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A Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players. The game includes several game modes. An innovative game system.
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Security regulations, KS, PM and planning

Posted by Ludic Dragon Games (Creator)
Hello again!  

We have just finished our Pledge Manager platform and it is ready to go. However, we will wait for some more days since some backers have had issues with their payment due to problems with their credit cards (this is something quite usual in KS projects).  

On the other hand, since this was a first-time project and taking into account the large sum of money we're dealing with, I've had to undergo a number of European security regulations to prove that I´m not involved in money laundering or arms trafficking ( I hope the authorities won´t discover that DUN includes nearly one hundred weapons!). The usual procedure for a bank in these cases is to block the account until they can make sure that everything is in order and the holder of the account is properly inscribed in the Mercantile Register.  

As soon as KS has solved all credit card issues and we have finished our own paperwork we will send you an email with the link to our pledge manager, which is, as I said before, ready and has been thoroughly tested.  

I´ve devoted these first days after the campaign to carefully planning and scheduling all the things to be done (I haven´t celebrated with my team yet, but there´ll be time for that later on). DUN is a HUGE game and all its contents must be perfectly structured with a wide, comprehensive schedule and several lines of work. We must improve some designs and texts (both in English and Spanish), redesign some icons, include all the SG contents etc... These are certainly going to be months of very hard work. I´ll try to keep in touch publishing updates and also giving you some further info about the current status of the game every other week.  

I would like to thank DNZ and Black Scroll Games for including some reference about our game in their own updates and also all those backers who watched our videos, read about our game or simply had the chance to test it and used their knowledge of the game to answer other backers' questions.   

Best regards, and thanks for being there!  


Hola de nuevo! Hemos creado la plataforma de Pledge Manager pero vamos a esperar unos días a que se resuelvan los problemas de pago que algunos mecenas tienen con Kickstarter debido principalmente a problemas con su tarjeta (es algo usual en cualquier proyecto).  

Por otro lado, al tratarse de un primer proyecto y en previsión de recibir una alta suma de dinero en una nueva cuenta bancaria, los protocolos europeos de seguridad me obligan a realizar más trámites de lo habitual para demostrar que no voy a dedicarme al blanqueo de capitales o el tráfico de armas (¡espero que no descubran que DUN tiene casi un centenar de cartas de armas!). De esta forma, el banco bloquea la cuenta hasta cerciorarse de que todo es correcto y se está al corriente en el registro mercantil, notarías, etc.  

Cuando la burocracia haya cesado (quizá para finales de Diciembre) y Kickstarter haya terminado su parte, os enviaremos un email anunciando que podréis entrar en nuestro Pledge Manager, que ya está preparado y testeado.  

Estos primeros días los he dedicado a planificar bien todo lo que hay que hacer (todavía no he celebrado el éxito con mi equipo, pero todo llegará). Al ser un juego enorme hay que estructurar bien todos los contenidos, con un cronograma amplio y varias líneas de trabajo. Hay que pulir diseños y textos, tanto en el idioma original como en su traducción, hay que rediseñar iconos, añadir ilustraciones, hacer todo el contenido nuevo desbloqueado como SG, etc. Van a ser meses duros de trabajo y os iré informando mediante actualizaciones de algunos avances y también algunas nuevas descripciones del juego. Intentaré realizar una actualización cada 2-3 semanas.

Gracias a DNZ y a Black Scroll Games por mencionarnos en sus actualizaciones, así como a todos aquellos backers que, tras haberse informado bien viendo vídeos, leyendo o probando el juego en ferias y demos, han colaborado respondiendo a las dudas de los recién llegados.  

Un saludo a todos y gracias por estar ahí!!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      First of all: merry christmas. I would like to get like on other kickstarter project some kind of weekly news. Shouldn't be much, but better than since 3 weeks nothing... Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jered Greishaw

      Is there an expected close date for the PM when it is released?

    3. Mitch on

      Is an external pledge manager open? I don't think I got a link to check it out in my email.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      Hello again. If we reach through the kickstarter pledges another stretch goal... will that be unlocked, too?

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      Hello Oscar! Thanks for the update. I've Seen that in other kickstarters those Teams habe a fixed weekly schedule for further updates. Maybe you will give US something Evers Sunday? Keep in your great work!

    6. Missing avatar

      Moises on

      Que profesionales, con un Project y todo XD
      Ánimos, que os queda lo mas duro de todo!

    7. Mighty Matt on

      Thank you for the update! Keep up with your awesome work. Is there any chance to include the 250k stretch goal as an add-on? That would be great!

    8. Missing avatar

      aaronrojo on

      Gracias por la info!!! Campeón!

    9. Missing avatar

      Pabs Zisec on

      Keep doing such an amazing work!

    10. Missing avatar

      david on

      thanks for the info

    11. Theo on

      Thanks for the update! :)

      You can´t stop working!! thank you so much for being always there for us LD

    12. Ignacio Seijo on

      Muchas gracias a vosotros por este juegazo :)