 if that's Rich's choice. Go read another free webcomic, if that troubles you. I suspect the only way you could understand Rich's situation is becoming yourself involved in a decades-long creative and technical effort, like OoTS is, then showing us how you handle yourself the creative pressure and all the financial challenges involved. There's a reason there's no other comic out there like this one, not even close, in terms of complexity, scope and longevity: it is damn hard to do what Mr. Burlew is doing for such a long time. However maybe you could point us to other online artists that have produced anything like OoTS for a similar stretch of time. Surely, if Mr. Burlew is the lazy man you claim he is, you can easily single him out among other artists?

      Giving up due to burnout is almost the guaranteed outcome for almost all indie creators. Rich has failed to meet deadlines and probably has been through trouble, so what? he makes mistakes like we all do, yet he keeps marching on even if he has the right to stop producing the main comic any time he wants. If he hasn't sent you your books or crayons, ask him for a refund, I am sure he'll have no problem with that. And there is where your right to complain ends.

      I advise you to stop pretending you represent the "silent majority", given all the reactions you've gathered from people that hadn't posted in a long time (like me) yet couldn't stay quiet reading your stuff. Maybe you could begin working on the "silent" part for a while, once you perfect it you might try to cover the 'majority', which involves among other things to understand what other people thinks and care about it.

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