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A Dungeon Crawler board game for 1 to 6 players. The game includes several game modes. An innovative game system.
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Posted by Ludic Dragon Games (Creator)


Hi again!

I'd like to write some lines about the Magic Realms in DUN.

There are 16 magic realms in DUN. Each realm has a list of 6 spells (making a total of 96). Some characters may learn spells from only one realm (battle wizards) but most know spells from at least two of them. All magic realms are balanced and therefore are similar in what regards to how powerful they are. However, some of them are mostly defensive (Light, Blessings) whereas others are essentially offensive (Underworld, Fire).

Here you have the 16 Magic Realms and some examples of what wizards can do with them:  

Animal and plant control: increasing natural armor, summoning birds or plants, transforming himself or others into some kind of beast.

Tribal: summoning gods, using dances which increase armor, strength or turn heroes berserk.

Channeling: lulling enemies, detecting evil, healing wounds, making heroes immune to poisons  

Animism: healing, cursing enemies, transforming into amber golems.  

Corruption: using corrosive vomit, transforming the floor into a swamp, damaging enemies’ minds, causing tumors.  

Underworld: possessing or seducing enemies, regenerating, using fire whips. 

Witchcraft: flying, suffocating enemies, summoning vermin, casting magic arrows.

Necromancy: leeching life, raising the dead… 

Interpretation: creating illusions, enchanting, invigorating heroes, diverting enemies.

Runic: creating magic runes, casting lightnings. 

Blessings: damaging creatures from the underworld, healing, encouraging and resurrecting heroes.

Light: creating sheltering auras, blinding and stunning enemies, healing.

Earth: opening cracks in walls, causing landslides, summoning elementals and stone walls. 

Air: summoning air elementals, knocking down enemies using the wind, immobilizing enemies, speeding up heroes.

Fire: casting fireballs, summoning fire elementals and firewalls, creating igneous weapons.

Water: healing, summoning water elementals and great waves, casting ice projectiles.


Hola a todos, hoy voy a hablaros un poco acerca de los Saberes de la Magia en DUN.

En DUN hay 16 saberes mágicos. 

Cada uno tiene 6 hechizos (96 en total). Hay personajes (los hechiceros guerreros) que solo pueden aprender hechizos de un solo saber, mientras que los hechiceros suelen poder aprender sortilegios de dos saberes. Cada saber mágico está balanceado respecto a los demás. Por tanto, todos los saberes, en conjunto, tienen un poder similar, aunque unos sean más defensivos (Luz, Bendiciones) y otros muy ofensivos (Inframundo, Fuego).

Estos son los saberes existentes y algunos ejemplos de lo que se puede hacer con ellos:

Control animal y vegetal: endurecer piel, invocar aves o plantas, convertirse en distintos animales

Tribal: invocar a dioses poderosos, danzas que protegen, fortalecen o convierten en berserkers a aliados

Canalización: tranquilizar enemigos, detectar el mal, sanar heridas, inmunizar ante venenos…

Animismo: sanación, realizar maldiciones, convertir en figura de ámbar

Corrupción: lanza vómitos, convertir el suelo en pantano, dañar mente, causar tumores

Inframundo: poseer y seducir a rivales, regenerar, manejar látigos de fuego 

Brujería: volar, asfixiar, invocar a alimañas, lanzar flechas mágicas

Nigromancia: drenar vida., levantar y fortalecer a no-muertos 

Interpretación: crear ilusiones, encantamientos, revitalizar, distraer…

Rúnica: crear runas mágicas, lanzar relámpagos 

Bendiciones: dañar a criaturas del submundo, sanación, dar valor, resucitar

Luz: crear pantallas defensivas, aturdir con explosiones lumínicas, sanar 

Tierra: abrir grietas en muros, crear derrumbamientos, elementales y muros de tierra

Aire: elementales de aire, derribar con golpes de viento, inmovilizar rivales, ganar rapidez 

Fuego: bolas de fuego, muros de fuego y elementales, crear armas ígneas 

Agua: sanación, crear olas gigantes, elementales, proyectiles de hielo

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    1. Missing avatar

      Victor Ramirez Martin on

      Como mola, por lo menos si quieres ser sanador no has de quedarte atras mirando a los demas pegarse si no poder lanzar hechizos ofensivos

    2. Wojtek Animucki on

      Can we please have more detail photos or zoom in?

    3. Oscar on


    4. Dark Soul on

      Very nice and complete Magic system.
      Will you also consider adding martial arts to the game?

    5. Missing avatar

      Oscar Ibañez Muñoz Collaborator on

      @Chris As you probably know, all the texts will be revised and improved as soon as the campaign is over. In my translation I tried to be as loyas to the original text as possible. But Nature is a word that I personally like and we might end up using it instead. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

    6. Chris Kenna

      Might want to consider changing "Animal and plant control" realm to just "Nature". Means roughly the same thing and much easier to say.

      Looks great, BTW.

    7. Doc on

      For things like this DUN is a different dungeon crawler. I need know more!

    8. Jonathan Den Bakker on

      Awesome. Playing a spellcaster looks like fun 😁

    9. Natanael on

      This is the kind of information I'm interested in 😁 me upload the hype again

      Thank you, ludic dragon.

    10. MikeR

      I love the wide scope of magic and the artwork on the cards is fantastic !!!