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A Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players. The game includes several game modes. An innovative game system.
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DUN's coins (SG and add-on)

Posted by Ludic Dragon Games (Creator)

DUN's coins.

Hi! Today I´d like to show you the coins you´ll be able to use in DUN. Here is a prototype. They´ll be produced in PVC, with two colors (silver and gold) and will have a diameter of 3cm. 

 You already know these coins were part of an SG unlocked during the campaign. The box will include 10 gold and 10 silver coins. However, we have also included them as an add-on for those of you who would like to have some more. 

DUN's coins.
DUN's coins.


Hola, hoy vengo a mostraros cómo serán las monedas de Dungeon Universalis. Tenemos aquí el prototipo. Se harán en dos colores (oro y plata), en PVC y tendrán un diámetro de 3 cm.  

Sabéis que estas monedas aparecieron como SG durante la campaña y la caja va a incluir 10 monedas de oro y 10 de plata. Ahora también se encuentran disponibles como add-on, para quien quiera ampliar la cantidad.  

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    1. Missing avatar

      yoyyomismo on

      @Doc pero entiendo que hay tokens específicos para cada uno. Y no he visto información al respecto.

    2. Missing avatar

      Diox on

      @françois mahieu. I think this game is not about the quality of the components. By the way i'm happy with the overall quality. You're lucky Cmon do lots of kickstarters so you can buy them all to put their precious games in your closet not to play with them.

      @françois mahieu. Creo que este juego no se trata de la calidad de los componentes. Por cierto estoy contento con la calidad general. Tienes suerte de que Cmon haga muchos kickstarters para poder comprarlos todos para poner sus preciosos juegos en tu armario y no jugar con ellos.

    3. Doc on

      las gemas según reza la imagen de inicio valen para contabilizar mana, heridas y fortuna

    4. Missing avatar

      yoyyomismo on

      Interesante aporte. Sólo una consulta: ¿Tendrán valores distintos? ¿Cuántas por héroe y misión son utilizadas? Igual se me antojan algo escasas sin conocer esa información. Y, además, las 60 gemas, ¿Qué función tienen? Ya que hay bastantes en comparación con las monedas.

      ¡A seguir así! :)


      Interesting add. Just one thing: will there be difference in their value? How many coins per player/adventure are required approximately? It seems a bit scarce without having that info. Besides, what are the 60 gemstones for? I'd say there are a lot of them compared to coins.

      Keep the good work! :)

    5. Natanael on

      How many coins are needed to play 3-4 ?

    6. David de Pereda Fernández on

      What about metal coins? Pvc is fine but metal would be awesome. Maybe in a future SG?

    7. Ludic Dragon Games Creator on

      0_0 Sorry, François. It is only a WIP (coins will be similar to the game Skull Tales). On the other side... you can see other projects showing illustrations to represent 3D miniatures ;)

    8. Doc on

      this is not CMON, it is a project of a person working on his idea for many years without the economic resources of a company. A game full of options and testing, which tries to offer other to players a complete experience in a classic dungeon crawler full of customization and balance.

      I'm sorry to hear that a backer is leaving the project. But if what you want is a top graphic aspect, clearly this is not your best option. On the other handI many games have a top design but low playability. DUN bet for top gameplay, options and moder...but a non top graphic design.

      it is not the same to create 300 illustrations for a game than 1500 (cards + standes). And less for a small new company

    9. François Mahieu on

      Hopefully I already got quality coins from other games. Actually I’ll just cancel my pledge. I can’t stand the average overall look and quality of the project anymore. Everything is average from the beginning. The rules, the graphic design, now the components. I’m sorry but I’m off.