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A Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players. The game includes several game modes. An innovative game system.
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About overlay tiles and unlocked SG

Posted by Ludic Dragon Games (Creator)

Hi again! 

First of all, I show you a short video with our overlay tiles.


¡Hola de nuevo! 

Aquí tenéis un breve vídeo mostrando algunas de nuestras pequeñas losetas de mobiliario y elementos (overlay tiles).

I´d like to say that the personalized die for the Dark Player is not a requirement for him to be able to play, but we thought it might improve the playing experience.


He de decir que el dado personalizado de Jugador Oscuro Artificial no era necesario para el juego (basta con uno de los dados de 6 caras normales que ofrecemos), pero creemos que mejora la experiencia de juego.  

 All the crystal gems that have been included may be used to replace wound (red) , fortune (yellow) and mana (blue) tokens. 


Todas las gemas cristalinas sirven para mejorar el aspecto del juego. Sirven para sustituir, si queréis, a los marcadores de heridas, fortuna y maná (cristales rojos, amarillos y azules, respectivamente). 

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    1. Dark Soul on

      The colors and quality of those tiles look much better and vivid when focused up close to the camera than they initially looked in the previous video. Very nice.

    2. Missing avatar

      Oscar Ibañez Muñoz Collaborator on

      @Antar I´m only making it worse, it seems. Sorry again...

    3. Missing avatar

      Oscar Ibañez Muñoz Collaborator on

      @Antal Sorry about the mistake. Obviously I meant @Antal.

    4. Missing avatar

      Oscar Ibañez Muñoz Collaborator on

      @Antal That´s probably due to the fact that the thickness is 2(real)mm. Unfortunately, the tiles produced in some distant eastern countries (that I will not name here) are sold with a thickness which happens to be surprisingly smaller when gauged...

    5. Rafa on

      Que guay esta genial todo

    6. Ludic Dragon Games Creator on

      @Victor Ramirez Martin, all is included in the game box (gems and dice as SG). Está todo incluido en el juego (el dado y las gemas como Stretch Goal).

    7. Missing avatar

      Victor Ramirez Martin on

      Se paga aparte todo eso?

    8. Antar Howarth on

      Nice tiles but they look much thicker than 2mm!